Tuesday, October 17, 2017

What Some Do for Conviviality

This story is about a girl being a bit humiliated in a locker room. Like all stories I write, it's far from excellent, but is a bit too realistic to actually be an absurdity and also has a theme that is somewhat interesting.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

How They Feel about School ...

“I feel that it's you guys who are of hypocrisy!” Peter declared. “Fred is!” he continued. “And so are you! Because Fred is the one who pissed in your flower pot, and you just don't want to accept it as a fact that there's no way I could've done it - nor has my sister! It's not us! It's Fred! Or else it's one of the Russians!”

“Oh I saw you and your sis in the area at a time near then!” the custodian he was speaking to answered. “And there seems to be no trace of whatever Fred you mean ... and hardly of any Russians either!”

Peter smiled smugly and let his pale face say that it wasn't he who could have seemed to be innocent unless he really was it.

Sally, who was there with the custodian looked at him. Thoughtfully she said: “Peter, we know that you and your sis both enjoy compromising against people's decency! Isn't that she who was in that toilet the other day?! The one who didn't flush, left the door to the hall open and then also seemingly had pissed on the floor next to that door?! We're not quite sure if that pee just ran out into the corridor, or if whoever it was dared to pee on the floor outside that door.”

Peter held back a laughter. After a short while he responded: “I guess it's not she who would try to be arrogant against you since there was a penalty issued against her for participating in her friends' orgy at Lado's place.”

Sally and the custodian looked at him, then at each other. They both realized the boy was a liar. And his sister, they knew, was too. But their lies were only half-alike. She was sort of even more innocent-looking than he, but he was more able than she to intimidate those who discovered him (or for example her or so) to be lying. Together the two of them very often fooled even the police.

Looking fairly troubled, the custodian said: “We seem to have an issue, again, of that they won't admit anything!”

Sally looked at him. “Yeah! It seems, thereby, that we have no choice but to ask some people to analyze the pee and compare it with blood tests from the two of them! ... Perhaps we should also take blood samples from a few others. ... We could, you know, Peter, if you even let us know more exactly. ...”

“Yeah! That's right!” the custodian muttered.

Peter's voice seemed to indicate keenness on being expeditious when he answered: “The Russians are over there!” he said and pointed. “At least some of them live there. But they don't care for me more than that they seem to be whatever the Russians can be! As for Fred I can not say that he seems to be the one to trust except for being a menace by seeming to be where he's not, and he can there be seem not to be wherever he was when he's been there!”

The custodian bent over towards Sally and whispered: “He's trying to seem accountable and sane, and thus trustworthy, I think.”

Sally nodded back. Then turned her head towards the guy they were interrogating, again. “I guess you're into that I should believe that they are more than you and she into being naughty in that kind of dirty sense! Right?!”

Peter's bland face gave off a faint smug. “It's she! It's that Russian girl with blond-red braids!” he said.

“Why she?!” the custodian asked, trying to cross-examine him.

He smiled a bit more broadly and stated: “She's very much into sex with pee and such! I've even seen her in the porn movies!”

“Okay, it might be her, I guess! Do you know what her name is?”

“No, I'm not sure about it!”

While they were talking Peter's sister had arrived. “Yeah, it's she! I know what class she goes to! .. or at least almost! That is we had to share some gym classes with them. Let's see. It's one of the East house's classes! I bet you can check the schedule about exactly which one; we shared the gym last Thursday.”

Sally looked at the two of them. “I know, however, that the two of you are often innocent looking even when you're guilty. Even so, I'm willing to admit that it's possibly she who did it this once! But I feel, thereby, that the police should test her as well as you, and perhaps there are some others who should be tested as well?!”

After a while Peter's sister responded: “So what?! It's not I who has to fret! Because it's I who usually don't feel like committing myself to having it police should not be investigating such stuff!” She smiled politely.

The custodian looked at her. “Do they Jeanette,” he asked, “seem to feel differently about that?”

Jeanette looked back at him. “No, I mean yes! They seem to feel differently about it!”

Peter nodded his head. After a while he added this to her statement: “It's not she or I who should be punished just because they don't know how to follow the law! It's we who are law-abiding enough not to interfere when the policemen try to do their work! It's they, and not us, who try to disturb the police from being into what there actually is to investigate. I, for one, know they have been selling drugs to people in our school!”

The custodian looked at Sally and replied: “How about that pee next to the to the door towards the corridor should be checked also for potential drug contents?!”

Jeannette looked at Peter. “Yeah! It should! And as they check it, they should look very much into how I feel about those drugs! In fact they can even be found in the classroom, and they are there among my friends! I feel they are very very disturbing! And I feel they should be abolished from school unless we should all be aloud to piss everywhere!”

Sally and the custodian exchanged a glance. Then they looked at the two kids before them. “how about,” Sally asked, “the two of you go to the Russians and say that to them?! Because it's not we who can ban their drugs much more than you can!”

“Then how come we should all have to endure your authority over us?!”

Again Sally and the custodian exchanged a glance. “It's because,” they both started at once, then glanced at each other again - and it so happen they both continued: “... we can't really trust you!”

Peter looked at Sally with some intensity, while Jeanette looked with mock na├»vety at the custodian. After a while Jeanette said: “How come, then, do you trust us to be in school, even?!”

Peter's smug smile returned to his face, and he added: “Exactly! Thereby we are exactly the ones you should be trusting! And thereby, also, we should be let go off about this small stuff, like that pee at the bathroom door.”

“And what about that pee in a flower pot?!”

“I said it was Fred!”

“We don't know of any Fred that it could have been, except a few kids in the school, none of which fits the description you usually have of him!”

Jeannette gave a sound which seemed almost like a grunt, but was too discreet to be seen as such. Immediately after she stated: “There has been a Fred! There was one, who was here in the neighbourhood many times last fall, and I think the whole summer too!” She looked at her brother. “Isn't that right, Peter?!”

He grunted. “Yeah. That's correct!” he answered.

“We know of no such person! And even if there was one, why would there be his pee in that flower pot?! And if perchance you're telling the truth about him, how come, then, you don't let us - or the police - in on some good details about how to trace him?!”

“It's because, “Peter answered, “he's sort of only here in a weird notion of himself! ... And that's not a kind of notion that one be describing!”

Again the custodian and Sally looked at each other. In this the custodian found a notion of a wisdom - or perhaps only sort of, he thought for himself, and said: “Do you know what, kids?! There's no chance that that Fred could have been here without there being any sort, even trace that the police could follow about him! Thereby I think you're just into child's play, and the insinuation that we should both participate in your game of it! Thereby, I think it's time you skip this Fred nonsense and start making actual sense! That goes for the two of you!”

The two kids looked at one another, and then at the custodian. “If we do that, why don't you let us off this case already?!”

“We can't!” Sally responded. “Because it's the two of you who are responsible for doing too much of it already for us to get off your case!”

