Wednesday, December 28, 2016

What a Whore Can Teach Her Daugheter

“I think it's totally fabulous it'd be, to totally be into an all male orgy about that!” Elizabeth said to her mother, who giggled, and answered:

“I think the all-male orgy - except for you, is it? - could be quite a disaster for that smartness you want for saying that they're all trying to pretend they're worth almost any girl!”

Lisa looked stubborn. “Mom, what do you mean, then, that I should be into participating in that all-male stuff that isn't about sex?!”

Her mother giggled again. “It's not worth it to be into a male who wants sex for the purpose of just having it! Because they don't fancy their own instincts as anything lower than what there is to be seen about the fancy you have for their composure. It's not they who should think that you're the one to fancy them, more than the other way around!”

“Then how come I can't even go to a party where they can't resist a woman?!”

Her mother sighed. “I don't believe they would let you be there without exploiting your interests!”

“What's your point then, ma, about for example that party you went to last year, where they paid you to be there?!”

“I don't say I was there for the sake of finding men attractive! In fact I don't find them any more attractive than I find women! It's not I who would be well-paid if I fancied them more than they us!”

“Then how come they want to pretend they are all horny enough to suppose their dicks should be into your ass or something?”

“It's because they don't find themselves to be as ridiculous as they are for it! ... That's why honey! So, actually honey, you need to let me find you a partner for learning how to be smart at leading them on!”

“I find myself to be about finding males attractive in the first place! Can't we skip that lesson and just continue with trying to get at the real resources of our community?!”

She looked at her. “Do you really believe that you can get at those resources without making the men all fancy you?!”

“Yeah, mom, I do! Why shouldn't I?”

“you shouldn't believe you're actually smart enough for a career of that ordinary kind! It's no us! It's not I, nor you, who can manage that!”

Lisa thought about it. “I guess it's not very easy, mom. But I still don't fancy trying to become a whore, and that only, mom! I really don't want it!”

Her mother looked a bit stunned. “I guess I will have to teach you about how I fancy myself for the sake of saying to myself that ... ehm, something like that they all need to know what they need about me!”

Then should we go to that type of feast where there are only women? I guess I might be able to fancy it good enough for learning that stuff!”

Yeah! I guess we could do that! But you now what?! It's not they who will try to show you how they manipulate newcomers! I think they'll try, also, to pretend they're all about finding themselves, and thereby you too, 'good' enough for being into a lesbian atmosphere, and then have you seem ridiculous before men, anyway!”

Lisa thought about this for a while. “Then, ma, how come I can't go to a place where they all are into simply being there for the men!?”

That's because they all want to pretend they're already good enough for them! They're not going to find themselves comfortable with that a youngster tries, perhaps, to steal their potential catches!”

Oh Christ, then, ma! How come, then, they don't seem to be stuck up!? It's not everyone, is it, who would tend to leave them alone with that attitude!? ... Right, ma?”

All they need is to feel that they aren't good enough for those who are stuck up to be the same!”

Oh! So it's enough not to be good enough!?”

Yeah, kind of!”

Then what the fuck! I'll be a case of well-fare or something, and then I'm not good enough - and that's all I need!”

Lisa! Don't pretend it's not I who fixed that stuff about how to survive without them scorning us!”

How do you mean?”

Lisa, without that I fixed that we don't seem poorer than the rest, we would be harassed by them, that's what!”

Lisa looked at her and shook her head. “No, ma, it's not they can't harass me! It's they, and not us, who can pretend we aren't real - or that our problems aren't! At least that guy down the block, Alan or something, he pretends about us that we're not anything but a nuisance for those who appreciate good things in life! And you know what? Even Sonya and her friends also do that a little! Actually, they all do that, only they don't all call me names or so.”

It's not that bad with it to the extent we can have the sex appeal we need for the respect we should have!”

Really?! And then how do you want me to learn that?!”

To begin with, you could change your posture so that those beginning tits of yours show better! Then you can also expose them as virtue, honey, for those who fancy them! That's a beginning, and from that you need some practice!”

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A Restaurant Flirt

She stood there watching him. Instead of scorning him, as most females did, she saw to it that he felt assured about his masculinity and potentially powerfully clear about what she needed. This he recognized as a fake, but he scorned this notion within himself.

