Monday, July 18, 2016

In a Very Hypnotic Envorinment

“I wish!” he said as if he was making a point by saying so. “I wish they weren't so damned bastard faking that i am not applicable for being clear about what our leaders mean by their complements for Avawlah and his colleagues in the army of our expansion.”

His cousin looked at him. “I wish too,” she answered, “that they don't feel threatened by that we don't find humiliation-gorged responses to be very cool to accept as the attitudes we want to have to appreciate, as long as it's with others!”

They had both been humiliated in childhood by the hypnosis of the enemy duo that tended to - rather invisibly   - deprive everyone who can't handle their techniques of sophistication-inclined reasoning of being reliable - and even more of being seen as such by their peers and superiors. It was evident that they couldn't find ways to define their problems, because both of them had been depraved of their clarity on situations that required their attention, accept for if they accepted severe memory loss as the payment for the sophistication in the other one for cutting loose from the initial hypnosis.

“After all,” he said to her, “we both can deal with ourselves as though they weren't mean to us! I feel we are acquainted to them as though they were evil in the sense that they require form us not to loose their immediate support for the thoughts we might have. But then, reciprocally, we shouldn't make them feel like understanding that we really do understand problems that they might not really have, but which they still might be opposed by in some distant future!”

“I agree!” she answered. “I feel that ever since we happened to spy on that enemy king and his pupils, we can both feel that we don't need to be loyal with our superiors in that particular sense!” Little did she realize, nor did her cousin, that this enemy of their superior had in him, and his loyals an intense hypnosis against realizing appreciation among superiors as valuable even for ones own survival!

“I feel,” he answered, “that since we learned that capacity to be disloyal with them who are supreme, it's like in their own eyes, so that they cannot any longer despise our guts for the way we see it as though we need to be loyal although they harass us at times!”

“I propose that although they did penalize us for being silly - as they saw it - when we challenged them well against their lack of appreciation for the absolute power we would have, that even though they did that we really have an appreciation for our potential power in that we loyally, that is to each other, keep on fighting the regime above us and with them our - and also their - enemy regimes! I feel that we from now on shall keep fighting each other, but only with potential power, so that our superiors here see that we can actually be seen as supremes although we are seen as mediocre - and possibly even worse! - by them!”

“I propose thereby that we actually start right away!”

With that the tow of them started slowly killing each other by means which their superiors were surprised that they possessed. They didn't very much care to interfere even so, since the two of them were judged as disloyal to the extent they had hidden potentials. However, they did get curios about them, and thereby did stop the two of them from their extreme though slow dispatching of one another.

After some inquiries of them, it turned out that the techniques were indeed built upon rather keen cunning about some people who were expanding and now supreme over even Avawlah and his people. “Indeed it seems to be that!” an interrogator said to another.

This surprised the younger one of the cousins, who didn't quite remember when those people visited the vicinity of the playground were they both were playing. The other interrogator was also rather surprised. She had never encountered those people, but heard of them that they were smoothly loyal, on the surface, to the notion that everyone should leave one another peacefully unchallenged. They were also smooth in the sense that never said to each other anything about tactics needed for being so unpremissive without that being noticeable for anyone else. Thereby she couldn't see them as anyones that they, nor even anyone, basically, could easily at all have been spying on!

In the end the interrogations lead to that the two cousins weren't allowed to stay inside the protected area unless they helped their leaders really learn what those techniques really consisted of. But the two cousins were unable to actually show them very much. So although they tried, now that they were threatened by the worst punishment possible, i.e. letting Avawlah's people or so get them, they still could not quite generate results about it!  

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Learning the Trick

“Do you see!” he asked his sister. “I can become that man, if the provocation about his personal image is enough for his spirit to enter into my soul!”

“I do see that it works if they actually provoke him about that you and he also look alike! But how the fuck would they be able to do that without seeming imbecile about how to deal with that you are not the same person after all?!”

