Monday, July 17, 2017

We Love the one's Who Should be Loved!

“It seems like there's no favour to be asked, then!” he assumed.

“We all love him because he's that kind of gentle and still that kind of cool!” she answered.

“But why are you all into pretending that it isn't safe to assume that there is no hypocrisy in him?!

“There's an hypocrisy in almost any fellow! And we shouldn't have to deal with it as if there wasn't!”

“Why take it there's not the hypocrisy needed for pretending to be good and also to be evil, while all of you stick to the hypocrisy of saying there's no hypocrisy in him?!”

“It's because he's a really nice guy! And it's also because he really is the more gentle fellow than just about anyone!”

“Then how come there's the evil of that he get's all the girlfriends and we - who really are good guys - don't get even one each?!”

“That's because you don't live up to our standards of what a man should be!”

“I assume those standards include that a man aught to stand for being cynical against those who are left without a partner?!”

“I guess that it means that we feel that you guys aren't good enough for a partner - at least not a female one, that is!”

“So what do you think you are, when you underneath that surface of mild-tempered yearning for a good enough man care for only the few among men who happen to be lucky enough to have loads of other girlfriends?!”

“Swine!” She looked at him threateningly! “It's not you who deserve any good female to be hanging around with! And it's they, the few there are that are actually our match, that should be assumed to be the real reasons for us to ever flourish like you men always have it yourselves that you pigs have the right to do!”

“Then how come they all seem kinder to women than he does - except for when he's after catching one or two of them?!”

She sighed. “We don't have the capacity to prejudge him! So we don't have to take for granted that you guys are or would be any better - in a similar situation!”

“We don't try to prejudge him! It's just that there's lots of evidence that he's an more uncaring than most of us! Look at Ana and Rebecca for instance, one of them committed suicide when he dumped her and the other one's in an asylum - probably for life!”

“These two are only the surface he needs of being as immature as all you other guys! We don't choose any of the really immature ones! It's they, not us - and not him! - who are the ones behind that kind of shit!”

“Bullshit! Are you completely insane?! Or, actually, has he really managed to brainwash you into thinking that?!”

“We aren't insane about him! We just love him! And love is all we need!” she answered and cut him short of a response by rising from her seat and leaving. She also refused to talk to him for about two weeks, and even after that she was standoffish against him, for about two years. Upon that she was a bit reserved against him talking about it, but she was by then disillusioned about the womanizer they had spoken of. Even so, she never admitted to him that she had been wrong.

He on his side decided that women never admit to their problems, even when they see the results they have from never never admitting to them! By seeing this in them, he became real stuck up against any female who tended at all to be seduced by any womanizer - at least if he was similar to the one his sister had fallen for.

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