Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A Restaurant Flirt

She stood there watching him. Instead of scorning him, as most females did, she saw to it that he felt assured about his masculinity and potentially powerfully clear about what she needed. This he recognized as a fake, but he scorned this notion within himself.

Looking back at her he tried to stand for that he was masculine enough to take advantage of the situation. But he couldn't succeed as long as they seemed obnoxious about his views on himself. That is they, the women he had previously tried to get close to had usually been obnoxiously into scoring his thoughts of himself as a man to even be bargained with. In that sense they thereby rejected him as a man to take; not worth it; neither for a one night stand, nor for anything else of an acquaintance.

Even so, as they looked at each other, he felt reassured that his potential to be worthy of their attention was rising. He watched her make herself comfortable in the chair facing his. Also she took of a thin red scarf she wearing. As she did so, she seemed to insinuate an openness for necking.

“I can see you're being suggestive! Or aren't you?!” he asked rather bluntly.

She stared at him. Feeling embarrassed by this question, she seated herself a bit more upright. “You can tell I'm afraid to tell that I am guessing you from that you seem insinuative yourself!” she answered.

“Oh! Really! ... Wow! ... But how come that's enough for you!? I mean women in general seem to care only for putting me down about things like that!”

Embarrassed again, she looked at him and said: “It's not for me to decide what they're into more than it is for you to decide which way we should continue this conversation!”

“Of course!” he answered. “Why, though, don't you feel that you also have a say in that? ... I mean where this conversation will lead? ... Or isn't that what you meant?!”

She giggled. “I was hoping you'd be kind enough to insinuate back that I am also a girl to be fancied, now that I had fancied you for a while!”

“Oh, I'm sorry! But how should I know - I mean beforehand - that your seeming flirt with me was to be seen as for real?!”

She looked troubled for a while. Then she took a breath and looked past him. Behind his head she observed some people seemingly discussing some issue they found rather interesting. Looking back at him, she asked: “Can't you see how silly you are!”

He looked at her, disturbed by the fact that she was calling him silly for something that the felt wasn't silly in a for-real sense! “How come,” he asked back, “do you feel that I'm being ridiculous about it when it's just asking how I can be sure about you!?”

“Because it's silly to say that to yourself! Look at me! I like you already, even when I first set eyes on you! Even so you do nothing that seems for-real about a response to that!”

“I respond by asking if I can feel secure about that it really means something. ...”

“I mean a good enough response! Not just ...” She sighed as she broke off her sentence.

“I feel I have to respond to the insecurity in your ways because I feel secure only to the extent I don't have the notion that I'm being tricked! ... But I'm sorry this flirt wasn't what I could handle as that kind of a thing!”

Looking a little bit nonplussed, she asked: “How come, then, don't you feel up to feeling that I am trying to get you into the mood for love? Or how come don't you consider that to be a thing to handle as ... secure?!”

“It's all about that I feel that it's about how come you, who insinuate your love like that, aren't about being for real about showing the right things for me to find you trustworthy!”

“I don't find me to be untrustworthy just because I'm insinuative of my feeling for the type of fellow you are! What do you want me to show you?!”

“I guess I want you to show me that it's about not only a sense of love or something, but also about a sense of care for one's fellow beings! It's not as easy as they seem to think, those other fellows, to trust you just because you're insinuating something about feelings for me!”

“Why not?!”

“It's because feelings aren't trustworthy when it only comes to that! ... For instance, how can I now you're not someone who deals with like commies or nazis as if they were simply okay to be with?!”

“Oh, I feel that they aren't necessarily simply okay to be with! Rather, I prefer to be with those who accredit a situation to be a commodity for reasonable people to be trusting.”

He looked down on the floor for a while, after which he said: “Then I can't trust you not to be a friend of either of those two - for example, even!”

Baffled by this she asked: “Do yo feel I'm a communist - or even a nazi - just because I'm insinuating I'm having fun rather than being clever at overexposing that those guys are evil?!”

Looking at her he said: “I'm not into pretending they are totally evil all the time! I'm just into having it they shouldn't be trusted - not even to begin with! Thereby, I don't want to continue this conversation, although I find you attractive, and would have liked to get laid! ... But even so, I'm afraid of aids and how can I tell if those others you might have are contiguous!?”

“I'm sorry! But if I weren't contiguous, would you and I get into a relationship right now, do you think?!”

“Yeah, I guess I could. But then on second thought, perhaps I wouldn't even have the notion of tha tyou fancied me at all, then! Because they all seem to insinuate that I am laughable! Now I can find that the only reason you don't is that you find yourself to be as laughable as I am!”

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