Wednesday, December 28, 2016

What a Whore Can Teach Her Daugheter

“I think it's totally fabulous it'd be, to totally be into an all male orgy about that!” Elizabeth said to her mother, who giggled, and answered:

“I think the all-male orgy - except for you, is it? - could be quite a disaster for that smartness you want for saying that they're all trying to pretend they're worth almost any girl!”

Lisa looked stubborn. “Mom, what do you mean, then, that I should be into participating in that all-male stuff that isn't about sex?!”

Her mother giggled again. “It's not worth it to be into a male who wants sex for the purpose of just having it! Because they don't fancy their own instincts as anything lower than what there is to be seen about the fancy you have for their composure. It's not they who should think that you're the one to fancy them, more than the other way around!”

“Then how come I can't even go to a party where they can't resist a woman?!”

Her mother sighed. “I don't believe they would let you be there without exploiting your interests!”

“What's your point then, ma, about for example that party you went to last year, where they paid you to be there?!”

“I don't say I was there for the sake of finding men attractive! In fact I don't find them any more attractive than I find women! It's not I who would be well-paid if I fancied them more than they us!”

“Then how come they want to pretend they are all horny enough to suppose their dicks should be into your ass or something?”

“It's because they don't find themselves to be as ridiculous as they are for it! ... That's why honey! So, actually honey, you need to let me find you a partner for learning how to be smart at leading them on!”

“I find myself to be about finding males attractive in the first place! Can't we skip that lesson and just continue with trying to get at the real resources of our community?!”

She looked at her. “Do you really believe that you can get at those resources without making the men all fancy you?!”

“Yeah, mom, I do! Why shouldn't I?”

“you shouldn't believe you're actually smart enough for a career of that ordinary kind! It's no us! It's not I, nor you, who can manage that!”

Lisa thought about it. “I guess it's not very easy, mom. But I still don't fancy trying to become a whore, and that only, mom! I really don't want it!”

Her mother looked a bit stunned. “I guess I will have to teach you about how I fancy myself for the sake of saying to myself that ... ehm, something like that they all need to know what they need about me!”

Then should we go to that type of feast where there are only women? I guess I might be able to fancy it good enough for learning that stuff!”

Yeah! I guess we could do that! But you now what?! It's not they who will try to show you how they manipulate newcomers! I think they'll try, also, to pretend they're all about finding themselves, and thereby you too, 'good' enough for being into a lesbian atmosphere, and then have you seem ridiculous before men, anyway!”

Lisa thought about this for a while. “Then, ma, how come I can't go to a place where they all are into simply being there for the men!?”

That's because they all want to pretend they're already good enough for them! They're not going to find themselves comfortable with that a youngster tries, perhaps, to steal their potential catches!”

Oh Christ, then, ma! How come, then, they don't seem to be stuck up!? It's not everyone, is it, who would tend to leave them alone with that attitude!? ... Right, ma?”

All they need is to feel that they aren't good enough for those who are stuck up to be the same!”

Oh! So it's enough not to be good enough!?”

Yeah, kind of!”

Then what the fuck! I'll be a case of well-fare or something, and then I'm not good enough - and that's all I need!”

Lisa! Don't pretend it's not I who fixed that stuff about how to survive without them scorning us!”

How do you mean?”

Lisa, without that I fixed that we don't seem poorer than the rest, we would be harassed by them, that's what!”

Lisa looked at her and shook her head. “No, ma, it's not they can't harass me! It's they, and not us, who can pretend we aren't real - or that our problems aren't! At least that guy down the block, Alan or something, he pretends about us that we're not anything but a nuisance for those who appreciate good things in life! And you know what? Even Sonya and her friends also do that a little! Actually, they all do that, only they don't all call me names or so.”

It's not that bad with it to the extent we can have the sex appeal we need for the respect we should have!”

Really?! And then how do you want me to learn that?!”

To begin with, you could change your posture so that those beginning tits of yours show better! Then you can also expose them as virtue, honey, for those who fancy them! That's a beginning, and from that you need some practice!”

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A Restaurant Flirt

She stood there watching him. Instead of scorning him, as most females did, she saw to it that he felt assured about his masculinity and potentially powerfully clear about what she needed. This he recognized as a fake, but he scorned this notion within himself.

Looking back at her he tried to stand for that he was masculine enough to take advantage of the situation. But he couldn't succeed as long as they seemed obnoxious about his views on himself. That is they, the women he had previously tried to get close to had usually been obnoxiously into scoring his thoughts of himself as a man to even be bargained with. In that sense they thereby rejected him as a man to take; not worth it; neither for a one night stand, nor for anything else of an acquaintance.

Even so, as they looked at each other, he felt reassured that his potential to be worthy of their attention was rising. He watched her make herself comfortable in the chair facing his. Also she took of a thin red scarf she wearing. As she did so, she seemed to insinuate an openness for necking.

“I can see you're being suggestive! Or aren't you?!” he asked rather bluntly.

She stared at him. Feeling embarrassed by this question, she seated herself a bit more upright. “You can tell I'm afraid to tell that I am guessing you from that you seem insinuative yourself!” she answered.

