Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Family Quarrel

“I feel startled,” grandpa said to his daughter's two young children, “startled by that they all seem to be content in believing that I am dishonest!” Then he turned to his daughter and added: “In fact, I feel that it's you, and the others who accuse me, who are perfidious about it!”

His daughter looked at him with some amazement. “There are not any alternatives but to view you as perfidious, in that they,” she indicated her children, “ don't have to abide by that kind of talk in here! You have been insinuating that they, not I, should manipulated to assume they are inferior to the interests that you have in their potential hopes for our family to be united again!”

“I can't aspire for you,” her father answered. “I can't aspire for y'all to try to fake that I am not a caring fellow! Thereby, I shall abide now by my own intuition as I tell them my side of things!”

His granddaughter looked at him with slight interest in what he might have to say. Her two years younger brother also looked interested, but not about what he might have to say, but about what his sister might make of it.

“I feel,” the grandpa said, “that the alliance between your parents and the one between them and my two other children, and then also their wife and husband - and even their children - respectively, are about pretending they're into a point about me as though I was pretending they were assuming I was answerable to their suppositions about him, that dear old gold champion. Thereby, it seemed to them that I was being irresponsible for the credibility of the golf club!”

His granddaughter looked at him something that could be interpreted as mock conviction. “The golf club has no reason to suppose we're interested in their credibilities!” she said.

Her mother looked at her old man and said: “No I don't insinuate that they should be discussing the golf club's doings!”

He looked at them and stated: “Whatever you say about me, I don't feel they have any reason to believe they are opinionated about the family that we have here and the way we're doing things, as if it were their business!”

His grandson no looked at him and answered: “Grandpa! There's not any reason to have it their golf course should be here and interfere with our discussion about the topic of your opinion about the family life that we have here, grandpa!”

His mother looked at him. “I feel,” she said to him, “that you and we should all try to get over that grandpa is so interested in pretending that his golf club's doings are so worth-while to have anything to do with! It's not your grandpa, it's I - and your father - who are the care-takers that should be considered your reliable guardians! Not he! And he thereby could be considered a person who just fakes that he cares about us!”

The grandson looked at his grandpa. “I consider you to be a reconcible person!”

The grandpa giggled and said: Thank you! But I think you mean reconcilable by that!”

The granddaughter looked at the two of them. “Why, then, grandpa, do you feel that I am not reconcilable, since I was the one to treat you with respect in the beginning of this discussion?!”

“What do you mean by that I haven't found you reconcilable?! I considered you reconcilable at first, but then I did not continue viewing you as such. That is only a consequence of that you seemed to smear me with pretension that I was not into the truth about feeling sincere about my family. Was that not you who said that I and my golf club were not accountable for the credibility - or credibilities you said - of our family?!”

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