Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Girls' School Master

“Welcome to class!” he said.

The girls looked up. Two of them started smiling at him in a way he recognized as simple enough to hide that they were hiding something. Most of the others just straightened their backs and seemed to be preparing to listen.

Being a male teacher for this all-female class could hardly mean safety to assume that they all would fancy either listening to what he had to say, nor that they would even look up to him enough not to insinuate that there was a mistake in letting him be there and earn a salary for doing it! He had been told they were, at least potentially, among the worst in the state about such insinuations - “except for to the extent we can keep them from thinking they'll ever get away with it!” they had said; both of the two people who he spoke to when applying for this job said something in that fashion.

It was not easy for him to get this job. But he had fairly good merits as a man capable of being soft and authoritarian at the same time. It had been fascinating for him to portray himself as the man for this work place, after seeing an ad for a, preferably male, teacher for girls who lacked the belief in the discipline of care and development.

As he sat down, he noticed something on his desk. It was a book, which made him insinuated for him that someone had been assuming he needed something to read by the side. “Oh, what have we here?!” he asked, and picked it up.

As he did, there somehow seemed to be a slight air of delight among some of the girls.

He looked at its back side. Doing this he read that it was about “how to stand up against those who can manipulate people into belief in pretending there's a point to every scorn against humility that could be expected in certain situations.”

Thereby he looked up, and saw the girls giggling at him. Looking at them he said: “I'm not sure that I need this!” upon which there was a silence.

One of the girls said: “It seems they have given you a book in order for you to find out how to feel humility is enough for handling those who all seem intent on being hardy and cruel!”

From behind her another girl began speaking: “I guess they all want you to find out what it's like to be a teacher for an all-girl class?! Well here we are! And what do you think of us?!”

“I don't know what to make of you all yet!” he answered, upon which there was a brief mumble among the girls.

“No, that figures!” someone said and blew her bubble-gum.

Another girl, who sat next to her, looked at her and said: “How come they give him a book without making him find out how come he has to read it?!”

The girl with the gum answered she thought that “They need him to know why he seems to be an authority unless he believes that they are insinuative of virtue about care for tendencies for care for love and affection!”

“I guess you mean they care for sensuality, in that respect, then?” he remarked.

The girls smiled and said: “I don't need you to say that you have to be into sensuality for the need of destabilizing that those who represent power can pretend that we are scoundrels will continue to do so for those years to come when we have finished this education, and will need to propose they be seen as vain those who pretend we're to be looked down upon!”

“I see that this book comes from someone in this class, then!” he said finally.

Some of the girls smiled musingly over that he said it. A few of them started to be a bit vulgar so that he felt unsure of whether or not he could withstand as authority against them! “Do you mean that I should try to be soft on that you try to be clever at pretending to be normal, whereas - even though - the faculty has had it you shouldn't be seen that way!?”

One of the girls looked at him and said: “Am I stupid enough for them to say that about and are you cynical enough to believe them!?”

“I must be cynical! The faculty will be against me to the extent I'm not!”

She looked at him again and said: “Why not find us to be the kinds of teens who find ourselves to be virtuous at least for the sake of interpreting mistakes as immature to make, and thereby not the need of being tutored by a special teacher such as yourself!?”

“It's because they, the faculty, don't see it in you to be that kind of mature!”

“Then how come they seem to be with you about that you shall lead this class by rather good and gentle means?!”

“That's because they feel that I have so far managed to have you think about yourselves as being smart enough not to pretend to be sensible about what to do about your situation of being in a school for those distrusted by their elders!”

“Then how come we all feel you need that kind of a present?!” she asked, seemingly indicating the book.

“I don't know why!” he said, and then finally began his lesson.

Two weeks later he was called to a meeting with the school's board of officials. They told him that he was not allowed to feel that the girls had the right to feel that they were at all more smart than those who went to the ordinary schools where they could have been. They also said that he was going to have to leave his job after finishing the on-going school year.