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Troubleshooting by Imitation of Foreigners

“Don't be such a nuisance!” the fat boy said to him. “I don't care if they think you're like that Danish guy!”

August looked at him. “They all think it's like him, and not me, to actually be annoying everyone! Therefore I have to annoy people in order to stay into being like him! Besides I'm kind of a bit Danish too! I have heritage from Kile, and that's on the Danish Peninsula!”

“Oh, your a bit Danish are you! Well, here's Danish for you! I'm not anything close to being Danish, and I'm not anything like the kind of a guy you should be talking to about him! Besides I despise that Danish guy for having it he's revived as soon as they tell him he's about to be clever enough to seem more of an adequate guy than one would suppose him to be!”

“I think you're just simply too obnoxious to understand that I've got a point in presenting him as the guy who'd want to be admired for being nothing of the kind when they tell him he's insufficient for the situation of being a fellow who is just like I am - only I can't get at them by seeming inadequate just when I tell them! On the other hand, it's I who can get at them when they don't care to take advantage of that they seem to know better than to like him. I can only try to convince them that I'm rather good at saying to the people I have to do with that I am another type of fellow than they would expect me - or him - to be!”

“What do you mean that you simulate him at all if you're not able to do what you say he does?”

“What are you talking about?!”

“I mean the part about seeming inadequate for what they say while they're at saying it!”

“I can imitate it and thus be able to do that as well! I even triumph over him nowadays! Not even he can beat me, when I'm into my role of being him, at seeming inadequate for that contempt of theirs!”

The fat boy wondered, it seemed, about why he figured he was too smart to be imitating simply what he wanted for an idol, and too silly to believe it wasn't he who he was supposed to imitate for it. “How come,” he asked, after looking thoughtful for a while, “can't you feel up to imitating him as though they weren't what they thought they were, instead of just being a nuisance about how they seem to feel that you are totally not the guy they even more despise?”

“For the reasons I've talking to you about before, Gary! It's he and I who are despicable in those bullies' eyes! But it's not he and I who become despicable now that I can be obnoxious as were I that guy, and not me! I am not about my heritage for that, because I know many others from Denmark or northern Germany whom I feel assured now, that they wouldn't despise them! But I wouldn't feel assured about that had I not been imitating that Danish fellow!”

Gary looked at him and said: “Whatever you say, you're not really at all of my interest! Why the fuck do you come here and annoy me about it?! Why don't you feel that I could now go to those people and tell them that you're not Anders, but Ted?!”

“It's because you already are part of my imitation of that Anders! If you go to them and tell them you also tell on yourself! You seem to be the kind of fellow who would tell on me just to be getting away from them! And thereby I can blackmail you to the extent that I don't have to be the only guilty one in their eyes!”

“How can that be I who would have to be into imitation of anyone that has anything to do with him?!”

“It's because you actually seem to be his friend from Denmark, and you have been seeming to imitate him when you have been scolding me for seeming so ridiculous about being so to speak acrobatic and lissome! It's you who have been having them seem to have a problem with that fellow, and who have had one of them make the mistake of trampling on the wrong guys foot! Because Kaj, Ander's cousin, isn't a guy too easy to handle once he's been stood upon! ...”

“Oh, it's I is it!? Then what happened to that it's you who have been pretending it's I who should be seeming to be interested in hanging with them in the first place?! And what happened with that they don't see it in me to ever want to deal with them as were I of their kind, in even any kind of way!? What happened to that it's I and not you who would've been a guy totally unavailable for them, and even less I guy that they would have to even think about dealing with!?”

“It happened that I am a clever guy now, and I have fixed them so that they don't even think about the smaller details about all of this! And if you try to tell them about that part they will only laugh at you! Because I have an imitator of the guy who spoke to you in their presence who make you both seem to be ridiculous if they aught to get into details about such stuff!”

Gary looked a bit perplexed at this statement. Thinking about it, he said: “I will pretend to be that Danish fellow on one condition! It is that you seem to be loyal to him and not me, from now on! If you don't do that, I will tell them about it anyway, even if that makes them feel I as well as you are to blame!”

Two weeks later, it seemed that Anders' Danish friend had decided to visit Anders more frequently. To the extent they were not seen around in the town's northern pool club (where some of the bullies also hung around), they seemed mostly to be in a work shop, which was watched by a dog, who could become rather dangerous at times. To the extent there weren't any visitors to it, the work shop hardly seemed very interesting to most people. But for some, for example the town bullies, it seemed to be the high nest of their potential enemies. Thereby, tension rose in the town.

For years further on, the two seeming newcomers to town were into being at a party where they didn't know that two of the bullies had planned to kill them. This they did rather cleverly by setting them up with two women whom seemed a bit curious about the two guys. It became evident, after the two had died that to the extent the police became involved they would seem to have been rapists. Moreover, for the families of Ted and Gary, the clever game of seeming to be Danish persons had gone so far that the police would suspect them all to be so fraudulent that they would be considered enemies, perhaps, of the state! Thereby, the police was not a solution to their problem.

So, instead, they avenged them, using their rather smart skills of tending to seem to be others than they were, and thereby ordering murders as if were they some Danish people. To the extent this worked, they did manage to seem to be innocent of trying to get at those bullies. But it did not fake that they did not in themselves hold grudges against them and their people. Their grudges even showed so much that they eventually seemed to be helpers of those Danes. Thereby, although they were phony enough to get away in the short run, both Ted and his accomplices got nailed in the end just the same!

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A Porn Writer

Adult (or at least semi-adult) story; follow the link if you want to read it anyway: A Porn Writer

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The Conversation at the Next Table

In a small restaurant Tanya was waiting for three of her friends. She had arrived early and ordered some coffee. In the waiting for her friends she had emptied her cup, and now looked around for something to focus her attention on.

Sitting around a table next to hers, four people, two men and two women were sitting. They were seemingly friendly, but still sort of in a quarrel. Tanya decided to listen to them.

“Don't pretend,” one the men said, “that they didn't try to convince him that he should see himself as the ordinary kind of a fellow! It's not he but they who really tried to keep religion pure!”

“Then how come,” the other man asked, “they didn't try to listen to His teachings?”

As the discussion continued, it seemed evident to Tanya that the discussion was about religion. Probably, she figured, one man and one woman, of the four, were Catholics, and the other two were Jews. It seemed that they were discussing to which extent Christ had been good or not for the world.

Eventually, two of her three friends arrived. These two were a married couple. For some reason, just about then, Tanya also concluded that the four people consisted of two married couples.