Looking back at her he tried to stand for that he was masculine enough to take advantage of the situation. But he couldn't succeed as long as they seemed obnoxious about his views on himself. That is they, the women he had previously tried to get close to had usually been obnoxiously into scoring his thoughts of himself as a man to even be bargained with. In that sense they thereby rejected him as a man to take; not worth it; neither for a one night stand, nor for anything else of an acquaintance.

Even so, as they looked at each other, he felt reassured that his potential to be worthy of their attention was rising. He watched her make herself comfortable in the chair facing his. Also she took of a thin red scarf she wearing. As she did so, she seemed to insinuate an openness for necking.

“I can see you're being suggestive! Or aren't you?!” he asked rather bluntly.

She stared at him. Feeling embarrassed by this question, she seated herself a bit more upright. “You can tell I'm afraid to tell that I am guessing you from that you seem insinuative yourself!” she answered.

“Oh! Really! ... Wow! ... But how come that's enough for you!? I mean women in general seem to care only for putting me down about things like that!”

Embarrassed again, she looked at him and said: “It's not for me to decide what they're into more than it is for you to decide which way we should continue this conversation!”

“Of course!” he answered. “Why, though, don't you feel that you also have a say in that? ... I mean where this conversation will lead? ... Or isn't that what you meant?!”

She giggled. “I was hoping you'd be kind enough to insinuate back that I am also a girl to be fancied, now that I had fancied you for a while!”

“Oh, I'm sorry! But how should I know - I mean beforehand - that your seeming flirt with me was to be seen as for real?!”

She looked troubled for a while. Then she took a breath and looked past him. Behind his head she observed some people seemingly discussing some issue they found rather interesting. Looking back at him, she asked: “Can't you see how silly you are!”

He looked at her, disturbed by the fact that she was calling him silly for something that the felt wasn't silly in a for-real sense! “How come,” he asked back, “do you feel that I'm being ridiculous about it when it's just asking how I can be sure about you!?”

“Because it's silly to say that to yourself! Look at me! I like you already, even when I first set eyes on you! Even so you do nothing that seems for-real about a response to that!”

“I respond by asking if I can feel secure about that it really means something. ...”

“I mean a good enough response! Not just ...” She sighed as she broke off her sentence.

“I feel I have to respond to the insecurity in your ways because I feel secure only to the extent I don't have the notion that I'm being tricked! ... But I'm sorry this flirt wasn't what I could handle as that kind of a thing!”

Looking a little bit nonplussed, she asked: “How come, then, don't you feel up to feeling that I am trying to get you into the mood for love? Or how come don't you consider that to be a thing to handle as ... secure?!”

“It's all about that I feel that it's about how come you, who insinuate your love like that, aren't about being for real about showing the right things for me to find you trustworthy!”

“I don't find me to be untrustworthy just because I'm insinuative of my feeling for the type of fellow you are! What do you want me to show you?!”

“I guess I want you to show me that it's about not only a sense of love or something, but also about a sense of care for one's fellow beings! It's not as easy as they seem to think, those other fellows, to trust you just because you're insinuating something about feelings for me!”

“Why not?!”

“It's because feelings aren't trustworthy when it only comes to that! ... For instance, how can I now you're not someone who deals with like commies or nazis as if they were simply okay to be with?!”

“Oh, I feel that they aren't necessarily simply okay to be with! Rather, I prefer to be with those who accredit a situation to be a commodity for reasonable people to be trusting.”

He looked down on the floor for a while, after which he said: “Then I can't trust you not to be a friend of either of those two - for example, even!”

Baffled by this she asked: “Do yo feel I'm a communist - or even a nazi - just because I'm insinuating I'm having fun rather than being clever at overexposing that those guys are evil?!”

Looking at her he said: “I'm not into pretending they are totally evil all the time! I'm just into having it they shouldn't be trusted - not even to begin with! Thereby, I don't want to continue this conversation, although I find you attractive, and would have liked to get laid! ... But even so, I'm afraid of aids and how can I tell if those others you might have are contiguous!?”

“I'm sorry! But if I weren't contiguous, would you and I get into a relationship right now, do you think?!”

