Friday, May 6, 2016

Hidden Crimes

Deborah told her half-sister Sheila that she knew that the police knows about the dark statistics that hide how real cruel killers get away with their most atrocious crimes.

“Oh! You really mean that?!” Sheila asked. “Or do you mean the police tells us all about it!?”

“No, really, I mean that they pretend as if nothing about them! It's simple enough for them! The potential lunatic killers are capable of terrorizing anyone, sort of, without that being known by us all! Or perhaps that is just some - or at least a few - of them!”

“So how do the police go about the fact that they are dangerous for us?! Cause it's not true, is it, that they really don't care for the public to find out!? I mean how do they repress their existence? Do they find us to be the ones not worthy to think about?!”

“They say to themselves that we don't have to know about them! Because they're just potentially dangerous. When they're extreme and unusual evil or cruelty surfaces, they chicken before the public! That is they see to it most of us don't learn about them! I suppose they might be afraid that their original evils or cruelties will be imitated, and that they don't want to have to deal with all the potential copy-cat crime that could come out of it!”

“It's not we who are innocent of being their friends who would tend to do that type of copy-cat crime, though! I cannot find it in me to say that they are about us and our beliefs in sanity and care for our fellow human beings in their considerations for the public! I can't say they care at all about us! They just care about those lunatics and their families!”

“I know. That's why they all feel that we're going to be ahead of the rest of the world, when it comes to that our obscure corner of it will be exposed for the many opinions that are out there!”

“I feel that we are not a really obscure corner of this planet, the planet that does in fact no have any planets, and which doesn't pertain to being anything of the square kind!”

“Debbie! Each and every vacation here you speak to us as though you were the tutor of things here! But remember, you aren't more than to a quarter of this country's heritage! I suppose they won't find out how our mother was killed, anyone that is, and that just because the god damned police here doesn't lift a finger to inform the public of all the cruelties that can be committed around here!”

Looking at with graceful solemnity, her half-sister answered: “I assure you that there will in the same way be certainty for us to be cruel back! For it comes out of our culture the respect for the necessity of the cruelty that is of nicer kinds than those who assume they're better and thus just see to it that they get the upper hand of the ax, so to speak!

“Moreover, sis, you and I have pathetically pretended they aren't cruel enough in this godforsaken country to be interested in pretending we are mercied about well enough for there to be a gratefulness in us, and upon this an expectation upon them to be absolute about there having to be justice done when there is absolute need for it!”

Sheila sighed at this. “I can't see why, even so, we can trust them to be real about the redress needed for actual redemption for victims like us! I say I want you to, then, to also speak to our half brother about it!”

“But Timothy isn't about searching for clues about what he and she were all about! I mean he always would be partial with the police and he wouldn't understand what this elderly couple would do to us - including you and him - if there wasn't any reprisals from us, ready to do them in case of surprises from the police themselves!”

“But there are laws here! I mean we aren't the wild west, left alone Sicily! Why do you think they would be so cruel to me if they had the chance to give the police the chance to behave as though they had everything under control?! They wouldn't here - at least no all that easily - be into cruelty against those innocent of believing a crime should be hidden form public!”

“Oh! It seems you don't know then! It's the Russian mafia that rules around here! I mean, just like the Lithuanians, we don't stand a chance, usually, to keep on being powerful against the hidden powers of those groups of people who rule them!”

“Why do you start talking about Lithuania?! It's not about them but us! Besides they aren't into the business of trying to be perfect about being innocent when one is seemingly responsible for what happens while seeming to be cruel to one's opponents!”

“I spoke about the Lithuanians because they're into the same war with the authorities of the east, and just about the same class struggle with those of the west!”

“Yeah! But how come you find them comparable? - I mean apart from those two types of battles against authorities! I don't find myself at all much like a Lithuanian girl apart from that I also feel they are responsible also for our country's troubles! That is they're into trying to be responsible for the sake of seeming great at trying to be generous about their own virtue of being capable of seeming to be the alternative of Satan or something, while we - and that is you as well as me - are about trying to be clear about that Satan isn't good enough for us in the first place! I mean that's a complaint I have about them, that they always try to be sophisticated about attempted moral, instead of just leading it up to the cruelty of not giving in to him in the first place!”

Debbie thought for a while. “Even so, they're just into the same shit about the mafia from the east, and they're not going to try to put forward an attitude of no response against it! That's just like us! Besides you're being prejudice against them! So let's not continue talking about it!”

Sheila made a faint sound that sounded a bit like a hiss but also like a sigh. “I can't say we aren't into the same kind of ridicule from the Russians as they are, so okay, I can agree. Even so, I suspect that they aren't into the same kind of cruelty against the cruel as our fellow countrymen - and women - are!”

“Why shouldn't the police look into that business of trying to be involved with the mafia?! I mean they are all into it! That is, all over the place, there are people who are loyal with the sophistication of the cruel and sadistic, just because that mafia wants to use them!”

“I know! And that is exactly why I don't get into the mafia business of this region! I mean we're only partly form this part of the world, and remember it's I who told you about trying to be cruel to those none-inclined to be clear about thoughts that pertain mostly to their part of this world! I mean, I, in the first place, was clear about this being a dangerous war on, and not really a good place for us, not to mention our mother, to keep hanging around in!”

“I know but that's why I told you about all the business I am into around here! You know, my father has taught me a whole lot about the stuff that goes on. I know you feel that it's cruel to declare it be wise to certify our cunning as better than the rest of the world's, but I still feel you aren't into the business of trying to help our mother get resurrection from them by just complaining about them!”

“I feel we aren't into being certain, then! Those who feel we are strangers here can feel that just the same! I feel that it's the accent that would matter a whole lot more, to the extent we tried to speak like the natives!”

“I don't follow!”

“I mean they don't have any accent to begin with! I who have trained on learning, and you who seem to me to have already learned their language, are still, even you that is, strangers in their county, I think!”

“I find it in you to be of an attitude that doesn't suit me anymore! Will you now please stop annoying me and also try to find another emotion to pertain to the next time we speak!?”

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