“Oh! Really! ... Wow! ... But how come that's enough for you!? I mean women in general seem to care only for putting me down about things like that!”

Embarrassed again, she looked at him and said: “It's not for me to decide what they're into more than it is for you to decide which way we should continue this conversation!”

“Of course!” he answered. “Why, though, don't you feel that you also have a say in that? ... I mean where this conversation will lead? ... Or isn't that what you meant?!”

She giggled. “I was hoping you'd be kind enough to insinuate back that I am also a girl to be fancied, now that I had fancied you for a while!”

“Oh, I'm sorry! But how should I know - I mean beforehand - that your seeming flirt with me was to be seen as for real?!”

She looked troubled for a while. Then she took a breath and looked past him. Behind his head she observed some people seemingly discussing some issue they found rather interesting. Looking back at him, she asked: “Can't you see how silly you are!”

He looked at her, disturbed by the fact that she was calling him silly for something that the felt wasn't silly in a for-real sense! “How come,” he asked back, “do you feel that I'm being ridiculous about it when it's just asking how I can be sure about you!?”

“Because it's silly to say that to yourself! Look at me! I like you already, even when I first set eyes on you! Even so you do nothing that seems for-real about a response to that!”

“I respond by asking if I can feel secure about that it really means something. ...”

“I mean a good enough response! Not just ...” She sighed as she broke off her sentence.

“I feel I have to respond to the insecurity in your ways because I feel secure only to the extent I don't have the notion that I'm being tricked! ... But I'm sorry this flirt wasn't what I could handle as that kind of a thing!”

Looking a little bit nonplussed, she asked: “How come, then, don't you feel up to feeling that I am trying to get you into the mood for love? Or how come don't you consider that to be a thing to handle as ... secure?!”

“It's all about that I feel that it's about how come you, who insinuate your love like that, aren't about being for real about showing the right things for me to find you trustworthy!”

“I don't find me to be untrustworthy just because I'm insinuative of my feeling for the type of fellow you are! What do you want me to show you?!”

“I guess I want you to show me that it's about not only a sense of love or something, but also about a sense of care for one's fellow beings! It's not as easy as they seem to think, those other fellows, to trust you just because you're insinuating something about feelings for me!”

“Why not?!”

“It's because feelings aren't trustworthy when it only comes to that! ... For instance, how can I now you're not someone who deals with like commies or nazis as if they were simply okay to be with?!”

“Oh, I feel that they aren't necessarily simply okay to be with! Rather, I prefer to be with those who accredit a situation to be a commodity for reasonable people to be trusting.”

He looked down on the floor for a while, after which he said: “Then I can't trust you not to be a friend of either of those two - for example, even!”

Baffled by this she asked: “Do yo feel I'm a communist - or even a nazi - just because I'm insinuating I'm having fun rather than being clever at overexposing that those guys are evil?!”

Looking at her he said: “I'm not into pretending they are totally evil all the time! I'm just into having it they shouldn't be trusted - not even to begin with! Thereby, I don't want to continue this conversation, although I find you attractive, and would have liked to get laid! ... But even so, I'm afraid of aids and how can I tell if those others you might have are contiguous!?”

“I'm sorry! But if I weren't contiguous, would you and I get into a relationship right now, do you think?!”

“Yeah, I guess I could. But then on second thought, perhaps I wouldn't even have the notion of tha tyou fancied me at all, then! Because they all seem to insinuate that I am laughable! Now I can find that the only reason you don't is that you find yourself to be as laughable as I am!”

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Come, Learn to Ignore Them!

“Lesbianism seems precarious!” Yvonne burst out. “It's like pretending we're already there when there isn't any responsibility to care for!”

Cute, as usual, she stared at her friends, who had recently told her not to ever think of her sexuality as adequate for boys other than those inclined for reasoning only in line with letting wishfulness be the mercy of the soul or something! Now, only a moment ago, two of them had thereupon insinuated that their own bodily fluids were the essence of alternatives to bluntness and other so-to-speak male attitudes - which she had found very disgusting!

One of the two thereby asked her if she wanted to find herself a way to feel better than before about that type of stuff. She looked at her intensely and then she added: “ I don't find you silly, the way he did! Come here and give us a hug.” She smiled smugly and raised her arms for a hug.

Two of the others also smiled, one of them smugly, the other one without concern, as it seemed, for being smug enough not to spur the feeling of disgust in Yvonne, whose forth friend just sat there. “Perhaps,” Yvonne thought for herself, “she, at least, wasn't weird enough to be into this sickening stuff!”

The friend who had spoken to her continued: “We all feel appreciated by each other for it! Come on, you'll feel it too, if you only get the hang of it!” While she was saying that, the girl whose smile hadn't been quite smug enough not to cause disgust, took a step towards Yvonne, and put her hand on her shoulder. “Yvonne, look at me! I feel appreciated now that I've become a lesbian! It's fake that we aren't the best of what there is to being a woman - or girl - in this world! Thereby we can live by women's rule only, and you'll find it not too disgusting once you find it in you not to complain about it!”