“Yeah, I guess I could. But then on second thought, perhaps I wouldn't even have the notion of tha tyou fancied me at all, then! Because they all seem to insinuate that I am laughable! Now I can find that the only reason you don't is that you find yourself to be as laughable as I am!”

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Come, Learn to Ignore Them!

“Lesbianism seems precarious!” Yvonne burst out. “It's like pretending we're already there when there isn't any responsibility to care for!”

Cute, as usual, she stared at her friends, who had recently told her not to ever think of her sexuality as adequate for boys other than those inclined for reasoning only in line with letting wishfulness be the mercy of the soul or something! Now, only a moment ago, two of them had thereupon insinuated that their own bodily fluids were the essence of alternatives to bluntness and other so-to-speak male attitudes - which she had found very disgusting!

One of the two thereby asked her if she wanted to find herself a way to feel better than before about that type of stuff. She looked at her intensely and then she added: “ I don't find you silly, the way he did! Come here and give us a hug.” She smiled smugly and raised her arms for a hug.

Two of the others also smiled, one of them smugly, the other one without concern, as it seemed, for being smug enough not to spur the feeling of disgust in Yvonne, whose forth friend just sat there. “Perhaps,” Yvonne thought for herself, “she, at least, wasn't weird enough to be into this sickening stuff!”

The friend who had spoken to her continued: “We all feel appreciated by each other for it! Come on, you'll feel it too, if you only get the hang of it!” While she was saying that, the girl whose smile hadn't been quite smug enough not to cause disgust, took a step towards Yvonne, and put her hand on her shoulder. “Yvonne, look at me! I feel appreciated now that I've become a lesbian! It's fake that we aren't the best of what there is to being a woman - or girl - in this world! Thereby we can live by women's rule only, and you'll find it not too disgusting once you find it in you not to complain about it!”

“Stay away from me, you! And tell me why you don't want any guys around!?! Because it's when there are no guys around that there is no knowledge, sort of, about what we are when we aren't in charge! Do you get it!? It's not about us! It's about them! While you're ignoring them, they become sly and dangerous, probably!”

“Then how come there isn't any sort of slyness for us when they are together about their sex and stuff!?”

“I do think there is!” Yvonne burst out. “For instance, didn't we all choose to find them attractive for a while, those two, Ben and his boyfriend, in a way that sort pointed them out as smarter than they are?!”

“I can't find that to be an excuse not to find us good enough for your company! Now come and join us! Because we don't find it in ya to have a smartness for what men really are about in the first place! Now come, let's scorn them for the sake of being girls and that only, for the sake of being you, and me for the sake of being me!”

Yvonne looked at her and answered: “We don't all have to be smart already, in order for you to be stupid when you pretend they couldn't pretend stuff about you from being into both sexes for the attitudes they want!”

“For the sake of being into both sexes for that we might seduce the men now and then! I even have a plan for that already!”

“I couldn't find that in you not to fall for exactly that same trick that we had with those two guys that I mentioned!”

“To me, that seems to be a weird stands to take! It's not they, it's we, who can seduce them into thinking that way!”

“Why wouldn't they be into something similar?!”

“Because they can't be smart at seeming silly the way we can!”

“How about that guy, Richard, why wouldn't he be proof that they can!?”

“Oh, ah, Richard!? Okay, Richard, that guy! ... Okay, I'll have to rethink it for a while!”

But while she was thinking, Yvonne got tired of waiting, and left.

“Oh God!” the partner of the one who spoke first said. “Doesn't she get that they can't feel the same about being into real ignorance and then, even so, about rethinking and coming to the right conclusion about their sort of slyness!?”

“No, I don't think she can!” the girl whose smile wasn't smug answered.

“Even so,” the one who hadn't smiled right then responded, “she seems to feel we're all inadequate for her feelings about that kind of stuff! Seems she doesn't wanna be with us for her sex!”

“Therefore she aught to be ignored from now on!”

Two Sisters' Charisma-for-Authority Quest

“I realize they don't have to see that as a compliment form my talents!” Linda said to her half-sister Deborah.

“Exactly!” Deborah exclaimed. “And thereby, when you realize you can expose that feeling of womanhood so that they don't feel your instincts of harming them, then that type of challenges against our evils can't be made very easily, anymore!”

“But Debbie, why in the world should we do it with exposure of our appeal, while the boys do it without that?!”