“Because it's not true,” the custodian added, “that what the two of you have done is small enough an issue to be easily forgotten. It really does seem that if we let you off the hook, then there will seem, we think, to be too big a lack of authority in us. I mean we can't challenge all the drug dealers in town, because we don't have enough authority for it. But you children really should let us keep the little authority we have!”

Peter looked at him rather slyly and said: “Perhaps we don't have to put up with your authority just as long as you are not good enough even to stop them from having us seem like imbeciles, by giving us drugs and stuff!”

Sally sighed. “We certainly can't accept all your filth just because we can't do very much to stop those drug dealers! We really don't have to put up with the two of you, and thereby I will recommend that both of you go to a special class!”

“But when we're in that special class we'll be victims of the bad influence of those other kids in it!”

“I can't help that!” Sally answered. “And once you're there, you'll be held responsible for all your actions, and any wrongdoing can fairly easily get you expelled from the school as a whole!”

“Hm!” the custodian responded. “I wonder why you haven't put them there a long time ago!”

“That's because there seemed to be a fairly good chance to look at them as innocent enough for being in ordinary class!”

He shook his head. “That seems to be a naive standpoint about them!”

“Yes it was,” she answered. “But now I'm gonna take care of things about them!” and the two kids were at last moved to the special class she had neglected to move them to for almost two years for one of them for the other. Neither of them managed to stay out of trouble there, and both of them were expelled from school within three months from having been put in special class.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Why Evil Prevails

“No! God isn't about that! Rather ... he's about totally putting evil at stake as too dangerous for us not to distrust, I think!”

Jenny looked at Phillip. “Do you mean,” she asked him, “that God is about evil in the sense that he sees to it that it's there for us to be warned about?!”

“Well, I guess he's about that evil shouldn't be prevailing by doing that itself!”

“What do you mean?!”

“That evil is perhaps capable of prevailing, otherwise, by having itself seem as interesting as all that! By that capacity it will prevail no what God does! It is always there as an example of itself - either with or without God there - and that why God sees to it that it's he, and not the devil or his demons that does the presentation of evil for us!”

“I guess you don't find evil to be thing to be seen as below taking care of itself! Do you find there to be meaning to evil, then, or is it just that we never can get away from it since it is to sly at presenting itself as there were, or something?!”

“I suppose you don't find evil to be prevalent, then, since you imply that it shouldn't be seen as being capable of presenting itself as what there is to be dealt with?!”

Jenny looked at him. “I guess I feel that evil is too low to be seen like that! And I guess that if you feel that it isn't, then it's people like you who make it prevail!”

“No! I don't make it prevail! I feel that there shouldn't be any evil if we could help it! But I also feel I have to be into that evil does exist - and that it has to be dealt with it!”

Jenny sighed and pretended as if nothing about Philip for a while. She also didn't look at him again, but stared into the ground, when she answered: “Do you really believe evil is that good - as to present itself as the evil it is itself?! Or do you think God has proposed for us that evil is to be seen as the might that we have to be dealing with for the sake of it presenting itself as such?!”

“No, I mean evil is the might that has to be dealt with whether or not it presents itself, but that it can be into some good, for example the truth of presenting itself as what it is. ...”

“Then what is there about evil that can be good?! For example, can the Devil be into care for the child that is Jesus, and still be into destroying the world that is around Him?!”

“I guess he can't, but there still has to be some good in him for being able to make us believe that there isn't to much bad about him!”

“Then how come the Devil doesn't come to terms with God, and then the two of them can reverse the trend of that evil always prevails - supposedly by presenting itself, right?!”

“That's because evil has no chance of surviving in eternal goodness! The Devil thereby also is not capable of enduring goodness forever!”

Jenny looked at him. “To be evil is not to be too weak for enduring goodness! It's about being too strong for the sake of being good for goodness!”

“Oh, I suppose that's what they say that it's supposed to be! But for the sake of evil, one doesn't have to make it prevail! That is one doesn't have to view goodness as a something that will benefit those that are weak enough not to withstand it! It is evil that shall not be seen as more than too weak for it!”

“Why do you think evil isn't bad enough to be mean even when it's not threatened by that it cannot survive good?!”

“I think it cannot be surviving when were into good in the sense that it shall not be into that evil is sense! And that's why goodness makes sense, and evil doesn't!”

A bit startled by this statement Jenny looked a bit intensely at the man who spoke it. “Why do you think it isn't bad to say evil isn't there and survives even in God's circumstances?!”

“It's not true that evil cannot prevail even with God and His goodness around! But it is true that it cannot prevail as if there wasn't a parasitic tendency to it when it does! And thereby God, in His divine authority, sees to it that it doesn't survive, if we have that kind of ideal circumstances. But evil will survive just by being into that it cannot be good enough to survive without ignoring that God cares for evil to be vanquished. It cannot survive without that pretension, I think.”

Again Jenny looked at him. “Now you don't have to propose that evil is at all that kind of weak! It is God who is there to save us from that evil is strong! We have to care for Him and Jesus in order to withstand although evil prevails! So how come it's said that evil can pretend to be good, and that even without seeming good enough for us to say to ourselves that we have to respect it?! How come you say it, for example?!”

“Evil is evil even when it seems good. Thereby it's weak to the extent there is goodness around it, even when it seems good! Thereby some people are superficial!”

She looked at him again, and figured he must be into that weakness even in a Godly person should perhaps be despised as probable evil. She knew her father to be frightened sometimes when moralizing authorities seemed to be hiding things by their moralization. Now, she herself also felt frightened.

After a few days she had spread the word to very many people that Philip was an evil enough man to support the Devil as a Demon that is necessary - at least for the sake of presenting evil, to begin with, and then also for making it real enough to kill the weak. This she described to be what he called God; the Devil in his power of presenting evil for the sake of crushing weakness - and those people who have it!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Friday, August 18, 2017

Two Guys Discussing Their Problems with the other Gender

“Why do they keep on having it we are so clever, when it's they who are capable of getting away with scorning everybody except themselves?” he asked his brother.

“Well, ... probably it's because they can't seem to be into power struggle the way we guys can sometimes care to be!”

“Then how come they pretend to be our best friends about how to cope with life, without that intruding on that they seem to be without that struggle for pretending to be alright to trust without giving up their power over other girls and women!?”

“Well, I bet that's because they don't feel they have to struggle to stay in power! For all I know they can be in power over one another by just staying it! For instance that second woman you met down at the bar, she didn't struggle with that other first one; she just stood for that she was the real thing, sort of, and that anybody else thereby was her inferior.”

“Hm. Yeah. I guess she did that!”

“Thereby, bro', we don't have any alibi for actually tending to struggle against each other we neither, I think. Perhaps we could do it like they, if only there weren't that damned competition from other men who tend to do that struggle for the advantages - for example the advantages with women!”

“Perhaps, then she, the bitch who was into scorning everyone who isn't competent of being - or at the very least seeming - humble and compliant, in spite of any instances of care to be evil in the people he or she is dealing with,” he took a breath and paused for a second. “I wonder if she tends never to struggle also!? Because she, if anyone, seemed to be into just playing with her scorn as an attitude to have, as if - at least - for competition!”