Tanya looked at the husband of the couple with whom she was befriended. He and she had earlier flirted. But now she couldn't bring herself to it. It seemed, in a sense, to be because of some guilt she might have for that wife of his, but she knew, and her husband as well, that she also flirted around, and probably went to bed fairly easily with other fellows.

The wife looked at Tanya and said: “My brother will be a bit late, so if you don't mind, I propose that we all order lunch before he arrives. He asked me to order a stake for him.”

“Of course I don't mind that, Sally!” Tanya answered and waved to a waiter to come to their table. However he didn't. Then Sally waved towards another waiter who did go to their table and take orders.

After ordering, Sally and her husband began discussing their daughter, which Tanya didn't find interesting. She needed, she felt, to ponder upon if she was guilty of flirting with too many guys. Because she had, at all, flirted also with Sally's brother. But she couldn't quite come to any conclusion about it.

Eventually a waitress turned up and served two plates, and half a minutes later a waiter with the other two. Sally then said that she felt sure that her brother wouldn't mind if they began eating without him. This turned out to be true, after a few minutes, when he arrived, and said: “My, this is cozy!” and began eating. “There's nothing like good friends!” he continued, and seemed very much to mean it. The four of them began to chat and muse about this view on their friendship.

After a short while he added: “I feel that we all should be trying to have a little party, just for good friends! Perhaps like ten people or so can arrive!?”

Tanya looked at him. Somehow she felt awkward about being into mingling, so she answered: “I wonder what all the good friends will think of us if they don't have it in us to be seemingly into enough geniality or so, for us to be alternatives of being self-occupied!”

“What do you mean by that?!” Sally asked her.

“There's no absolute notion in me anymore, that I can feel genial about a party! There's somehow a notion of Christ, or perhaps it's Moses of something, in the atmosphere around us! It seems,” she said pointing, “that those four people are into religion in sense that makes one of us, at least, fed up with being into - ehm - vices.”

Sally's husband looked at Tanya and asked: “How in the world can you think that those four people can affect you, and then perhaps also us, about it!”

“Oh, I just felt,” Tanya answered, “that their discussion about Christ and whatever has weakened me, at least, against their opinions about sex and such! I feel also that perhaps each of you would also be affected had you happened to be listening to them - as I was when I was waiting for you!”

Sally and her husband looked at each other. “I feel,” he answered, “that what you say doesn't make sense, and that they are just four people talking!”

“I feel,” Sally said, “that whatever you're into of sex, you should not disturb our party with these feelings of that we have the same lusts for such adventures!”

Sally's brother said that he felt that Sally wasn't in her right mind.

The four people at the next table had stopped talking, and turned their heads towards Tanya's table. “I feel,” the woman whom Tanya guessed was Jewish said, “that whatever we have been discussing is actually none of your business, and that whatever you say, you don't have a point in hating us for that we have been trying to connect about our faiths!”

The man who seemed to be Catholic said immediately that he agreed, and soon after both the others at that table, and even Sally, her brother and her husband, too.

Tanya looked at them, first at her own friends, and then at the four people whom she was accusing. She felt that she was being badly treated as someone who didn't have a point. “I can,” she said, “see to it that you can understand that I feel that way because they were discussing it as though they had the only point in the universe! That is, both sides of the discussion were having an only point, so to speak!”

The man how seemed to be a Jew rose from his seat. “Look, lady!” he said. “We don't have to discuss this with you! And you didn't have to overhear our conversation in the first place!”

Tanya looked at him and answered: “How come you feel that superior without admitting tha tyou don't have a point, when all you do is quarrel with each other!?”

The seemingly Catholic man sighed to show resentment. He, but not the two ladies , began looking at Tanya with severe disgust and dismay over her seeming incapacity to see moral as adaptable to whatever religion the holders of it pertained to. The two ladies, meanwhile, looked at each other and seemed to agree that this was a lady whom they never wanted to be acquainted with.

Tanya looked at them. She felt that she ridiculed them enough by saying: “I don't feel threatened by you since you're into Christ or Abraham or something, and that you feel that they, those icons of yours, are, respectively, the antidote for everything that isn't of your peculiar faiths!”

Now the (seemingly) Catholic woman gave her an eye of dismay that was severely devastating to her self-security. Then, a moment later, she seemed very friendly, but scornfully into thinking she was supreme. Her (seemingly) Jewish friend said: “What do you think you are, discussing things like that when you're not into religion in the first place?!”

Tanya felt crushed. She didn't think that this could happen to her. Now she felt alone about caring about morals in sin, and alone in caring about morals not being everything there is to seeing value in things. Now, she felt, she regretted that she had ever eves-dropped on the four people on the table beside hers. ...

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The Sincerity Issue

“What a smart-alec!” he burst out. The person he was talking about was his second-grade teacher. He was not aware of that his mother found it to be weird to insult her about being too much into smartness. “Honey,” she said, “she needs to be smart about what she has to teach you!”

“Oh! I don't mean that!” he answered. “I mean she's a smart-alec about how come the other kids might appreciate us for being sincere! It's not like we can't handle it about each other! It's just that she tells us there's no use in seeing them as one's friends unless we have deep sincere talks to each other!”

“So?” his mother asked him.

“So!” he answered, “she doesn't admit that we can be friends anyway! And the only thing she tells us is that we had to be sincere in order to get rid of the fighters among them!”

“What fighters?!” His mother looked puzzled.

“Oh, there in the other class, the one above us! Some of them keep picking on me and two other kids in our class! But it's not about sincerity mom! It's about that they can't find any reason to like not being superior, and thereby they want to keep fighting their so-called inferiors!”

She looked at her son. “I suppose you mean that sincerity would be out of place since they don't want to respect you enough to have to listen to you, then, right?”

“I sort of mean that mom! I mean that and that I don't find them superior when I doubt them as I would had I been more sincere about my situation about them!”

His mother looked troubled. “Oh my then, sonny! ... But why do you feel that she's being a smart-alec? I mean isn't she just into being wrong about them?!”

“She's into, mom, just pretending to be right about me, and about them! And she's into being right about me in a sense that she instructed me to pretend to be sincere - and then they only beat me up worse for it!”

His mother seemed to be taking this as a very bad thing of her. But she also seemed to fake, he thought, that she was feeling that he could be right, rather than that his teacher was. Thereby he didn't trust his mother about this, just like he hadn't when the two bullies from third grade started beating up on him and two others. “Mom, you're sincere only about that I've been beat up! Not about that I am being badly treated by my teacher!”