“I don't know why! But it's they who do it without sex appeal, but we can't! Somehow God has created us as smart only at having the vaginas do it for us! But even so, we can then have them realize that our vaginas are much better than that they should have to scorn them for it!”

“Okay! Even so, though, we could sometimes tend to have the opportunity to have a fake seem real about not having any sex appeal, by asking a guy to deal with us with a notion of sense that triumphs about the same stuff without it!”

“Exactly, Linda! ... And we can even make those guys realize that they can thereby feel our vaginas be with them for it! Thereby, it's not them that it'd be who feel like saying to everyone that it's us that it's about that cheating and stuff!”

Linda giggled. “I guess that's too fake to believe that they would actually accept cheating on them even by pretending they aren't the priority for sex! I mean when you said cheating, it sort of seemed that you might mean the sort of two-timing! ... But, yeah! Even so, it's cool to say that it's we who can actually sex ourselves into alternatives to simply being derisive or foolish! ...”

“I have an idea of how we could seduce guys into seeming to be like us for the sake of pretending that they also good at sex appeal!”

“Yeah! And I guess that is to have them feel that we are also on their side for their penises' sake, and not just for the appeal that there is in that they can lie rather well, like even without it!”

“It's sort of that! But you should realize that it's they who might lie in other sense when we don't know it, it we don't have them dependant on our sex appeal! It's not they who can realize the way we can that they don't seem fair when they cheat that way! It's not they who ever seem to be fair without exactly their ability to cheat so smartly that they always should be treated as the cheats that forced us to giving into sex appeal!”

“Wow! That's exactly what I think too! It seems they cannot seem real about having a sex appeal, and also not about having the truthfulness they need for being thought of as caring and stuff! ... You know what? I feel like going to a nightclub or something tonight! ...”

“Good idea! There we can do that stuff! There should be some easy guys around for it in a place like that! Then we can find a few of those, and hopefully have them bully those guys that don't accept us to be for sense and clarity on value even though there must be a sexuality associated with it!”

Said and done. That night they went out. Deborah scored on three guys, Linda on two, that night, each managing to get them to feel good about themselves exactly only to the extent they went for her appeal as something so cool that they absolutely didn't want it to be harmed - especially by other guys.

Two weeks later Linda told Debbie that she felt that the guys seemed to be manipulating just the same.

“I agree!” Deborah answered. “I guess we need to fix ourselves to some guys who really can have authority against those kinds of guys that are against us!”

“... and then somehow avoid that they too manipulate us, right?”

“I mean that they can perhaps work against each other, so that none of them can quite be in charge.”

Linda looked thoughtful at first. “I guess we can manage to do it!” she proclaimed after a while. “I guess we could try to hook up with guys who try to be superb in the sense that seems fit for protecting women and so! I guess I can hook up with a prison guard and/or a policeman, and you, do you think you can find one or two of those?!”

Deborah smiled and laughed a little. “ I guess we can perhaps manage to pull even that one through!”

They both tried that. Linda managed to hook up a jailer, while Deborah was getting comments about her sluttiness from any guys with the right kind of authority for it, it seemed. They didn't want to trust her! Linda thereby could view herself as the sort of woman who really could be taken for a good person now, while her half-sister seemed a bit incapable of that.

Realizing this, Deborah tried to seem good by actually saying to each new fellow that she wanted to be a superb girl for the sake of being his, “so that he might realize,” she figured, “that he can eventually seem more impressive to the extent that he has it I am worth-while enough him to realize that I am a good enough person for him!”

For this she continuously tried to seduce men by alleviating them with her sex appeal. But so did Linda, thereby. She even managed to catch another jailer for falling back upon to the extent she couldn't get her first one to defend her well enough. About this, Deborah got jealous. But that jealousy didn't help her hook up any better. ...

Meanwhile, Linda's first jailer started to fake that he was the type of fellow that was necessary to make things work for a woman who work independently with her talents and aspirations “for the sake of her own good, or perhaps for the sake of society,” he said to himself.

When Deborah realized this, she laughed and eventually scorned her half-sister about that she seemed to be in a trap for that guy so that there seemed to be her as well as herself! Linda then realized she had sort of traded her freedom for the sake of her reputation. With that the two of them decided not to consider it to be too smart to feel that reputation is enough for learning how to be free.