“Janet said that we have to deal with our look-alikes, respectively, as though they were our enemies, until they tend strongly enough to level with us!”

“I know! I heard it! I was there too, remember!? But since Wolfgang added that they shouldn't be disturbed from their ordinary lives by the assumptions we make about them! Thereby you couldn't be the look alike to get his spirit to be into contact, because in that case he would notice!”

“I don't think I have it in him that he will notice that I can gather that his spirit is rather smart at proudly presenting what it wants to be seen as!”

“Then what will you have in that ordinary life of the guy?! It seems to me that he doesn't care to be viewed as much different form what everybody else is viewed as! So how come you think his spirit will visit exactly you?!”

“Because it is to be seen as the establishment of his nature! And to the extent they don't seem adequate, they always come down with an idea of how to present that person instead!”

“I propose you and I go downtown and find out, then! I can pretend you are that fellow, and then they will associate him with your behavior!”

“I don't feel that you should be there! Because that would seem to be my spirit that would be having to interfere! Therefore I can't do what she was doing to Elizabeth! It seems that I'll have to find some new friends as if I was him, first. Not until after that is it they who will associate me with him more than - what shall we say - the bad-reputation guy who is just a look-alike of his!”

“I see! But then you will be nowhere near having all influence over him anyway! So, I mean, what's the point, in that case!?”

“Don't you see!? It's a point that I can even spy at him in the first place! Then all that stuff about actually gaining power over him - all that stuff comes later!”

“I see! I guess you then will gain power so that you actually can try to influence even the power he has over randiness and such, around here!”

“Exactly! Then I will gain power over that! Just like Janet has done with Jill's former power over such stuff!”

“I suppose you and I could both be having to look-alike at least someone, because I would otherwise not catch up with you about randiness competence! I also need to find a similar look-alike, but of mine, for me to imitate!”

“I suppose you want me to say to you what I think that should be that could give you a clue to where she could be found!?”

“Yeah! I mean that!”

“Then I will propose to you to start imitating Ann Carson! I bet she is the kind of girl with whom they tend to feel like being friends, and also now and then getting laid with her!”

“Ann Carson? ... I guess that's the girl who has a bother who was eliminated sanity by that his friends all pretended he was a smart-alec, while at the same time scorning him for not getting anything that was said to him!?”

“Yeah! That's who! Now I can introduce you to how to imagine yourself to be her! But first you'll have to pay me by pretending that I'm not your brother, but some filthy boyfriend of hers!”

“I'll do that! That's a great cool attitude to have about it! Wow! I feel already I can have power over her life! We can together seem to be innocent while she and your guy are seemingly guilty forever!”

“Forever that will be!” he said.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The New Neighbour

Adult (or at least semi-adult) story; follow the link if you want to read it anyway: The New Neighbour

Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Dead Son

“The cunt feels she's ready for it, I bet!” said the captain to one of his men. “Thereby we shall for now seem to be innocent of the crime that happened to one of her sons! I suppose you want to seem innocent, don't you?!” the captain asked. The soldier he was talking to was the one who was drilling the deceased man.

“Thank you sir!” the man said.

“Good! Thereby we shall arrange for her to have a proper funeral! And we shall see to it that we shall seem to be responsible for doing away with any uncertainties about how her son died! Understood?!”

“Understood, captain!”

Two weeks later, the funeral was about to happen. The mother still rather anxious to get all the information she could about where the soldier who drilled her son to death was. Little did she suspect that it was exactly he who had just been telling her about the funeral proceedings that the army had paid for for her. He had been very polite, which he continued being when adding that “It will be settled that you will be able to speak to the people involved as soon as the funeral!”

She felt grateful. “Thank you sir officer!” she said.

The next day, at the funeral, she saw the officer she had been talking to, and then she realized that he could have been involved in the drill that killed her son. But she didn't think of him as a very guilty person, since she had just recently been so politely treated by him, and also because she associated him with the fact that the funeral was being held, and that it was a dignified enough procedure for her and her son.