“I still want to say what I have to say to you! It's not she, it's them who are bullying! It's not - or at least hardly - she who can help, I think, that she's too stupid to understand that she's wrong about how to handle them! But yes, I think we can work something out against them, and perhaps I can have them be suspended from the school!”

“I can't believe there's any alternative to seeing them as the only trouble I have, although I find my teacher to be a trouble in herself! That's she who isn't sincere enough to say to me that she doesn't know for certain if there was sincerity missing with how I handled them before that talk to her. ...”

His mother sighed rather deeply. “Look, sonny, we can't get them suspended unless we also are nice to that teacher of yours!”

“I don't see any suspension as the absolute thing about them! It's not me who should argue with how they're suspended, be it from my teacher or not! It's not they who should be told to stay around in the first place! And therefore I think we should have them suspended even without talking to my teacher about them!”

She sighed deeply again. “I told you, sonny! I can't get them suspended unless we have the teachers sympathy for us!”

“Try, then,” he answered, “not to suspend the, but to just have them on retention for a while!” he didn't quite know what 'suspension' meant. He figured it must be some way of having them in prolonged retention or something like it.

Hi smother looked at him with a puzzled expression. “We can't just have them for retention!” she said at last. “What we need is to really have them expelled from that school of your!”

“Then what shall we do with them after that? There's no use in trying to convince them that we're all trying to ease tensions in the school! Devil in them will be retaliating fairly soon unless we have them many miles away from here!”

His sighed once more. “Sonny! What I mean with expelled, as well as with suspended, is exactly that they don't belong anywhere near the students they've been bullying! Now please let me call that teacher of yours, and let us discuss, sincerely, how come the three of them haven't been suspended earlier!” With that she seated herself beside the house-hold telephone, looked up a number, and called it.

Her son looked at her while she was doing it. He wondered if the harassment from his teacher really seemed like an embarrassment to her. It seemed so curiously smart to say to oneself that everything she does is too correct to be criticized. And there she was, his mother, calling her, and relying upon her, as if nothing had ever happened about her.

Two days later his teacher told him that she had gotten the three bullies suspended. He then felt that he was satisfied, but still wondered: How could there be any notion of there being potential, even, wrongs, in that teacher of his, when everything that aught to be correct always has to pass through her so-called better judgment in order to take effect?

“Thanks!” he still said to her. “Thanks a whole lot!”

The Evil Guy

“Don't you get it?” Amanda asked. “They're speaking as if they couldn't have stayed away from harassing him for only those apparent reasons! For the sake of seeming innocent they pretend it's equally bad to stay away from a loser as to pretend he - or that could be a she - aught to be crushed to the extent that whoever that is can't even speak for him- or herself!”

Her brother Charlie looked at her. “I consider it a nuisance to have to expose them as evil, although they seemingly are! I mean we could all get away with it as long as they don't seem to be treated too condescendingly to accept it from us! I mean it's they, not he, who - seemingly at least - have the Jesus potential in them!”

Amanda sighed over this. “It frightens me,” she said, “that you seem evil enough to just let it all go at that!”

Her brother scorned her by saying: “The nuisance in that they aren't good in reality isn't too much for anyone but those who are ridiculous in their ways of pretending it's everybody else who aught to be punished!”

She looked chocked. “But how come,” she asked him, “do they then seem to be innocent enough to actually fit into your picture of what is real in a moral sense?”

Charlie said: “Whatever you think I am for it, they don't have to be harassed - and that is neither by us, nor by the guy himself! We don't need to submit to blackmail, neither of them nor of ourselves, just because he has escaped from some of the blackmail he seemed to have against him!”

A bit nonplussed by her brother's attempt to cover up as innocence, the blackmail that those people were guilty of in the first place, Amanda searched for an answer. After a while she said: “Alright, then, you bastard! Perhaps we shouldn't care about him, but then also not about you very much, because, as you know, they have been blackmailing you as well as him - although not as intensely!”

“Are you sure about this?! I thought they would be feeling like being trustworthy for the people who care about them and let their blackmail be real by the look of it!”

“I assure you they haven't! But do you know what? I can ignore that you feel like pretending it's he and not they who should be blackmailed, to the extent you can expose for yourself that you don't have the guts to realize it when there's real evil about. To the extent you do that, we can stay together about what we're up against. To the extent you don't, I'll have to ask Eliza or someone to support me in my efforts to seem innocent about the way I will then handle that they blackmail you! I mean you have to realize that I can get it from my girlfriends, the support that I need in order to blackmail the kind of fellow who never would realize what evil really is!”

Her brother thoughtfully looked out through a window. “I feel,” he said at length, “that you and I should not be partners about all of this, and I can also blackmail both you and your girlfriends. Besides, I don't feel I am a partner for seeming innocent by harassing those who are actually cunning in seeming good for us all! Thereby it shall be you the two of them blackmail from now on!”

She looked a bit nonplussed again. But this time because she felt threatened. “There's no reason for me to believe I have to see myself as as evil as you guys. And you shouldn't believe I can forgive you, and much less can the girls you will be hanging out with, once they get to know what kind of an evil fellow you really are!” With that she ended the discussion, and saw to it that she thought of him as a fellow not to be bargained with again as the type of guy whom she would ever look up to.

Aspiring for a Good and Solid Partner for a Relationship

Looking at her boyfriend Stanley, Nina knew that she seemed to fit into the picture of what he wanted. Even so, she felt that he wanted to humiliate her. He, on his side, seemed, she thought, content in pretending that she never crossed his mind as anything but a sex object that was there for his lusts alone, and not for the sake of a family.

Nina was not pregnant. Nor had she been into pregnancy as what she should have with this dude. Still she wished he would aspire to build a family-like structure with her. He, meanwhile, seemed to aspire for her to be seemingly the kind of woman that never would suit a man who would try to build a family. Thereby, Nina could not feel that he shouldn't be put down, from his pedestal of seeming loyal to her and what she had conceived him and herself as.

Thinking about this, Nina tightened her shirt by expanding her chest, and thus ascending her breasts. She intended to disturb her boyfriends capability to ignore her, for the sake of seeming guilty enough to him for being the kinda temptation that he could feel a need for. She looked at him and even ascended her breasts as much as she was able to.

He looked at it. “It seems to me,” he said rather obnoxiously, “that you'll be trying to seduce me into finding your irresponsible attitude to be a small thing compared to that I can enjoy them tits of yours! But I'm not gonna fall for that now!”