“I find then,” Deborah wrote on her blog, “that she is hardly cunning enough to even live freely anymore, while I'm hardly cunning enough to live dignified anymore! Even so, she and I both have the sex appeal to emphasize ourselves as important enough to be considered worthy of care for almost any situation. Thereby,” she said to herself, “she can seemingly learn to be clever by seducing her guys into seeming superb by believing in her, while I feel, I guess, that I am seducing them into not realizing their respect for me as the person they hate to have it they don't match!”

Sunday, December 4, 2016

"About Time We Despise that One too!"

In her room, Samantha watched the video she had made of herself as she spoke about her incident with the guy who seemed to be funny about how her friends saw her. She watched and listened to herself try to sort out which ones of her friends that could have been. A few of her friends had been criticizing her enough for her to suspect them more than the others. But still she couldn't help but having to suspect just about each and every one of them.

She had already edited the video twice. Now she felt that perhaps it was ready to be uploaded. She sat and thought for a short while, then decided to do so - and did. During the upload, she thought about what her friends might be going to say now that they obviously seemed to be reason for chagrin. “It seems,” she thought for herself, “that they'll have themselves to blame for that kind of a bummer! Thereby, I can see to it that even the more respectable among them will be viewed as assholes and thereby humiliated themselves!”

The next day, she and her friend Christina looked at another friend of theirs as she vulgarly joked about an incident that she had recently seen on a reality-TV show. A guy whom she was talking to laughed, and then said to her: “Karen, you seem to be in the mood for dirty stuff, but I'm in a hurry!”

Karen looked at him and said: “Then I'm okay with that you don't try to be funny for me as well! I guess you can see me and the others tonight, though, right Billy?!”

“Right! Yeah! I'll be there, probably!”

“Good!” Karen said, then looked around and spotted her two friends Samantha and Christina. They were looking at her with an air of contempt. This almost didn't startle her, because those two of her friends were fairly often contemptuous with a whole lot of people. Even so she felt bad about that they seemed likely to be into despising her for some particular reason - which she couldn't figure out.

“Hello, you two!” she yelled a bit softly. “Do you feel up to having a party on Saturday?!”

The two of them looked at each other, but said nothing at first. Then, Samantha opened her mouth and yelled back (about equally softly): “It's about time you see that you aren't what I view as a good friend! do you know that Harry had the other day pretended that you feel better about me than the rest of your friends? He had insinuated that you had the guts to feel that I was you partner in pretend distinction! It's not I, it's you, though, who are going to be the one to slander for it!”

Karen was startled. “What do you mean Harry said something like that!?”

“There seems to be an issue about the jokes going on around here! It seems I have been in them! But from now on it will be you, and that's only you, who will be considered a joke around here!”

“But there wasn't any nasty intention in that one! We only had it you were ridiculously into the pretension of being seen as a winner without there being a game going on!”

Christina looked at her and responded: “Don't believe you're a perspicacious woman just for that! We're not going to believe you have anything of a point from now on!”

“Oh my God!” Karen said to herself. Then she looked at her two former friends and said: “Then there's not any reason for us to be talking to each other! From now on I won't be talking to you, and I'll expect you not to talk to me!”

Samantha looked at her. “From now on you will be my certification of that I am not the scum that you are!”

Karen stood up and said: “From now on then, you will be the proof of your own vanity! Cause I have only made a joke that should have been taken as a small thing - or perhaps something to be learning from!”

Samantha looked at her but said nothing. Christina also looked at her and said: “You seem to be to stuck up to find yourself to be good enough not joke about other people! But you don't find yourself good enough to concern yourself about how you yourself might be ridiculous to seem to be acquainted to!”

Karen started walking away from them. She continued until she could make a left turn so that they were out of sight. Then she called another girl she knew. “Amanda? Hi, it's Karen! Do you know what?! Christina and Samantha seem to be sort of trying to be the very best of wanglers now!

You know what?! They just said to me that I was a cheat, and it's so obvious that they are it themselves! Thereby, I think we should make jokes about them and about how they try to fiddle with how one can perceive two women who are too stuck up to find themselves anything less of fantastic than that they try to seem clear over everything they would be good enough to stand for, but instead they trample and try to damage for all that they are worth!”