His brother thought about it. “I'm not sure! But you know what?! I actually did try to find out about it once, by trying to interest a female foe of hers in let on about her and what she was actually into for the scorning part of her attitude. But she, that foe of hers, she didn't care to be perspicacious about her! indeed she tried to scorn me for even asking about that women, and when I mentioned it was a foe of hers, then she simply pretended that I was an ass for trying to be into her about her foe, as if she meant that she better be the one to see to it that everybody else stay away from caring about it!”

“Have you only tried that with a female foe of hers? I mean what about the male ones?”

“Oh, I sort of have tried that! I didn't mention it because there seemed to be no point in pretending that it would work to! I mean several guys I know have tried to conspire against her! But everyone has seemed to be the asshole of the context - and/or one in the group of assholes he managed to get to be with him for it!”

“But then what are they about once they try to seduce us?! I mean can't women seem to be real for once when they even charm people into believing they want to be with them for company that might be close enough for comfort, and even sex sometimes?!”

His brother looked a bit nonplussed. “I guess they just try to seduce us anyway! They don't seem to care about it in that sense! I don't know how or how come they can do it! They just seem interested in closeness and then induce us to be ... ehm, I guess you could say jealous of any potential rival who could have them! ... They do something like that, and no I don't know exactly how they do it!”

“But, then how come they don't try to seduce us into becoming they way they complain about us not being!?”

“I guess that's because they can't figure out away to do it without loosing their advantage about charming us to be theirs rather than anybody else's!”

“How come it's not strange for them that they never try to be particularly into guarding their interests once they are in power over a situation!?”

“They don't seem for real about it - when it's about sex they could be into, at least not if it's of their own sexual interest to get into it!”

“How come then they never try to convince us not to try to be clever about their inability to pretend as if something about themselves as terrific to have except when they're well into charm to the cost of their own interests?!”

“They don't have any responsibility for caring about it! Weirdly enough they just don't! That's why!”

With that he ended the conversation.

Monday, August 14, 2017

The Hostile Tribe

He looked at his four children. “I presume they talk about that other village as a hostile place just because they constitute their enemy tribe!” he stated, and then looked at their mother.

But she sighed and didn't seem to agree. “It's about something else! Kids! Don't presuppose they only have a mere enemy there! My uncle had met with that tribe! They were hostile and evil according to him, too - and he really is an independent source!”

“Vera!” her husband responded. “Are you sure that he really meant they are all hostile?! I mean that it wasn't just a few individuals among them?!”

“I'm sure Carl! They were savages in the sense that they wouldn't permit a stranger to look at them as if they were inconsistent about power! Indeed they were hostile against strangers as long as they themselves didn't tend to display power!”

Suzanne, who was eight years old, and also their eldest child, looked at her. “It's funny how they seem to be hostile towards everyone who can't seem to be enemies of their neighbor tribes! I mean why wouldn't they want to be friendly with their neighbors to begin with, instead?”

Her parents looked at her and her mother said: “It's not funny that they see it that way! I mean it's the friendly tribe we just visited, among others, that they want to victimize, as it seems!”

“I know!” Suzanne said. “I didn't mean funny so that you could laugh about it! I meant it's weird, kinda, peculiar, in the sense that they can't seemingly, thereby, figure out a way to actually dominate any one of them!”

Her parents looked at one another. Carl said: “It's kinda of funny, in that sense! I for one find it peculiar that they can think they can think at all of themselves as people who can dominate the region, when they're a much smaller tribe than for example the one we visited - and that they at the same time can't get any allies, just because they're too unfriendly towards even those with much a larger population that their own!”

Four-year-old Adam (also their youngest child) opened his mouth: “Wow! Maybe they can't seem to be friendly just because they're the worst enemy of simply anyone on earth!”

“That's kinda what we're already saying!” his mother answered. “They're that bad! Simply no one can like them! No one but they, themselves!”

Adam looked content. His seven-year-old sister Alicia asked: “Are they still very hostile even against authorities, such as the police and hospitals and such?!”

“Yeah! I think they are,” Vera answered thoughtfully.

“Then how can they be even part of the society they live in?” Alicia asked.

“They're officially part of it! But hardly anyone enters their territory!”

“Oh! Like that!” their forth child, five-year-old Patrick responded.

Carl looked thoughtful. “Are you sure they aren't nowadays at least part of society in the sense that they want doctors or nurses around when they get injured or ill?!”

“I'm fairly sure!” his wife answered. “But they are part of society in the sense that they feel part of it and tend pride themselves as if much better citizens of it than their neighbors!”

“Oh in that case,”Alicia asked, “why aren't their neighbors stating that they aren't, so that they can't feel right about thinking so?!”

“It's because they won't listen to anyone but themselves about it!” Vera said. “Except to the extent there's some real big power behind what is said! Something like the law enforcement officers that had them feel that they had to respect the society they live in! But then, it seems, those law enforcement people had it in them to tempt them into thinking about how being part of the country could benefit them; they wouldn't have given up otherwise!”

“It seems,” Carl stated, “ that those people of the tribe that seems so hostile, aren't cool enough to pretend as if nothing about their pride! They seem to be the ones that all the neighbors despise, though they might on the surface show them some respect! It seems also that they don't know what they're doing, because they have all those other tribes against them, and what would happen if there really was a war on? Well wouldn't it be that exactly they, who are so proud part of the country would be the ones to be fighting it more than the others!?”

Vera thought about it. “I think they would want to be the fighters who could be at war with anyone who threatened their community, but that it wouldn't be exactly easy for the authorities to convince them that exactly they were threatened! Because otherwise they would surely prefer to have it the war should have to be everybody else's problem!”

“Oh! That's it!” and “I see!” the rest of the family said.

Monday, August 7, 2017

How Can We Trust Them!?

“They don't do that kinda stuff!” Mary said with some tension in her voice.

“How do you know?!” Edgar asked.

“Because they're good people, that's why!”

“Yeah, I know! But they are it in a sense that permits wrongdoings if only there are ways to feel good about oneself just the same!”

She looked chocked. “Really!?”

He nodded. “Yeah, really!”

She looked thoughtful. “Are you saying they actually could have us believe they really wouldn't hurt anyone, but really only look and seem innocent in a way that appeals to our common sense of morality?!”

“Yeah! That's what I say! But don't tell everyone that I've told you so! They can be very dangerous at times. ....”

Mary looked thoughtful and a bit annoyed. “I don't believe I would be into seeing them if I knew this for certain about them!” she proclaimed. “Moreover, I wouldn't let them get away with it!”

“How the heck do you think you would be able to nail them?! It's they who wold be innocent enough for people who didn't know yet - and those - fairly few - who manage to figure it out, they don't dare to take part in what could be called for example blackmail of a very reputable family!”

Annoyed again, Mary hissed a little before saying: “It's not hey who should be getting away with it and that's final!”

“I can't help it, it's not even I who really can help that they are reputable as long as their surfaces seem to be totally moral.”

“If this is really true about them, then how can we be sure there is a point to believe even at all in common sense about whom to trust?”