“How come, then,” Nina asked him, “don't you feel like kissing me and say to me that I need to enjoy our relationship?” When saying it she emphasized her lips in a way that she supposed would seduce his mind at least a little bit more into being horny instead of angry with her.

He seemed to ignore her lips, and to her disappointment, he didn't seem even to think about sex as a possibility. To some extent he even seemed to be into seeing her as an ex whom he needed to ignore - perhaps in order to find himself attractive enough for the next woman to have. “I,” he said solemnly, “feel that you and I should not try to pretend this is going somewhere!”

“What do you mean?” She wondered if he thereby intended to end their relationship.

“I mean this quarrel isn't leading anywhere!”

Sighing with relief Nina looked at him and felt that she was superior. He was the one to be dumb enough to expect the quarrel to be all there is to it! Now, perhaps, she could seem to him to be into having the relationship continue, while at the same time exposing herself before other fellows.

She smiled smugly at him, and thought about her own body as the asset she would have for getting herself a new guy. She moved, however, a bit slowly towards him, in order to finally caress him. When she did, he seemed, she thought, to fall for it. But in order to make certain, she felt she needed to seduce him more thoroughly, and thereby she exposed her chest and the tits on it for him to see as though they were only there for him. “I love you!” she lied, because now she had decided not to love this fellow anymore, but just to seduce him, and make him happy for a while.

He looked at it. He began, then, to fondle her breasts. She thereby moaned, as if still excited by that it was he who did it. But, this time, her actual excitement sprung from that she figured this would expose her as a possibility for other partners as well. In order to keep him from seducing her back, she set her mind about him very much as the trivial man who thought he was a seducer. Thereby, she felt she could continue to think about other fellows, and perhaps she could have herself think about another girl instead of him, as well. Because doing so would reduce his capacity to see an actual betrayal in her, she figured, because she knew he was into viewing lesbian seduction as innocent compared to straight seduction.

But thinking about this, she realized that he could, quite possibly, soon be doing the same to her, if he found out what was on her mind. It seemed to her as a coincidence that she and not he was the one to seduce the other into not realizing that there could be a betrayal, soon, of the trust they had between them.

To him, however, it seemed that she was trivializing their behavior and attitudes towards each other, those that exposed their incapacity to stay together about having a relationship. Thereby he sort of didn't mind that she exposed herself as if for other fellows as well. In that he felt that way, he immediately repressed the thought of her as doing it for that sake. But this repression was the pitfall that would eventually make him seem inferior to her and her coming partners. ...

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Recognition of the Female Gender in a Society for Male Statutes of Appreciation

“I feel we don't have to have any women here!” August said to Peter, who looked at him and wondered: “Why do you feel that they don't belong with us? You said yourself that you were heterosexual!”

“I feel that without them we can all come to terms with our aspirations and fortitudes!”

“And that with them close to us we couldn't?!”

“I mean that they disturb that notion about us that it is us that it is about! In their attempts to seduce us and so, they might otherwise trap us in cravings for their appreciation!”

“Do you mean we aught to pretend that they don't seem real or something?!”

“Yeah, that's what I mean!”

“I feel that they're not for real, but that we still have to have them around - for the sake of breaking with reality now and then!”

“Yeah,” August muttered. “Yeah, I feel that too! But the preliminary measure will still - I think - have to be to exclude them totally.”

“I think we should have some show girls there at least!”

“Show girls perhaps! But what if we run into trouble about excluding them at all, because they complain about our attitudes if they are let in only as that?”

Peter looked thoughtful. “No, I guess just might have to do without them in the beginning. ...”

“I'm not sure about only in the beginning, although I hope that!” Rather, I feel that we have to, perhaps, help one another fetch ourselves - each and every one of us - to fetch himself a girlfriend, or even a wife!”

Peter looked serious and screwed up his eyes a little, firstly looking towards the floor. Then he looked first at August and then downwards again. “Yes,” he said thoughtfully. “I suppose they can all need a girlfriend or wife.” Then he relaxed his eyes and looked at August again. “Do you feel, my dear friend, that we know if they all even want one?!”

“No, I don't know that. But let's suppose we all had girlfriends, one for each and everyone of us! Then we wouldn't have to see them as either inferior or superior. Neither would anyone of them! Thereby we would be without reason to doubt that everyone had a chance to get to know the other gender enough not to complain about that we exclude all females from this society of ours!”

“But how do think they'll react if we suddenly tell them they all aught to get into a relationship with some female? I mean I suppose some of the men really want to be single! Others of them could be gay! And some even both! How do suppose they will react to that proposition, that they all should get a girlfriend and that this society should thereby be closed to having female members?”

August sighed. “We're a smaller society than that that should have to be such a big deal. But we're growing! I think that we should, before we become twenty members or more, see to it that we can exclude all female memberships! I mean, I can exclude them one by one, and so can my son. But need to exclude them generally! We really can't handle them, except to the extent that they can prove their loyalty to us, in some way that doesn't fit in with their objectives of undermining our interests in tokens of care for order of male kind.”

Peter looked at him. “I can find it could be a good and necessary thing, then, to have it our type of accountability should thrive in this society, by doing that! But how can you - or I, without causing paranoia, propose that for the rest of the fellows?! I mean, we're already fifteen members, and growing, as you said. How can you be sure that all fifteen of us can stay away from having media cause a stir, or something?!”

“I can do that by pretending we're all into having women seem satisfied with being without us, and that we thereby should make them seem clear on that we should not pretend they want the society we have to have to be as smart as society as a whole. In this, they shall have an appreciation of male seclusion from the notion that we should have to participate as though we were entitled to never be alone and without them!”

“Okay! Then, I guess, I should never mention the thought of bringing showgirls there again, right?!”

“I'm not sure about it! But for now, and at least until we're finished with the transformation I just proposed, do stay away from mentioning it!”

“I feel, then, that we all should be having a clue to how we can get ourselves back to the refinements of female beauty, so that we all can appreciate them females just the same!”

“Haha!” August laughed at Peter. Then, in a more serious tone of voice, he added: “We all have to get used to the idea that we cannot appreciate ourselves as chauvinist pigs, since we need to be rid of their misconceptions of us as assholes, all of us!”

“Then how can we appreciate ourselves as being dainty enough about the gender that we do appreciate as being sex-symbol smart at treating us the way males want to be treated by them?!”

August almost laughed. “No! I doubt it that they will ever except that kind of notion to have about themselves! I mean women in general tend to view us as pigs as long as we're not trying to help them believe themselves to be appreciative of us as good fellows, although they're sometimes into pretending we should appreciate them just for their bodies!”