“Stay away from me, you! And tell me why you don't want any guys around!?! Because it's when there are no guys around that there is no knowledge, sort of, about what we are when we aren't in charge! Do you get it!? It's not about us! It's about them! While you're ignoring them, they become sly and dangerous, probably!”

“Then how come there isn't any sort of slyness for us when they are together about their sex and stuff!?”

“I do think there is!” Yvonne burst out. “For instance, didn't we all choose to find them attractive for a while, those two, Ben and his boyfriend, in a way that sort pointed them out as smarter than they are?!”

“I can't find that to be an excuse not to find us good enough for your company! Now come and join us! Because we don't find it in ya to have a smartness for what men really are about in the first place! Now come, let's scorn them for the sake of being girls and that only, for the sake of being you, and me for the sake of being me!”

Yvonne looked at her and answered: “We don't all have to be smart already, in order for you to be stupid when you pretend they couldn't pretend stuff about you from being into both sexes for the attitudes they want!”

“For the sake of being into both sexes for that we might seduce the men now and then! I even have a plan for that already!”

“I couldn't find that in you not to fall for exactly that same trick that we had with those two guys that I mentioned!”

“To me, that seems to be a weird stands to take! It's not they, it's we, who can seduce them into thinking that way!”

“Why wouldn't they be into something similar?!”

“Because they can't be smart at seeming silly the way we can!”

“How about that guy, Richard, why wouldn't he be proof that they can!?”

“Oh, ah, Richard!? Okay, Richard, that guy! ... Okay, I'll have to rethink it for a while!”

But while she was thinking, Yvonne got tired of waiting, and left.

“Oh God!” the partner of the one who spoke first said. “Doesn't she get that they can't feel the same about being into real ignorance and then, even so, about rethinking and coming to the right conclusion about their sort of slyness!?”

“No, I don't think she can!” the girl whose smile wasn't smug answered.

“Even so,” the one who hadn't smiled right then responded, “she seems to feel we're all inadequate for her feelings about that kind of stuff! Seems she doesn't wanna be with us for her sex!”

“Therefore she aught to be ignored from now on!”

Two Sisters' Charisma-for-Authority Quest

“I realize they don't have to see that as a compliment form my talents!” Linda said to her half-sister Deborah.

“Exactly!” Deborah exclaimed. “And thereby, when you realize you can expose that feeling of womanhood so that they don't feel your instincts of harming them, then that type of challenges against our evils can't be made very easily, anymore!”

“But Debbie, why in the world should we do it with exposure of our appeal, while the boys do it without that?!”

“I don't know why! But it's they who do it without sex appeal, but we can't! Somehow God has created us as smart only at having the vaginas do it for us! But even so, we can then have them realize that our vaginas are much better than that they should have to scorn them for it!”

“Okay! Even so, though, we could sometimes tend to have the opportunity to have a fake seem real about not having any sex appeal, by asking a guy to deal with us with a notion of sense that triumphs about the same stuff without it!”

“Exactly, Linda! ... And we can even make those guys realize that they can thereby feel our vaginas be with them for it! Thereby, it's not them that it'd be who feel like saying to everyone that it's us that it's about that cheating and stuff!”

Linda giggled. “I guess that's too fake to believe that they would actually accept cheating on them even by pretending they aren't the priority for sex! I mean when you said cheating, it sort of seemed that you might mean the sort of two-timing! ... But, yeah! Even so, it's cool to say that it's we who can actually sex ourselves into alternatives to simply being derisive or foolish! ...”

“I have an idea of how we could seduce guys into seeming to be like us for the sake of pretending that they also good at sex appeal!”

“Yeah! And I guess that is to have them feel that we are also on their side for their penises' sake, and not just for the appeal that there is in that they can lie rather well, like even without it!”

“It's sort of that! But you should realize that it's they who might lie in other sense when we don't know it, it we don't have them dependant on our sex appeal! It's not they who can realize the way we can that they don't seem fair when they cheat that way! It's not they who ever seem to be fair without exactly their ability to cheat so smartly that they always should be treated as the cheats that forced us to giving into sex appeal!”

“Wow! That's exactly what I think too! It seems they cannot seem real about having a sex appeal, and also not about having the truthfulness they need for being thought of as caring and stuff! ... You know what? I feel like going to a nightclub or something tonight! ...”

“Good idea! There we can do that stuff! There should be some easy guys around for it in a place like that! Then we can find a few of those, and hopefully have them bully those guys that don't accept us to be for sense and clarity on value even though there must be a sexuality associated with it!”

Said and done. That night they went out. Deborah scored on three guys, Linda on two, that night, each managing to get them to feel good about themselves exactly only to the extent they went for her appeal as something so cool that they absolutely didn't want it to be harmed - especially by other guys.

Two weeks later Linda told Debbie that she felt that the guys seemed to be manipulating just the same.

“I agree!” Deborah answered. “I guess we need to fix ourselves to some guys who really can have authority against those kinds of guys that are against us!”

“... and then somehow avoid that they too manipulate us, right?”

“I mean that they can perhaps work against each other, so that none of them can quite be in charge.”