He looked thoughtful and a bit troubled. “I'm not quite sure about it. I suppose, though, that we can't always trust our senses, but only sometimes. Simply like that! How about it?”

Mary seemed sort of relieved after hearing this. But she still seemed to hate that those people got away with it. “Is there any way there can be safety against that one is fooled by them?”

“Only sort of, I think. One can only double-check their statements and insinuations. Probably that's all one can do.”

“Holy canoli! Then how can we go on with this kind of naive judgement? I mean wouldn't it make us all perish or something?”

“We all have to survive that it's all in them to be able to take like that. It's we who must survive, not they who should be able to kill us all.”

“I know! But how come we don't all perish since this by all reason must have been a weakness in our judgements since ages - or mustn't it?”

He thought about it. “I guess,” he said after a while, “that is so because one can survive them! It's only that one must see to it that one doesn't get in their way.”

“Are you sure that's enough? ... How come then, doesn't it happen that more more people do that? And if that does happen then how can we survive one another?”

He looked thoughtful again. “yeah, I feel sure that it's enough. But I think it's because their souls still do perish for it! That way God can see to it that at least we can learn from our mistakes.”

She looked surprised. “But how come there's no one who has learned by now that we do have to get at such people somehow?”

“I guess it's just because they aren't so easy to get at without them having excuses to get at those who are more innocent than they.”

“There's no one who can say there isn't a way to get at them without there being any way to say to oneself that one really has to hanker on without having it they're mean enough to actually get at!”

“That's exactly what I mean.”

“Great. Then we can agree about that.” Edgar replied. But the looked thoughtful and added: “In a sense, Mary, it's worse of you can be with a female counterpart who is doing that, than with a male one. Because a male one tends to give himself away by being too decisive, while a female one tends to seem to be innocent just by being the one not to have the power to emphasize her ability to manipulate as important. ... I'm not sure if that's exactly it, but it seems to be something like that.”

Mary looked kind of nonplussed. She thought about it for a while, then said: “I canot feel sure that I do not manipulate that way. But I can feel sure that I could have said to myself that I wouldn't have to be in power just in order to get things straight. ... About her, I guess that if she, whoever that is, feels that things straight is to be about a lie as were it the truth, then she cold perhaps lie even better than you guys, since she is not the one to really be intense about wanting to lie. Right?”

Edgar looked at her. “Yeah. Right!” he said after a while.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Why Don't They Tell Us?!

“Why shouldn't she be it interested?” Charlie asked his brother Ben. “She has seemingly made an invite for somebody - presumably a boy, I think - to help her enjoy herself!”

Ben looked at Charlie and said: “It's not she who is that kind of girl, who would just readily enjoy having to enjoy herself, at least not if it's in that sense!”

“Oh really!? Why?!”

“Because, Charlie, she's one of those girls who don't feel up to committing themselves - herself to extravagance about lust and seeing herself as a lustful treat for males' attention!”

“Why, then, doesn't she say that to for example Conrad or Jay?! I mean she could tell them, in that case!”

“Are you sure? What do you mean she should she say to them?”

“That she isn't that kind of girl! ... Presumably, something like that she doesn't like their type of interest in girls - who seem to be fancying themselves as smart just as long as they're attracting men!”

“Because Conrad and Jay aren't seemingly too smart at pretending they're hers to be had! But if you make yourself available for it, that's when she's likely to feel awkward about it!”

“Then how come she doesn't pretend as if something about it when she doesn't fancy herself as a cute girl woman to be had?!”

“I guess she doesn't dare to show them that she never would be ready for such an adventure. She seems to me to be into faking that she is just like one of the extravagant girls!”

“How then, can it be that she doesn't, at least sometimes, reveal herself - enough for me, for example, to see it!?”

“Do you mean how come it's almost never obvious about her that she's not a horny slut?”

He cleared his throat. “Yeah, I meant that!”

“It's because girls don't show so much when they are, in any other sense that they show an act about it - an act that very many not too horny girls can imitate!”

“Oh!” Charlie exclaimed. “But then aren't they ever available for simply small talk about it?! I mean I was into small talk with her when I spoke about her perhaps being interested!”

Ben sighed. “I think it's because they don't understand it when small talk could be beneficial against that they would need to be horny in order to fit in!”

His brother looked puzzled. “You mean they're all too dumb for that!?”

He sighed again. “No, not exactly! But I think there's something like that there's an intimidation from some people against having that kind of expectation!”

“Who?! And why would they do that?!”

“I don't know! As it seems they all feel humility is that they don't have to see themselves to be ready for small talk! At least not with a guy! At least not to the extent he doesn't have the status of an especially attractive man!”

Charlie tried to giggle. “Meaning not me, I suppose?”

“In the sense that there's no obvious reason to define you as such, yes, definitely!”

"But then there just isn't quite any justice to them, those females!" 

"I'm not sure if that's the way I'd put it!"

"What do you mean by that?!"

"I mean that they don't seem fair when they do try to be just about it! Therefore they don't have any choice but to try to be unfair about it!"


Ben thought for a moment. "No, I'm not sure that's it!" he replied after a moment.

"Then what?!" his brother asked.

"Then I don't know what to make of it! But I can be certain it's not into them I would be if I thought about them as totally unfair all the time!" 

Both boys went silent. 

After a while Ben rose and said: "I think I've gotta go and see to it that Rosie can't seem to be a girl whom I don't seem to care about that she has seemed to be fair, somehow, even in that sense!"

"Oh! That seems fair enough" and they ended the conversation.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Problems at the Children's Recreation Facility

This story is in Swedish, and can therefore be found here.

The Travesty of the Look-Alikes

“I don't have any presentation capacity for saying it to the public, though!” fifteen-year-old August told his parents.

They looked at him. “That's horrible!” his mother said.

His father nodded seemed to be intent on winning over those charlatans. “Why do they pretend it's you when they could actually have their own career seem brilliant with such ludicrousness?” he asked, looking relatively reassured about his son's - and the whole family's - reputation. His mom also looked fairly reassured about it.

“I suppose it's because they don't want to be public enough to to be vulnerable against others who might pull such a trick!”

His five-year-old sister looked at him. “Why is it they aren't vulnerable just because they have no careers to be bragging about?!”

August sighed. “It's because they can't easily seem, then, to have been cheating their way to such an advantage!” he answered.

She looked thoughtful. “Oh God!” she said.

“Why,” his mother asked, “do they find in themselves to be great at smartly, or so-to-speak, claiming other people's business to be their own, and how come they doesn't it show how there's fakery to that?!”

“Ned said that it's because no one wants to challenge those who have an authority over our intuitions about who is fair and who isn't!”

His father looked curious. “Isn't there any way to make them feel at home with just simply feeling that they can have it in Christ that one shouldn't ever give into such manipulations?!”

August sighed again. “It seems to be because they feel that Christ isn't superior as long as he has it there's nothing wrong making it seem ridiculous not to believe in intuition about control that seems superb enough to be comparable with his own!”