Peter looked a bit nonplussed. “I think we should show them that we like them as such! I thin we aught to show them our appreciation of them as showgirls, for instance! I know several girls and women who can prove that we do have female appreciation back with us for it if we do show them that!”

“Then how come society as a whole always tends to ridicule men who try to appreciate them like that?! Do you really find it in them, those females you mentioned, to be willing and able to correspond to culture in a way that would really change it into a sphere of appreciation for the female sex and male appreciation of that?!”

“I feel that you don't see that we have a society that could change if we had the guts to pretend as if something about these women's appreciation! And that they thereby will be able to change their standards about sex and morals, to the extent that we can live up to the norm of frivolous sex and freedom to have an appreciation of it!”

“I hope you come to your right mind tomorrow! Because tomorrow I will have to propose the change. I will also see to it that every member has an idea of what it is about. I believe that we will then together decide in favour of my proposition, and then also try to convince every member to accept it! ... I would perhaps see it in you to hinder that process! But you will in that case be suspended from membership! I will also perhaps expose what you seem to be after, so that you will have to fend for it yourself! Because we its way to risky for us to accept you to be piggy-backing on our society for it!”

Sunday, May 15, 2016

A Routine Seduction

“This is a tedious party congress!” Leila said to her very recently befriended colleague Timothy. He was one of many whom she found that she fairly easily could address as if they were plausible as more important than the rest of the men around there. She knew that this could flatter just about everyone of them into finding her attractive, and thereby into conceiving her favour to be of importance. She was rather sophisticated in her manners about this; able to convey herself as the kind of person to have the right to be entertained and/or cared for as a fellow party member, more than any one else he knew about.

The man she just spoke to looked at her and answered: “Yeah! Me too! I guess it's a bit too tedious for us all!”

“I have a notion of that they won't mind,” she said, “if we have the competence to pretend as though we were supposed to be finding them less amusing than what they suppose they are.” She looked at him with an air of confidence.

He looked auspicious, and drew his breath with an air of hoping that the two of them would confide in each other privately or even intimately. “Let's go then, to the restaurant on the second floor! There, perhaps, we can find the atmosphere for relating to each other about how to take this topic to another level!”

She smiled at him. “I hoped you would say that!” she answered.

After a few minutes, the two of them sneaked out the congress hall and out into the lobby. They took an elevator to the second floor where they ordered a table for two. A waitress showed them a little table with some dainty grace to it. She said that someone would be back with a menu in just a few minutes.

They seated themselves and looked at each other. Leila then figured that he was a man with a spark pretending that he would be above his present career stage fairly soon. This she was very used to. Most of the guys she dated seemed to be that way. Smugly, thereby, she said: “They seem to be interested in feeling that we should sit here and be cozy about the atmosphere! Do you feel you and I should sit next to each other, or tease one another by looking each other in the face?” This she hoped would catch his interest only enough for there to be a notion about her in him as a good catch, so that she would more easily be able to catch a better fellow.

“I would very much like to sit here right beside each other!” he answered. “But since this is a public restaurant, I think we aught to keep on sitting on opposite sides of the table!”

“How come,” she asked him, “do you feel like sitting opposed to me when you don't feel like facing me as fitting enough for our party to say that I don't want to betray the confidence of an air of genteel value that suits our values?”

He looked at her and felt ashamed. Saying nothing he straightened his posture and then asked: “Do you feel like going somewhere afterwards, or shall we just call this a lunch without any issue of developing a relationship?”

“I feel like pretending as if nothing about that we were here, and thereby I don't feel like going somewhere afterwards!” she answered.

A male waiter arrived and gave them each a menu. She ordered a stake and he plaice. For drinks they both abstained from taking any beverages. He ordered soda and she juice.

“I feel, Timothy,” she said, “that there aren't any ways to confide in that we are into anything but attitude problems unless we both agree not to get involved too much with one another as though we were in league with those we have to despise but still look up to!”

He looked at her. “In that case, why did you bring me here in the first place?!”

“It's because they seem to be interested in there not being any possibility of at least some good intrigue against their possible imperfections!”

She looked at his face. He seemed to be confident that he would sooner or later be related to as good enough for such conspiracy. Thereby she had gotten him where she wanted him. She could assume, she felt, that he could be used as the spring board she might need for catching really powerful guys!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Hidden Crimes

Deborah told her half-sister Sheila that she knew that the police knows about the dark statistics that hide how real cruel killers get away with their most atrocious crimes.

“Oh! You really mean that?!” Sheila asked. “Or do you mean the police tells us all about it!?”

“No, really, I mean that they pretend as if nothing about them! It's simple enough for them! The potential lunatic killers are capable of terrorizing anyone, sort of, without that being known by us all! Or perhaps that is just some - or at least a few - of them!”

“So how do the police go about the fact that they are dangerous for us?! Cause it's not true, is it, that they really don't care for the public to find out!? I mean how do they repress their existence? Do they find us to be the ones not worthy to think about?!”

“They say to themselves that we don't have to know about them! Because they're just potentially dangerous. When they're extreme and unusual evil or cruelty surfaces, they chicken before the public! That is they see to it most of us don't learn about them! I suppose they might be afraid that their original evils or cruelties will be imitated, and that they don't want to have to deal with all the potential copy-cat crime that could come out of it!”

“It's not we who are innocent of being their friends who would tend to do that type of copy-cat crime, though! I cannot find it in me to say that they are about us and our beliefs in sanity and care for our fellow human beings in their considerations for the public! I can't say they care at all about us! They just care about those lunatics and their families!”

“I know. That's why they all feel that we're going to be ahead of the rest of the world, when it comes to that our obscure corner of it will be exposed for the many opinions that are out there!”

“I feel that we are not a really obscure corner of this planet, the planet that does in fact no have any planets, and which doesn't pertain to being anything of the square kind!”

“Debbie! Each and every vacation here you speak to us as though you were the tutor of things here! But remember, you aren't more than to a quarter of this country's heritage! I suppose they won't find out how our mother was killed, anyone that is, and that just because the god damned police here doesn't lift a finger to inform the public of all the cruelties that can be committed around here!”

Looking at with graceful solemnity, her half-sister answered: “I assure you that there will in the same way be certainty for us to be cruel back! For it comes out of our culture the respect for the necessity of the cruelty that is of nicer kinds than those who assume they're better and thus just see to it that they get the upper hand of the ax, so to speak!

“Moreover, sis, you and I have pathetically pretended they aren't cruel enough in this godforsaken country to be interested in pretending we are mercied about well enough for there to be a gratefulness in us, and upon this an expectation upon them to be absolute about there having to be justice done when there is absolute need for it!”