“I will,” her second cousin said to her in a low voice, “see to it that there's no officer present who doesn't fit in with those who have something to do with the crime committed! And I will see to it that no one of them actually gets away with the crime of disturbing our family!”

Relieved, she answered: “Thank you, Laura! It will be much better for us to the extent we can find and persecute the guilty ones!”

“Good!” Laura said. “I will get paid for doing so by the family of the deceased man!”

The mother of the deceased looked a little bit chocked and answered: “Oh! I'll see to it that my husband handles that!”

“Good!” Laura said and disappeared from her.

After an additional two weeks Laura sat with the father of the deceased and demanded to get paid.

“Slow down a bit!” he answered. “I haven't gotten any real evidence that it was exactly the man you've been telling me it was! I really need to know, and that's the hard-proof way, exactly who was doing what at the time - or at least something of clarity about who was given which orders, and which ones were obeying them!”

“I feel that since they are soldiers they committed the crime in conspiracy, all of them! But if you give me a hundred more bucks, then I will fix that they can no longer conspire so well against us!”

“Alright!” he said and handed her a hundred-dollar bill.

After three more days the woman was back and demanded another five hundred, “since the officers are on my trail and the police will have it that I can't look into their business without them having to get bribed for not involving themselves!”

Reluctantly he paid her that amount too!

After another month of her demanding more and more money four additional payments, all in all two and a half thousand dollars, the woman suddenly disappeared. But the father of the deceased soldier was charged with arranging for humiliation of the officers that were supposedly guilty of his son's death. Meanwhile Laura was on vacation far away, and had arranged never to return. Because she was much more bad to her relatives than the someone who had just failed in a mission. Because it was actually she who had also gotten paid about four hundred dollars by the military for tricking the victim's family about who was responsible!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

"That's What a Good Man Should Be!"

“Oh my god! Why does he have to pretend they are so cool!? I mean they are just ordinary women who happen to fancy themselves as pornography.”

Her mother looked at her and answered: “I bet your boyfriend is a bit fed up with not being seen as a masculine enough guy to be the one to reign over his own potency.”

“Mama! I still feel it's inadequate to say it's all about their lusts. I mean he wouldn't speak to them unless he already was getting feedback from their pictures in the sense the the isn't into porn for the reason that they seem filthy enough for him - I believe it when he tells me that! But he's into it because they're seemingly into none sex of sorts with him for the reason of having a clue to why they're immature about their sexuality.”

“Oh, in that case he must just be one of those men who really need to talk to them whores. Or is it that he's already said that to you?”

“I bet she wants to see him there as well! Mama! I don't need to be shown how to participate in a male orgy about female filth.”

“I bet you don't know how to participate, then, in the first place? I bet you don't even know what he's getting into when he says to ya' that he isn't into sex right now or that he has other things on his mind for the time being.”

“Oh, I know how to handle that kind of stuff. I just don't feel that he's feeling good enough for them, while at the same time that he's being arrogant about feeling I'm the one he easily manages to be good enough for.”

“Then how come you keep on staying with him? I mean if that's how he is, then you should just leave him. I left every fellow behind who even at all faked that I was below those who are into pornography.”

“But he's not faking that part. ... I know it's true that he loves me and finds them to be - sort of, at least - all surface.”

“Then I,” her mother answered her with a serious air to her, “think you shouldn't try to feel that he is appreciating what they really are, but just that he is on the surface himself that male person that you're trying to become pregnant with.”

“I feel that he's not on the surface in that he tells me all about what he feels when he's looking at their porn pix. I feel he's not trying to disdain me, nor that he's trying to fake that I have to trust in him for no good reason or something. Instead, I feel that we all are into disdaining him for no good reason.”