Linda looked thoughtful at first. “I guess we can manage to do it!” she proclaimed after a while. “I guess we could try to hook up with guys who try to be superb in the sense that seems fit for protecting women and so! I guess I can hook up with a prison guard and/or a policeman, and you, do you think you can find one or two of those?!”

Deborah smiled and laughed a little. “ I guess we can perhaps manage to pull even that one through!”

They both tried that. Linda managed to hook up a jailer, while Deborah was getting comments about her sluttiness from any guys with the right kind of authority for it, it seemed. They didn't want to trust her! Linda thereby could view herself as the sort of woman who really could be taken for a good person now, while her half-sister seemed a bit incapable of that.

Realizing this, Deborah tried to seem good by actually saying to each new fellow that she wanted to be a superb girl for the sake of being his, “so that he might realize,” she figured, “that he can eventually seem more impressive to the extent that he has it I am worth-while enough him to realize that I am a good enough person for him!”

For this she continuously tried to seduce men by alleviating them with her sex appeal. But so did Linda, thereby. She even managed to catch another jailer for falling back upon to the extent she couldn't get her first one to defend her well enough. About this, Deborah got jealous. But that jealousy didn't help her hook up any better. ...

Meanwhile, Linda's first jailer started to fake that he was the type of fellow that was necessary to make things work for a woman who work independently with her talents and aspirations “for the sake of her own good, or perhaps for the sake of society,” he said to himself.

When Deborah realized this, she laughed and eventually scorned her half-sister about that she seemed to be in a trap for that guy so that there seemed to be her as well as herself! Linda then realized she had sort of traded her freedom for the sake of her reputation. With that the two of them decided not to consider it to be too smart to feel that reputation is enough for learning how to be free.

“I find then,” Deborah wrote on her blog, “that she is hardly cunning enough to even live freely anymore, while I'm hardly cunning enough to live dignified anymore! Even so, she and I both have the sex appeal to emphasize ourselves as important enough to be considered worthy of care for almost any situation. Thereby,” she said to herself, “she can seemingly learn to be clever by seducing her guys into seeming superb by believing in her, while I feel, I guess, that I am seducing them into not realizing their respect for me as the person they hate to have it they don't match!”

Sunday, December 4, 2016

"About Time We Despise that One too!"

In her room, Samantha watched the video she had made of herself as she spoke about her incident with the guy who seemed to be funny about how her friends saw her. She watched and listened to herself try to sort out which ones of her friends that could have been. A few of her friends had been criticizing her enough for her to suspect them more than the others. But still she couldn't help but having to suspect just about each and every one of them.

She had already edited the video twice. Now she felt that perhaps it was ready to be uploaded. She sat and thought for a short while, then decided to do so - and did. During the upload, she thought about what her friends might be going to say now that they obviously seemed to be reason for chagrin. “It seems,” she thought for herself, “that they'll have themselves to blame for that kind of a bummer! Thereby, I can see to it that even the more respectable among them will be viewed as assholes and thereby humiliated themselves!”

The next day, she and her friend Christina looked at another friend of theirs as she vulgarly joked about an incident that she had recently seen on a reality-TV show. A guy whom she was talking to laughed, and then said to her: “Karen, you seem to be in the mood for dirty stuff, but I'm in a hurry!”

Karen looked at him and said: “Then I'm okay with that you don't try to be funny for me as well! I guess you can see me and the others tonight, though, right Billy?!”

“Right! Yeah! I'll be there, probably!”

“Good!” Karen said, then looked around and spotted her two friends Samantha and Christina. They were looking at her with an air of contempt. This almost didn't startle her, because those two of her friends were fairly often contemptuous with a whole lot of people. Even so she felt bad about that they seemed likely to be into despising her for some particular reason - which she couldn't figure out.

“Hello, you two!” she yelled a bit softly. “Do you feel up to having a party on Saturday?!”

The two of them looked at each other, but said nothing at first. Then, Samantha opened her mouth and yelled back (about equally softly): “It's about time you see that you aren't what I view as a good friend! do you know that Harry had the other day pretended that you feel better about me than the rest of your friends? He had insinuated that you had the guts to feel that I was you partner in pretend distinction! It's not I, it's you, though, who are going to be the one to slander for it!”

Karen was startled. “What do you mean Harry said something like that!?”

“There seems to be an issue about the jokes going on around here! It seems I have been in them! But from now on it will be you, and that's only you, who will be considered a joke around here!”

“But there wasn't any nasty intention in that one! We only had it you were ridiculously into the pretension of being seen as a winner without there being a game going on!”

Christina looked at her and responded: “Don't believe you're a perspicacious woman just for that! We're not going to believe you have anything of a point from now on!”

“Oh my God!” Karen said to herself. Then she looked at her two former friends and said: “Then there's not any reason for us to be talking to each other! From now on I won't be talking to you, and I'll expect you not to talk to me!”

Samantha looked at her. “From now on you will be my certification of that I am not the scum that you are!”

Karen stood up and said: “From now on then, you will be the proof of your own vanity! Cause I have only made a joke that should have been taken as a small thing - or perhaps something to be learning from!”

Samantha looked at her but said nothing. Christina also looked at her and said: “You seem to be to stuck up to find yourself to be good enough not joke about other people! But you don't find yourself good enough to concern yourself about how you yourself might be ridiculous to seem to be acquainted to!”