Sheila sighed at this. “I can't see why, even so, we can trust them to be real about the redress needed for actual redemption for victims like us! I say I want you to, then, to also speak to our half brother about it!”

“But Timothy isn't about searching for clues about what he and she were all about! I mean he always would be partial with the police and he wouldn't understand what this elderly couple would do to us - including you and him - if there wasn't any reprisals from us, ready to do them in case of surprises from the police themselves!”

“But there are laws here! I mean we aren't the wild west, left alone Sicily! Why do you think they would be so cruel to me if they had the chance to give the police the chance to behave as though they had everything under control?! They wouldn't here - at least no all that easily - be into cruelty against those innocent of believing a crime should be hidden form public!”

“Oh! It seems you don't know then! It's the Russian mafia that rules around here! I mean, just like the Lithuanians, we don't stand a chance, usually, to keep on being powerful against the hidden powers of those groups of people who rule them!”

“Why do you start talking about Lithuania?! It's not about them but us! Besides they aren't into the business of trying to be perfect about being innocent when one is seemingly responsible for what happens while seeming to be cruel to one's opponents!”

“I spoke about the Lithuanians because they're into the same war with the authorities of the east, and just about the same class struggle with those of the west!”

“Yeah! But how come you find them comparable? - I mean apart from those two types of battles against authorities! I don't find myself at all much like a Lithuanian girl apart from that I also feel they are responsible also for our country's troubles! That is they're into trying to be responsible for the sake of seeming great at trying to be generous about their own virtue of being capable of seeming to be the alternative of Satan or something, while we - and that is you as well as me - are about trying to be clear about that Satan isn't good enough for us in the first place! I mean that's a complaint I have about them, that they always try to be sophisticated about attempted moral, instead of just leading it up to the cruelty of not giving in to him in the first place!”

Debbie thought for a while. “Even so, they're just into the same shit about the mafia from the east, and they're not going to try to put forward an attitude of no response against it! That's just like us! Besides you're being prejudice against them! So let's not continue talking about it!”

Sheila made a faint sound that sounded a bit like a hiss but also like a sigh. “I can't say we aren't into the same kind of ridicule from the Russians as they are, so okay, I can agree. Even so, I suspect that they aren't into the same kind of cruelty against the cruel as our fellow countrymen - and women - are!”

“Why shouldn't the police look into that business of trying to be involved with the mafia?! I mean they are all into it! That is, all over the place, there are people who are loyal with the sophistication of the cruel and sadistic, just because that mafia wants to use them!”

“I know! And that is exactly why I don't get into the mafia business of this region! I mean we're only partly form this part of the world, and remember it's I who told you about trying to be cruel to those none-inclined to be clear about thoughts that pertain mostly to their part of this world! I mean, I, in the first place, was clear about this being a dangerous war on, and not really a good place for us, not to mention our mother, to keep hanging around in!”

“I know but that's why I told you about all the business I am into around here! You know, my father has taught me a whole lot about the stuff that goes on. I know you feel that it's cruel to declare it be wise to certify our cunning as better than the rest of the world's, but I still feel you aren't into the business of trying to help our mother get resurrection from them by just complaining about them!”

“I feel we aren't into being certain, then! Those who feel we are strangers here can feel that just the same! I feel that it's the accent that would matter a whole lot more, to the extent we tried to speak like the natives!”

“I don't follow!”

“I mean they don't have any accent to begin with! I who have trained on learning, and you who seem to me to have already learned their language, are still, even you that is, strangers in their county, I think!”

“I find it in you to be of an attitude that doesn't suit me anymore! Will you now please stop annoying me and also try to find another emotion to pertain to the next time we speak!?”

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Family Quarrel

“I feel startled,” grandpa said to his daughter's two young children, “startled by that they all seem to be content in believing that I am dishonest!” Then he turned to his daughter and added: “In fact, I feel that it's you, and the others who accuse me, who are perfidious about it!”

His daughter looked at him with some amazement. “There are not any alternatives but to view you as perfidious, in that they,” she indicated her children, “ don't have to abide by that kind of talk in here! You have been insinuating that they, not I, should manipulated to assume they are inferior to the interests that you have in their potential hopes for our family to be united again!”

“I can't aspire for you,” her father answered. “I can't aspire for y'all to try to fake that I am not a caring fellow! Thereby, I shall abide now by my own intuition as I tell them my side of things!”

His granddaughter looked at him with slight interest in what he might have to say. Her two years younger brother also looked interested, but not about what he might have to say, but about what his sister might make of it.

“I feel,” the grandpa said, “that the alliance between your parents and the one between them and my two other children, and then also their wife and husband - and even their children - respectively, are about pretending they're into a point about me as though I was pretending they were assuming I was answerable to their suppositions about him, that dear old gold champion. Thereby, it seemed to them that I was being irresponsible for the credibility of the golf club!”

His granddaughter looked at him something that could be interpreted as mock conviction. “The golf club has no reason to suppose we're interested in their credibilities!” she said.

Her mother looked at her old man and said: “No I don't insinuate that they should be discussing the golf club's doings!”

He looked at them and stated: “Whatever you say about me, I don't feel they have any reason to believe they are opinionated about the family that we have here and the way we're doing things, as if it were their business!”

His grandson no looked at him and answered: “Grandpa! There's not any reason to have it their golf course should be here and interfere with our discussion about the topic of your opinion about the family life that we have here, grandpa!”

His mother looked at him. “I feel,” she said to him, “that you and we should all try to get over that grandpa is so interested in pretending that his golf club's doings are so worth-while to have anything to do with! It's not your grandpa, it's I - and your father - who are the care-takers that should be considered your reliable guardians! Not he! And he thereby could be considered a person who just fakes that he cares about us!”

The grandson looked at his grandpa. “I consider you to be a reconcible person!”

The grandpa giggled and said: Thank you! But I think you mean reconcilable by that!”

The granddaughter looked at the two of them. “Why, then, grandpa, do you feel that I am not reconcilable, since I was the one to treat you with respect in the beginning of this discussion?!”

“What do you mean by that I haven't found you reconcilable?! I considered you reconcilable at first, but then I did not continue viewing you as such. That is only a consequence of that you seemed to smear me with pretension that I was not into the truth about feeling sincere about my family. Was that not you who said that I and my golf club were not accountable for the credibility - or credibilities you said - of our family?!”

