Monday, May 23, 2016

Recognition of the Female Gender in a Society for Male Statutes of Appreciation

“I feel we don't have to have any women here!” August said to Peter, who looked at him and wondered: “Why do you feel that they don't belong with us? You said yourself that you were heterosexual!”

“I feel that without them we can all come to terms with our aspirations and fortitudes!”

“And that with them close to us we couldn't?!”

“I mean that they disturb that notion about us that it is us that it is about! In their attempts to seduce us and so, they might otherwise trap us in cravings for their appreciation!”

“Do you mean we aught to pretend that they don't seem real or something?!”

“Yeah, that's what I mean!”

“I feel that they're not for real, but that we still have to have them around - for the sake of breaking with reality now and then!”

“Yeah,” August muttered. “Yeah, I feel that too! But the preliminary measure will still - I think - have to be to exclude them totally.”

“I think we should have some show girls there at least!”

“Show girls perhaps! But what if we run into trouble about excluding them at all, because they complain about our attitudes if they are let in only as that?”

Peter looked thoughtful. “No, I guess just might have to do without them in the beginning. ...”

“I'm not sure about only in the beginning, although I hope that!” Rather, I feel that we have to, perhaps, help one another fetch ourselves - each and every one of us - to fetch himself a girlfriend, or even a wife!”

Peter looked serious and screwed up his eyes a little, firstly looking towards the floor. Then he looked first at August and then downwards again. “Yes,” he said thoughtfully. “I suppose they can all need a girlfriend or wife.” Then he relaxed his eyes and looked at August again. “Do you feel, my dear friend, that we know if they all even want one?!”

“No, I don't know that. But let's suppose we all had girlfriends, one for each and everyone of us! Then we wouldn't have to see them as either inferior or superior. Neither would anyone of them! Thereby we would be without reason to doubt that everyone had a chance to get to know the other gender enough not to complain about that we exclude all females from this society of ours!”

“But how do think they'll react if we suddenly tell them they all aught to get into a relationship with some female? I mean I suppose some of the men really want to be single! Others of them could be gay! And some even both! How do suppose they will react to that proposition, that they all should get a girlfriend and that this society should thereby be closed to having female members?”

August sighed. “We're a smaller society than that that should have to be such a big deal. But we're growing! I think that we should, before we become twenty members or more, see to it that we can exclude all female memberships! I mean, I can exclude them one by one, and so can my son. But need to exclude them generally! We really can't handle them, except to the extent that they can prove their loyalty to us, in some way that doesn't fit in with their objectives of undermining our interests in tokens of care for order of male kind.”

Peter looked at him. “I can find it could be a good and necessary thing, then, to have it our type of accountability should thrive in this society, by doing that! But how can you - or I, without causing paranoia, propose that for the rest of the fellows?! I mean, we're already fifteen members, and growing, as you said. How can you be sure that all fifteen of us can stay away from having media cause a stir, or something?!”

“I can do that by pretending we're all into having women seem satisfied with being without us, and that we thereby should make them seem clear on that we should not pretend they want the society we have to have to be as smart as society as a whole. In this, they shall have an appreciation of male seclusion from the notion that we should have to participate as though we were entitled to never be alone and without them!”

“Okay! Then, I guess, I should never mention the thought of bringing showgirls there again, right?!”

“I'm not sure about it! But for now, and at least until we're finished with the transformation I just proposed, do stay away from mentioning it!”

“I feel, then, that we all should be having a clue to how we can get ourselves back to the refinements of female beauty, so that we all can appreciate them females just the same!”

“Haha!” August laughed at Peter. Then, in a more serious tone of voice, he added: “We all have to get used to the idea that we cannot appreciate ourselves as chauvinist pigs, since we need to be rid of their misconceptions of us as assholes, all of us!”

“Then how can we appreciate ourselves as being dainty enough about the gender that we do appreciate as being sex-symbol smart at treating us the way males want to be treated by them?!”

August almost laughed. “No! I doubt it that they will ever except that kind of notion to have about themselves! I mean women in general tend to view us as pigs as long as we're not trying to help them believe themselves to be appreciative of us as good fellows, although they're sometimes into pretending we should appreciate them just for their bodies!”

Peter looked a bit nonplussed. “I think we should show them that we like them as such! I thin we aught to show them our appreciation of them as showgirls, for instance! I know several girls and women who can prove that we do have female appreciation back with us for it if we do show them that!”

“Then how come society as a whole always tends to ridicule men who try to appreciate them like that?! Do you really find it in them, those females you mentioned, to be willing and able to correspond to culture in a way that would really change it into a sphere of appreciation for the female sex and male appreciation of that?!”

“I feel that you don't see that we have a society that could change if we had the guts to pretend as if something about these women's appreciation! And that they thereby will be able to change their standards about sex and morals, to the extent that we can live up to the norm of frivolous sex and freedom to have an appreciation of it!”

“I hope you come to your right mind tomorrow! Because tomorrow I will have to propose the change. I will also see to it that every member has an idea of what it is about. I believe that we will then together decide in favour of my proposition, and then also try to convince every member to accept it! ... I would perhaps see it in you to hinder that process! But you will in that case be suspended from membership! I will also perhaps expose what you seem to be after, so that you will have to fend for it yourself! Because we its way to risky for us to accept you to be piggy-backing on our society for it!”

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