Karen started walking away from them. She continued until she could make a left turn so that they were out of sight. Then she called another girl she knew. “Amanda? Hi, it's Karen! Do you know what?! Christina and Samantha seem to be sort of trying to be the very best of wanglers now!

You know what?! They just said to me that I was a cheat, and it's so obvious that they are it themselves! Thereby, I think we should make jokes about them and about how they try to fiddle with how one can perceive two women who are too stuck up to find themselves anything less of fantastic than that they try to seem clear over everything they would be good enough to stand for, but instead they trample and try to damage for all that they are worth!”

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

She Broke off ..

“No! What I mean is that when you're wrong, you never seem to accept it as a fact! ... I guess that's how come they came to oppress you all, those guys of ancient times: They simply let you  -  or the women of that time  -  have obedience as the only alternative to admitting she was wrong!”

She looked at him briefly, then began to walk away. She seemed to feel insulted. Then she stopped, turned around and paused.

Looking at him she asked: “Do you mean they were all as naive as that?!”

“Yeah! It probably was that! It seems that even nowadays you can't confess to it when you're actually mistaken in a wisdom sense. Except, you can confess to it simply by subordination, never by admitting, simply. Sort of never by taking responsibility, that is. ... It's really weird that they never seem to admit that, those friends of yours, that you all seem to be uninterested in actually learning the truth about something! Rather, each one of you keep on faking that she has to subordinate herself to us!”

“It's not true that we're always faking it! It's not true that we can't admit any other way than by subordination! Instead, we were forced into subordination by manipulative men!”

“I'm glad to see you actually dare speak back, even. But to tell the truth, I believe you are wrong! It's almost bad enough nowadays for there to be an impossibility in having you - even some of you, I think - admit that you aught to take things another way! It only happens occasionally, but then you don't admit that the manipulators among men, were the ones you did choose to trust! That is you chose them in order to escape responsibility or so! It must be that! Or what else is it!?”

She looked at him again and swallowed. “I can't believe we're actually that stubborn, although I can believe it actually seems that way! Why do you feel sure that that is the case?!”

“I feel sure about it because when one of you seems to be into defending her case, she always seems to either avoid really doing it, or she seems to - on the surface - admit to making a mistake, perhaps in order to take it back later.”

“I don't believe I made a mistake when wronged you just now, and I'm not into, even on the surface, calling it one. I confess to mistakenly coming to the conclusion that you don't have any judgement against me, which I did not expect!”

“I guess it's a mistake that you seem to try to be confessing to a mistake that isn't a real error!”

“I'm not sure about that!”

“How about when you were into that I wasn't even anything but a precarious guy who thought he was into responsibility for the sake of trying to catch girls?! I can't see it in you that you can confess to that without having it there's no big issue. It's as if it was because I wasn't the guy who should have been considered trustworthy enough for beginning to find it in him that he could be anything else but what you prejudged him to be!”


“Yeah, really! And I don't find it in them, the guys you seem to be acquainted to, to be any better than I am at trying to be thorough about saying why they don't seem to let go of their claims to seem to be better than the rest!”

“I'm not sure about that!”

“See, you're already avoiding the issue!”

“I'm not sure I'm not! But I feel certain that I can't feel like being into this conversation without you admitting that I am at least something of a woman for saying what she wants!”

“Oh! You feel like backing out already! And now there's, I guess, some excuse for you to seem innocent of having been pretending to be confessing to that type of error!”

“Then you're going to have yourself to blame! And that's forever! From now on!” she said and left.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Learning Not to Be Ridiculous

Beatrice looked doubtful. “So you really think there's a Russian people that has it everything moral is that ridiculous?”

“Well, I say, I kinda mean that.” her half-sister answered.

“Why would they have it we're ridiculous just as soon as we're into morals when all they have, in that case, about it is that they thereby get treated well, and so do all others?”

“It's because they seem to feel that evil people are more for real than 'those fakes' who they consider to be ridiculous! ... You know that family just across the hill, they don't seem to consider anyone to be in his or her right mind, to the extent whoever that is doesn't pertain to feeling evil is realness - even the realness - of whatever is going on! It's that they feel that evil makes it real. ... It seems they also feel that they have the right to teach people around them about the realness that they have from that Russian community they moved to here from!”

“They, ... yeah, okay. Yeah, I guess they are sort of that way. Why would they have to be from Russia?”

“I heard them speak it! Or at least I think that was Russian!”

“I think they might be Danish, or even Swedish. I think all who are as blond as they are Scandinavians!”

“Bull shit! They can be from somewhere in Russia!”

“I think they're not Russian and what they were speaking was Danish, Swedish, or perhaps Finnish!”

“It was Slavic-sounding, that conversation they were having! They probably are from like northwestern Russia, or something. And I bet there, the people feel like having it everything moral is ridiculous!”

Beatrice looked thoughtful, but still seemed to doubt what her half-sister was saying. “do you know what? It's ridiculous to say they would be that smart at seeming real as long as they're too much into seeming fun to be taken for granted as being for real about anything!”