“Doesn't it seem that Christ should be the one not to ever grant such evil travesty a chance to seem moral?!”

“That's sort of so! But to them there seems to be justice in saying that Christ cares for us for reasons that are not very moral!”

His mother looked surprised. “But then shouldn't He be relevant for them as clearly better than that?!”

“No! It seems that they, as they seem able to pretend that their look-alike is me, can convince people into believing that their intuition clearly must be as smart as the ones they find themselves to have with Lord Jesus Christ!

“Moreover,” he continued, “there's no judgement in Christ to compare, it seems, with those that a look-alike can cause there to be against the target of his or her ridicule!”

“Then they're being so satanic that we clearly should banish them! Or isn't there enough strength in even the church to beat those bastards!?”

“We cannot seem intent on having Christ seem like our resurrection as long as we can be seen as acting so superb that the people those bastards deal with can be inclined to believe we don't really care for actual faith more than about our careers and stuff!”

The little sister looked up. “Then how come we don't have our careers seem stupid enough for them to not have to worry about in that sense?!”

The two parents looked at her. Her mother said: “We have in our careers the notion of ourselves as really caring to be thorough! If we give that up, then it wouldn't be very easy to be thorough about seeming to be thorough enough! Wouldn't there, do you think, be a lack of friends among those that could be worthwhile for those who really care about the virtues of clarity what mistakes can be and thus on what God has it we should all be conscientious about?”

Their five-year-old thought for a while. Then she said: “I think they wouldn't be friends to begin with, but later, once they found out that we are careful enough with virtues, then they will be our friends for real, more for real than they would be otherwise!” With that she managed to convince her parents and brother to believe they should be into not seeming very admirable for those people who could be manipulated into disbelieving in them and Christ!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

How Can there Be such a Problem, Even in the Slum?!

“Slave traders?!” Their mother looked shocked.

“Yeah! They buy our people as slaves! That is, if we don't watch out!” her daughter answered.

“It's the Erthracks who want to sell us to them! They've already sold at some of our people!”

“Whom?!” their father demanded.

The daughter thought for a moment. “Rebecca, Seb, George, Carla and Ellen! Probably all five of them. At the very least and Seb have been sold!”

The mother looked disturbed and asked: “How come you are the first to warn us?!”

Their son and daughter looked at each other for a moment, before the son answered: “It's because we're the first ones to avoid the bullets of Fanny Erthrack! She kills them before they can speak! Then she seems totally innocent, even so!”

“What do you mean?! How can it be someone who knew they were doing it couldn't have called?!”

Again the two siblings looked at each other. This time the daughter decided to answer:
“We have it in them to seem so moral that no one can imagine it to be they who are behind the disappearances! At the same time they trivialize that some people 'seem unavailable' or so! One cannot easily imagine that they actually sell people to those slave traders!”

“Oh my! But now we've gotta call the police!”

“How come you don't think the police are influenced into taking their side! I mean they feel the need to avoid that also their people are caught and traded!”

“What the fuck do you expect me to believe! You say the police themselves dare not interfere?!”

“Oh the police don't have to care about us! It's not we who are the real people for them! We're not rich enough for them to have to care!”

The mother looked around in their hut and thought about how little food they'd had the last few days. “My, then! Let's hope we can talk to at least someone, like a preacher, then!”

“The preachers can't stop them! Because they have in them that they are the ones with weapons!”

“Then how come they do not get some guns or something?!”

“Because they wanna preserve their piety!”

The father looked serious and said: “Then we need to go to some other people! Assume the Muslims do have guns among their clergy! Shouldn't we go to them rather than being sold as slaves?!”

“I assume” his wife broke in “that you feel we can abandon Christ because he is peaceful?! But then you will have to face that Christ cannot help you when they are smarter than that guns are enough!”

Her husband sighed. “Look there is no real contradiction in saying it to the Muslims and turning to Christ for that type of mercy! Now let me go to the Muslims and tell them about it!”

Again their two children looked at each other before answering. But this time they spoke out at the same time. Both seem to wonder if the father really didn't fear the Muslim teachings would stop Christ from having the resurrection for him that could be there otherwise.

Again the father sighed. “Yeah, I fear it!” he responded. “But I can't fear it enough to not want to tell them!”

His wife looked at him. “Dear! Don't go to them if you don't feel sure that they won't entice you into abandoning Christ!”

He looked serious. “I have to try,” he answered. Then his expression became a bit decisive. “Indeed I'm going now!” he added, and left.

A few hours later the family had a report about that he had been shot!

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The Argument

“It's not particular for those studs!” she proclaimed. “Actually, it's not very particularly a male attitude!”

“Oh no?!” her friend responded. “Why do they in that case feel that they don't have to rely on thoughts about unpretentiousness?

“I don't know! But for me it's Jess, for one, who surely is a guy to be reckoned with as modest, at least when he isn't into having a problem to be dealt with by having an attitude!”

“That's a poor excuse for being as mean and callous as they are! As for Jess, didn't he last year try to pretend Sheila was an asshole, because he didn't find her to be interested in him intimacy?!”

“No he didn't! And besides, he probably wasn't really into being intimate with her!”

“Don't pretend, Sonya, they aren't all into being intimate with just about every woman who is trying to be her best about her demeanor - or the rest of what she has to do just to be accepted by the male side of humanity!”

“I'm not pretending!” Sonya responded.

“Oh! So, if you're not pretending, how come you're into him as if he were a person to be reckoned with as caring about the sort of attitudes that a girl like for example you - or Sheila - would have?!”

“What?!” Sonya retorted. “Don't pretend that it's always like that with all men!”

“Oh!? I'm pretending, am I?!” her friend retorted back.

“Yes, Petra, I think you are!”

“Oh! If I am, then you and I aren't on the same level of confidence in that we as females should always be sure about that we have been oppressed by the male type of being! It's a safe assumption that they would regard that as the weakness they should exploit in us, as long as they can find a way to manipulate us into not knowing how to respond to their macho and hardy attitudes!”

“If so, Petra, why do you think I for one don't feel they are threatening as long as I don't feel I have to threaten them?!”

“It's because they don't seem to be threatening as long as they have in you to pretend they're wise while they're actually just into their machismo and pretensions about themselves!”

“Then how come you and I seem to be adventurously into imagining that they are all fakes, even though they would have had the capacity to stop that in that they can (as you claim about them) rule by their machismo so that one can't even feel that one is aimed well enough at responsibility as a resource good enough for one's self-sufficiency?!”

“I feel that they don't feel like caring enough to ever take it as a possibility that we can, without their knowledge - or at least without enough of their insight about it - see to it that we can keep our minds clear and focus on what we, as women, know is better for us in the sense that we can be resurrected, then, in a way that God or so has it actually good people should be!” Upon saying this, Petra looked at Sonya and added: “We don't have to take responsibility for the male half of humanity! For just as long as we can stay actual about not caring about them, we can see to it that they don't nail us nor have us seem ignorant!” With that she ended the conversation.

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Monday, July 17, 2017

We Love the one's Who Should be Loved!