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Businesses of Obscure Certainties

He looked at the bunch of youngsters at the table in the reception hall, and repeated, rather obstinately for the receptionist: “Excuse me, I really do think they're more out of line than they aught to be! I mean,” he added, turning to them, “ that you shouldn't get involved in these matters at all unless you have a real reason to believe we can appreciate it from ya'!”

The receptionist looked at him and asked: “Do they know what they have in their suppositions as to where they lead their conversation, or are they just plainly obnoxious enough not to cerebrate about it before they start saying things that shouldn't be said?”

The old man he had spoken to looked at him and answered: “They don't know what they're getting into, but they know damned well I don't want them to get involved in the businesses of my fiancee's brother-in-law!”

One of the youngsters he had been complaining about looked up at him and said: “I forget what you said last Thursday! Was it that they were into public drudgery - or was it that we all should be saying to each other that they are not into anything that is all for the public to be discussing?!”

The old man inhaled through his nose in a semi-gentle way, which at the same time was a little bit into being sarcastic. He looked at the punk who had just spoken to him and said: “It's none of your business to be presenting what his public drudgery are about! They shouldn't be talked about as if there was a point to calling them even mannerisms; nor kinky endeavors; much less so!”

The five friends at the reception-hall table had all while he was speaking turned their eyes towards him. Now four of them began looking at each other, while one young woman kept staring at him, intransigently and stubbornly. Another young woman, apparently her sister, looked at her, and wondered if she was going to say something, but she didn't.

But a third girl in the group, and the fellow who had first answered the old man did. They spoke almost simultaneously. The woman said that she felt that the old man was silly enough to be faking that he had the authority to decide what is to be talked about as public opinion, while the guy said about himself that he, for one, felt that the old man should go and set up a front of behavior that matched his statements about the stuff they had been talking about.

Upon that the girl with who had glared said: “I want them to know that he seems to be into their business much more than a man of his status should be! I am going to tell them not to let that sister-in-law marry him!”

The old man looked shocked for a moment, then just anxious to ascertain and demonstrate that his liability as a friend of that family was solid and sturdy enough for them not to need, nor want, to begrudge him and his coming loyalty to them.

The girl who had glared giggled. Then she added: “And moreover, I will tell them that you are not the powerful man they suppose you are! They will know that your rivals have it in them to despise you nowadays! And I will tell them that you are an old sap whom no one would want to marry except those who are not given a chance to be realistic about their interests!”

The girl who seemed to be her sister looked at him and added: “Yeah! It's not in our league, anymore, to regard your threats as worthy of attention! It's not in our league to nowadays stand for that your opinion is much to be dealt with, as though there was anything to it that weren't there in order to pretend you have the authority to give orders to those better at maneuvering and mastering gimmicks about those not inclined for our society. You even seem to be one of them nowadays!”

“I can't see that you even know what you're talking about!” the old man answered her.

“Then how come they all speak about you as if you had the responsibility for having an air of being someone to reckon with?!”

The old man looked at her as if in chock. Then he seemed rather sophisticated just the same when he responded: “You don't even have any idea what their deceptions can be leading you to of disaster! I will not permit that kind of talk about me! And I will not allow you to talk any more about the enterprises that my friend, who is the brother-in-law of that girl I was supposed to be pretending i wanted! He will not forgive that kind of nonsense about his business!”

The girl who had glared now spoke to him as if he was not of real substance, as something that was supposed to be real, though it just couldn't be: “I wouldn't trade my contempt for you against any smart way to get into the relationship with power that you try to brag to us about! It is about being into the type of power that we all had to be about, during the war with the clan of Wadesantis, that they say you weren't good enough for it! It's not you, it's us, it's we who nowadays rule this district! It's not they who should give that girl up for marriage for the sake of an old fogey who doesn't realize that he isn't made of stuff that's valid in current times!”

The receptionist looked at the youngsters and at him. After thinking about things he proclaimed to the old man: “I cannot help you as long as they are into current times as what you couldn't be accounted for, unless you can prove the old times to be of value far more than they think.”

The girl who had glared now stood up. Looking the old man in the face she said: “I dare you to pretend we don't have a point in viewing you as the type of looser we don't believe they want any form of contact with! I dare you to pretend we aren't for real when we say that you are the loser in that you can't seem for real about the business about the Wadesantis and the mining industry they tried to claim!”

The old man looked at her with a slight edge of uncertainty to him. It was not clear to him if she had actually heard those things about him. She thereby wanted to make clear that she absolutely had no reason to see it in him that he was an interesting man. Thereby she spit in his face, and sat down.

He took up a napkin, and began drying the spit off. Then he claimed: “You don't have any business doing that unless you want also that one views you as the ridicule of suppositions that say they are for real about their enterprises! Besides, you do not know whom you're talking with! I am the president of that mining industry! And I have no idea how they managed to convince you that I am a man to be spit at as if I were a loser and they wouldn't have any use for me!”

The girl who had just spit at him answered: “Okay! It's they who are liars! As they have it, you are the looser who is trying to get into their business, which would be the mining industry. Okay, old fella! I'm sorry I spit in your face!”

The old man looked offended. “For the sake of the mining industry I shall not marry that woman, then. But why do you feel that I am the one not to be involved in the affairs that say something about the rumors you've been hearing? Or do you intend to help me find out about it? Because if that's your intention, then I will forgive you for spitting in my face!”

She looked at her two male friends. But neither of them gave a sign about what to say. Then she looked at her sister, who just shrugged. Finally she looked at the other girl in the company, but she said nothing, just stared back at her.

“I find it in my friends,” she announced, “to find it in me to have to speak for myself! Thereby I will say to you that the man who said this stuff to me is the son of a chief of the uprising oil company, which has just bought big property near the Alluseta harbor.”

The man looked at her. Then he grabbed his cell phone and messaged something by SMS. After that he looked quite firmly at the girl and asked: “How can I be sure that's the truth?! I know nothing about why he would ever speak about me at all! I have not dealt with those people of that uprising oil company!”

She shrugged. “I don't have to take that as a reason to believe you can be trusted when you say to me that you have been blackmailed in the first place! I cannot believe they wouldn't be truthful enough for me not to tell you all I know about them!”

Indignantly, the old man looked at her. “Then how come,” he asked, “you don't find it in me to even have to be into something of knowing that I can really rule over their industry fairly soon! I just sent an SMS to someone to take over their business!”

She looked back at his indignant face. It was seemingly to her he who saw things in her that weren't there! This was so even though she knew she hadn't trusted him in the first place.