“It's exactly that they're into too much fun that ridicules everybody else! It's they who seem to be exactly poking fun at the people in their valley that don't seem to let go of Christian ethics! I'm related to two families that live there, and one of them is exactly that! The other one is into ethics for the sake of law obedience and so, and even they feel embarrassed by those people at times, it seems to me. The more thoroughly religious family that I'm related to, they definitely have a big problem with them!”

“But Cathy, don't you get it! It's just that family! It's not necessarily where they came from, but just that fairly per se that is ridiculously into evil as the virtue of realness or something!”

“I know. But still they even have some Russian - or so it seems - friends over to visit them at times, and they too seem intent on having it none-evil means not for real!”

“It's exactly their friends, only who are that! It seems more likely that they were notorious in their old community, with everyone who wasn't like them. Thereby, it's exactly their old friends form there, and they themselves, and only those people, who are into that sort of thinking!”

“Betty! It's not ridiculous to say they're all into it because they all want to seem something better than that ridiculous care for moral principles and stuff!”

“Cath! I'm not into moral principle just for that! And they wouldn't be into anti-moral principles for something small as the equivalent of the pressure that for example the Church pressures people around here to be into!”

“Now, even though you tell me the church pressures us into morals, I have never felt that! In fact, they're just making it seem to even think about moral as the stuff we're all about! Instead they're into moral as like the alibi for actually seeing to it that one can claim power without that seeming too ridiculous to be looked at as silly, or so. ...”

“My point is that the Russians, those kinds of Russians, are into something of that cool attitude of despising those who need moral for seeming trustworthy!” she looked at her a bit impatiently. “Now do you get what I'm saying?”

“So what!? So are our brothers! And sort of, even, so are you! And I even - but that one is a perhaps!”

“It's not we who are into just ridiculing for the sake of fun. We're into being cool only about not being smart enough not to handle the Christian stuff as thought we were losers without it! It's not you and I - nor is it our brothers - who are actually into that everyone who uses Him is stupidly into morals that don't fit into reality. Not like that! No we aren't!”

“I seem to be into that! Because I'm into having Christianity seem ridiculous! Even you seem to be into it! Because now, when you said it, you were all into that it should seem ridiculous to rely on ethics, since it seems that one would be a looser - from now, and forever, even, if one uses it!”

“I don't see in them to be like us, just the same! Because it's they, not we, who pretend as something about His smartness for moral as the smartness that is there for everyone! It's not they, at least not those of them that I know about, that get into morals as anything else than an alibi for the actual reality of seeming right even though one is wrong!”

Cathy hesitated. “I feel,” she answered after some thought, “that it's the Christian thing that is exactly that! It helps us get into seeming right even when rules applicable elsewhere say were wrong!”

“I feel,” Beatrice tried to counter, “that we're not into scorning morals for the sake of seeming right - while they are! That, now, is the huge difference that makes me feel that it's they, not us, nor normal people, who are that way!”

“Then, if they are that way, then, yeah! Perhaps there is a subculture in like northwestern Russia, where people are into that!”


“But so what?! It seems to mean, mostly, that they have expressions that seem to ridicule like Christ and morals. Why do you mean they actually work on doing it?!”

“How come you believe those Christians believe them to be that dangerous, then?! Or do you believe they actually trust them - and that it's only you, and perhaps I, of all people, who realize them to be of the not-so-trustworthy type?!”

Cathy looked at her half-sister and said: “Do you honestly believe there is no Christian community that has any problems with them?!”

“I don't know, sis!”

“There's at least one!”

“Okay, then there's one.”

“It's not they, those Russians who would be so 'ridiculous' as to say to the Christians that they are not dangerous against them! At least it's not most of them - or so it seems! Thereby it's they - and it's not Christ or us - who are really into pretending that ridicule is to seem to be into Christianity although one isn't! Even so, it's you and I who should seem to be into that! Because it we're not into that ridicule of what Christ is around here, then we're not into what is coming, as their relatives move in, I think. Because, I think they will move in, some more of them, from the way they seemed to have been obnoxious with those very Christian relatives of mine!”

“How come then, Betty, do you and I not find ourselves to be ridiculous in trying to be fancying the Christian ethic as the preeminence of reality of fancying them to be our beneficiaries?!”

“Cathy! You and I don't have to seem ridiculous in all that! You and I seem to be good already1 Then you and I only need to add that certain feeling of ridiculing the humble! You and I can thus be caring on the surface and even care for our Christian appearance! Only we both have to be ridiculous about seeming to be moral when one is actually into care for the smartness that exactly they might have!”

“Okay, sis!”

Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Passion

“Even so,” he said, “I believe they aren't as capable as we about actually feeling self-assured without their charm being there.”

His wife looked at him. “I feel sort of that they don't fit in. But I also feel that they are just normal about seeming to want to charm everybody.”

“I totally see it in them that they don't pertain to our cunning about not being ridiculous when trying to show our ways to be simple enough for there to be some respect for them.”

“I don't think I can agree with that. What I see in them is that they are almost as normal as us. By the way, remember at Helen's party, how you tried to seem charming and then said to me that it was needed just to have her and the others accept your companionship.”