“I feel,” her mother sighed, “that you in that case need go see a psychiatrist or psychologist. Because it's probably one of those who could help you figure out what's going on about such stuff. ”

“I feel that what the hell a psychiatrist could be for isn't any of my fucken business mom!”

“Alright, then! But how come, in that case, do you feel that he has the right to feel that he's into depth with you, when you are serious about starting a family with him?”

“I don't say that he feels very much that he's having the depth that I crave. I mean, mama, that I crave it, and that he has it in him to be a man with that in him. ... Mama, I don't need to blackmail a man just for having the kind of depth I feel this way about.”

Her mother looked troubled. She sharpened her voice when saying: “Don't you try, to humiliate me and your father with that kind of talk. He and I have had enough of your nonsense while you were growing up! We won't fake it, from now on, that you've been anything but the slut we shouldn't have screwed each other for her to become the reality we'd have to face in our later lives! He says to me on the phone sometimes that he is as fed up with you as I although he doesn't even deal with you, really.”

“Then how come they don't feel that I am an embarrassment, those men? Cause I have plenty of men to choose from! But I don't for that sake need to give up my fancy for depth in a man as a wonderful virtue in him - and for that sake I cannot give up the man that you've been telling me to scorn ever since I met him.”

“In that case you will no longer be part of this family. I have raised you, and now you are ungrateful! I will despise you forever from now on.”

Thursday, July 7, 2016

"We All Have to Adapt to Them Anyway!"

“Why the fuck do girls keep on victimizing themselves?!

His friend Pat looked him, but didn't answer, not at first. But after thinking about it for a while he said “Perhaps, Charlie, they're after feeling innocent or so!”

“Then why do they keep feeling guilty just because I'm not satisfied, like in bed or so?!”

“I suppose it's because they think you'll have the authority to have them seem guilty unless they are into being it in too awkward ways for you, yourself, to accept!”

“Do you know what?! If we, you and I, spoilt them the same way they spoil us, then what would they pretend to be victims of?!”

“I suppose they would be victims of that you and I seduce them or something!”

“In that case,” Charlie responded, “why do they expect that I always feel that eager to find them selfishly interested in that I flatter them ... For example Cindy and the flowers I was supposed to bring on her birthday! Why the fuck were they bigger a deal than that I didn't want her in the first place?!”

“I guess it's like Tony says!” Patty responded. “They feel like pretending they're into a good relationship, be it bad - perhaps even worse than they can handle - or not!”

“Why the fuck do they feel like pretending that?!”

“Tony says it's because they all feel like being worshiped for being into social contexts that are superior to anyone who is low enough to be despised!”

“Oh! That's what they're at it for! And are even the whores that kind of vain, you think?!”

“Yeah! I guess they must be, since they're getting paid for being unpretentious about who they socialize with! ... I suppose they take it for granted that those low-lives they have for a night are actually creeps who only want them for sex!”

“Then what's the point in them, that they suck your dick or something, and then tell you you're great to be with and then also get your seventy dollars or something?!”

“I guess their point is that they are so good for sex or something that their imaginations about what they are can be fulfilled just by them being so laudable for seeming righteous even when they are in the wrong circumstance!”

“I suppose you mean the whores are clever at heating up the moment so it seems that they're not stuck up, while the other women keep trying to be pretentiously into surface-good enough relationships to be able to pretend they are godly or something! But then what do we have with the none-whores when they try to fit in with those that aren't into them as if God had something to do with them?!”

His friend thought about it for a while. “I guess,” he answered, “they feel they are so supreme that they don't feel like seeming sophisticated at being godly in a sense that could insinuate them to be fakers of having God with them!”

“I then think they are all sly, and that we thereby have to postpone their ability to pretend they're actually good enough for us!”

“Hmm. Yeah! I suppose you have a point there, ol' buddy!”

With that the two friends decided to change their attitudes to be of trial and error about how to deal with the women they both felt were scary in the way they seemed moral just for being vainly into seeming cool about God and goodness.