Thereby, she gave an air of that he had made her feel unwanted. “I don't feel upset with you in that you are not trying to show me enough legibility for me to see you as my friend! But I feel upset over that I can't see in you to be trying to see to it that winning concepts are treated as such! For me such a winning concept is that we all should settle for that you, if you did buy that business now, have a winning concept in that I can tend to elucidate that we are as strong as you are in business. My father owns, among other things, an oil company that was about to buy that one - only my father couldn't, if he did, figure out why they were seemingly not into being smart at pressuring bankers and such into dealing with them. Because it seemed that those were into ruining his business if he tried to get at the little rising newcomer. So, if you now have bought their business, then we are actually rid of a rival, meaning that we will no longer have to deal with them! But, as we do have to deal with you, I shall not rule over the businesses of my father's empire. Instead, I will let you see to it that he (our rival) isn't a winner in this context! But I will later on, with my father's assistance, rule over this empire of ours, become its crowning glory of sorts - I and my sister will rule over it, together with our two brothers!”

The old man listened to what she had to say. He could tell she was bragging, but not what she meant by it. Thereby he just answered. “So what?”

The sisters both now looked very annoyed. The one who had done the talking answered him that she had said it because the business was the business that was going to take over the world some day. The other sister looked at her and then said: “I think we shouldn't be bragging before this old fellow!”

She seemed to be right. Because the old man was laughing a bit at her sister. But she insisted:

“I don't have any way of viewing myself as an imbecile who couldn't be into the richest businesses of the four districts to the west of this one. I also can't help myself but to experience a joy out of knowing that my own father built this business by means of ardor and clarity on it! I forever will love my father for ever so smartly ruling business in the west for the sake of our family and for the sake of my life to-be, and become one of the greatest rulers over our district, over the Caratoga's district and others that we nowadays can claim as our dominions. I did forsake that this district should be ours some day, just as you know you just bought the company that is our rivals, just as that, we will buy the companies that are about in this district, which I assume you have much property in?!”

But while she was speaking the old man had left. He was now in his room, communicating with his laptop, about some terror he wanted to be done against the family of the five people he had just spoken to. ...

Monday, May 2, 2016

Cool Ways of Considering Them the Dirt Needed for Being Deleterious

“I don't consider them scary!” she bragged, when her mother talked about “those evil boys” on the block.

Her mom looked surprised and said: “Darling, you don't have to pretend they're not scary enough for you to say that you don't want to be with them! I know, for certain, that you don't have a notion of them as being the same as us! We are not like the boys! We are not silly enough to pretend is's cool to be into really pretend everyone should be mistreated and then labelled as immature when they aren't ready for it!”

“I can't find it in me to find them to be scary, just the same, mom! Because I find it in them to be frightening only if one pertains to acquittal, prudery and such!”

Her mother looked at her in slight chock. It was not she who was at all like her daughter about this! It was this type of attitude she would have expected only from a man!

“It's not very easy,” she said at length, “to find them to be of acquittal and prudery, or so, for the sake of being a prude person oneself! But I guess you really feel they are smart enough to want to be with them! And thereby you pretend to be as uppish as they are! ... Don't even see yourself as my daughter anymore! I consider you hereby to be not of my family, but only the filth I really had to cope with and thereby have to deal with as if she were my own flesh and blood!”

“Mom, I don't have to deal with that you no longer feel up to being a parent! After all, you find it in me to be just like yourself! Because, otherwise, how come they fucked you in the first place, the boys - like my dad, whom you fucked just so that I could enter that stomach of yours, and become this so-called filth that you had to deal with!”

Shocked again, Lisa's mother took a deep breath. “I,” she said, “never dealt with them as if they were anything but the kinda filth that I wanted only for the sake of bedtime glory! I wasn't after it for anything but for the sake of money and lust for the sex that doesn't deal with lust as though it shouldn't be there!”

“I know, mom! that's why I say it!”

Her mother looked astonished. “It's why you say what?!” she burst out.

Lisa sighed. “Mom, I don't say what, because you don't need me to say who I am! Remember, I'm not your daughter, and according to your standards, consequently, I'm not the type of girl you should want to know anything about!”

Her mother looked at her, puzzled this time over her insolence about her lack of care about her family. “Look, Lisa, I didn't mean that when I said you were not to be at all what I consider my responsibility! I mean I have to look after yo, because it is stated in the law! Thereby you should speak to me now, and tell me what you think it means that those boys aren't ready to see moral as something worthwhile - and not just pretend for me that you are not my responsibility! ... I have, for the sake of spite tried to figure them out, but now that I, in the first place, can't find it in you to be like myself, now I have to ask what they - and thereby you - are all about!”

Lisa looked at her mother with some respect for her with slight avidity for her aspirations. It seemed now to her that her mother was of the cunning kind that shouldn't be treated as though they had a point of view that wasn't to be respected. “I consider myself,” she said at last, “to be the filthy type of woman, whom they shall try to find out about how they can find her to be robust enough to be reckoned with without hesitation as the one to be viewed as clear enough on their points not to be trouble for them. I mean I can find it in me to be of the sort that doesn't seem to be filthy, but still can seem to be real about their points about being masculine! Thereby I'm always filthy! See how I find myself at home with never even bothering to stand up against being nasty and downright dirty with my horny will to see it in myself not to be of anything but the type of hardy attitudes that are necessary to be with those types of fellas!”

Her mother looked down, seemingly thoughtful about why she hadn't figured this out about them. After a while, she opened up and said: “I too can start to be down-right dirty, then, with them! I too can find it in me to actually understand them just as long as I'm down-and-right dirty, dear! From now on, thereby, I will not scold you for having such an attitude! It's just that form now on I will no longer be the mom that you can consider to be a caring guardian of the life that we have! So, you and I can from here on try to understand these fellows without trying to be into seeing them as the supreme beings they seem to be otherwise! From now on, I too will be filthy about them! From now on, I too will pretend for them that they are just the same as the notion of filth that I have in my body for it! ... Cool stuff that you happened to figure out a way to deal with those gangsters, just as I was giving up on really being into trying, even, to deal with them!”

“Okay, mom! Then you and I shall, from here on, be filthy about them all! Okay, let's start to deal with them as such, mom!” the daughter said happily.

“I see that they won't be the trouble I thought they were, then! But how come, Lisa, do you find it in them not to be crude enough not to be considered weird or at least awkward when it comes to society's requirements of us pertaining to humility and so?!”

“I don't consider them to be worthy of my attention for that sake, ma! I just dig them enough to find them to be amusing for me when I want to be really crude! I don't want to be dirty all the time!”