He sighed. “Oh, that's just in a sense. What I had to adapt to was that she, among others provoked me into feeling insecure and that I had to charm them in order to make them stop. What it is with Lisa and her daughter is that they per se don't feel secure without charming their environment.”

“Oh, that, Harold, seems to be that they don't charm every body, and then it's just like you in that they do it only not to feel to intimidated. But after all, you have a point about them, in that they don't feel like even realizing that they're not threatened by people like us, That I think you can come down on them about.”

Harold seemed content to hear that she agreed to some extent. He looked at her and realized that she was also feeling that she could not accept his resentment and potential spite against charm as a defense against feelings of inferiority, insecurity and so on. It was not that he had resented it to begin with; it was only that he needed to tell her that he resented hat they felt superior just for charming him into feeling they were not necessarily to be despised.

After a short silence he said to her that he wanted to know why she seemed concerned about that they don't always seem ridiculously into themselves as so charming that people think “Oh, hey, they're good people!” about them, supposedly. ...

“I feel,” she answered him, “that I don't have any responsibility against everybody I can deal with, not to charm them, and then also not to feel despised. I mean although this person might not be the one that would despise me to begin with.”

Troubled by his wife's seeming weakness, he accused her: “Ann, you and I have been married for five years - plus the four and a half years we went steady before that - so, thereby, you aught to feel that it's not charming strangers you should that easily be keen on doing.”

Ann swallowed. “Harold, I'm sorry about it! But even so they aren't the ones you should feel that I want, just because I sometimes feel like being extra charming about them! Because that kind of charm isn't about charm itself! It's just about trying to see to it fix that no one abuses me - and thereby us - about the stuff that I - and that's usually we - stand for! Now if you don't think that's a good thing, then I feel uncertain about what we're about in this situation, and I even feel uncertain about what you are about being into that I and you should be seen as the best kind of partners for a marriage!”

Harold seemed startled. “Who is that whom you feel that you need to charm for the sake of us, so to speak?!” he asked.

“It's the guys who pretend I'm a looser just because I'm with you, for example! I mean, if I don't charm them, then they will pretend the reason I married you was because they were too good for me! But, Harold, I don't feel that they should be seen as the partners I want! I just need to charm them in order not to feel frightened that they might seem better than either one of us!”

Amazed over her answer, Harold looked at her and said: “Don't be ridiculous! It isn't we who need that you charm them into pretending that we want a good relationship! There should be enough of that in simply being satisfied with one another, and showing them that! There's no good reason for there to be need for charm with them, for the sake of me, nor for our children. ... Is there?!”

“There's in that case no reason for you to have to charm Helen and her friends, just because they seem to be corny about how they have to treat you at their party!”

“What do you mean there's no reason?! I can't deal with them as if they can accept me otherwise!”

“Then I have the same problem with those studs I was talking about!”

He looked sore. “That's going behind my back!”

She seemed troubled in a way that indicated some surprise at herself. “Oh, God! I didn't even think about that!”

“It seems to me,” Harold said in a mixture of spite and uneasiness, “that you don't even realize that they aren't after anything more than to have me seem to have a slut in you!”

She thought about this for a moment, then said: “How come they don't realize they're doing that to me!?”

“You say they don't realize! I think they do realize, and take pride in seducing you! Perhaps what they don't realize - and I hop this to be so - is that they don't actually seduce you! But, you know, if they see you as charming just because it's them, then why wouldn't at least some of them interpret that as a flirt!?”

“How come you don't despise that and then just arrive at a notion of us being together and simply way above that stuff?!”

He looked at her. “I'm not sure about what to believe!”

She looked at him with some passion. Then her look grew more intense and then serious. “Look, Harold, it seems you don't realize that you and I have the best of relationships already going for us, and I intend for it to stay that way!”

“I don't feel that I can believe you!”

“I feel, in that case, that you shouldn't pretend you're as passionate as I am for our relationship to work!”

“They, those blokes you've been charming ... are they into seeing us as the perfect couple?! Is that what you mean, cause I don't feel up to believing that you actually charm them for no purpose of your own! ... I believe you're trying to charm them because you subconsciously want to be unfaithful against me! ... And then you try to tell me that I need that for us to be passionate about one another!”

“I don't see why they should be seen as the ones who could have us seem bad in any way but that we would be portrayed as the losers they couldn't envy! By the way, don't you realize, I can also scorn them for trying to score on me, even upon charming him!”

“I guess that's a satisfaction I could have! I guess that could do, to the extent that they seem to be really intimidated by that it is certain that they can't get you!”

“Oh, I can do that!”

“Then how come they don't seem to look up to me, those blokes?!”

“Do you mean Dan, Jess or what?”

“Yeah, for example them. Hm. Yeah, I came to think about the two of them, and also a few others that we both know! ... But do you know what?! It's you, not they, mostly, who should show me the evidence of that the passion is for us and not either one of them! It's not with a guy unknown to me that you should have a passion! It's not you who aren't unfaithful unless they and seem unpassionate when you see each other, and also when I for instance, mention his name for - or yours for him!”