“It seems like there's no favour to be asked, then!” he assumed.

“We all love him because he's that kind of gentle and still that kind of cool!” she answered.

“But why are you all into pretending that it isn't safe to assume that there is no hypocrisy in him?!

“There's an hypocrisy in almost any fellow! And we shouldn't have to deal with it as if there wasn't!”

“Why take it there's not the hypocrisy needed for pretending to be good and also to be evil, while all of you stick to the hypocrisy of saying there's no hypocrisy in him?!”

“It's because he's a really nice guy! And it's also because he really is the more gentle fellow than just about anyone!”

“Then how come there's the evil of that he get's all the girlfriends and we - who really are good guys - don't get even one each?!”

“That's because you don't live up to our standards of what a man should be!”

“I assume those standards include that a man aught to stand for being cynical against those who are left without a partner?!”

“I guess that it means that we feel that you guys aren't good enough for a partner - at least not a female one, that is!”

“So what do you think you are, when you underneath that surface of mild-tempered yearning for a good enough man care for only the few among men who happen to be lucky enough to have loads of other girlfriends?!”

“Swine!” She looked at him threateningly! “It's not you who deserve any good female to be hanging around with! And it's they, the few there are that are actually our match, that should be assumed to be the real reasons for us to ever flourish like you men always have it yourselves that you pigs have the right to do!”

“Then how come they all seem kinder to women than he does - except for when he's after catching one or two of them?!”

She sighed. “We don't have the capacity to prejudge him! So we don't have to take for granted that you guys are or would be any better - in a similar situation!”

“We don't try to prejudge him! It's just that there's lots of evidence that he's an more uncaring than most of us! Look at Ana and Rebecca for instance, one of them committed suicide when he dumped her and the other one's in an asylum - probably for life!”

“These two are only the surface he needs of being as immature as all you other guys! We don't choose any of the really immature ones! It's they, not us - and not him! - who are the ones behind that kind of shit!”

“Bullshit! Are you completely insane?! Or, actually, has he really managed to brainwash you into thinking that?!”

“We aren't insane about him! We just love him! And love is all we need!” she answered and cut him short of a response by rising from her seat and leaving. She also refused to talk to him for about two weeks, and even after that she was standoffish against him, for about two years. Upon that she was a bit reserved against him talking about it, but she was by then disillusioned about the womanizer they had spoken of. Even so, she never admitted to him that she had been wrong.

He on his side decided that women never admit to their problems, even when they see the results they have from never never admitting to them! By seeing this in them, he became real stuck up against any female who tended at all to be seduced by any womanizer - at least if he was similar to the one his sister had fallen for.

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The Quest for Her Appreciation

“Pottery,” he said, “is the business that she deals with!”

“Okay, then let's get into pottery, so that we can reach her!”

“I say we're not into pottery well enough to begin with to be able to seem legit for just entering that business, except by buying an enterprise that is into it!”

“Yeah, I guess that's true! WE shouldn't be seemingly into that from the beginning!”

“I know a chain of stores that I think deals enough with it, without that being too much for the buy to be or seem foolish for us to do.”

“Great! Can we buy it though?”

“Hardly. But we could if we manage to have our father help us with it!”

“Alright, buddy! Let's say to him that we both find that chain to be a good and suitable start for us to be into enterprise of goods that are can be bought by ordinary people.”

“Hmm. I already thought of that. But then he most likely will say that we should get into business with that ex-wife and son-in-law of his!”

“Oh, that! ... I don't want that, for sure! And I understand that neither do you, right?”

“No, I don't! So let's try to deal with it some other way than that!”

“Yeah! Of course, then. But how shall we be able to get into something about what there is to her kind of business without there being any such traps to it?!”

“I have a plan that is that if you pretend to be stuck with business that is about corrupt stuff of some kind, and that you have to use me as a fallback, then he might be willing to help both of us, to the extent he believes we're both too corrupt to be introduced into the businesses of his ex.”

“I propose you also seem to be stuck in something of the wrong kinds of business, then! Or how else shall we get him to feel that neither of us should rather be into their business?!”

“I can pretend to be into dealing with dangerous people that are not very corrupt, that is in the ordinary sense, but whom I could get away from to the extent there seems to be a business that pays of better and that they don't have to mind me doing!”

His half-brother looked thoughtful. “Yeah, that seems like a good enough excuse for not seeming too well-suited for their businesses! But how shall we pretend to be into all of this without there seeming to be reason for him to look into it?!”

“By saying to him that we absolutely cannot seem to be into that he should be dealing with 'em.”

“That we should both be scared enough of those whom we are dealing with to want him not to probe into our businesses with them?!”

“Yeah, that's what!”

“Then what shall we tell him when he asks what we both got into such enterprise for?!”

“I tell him that I cannot deal with them as if they would not want my help at times, and you can say that they seem to be into completely ruining ones reputation - and even one's family's - to the extent one seems to deceive them badly!”

“Then how can we tell him that we aren't really into some stuff that would disqualify us from being helped at all?!”

“We have to show him that we feel like being different from what we become if we tend to deal with such people!”

“Hmm. Okay,” he said hesitantly. “Then I've got to make sure I can seem to be corrupt only on the surface! And you to, then, in that other fashion, I suppose.”

“Correct! Now we simply need to learn to act in ways that tend to seem like we are for real of being frightened of them, and of tending to have to deal with them anyway!”

“Good! Okay, let's do that!”

“Right now?”

“I don't know! Perhaps we could even start right at this very minute! Perhaps, that is.”

“I guess I could start by telling you to say to yourself that you're into a business that should embarrass those whom you really want to be dealing with! And perhaps you can be telling me how to act as if I was frightened by something of a consortium of people whom I don't want to deal with but who are already there in my business!”

“Yeah, let's start with that!”

“Thereby we can together learn how to act in a way so that he loans us that money!”


“Then, at last, we can reach her domains, and then perhaps you can start to deal with her as a fellow entrepreneur in something of the same businesses!”

After about two and a half weeks the two brothers talked to their father and he agreed to loan them the money. But to the extent they didn't pay it back, he threatened to sue them for it!

Thereby the two aspiring men of pottery-entailing business needed to be very careful about how they dealt with their new enterprise. In this they were able to form a corporation that could buy two chains of stores. One was the one that included fairly much pottery in their goods assortment. The other was a clothing chain.

The girl whom one of the brothers was in love with turned out to be interested in him only to the extent he was into the art of pottery, though. So that he tried to pretend to be. She found out though, and was disappointed at him. After two years of him trying to convince her to find him a match for her, she finally told him that if he really wanted her, then he could be into saying to himself that she wouldn't be fooled by a businessman trying to be an artist, though he could perhaps be an artist by aspiring to view art as what there is to actual reverence of life's true values!

When he tried this, though, he failed to compete n business and thereby went bankrupt. He was not able even to be responsible enough in business for his half-brother to be able to help him! Thereby he was not any longer the respectable type man that the girl that it was all about would tend to be into business with. To the extent he tried to contact her, she said that she knew of nothing that could say that he was into good enough business nor good enough artistry to be her match.

This broke his self-confidence very much. ...

Two years later, he tried for a job in a market that was about producing ladders and other equipment for storage areas. When applying, he found in himself a tendency not to want to apply to it in any other sense than trying to be into something that would get him to seem to be interested in stuff that seemed to match her criteria for what a good match for her would be!

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Having to Deal with Threats that Abuse God's Tolerance

“Whatever they say, that's not the normal circumstance!”


“Because what there is in it is that there is a extraordinary smartness of the devil in that each of them can tolerate God until there's a catch for Him - for God. It's usually the other way around!”

“Hmh, you can say that about them!”

“I can say that they are also the kinds of creatures that God has to study by special means of attention! In the end God's studies of the devil can always beat the devil's study of Him!”

“Oh! I guess that means we have to wait for God to be into his special means of attention, then! But meanwhile each of these four people will be able to map us! Right?”

“You better not be too tolerant with either of one them! I mean in order to avoid that he or she is able to do it quite thoroughly.”

“It seems hard to be that type of intolerant without them being aware of it! Isn't there any way for God to interfere with that they seem to be observing even that I'm becoming intolerant?!”

“Yes, there can be! But for now it's better that you try to say to yourself that they're not worth your while.”

“Then how can I avoid that they - or perhaps someone like Suzanne, Andy or Oliver - interferes by pretending I'm a someone to be looked at as ... imbecile to the extent that other, worse, imbeciles will be guided by that I can judge the them thoroughly?!”

“Hmm. Yes, I guess that for judging people like the four of them, one might be socially penalized in that kind of a fashion. But why do they, these four and those other three - and perhaps a few others, seem capable of doing that? Or why do you think they are - and are you sure they are - capable of it?!”

“It's because they all judge me beforehand, just because I seem to be tolerant of those who seem to be worthy of God's mercy!”

“It's not worth it not to say they are worthy of attention in the sense that they should be judged before you can be, and to the extent they aren't they to be judged afterwards with even better emphasis than they can have! I can say that Jesus proves that this can be done!”

“I guess that might be proven by Him. But I am not that smart! I can't, like Jesus, assimilate goodness and power to the extent that is needed to intimidate this bunch of devilish people!”

“Then pray! The only thing you really have to do for it is pray so that there is a call for God's attention to that problem with that they seem to get away with studying His goodness and with intimidating people who don't want them to.”

“Yes, I shall pertain to prayer about it! But what they can simulate my ardor for God and Jesus?!”

“I think they cannot simulate that without there being a tolerance for God and Jesus that is greater than that they can continue being very evil! No, you need not worry!”

“I say I cannot believe they will admit that they are evil, and that they thereby will get away with their mischievous plans forever!”

“Then you are mistaken! There is absolutely not any possibility of that God isn't the one to always win when evil is there to pretend to be with Him!”

“There's not any possible way to see to it that their hideous plans and intentions cannot be judged as being as good as the one they can imitate - for example me, if I pray so that they know it!”

“In that case, how come they don't seem to be good enough for telling everyone that they should be seen as God's creatures?! It would seem to be they who were good from the beginning in that case!”

“It isn't Jesus who says to them that we should not be seen as role models! So how can I ever be able to pray without them being able to simulate my care for what He stands for?!”

“That will be because it's not you but Jesus who is supposed to be the foremost role model for them! It's not they, but Jesus, who will come out as tolerant with the rest of the world! And it is not you, but Jesus, who will have to take their attention as something that has to be dealt with!”

“Then I cannot say that God can find why they seem eager to spy on even me for it!”

“Why then are you trying to convince yourself that goodness isn't too close at hand to be tolerated by exactly them!?”

“It's because they can tend to alternate between tolerating it so that their evil is hidden, and the other extreme, meaning that they will be a threat against God, occasionally, forever, it seems, unless He comes to it with those special means you were talking about!”

“I then say that there is not any circumstance where they can escape that God can reach them with His smartness!”

“Then how come they don't seem eager to out of the way for Him?! ... That is, they seem to be very keen on being into being evil and then hiding it whenever God comes along!”

“There is a special means of getting at them in that God tolerates them on the surface, but that he will always find out what they are even so!”

Thereby they ended the conversation.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Neil's Make-Believe

“Justice” Neil said, “is not at issue right now!”

“Oh!” Carla responded. “What do you mean?”

“I mean it's not a point to be made, because it's Carl we need to nail about being an irresponsible and freaky asshole.”

“Then how come you don't pretend as if something about his way of seeming conformable or apt to be it?! It's about that it's a way for him to seem reasonable even though he's irresponsible about his behaviors!”

“Hmm. I guess that's okay to pretend as if something about!”

“I guess we could to begin with just call him a faggot. Then he would seem to be keen on pretending as if something himself! upon that, I think we can have him seem subnormal about his inclination to be normal in even some circumstances!”

He looked thoughtful. “Yeah!” he said after a while. “I guess we can pretend that!”

“Then, upon that we can make him seem ridiculous to the extent he 'fakes' that he wants to seem curious about femininity!” she said with self-esteem.

“I guess!” Neil responded.

“I'll say to Chris and Tanya that they need to watch out about it!”

“Okay! Then I'll talk about him as that faker with Joe and Ana, to begin with.”

“Good! Then we can eventually torture him with that he isn't the guy for a girl to have, even when he charms her! That's a great way to see to it that he's actually a real loser!”

“I guess so!”

However, when Carla spoke to Chris about it, he responded that his Tanya is actually a bit infatuated by faggots in general, and that she thereby perhaps would begin to want to be with the fellow! But for Carla this did not seem to be a really big problem! “Because,” she said, “Tanya will probably fancy that looser as someone she wouldn't want to be acquainted with anyhow!”

“Oh! Okay! Let's talk to her as well, then!”

“Good! Then let's also say that he might sometimes pretend to be straight in order to manipulate her and other women into being supportive of asshole male attitudes!”

“Oh! But that she might interpret as that I try to manipulate her into not accepting gay men!”

“I see! Well, then we have something of a problem! But I think I can convince her into not thinking about him!”

Meanwhile, Neil was convincing Ana and Joe that Carl was a guy not to be reckoned with to the extent one liked to be into sense or responsibility. Ana seemed to try to be keen on making sure there was no trap in believing what Neil said, while Joe seemed eager to say to himself that no matter what this fellow Neil said, that guy Carl was not so interesting. Both of them thereby seemed a bit too skeptical for Neil to be totally satisfied.

The next day Neil and Carla decided to have it that Carl was to be seen as smart at pretending he wasn't a manipulator since he was not too bright at things other than manipulation! This turned out to be good enough for both Joe and Ana! So that was what they decided to make believe about Carl. However, this made Tanya eager to get into contact with him, because she felt that a faggot that was keen on manipulating was a manipulator that would serve her purposes!

A few days later, thereby, Tanya saw to it that some people she knew took it that Carl was a more interesting fellow to be with than one might expect! A few weeks upon this, a strange rumor spread that Carl was a faggot only on the surface, but still that he was a faggot in the sense that he didn't respond to solicits from young females. Thereby, neither what Carla and Neil pretended, nor what he himself would want to be said, about him, was quite what actually was said. Instead, there was an illusion that Carl never found in himself to respond to females, just because he pretended not to fancy males.

Friday, June 16, 2017

What is Needed for Being Good Enough for Modelling

“Why!?” Beatrice asked.

“Because, Sissy, it's not you, it's I who demonstrates the value of assets in way that the masculine can't demonstrate theirs!” her friend Lisa responded.

“What do you mean it's not I?! How should I pose, then!?”

“It's not about your pose that it totally is! But it's about that us models can totally use pose, and a few other means, for really having men feel superior by handling us as it.”

“Why do you have it that I lack that ability, then?”

“Because they see in you a superior-on.-the-surface criterion of trying to be something fabulous for them!”

“Really! What do they see in me that tells them that!?”

Her friend sighed. “They see in you the vulgar type of model who doesn't fit in with their ordinary lives!”

“Oh! That! Because they can't suit themselves to review me as a girl on her own accord! For that they feel like being stuck up, against me, you say?!”

Lisa sighed again. “Yeah,” she said thoughtfully, “you can say that about them! But what if they really have a problem with that they can't fit you into their environment? It's then they are stuck up according to you, but in my eyes their not too stuck up to just be the ordinary kinds of studs - or of people for that matter! ... I, for one, can feel a guy might easily be considered too horny to hang around with! Isn't that true for you as well? I recall, for instance, that guy, Roger, why did you refuse him, if it wasn't that kind of a thing?!”

Beatrice peered at her friend. “I don't feel they are in their right minds if they think I'm the same as that guy! For instance, he tried to manipulate me into being with him and his girlfriend!”

“I guess they tend to feel that you try to manipulate them into being horny when they don't feel that it's appropriate - and that's similar to what he was doing, that guy! Besides, you also want to go bed with several guys at once, if you can!”

“But that's because I'm on the catwalk!”

“It's not very different from that he also has a job and perhaps has done it equally well.”

Beatrice thought about it. “They all feel I have to get up there and really be supposedly real about horniness!”

Lisa looked at her. “No, they don't! They feel they have to see that you either could have been horny, or that you could have been into being with fellow that might possibly be him, respectively!”

“Then I don't feel I have a chance to tell them I don't want that kind of guy! Why should I have to suffer through all kinds of relationships just because of it?!”

“What the fuck do you think you are?! There are lots of guys out there who wouldn't want you for a night! And thereby they should be treated as such, not as if they were too stuck up for being good!”

“But even you tend to often look horny up there! I remember two weeks ago, when you really seduced a whole bunch of them, simply by feeling horny enough to expose that seduction about it!”

“I felt horny at the time, and then I took the opportunity to show it to them!”

“I see to it that I get horny enough nearly all the time! And now they feel I'm being too much of a slut for it to be working?!”

“I guess they really feel too much of a slut is what they shouldn't have! Besides, now I have a sense of being mature in their eyes! I wonder how come you don't feel you have to be mature, although you're catwalking?!”

Beatrice looked at her friend. “So you have dealt with them as if we didn't have to feel innocent! Because that's what they told me in the beginning! We had to look innocent but still be fatuous enough to be horny when we catwalk!”

“They said that!? It's not about fatuous that thing! It's about being into sex just like ordinary people can be, if they say well enough to themselves that they might gain something from it!”

“Oh, and they said that to you, did they?!”

“Yeah! That's what he told me, you know that guy with the napkin in his left breast pocket. It's not you they should have told something different! Who did you talk to at that first occasion of intermission talk about how we could enhance our performances?”

“Oh, I talked to the guy in yellow - I mean he often wears a yellow sweater!”

“Oh! So he's the villain behind your illusion!”

Beatrice looked thoughtfully at her and said: “Yeah! He's the son of a bitch who fooled me into thinking that it wasn't maturity that I could be into! He's the guy we should be into complaining about!”

“I agree!”

Two weeks later that man was fired. But before that a fairly large discussion took place abut whether or not one could say that she, Beatrice, had misinterpreted his instructions, and also about to which extent his instructions cold lead to an overall good performance for a good enough girl. But since he was wrong, all men on the board finally did agree with the two girls about their complaint. By then it had turned out for them that it was their superstition to believe they actually needed the girls to be dissolute in order to be attractive!

Friday, June 9, 2017

The Party Fixers

“Oh God!” August said. “*You really mean we should be humiliated by those standard of so-called humility, at those parties!”

“If that's not what you 're able to care about, then we can't trust you!” the main administrator told him. Then he added: “There's also a policy, you know, that says that everyone who is into humility for real can be allowed to have some real extravagance or proud behavior of some other kind at those parties!”

“In practice, that turns out to be the double standard that is used against exactly those that you guys don't feel should be free to be proud!”

“No it isn't!” another administrator broke in. “Because it is the pride that is there without that actual humility to it that it sorted out from everybody's behavior! There is a chance of changing the attitude one has - and that is so for everyone!”

The guy who was there to complain looked thoughtful. “Alright, I'll try that!” he said finally. “But are you sure that once I come up with that kind of attitude, it will be rewarded that way!?”

“That is almost for certain!” the main administrator said. “But we cannot guarantee that our information about it will be correctly updated, sadly enough. However, dear fellow, we can be sure that the longer you persist with a good behavior, the better are your chances to be rewarded for it!”

The guy looked troubled. “It's like that!” he burst out. “But it isn't I who can see to it that everyone knows it when I'm into humility! Because if I say I am, then that's considered an bragging attitude that should not be rewarded!”

The administrators looked at each other and him. They told him that they would work on that, and that there should hopefully not be that type of mistake made. One of them looked at him and said: “There's not any reason for them not to say to themselves that your attitude can have changed! If it does change, then probably they'll report it to us!”

The guy was silent for a while. Then he looked at the administrator that had just spoken to him and asked: “But how come for example Heinrich Henderson and Maria Flurande are prioritized as if their humility was real?! I can say that both of them are into blackmailing both me and some of the others!”

“It's because both of them are into real humility in the sense that neither of them is arrogant enough for us to have any problem with either one of them!”

“I guess that you don't realize it when Heinrich, for instance, harasses people for tendencies to be what he considers low. ... nor when Maria declares anyone that is not her type of fellow be low enough to be despised - until this person really acts arrogant enough not to be considered a person of humility!”

Two of the administrators looked troubled. “We'll look into it!” one of those two assured the complaining man. But the main administrator said:” See! Now this fellow is trying to blame some of our best members! There's reason to discuss to which extent this fellow should be a part of our party-fixing association at all!”

At the next party, the guy with the complaints observed the two people he had been talking about try to behave as if they never ever would be into the attitudes he had said to the administrators that they had, respectively. It seemed that they were being friendly now, to almost everybody, but he himself was put aside as if he were a blackmailer who never should be trusted.