“There's fairly much passion in showing each other we can scorn them! I guess they can also be scorned, those girls that you might need to charm! I suppose you and I could be passionate against their self-assurances and thereby see to our own as the only ones that are to be fed with the reality of love that only you and I can have!”

He looked at her. “I guess,” he said, after a while, “that we can go for that!”

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Dealing with Lisa's Clever-or-Not Affairs

Lisa had skimmed and was now reading a report about how some gangster organization from Italy had been infiltrating Finnish social networks. It said that seemingly the Italians had found mostly that the criminally-inclined among the Finns were a bit too unruly for them to really appreciate. They had been judged fairly similarly by much of the Russian mafia, usually, the report pointed out. But there was one huge difference, which hardly was surprising to her: The Russians had judged the Finnish to be awkward to deal with for ruling over the rest of Scandinavian while the Italians were into the vice versa, sort of. They had found that the other Scandinavians weren't too keen on Finland for there to be a trouble there, with that many of the Finns never reflected over pan-Scandinavian attitudes as their domain of interest. This told her that the probably many Finns were into notions of themselves as so independent that they should be seen as the superiors of their own cultural habitat. With that at stake, it seemed to her, there was an issue of freeing oneself from any foreigners influence among the people to approach for those gangster groups.

After reading about one third of the report, she rose from her seat in order to make some coffee. Her percolator started up the water, which effervesced pleasantly, she felt. After it had finished brewing she poured herself a cup and drank it with pleasure. Then the phone rang.

“Hello, it's Lisa,” she answered.

“You know, Lisa,” a male voice said on the other end of the line, “it's not time yet for us to show any interest in nailing those mafia groups, which may have started to cooperate!” His voice was calm, but she didn't quite realize how come she was supposed to feel trust for the fellow.

“Who are you?!” she asked.

“I'm that man whom you're supposed to meet with about those issues about the Finnish mafia seeming to be into something of trying to expand into foreign territory! I'm not done with my part it yet! But please, as I'm telling you, there's a mediocrity in trying to watch them as if we had to be watching them forever! So, please, let me tell you about them, and then perhaps we can finish the deal later, about how to handle them!”

Lisa now recalled that her boss had told her that some half-Finnish man had been contacted and was supposed to prompt an investigation that could at the very best piece out and complete theirs, so that the mafia groups could sooner or later perhaps be mapped well enough for them to know beforehand, much better than they already did, when and where they would be likely to become dangerous. This she had expected not to surface until a few months from now. So she asked; “Why did you expect that I was in all that much of a hurry?”

“Oh, sorry! But I have to finish this deal with some people of the kind that they wouldn't expect there to be telling from, if you see what I mean!”

“I'm not sure. But I guess you might have some kind of informer among the people they expect not to be it?”

“Yeah! And I also have some informer among the associates of the associates of those people they're dealing with in order to get rid of those who want to double-deal them about certain smuggling deals they were closing!”

“I see. But what's that got to do with me already?!”

“It's because, you see I have a deal and they want you to be part of it!”

“What!? Do you mean they know who I am!?”

“Yes, so it seems!”

“What the fuck do they know about me, then?!”

“They seem to be into that you and I are partners in some kind of business that has something to do with their seemingly legit transporting company!”


“I'm sorry! ...”

“Are you sure about this!?”

“I'm as sure as I can get. Because I also had some doubts! But double-checking it, I didn't find anything that said that it wasn't for real - that is, that they thought so!”

Nonplussed about this, Lisa thought for a moment. “Then how come the mafia, I mean the Finnish one, seems to be into that they aren't of the sort that shouldn't be considered smart at dealing with just about everybody who could, even possibly, be anything whatsoever of their potential business partners?”

“I guess it's just because they've already closed a deal with some company who seems to claim that you are involved. As a matter of fact I thought you were! But now they seem to have been faking that!”

Nonplussed again, Lisa pondered upon what this company could have had to do with her, of all people. “Is it that I, as it is, seemingly take part in their business as sort of a dummy, or a decoy? Because I have, some years ago, posed as a dummy among certain people who were doing business in that area!”

“I guess that could be so!”

“Is it about, do you think, that they expect me, as a dummy, to be faking that I can dal with them as though I was mature enough to win by pretending that I am a smart woman of competence that seems mediocre on the surface?!”

“That seems likely!”

“Then how come they expect that I am actually there, do you think? Because I haven't been playing the role of that dummy for almost four years - and even then I didn't really have very much to do with them - not ever, actually.”

“I don't know! But it seemed to be an expertise in that woman whom they dealt with for bargains in the New Hampshire area!”

“What woman?”

“The woman you dealt with when you told us that everyone has to deal with America as the only asset of calibre enough for them to really have something going for them.”

“I have never at all stated anything like that!” Lisa burst out.

“Then how come you were there and told her that as they, if not you precisely, stated it, you would be able to expect a gratitude from everyone who was talking about it?!”

“I have not at all been there! By the way, where were they? And when was this occasion?”

“Oh, look, I can't be telling you about that if you now are unwilling to tell me what you actually had to do with it!”

Troubled and nonplussed, she said: “There's nothing for me to say about that! I haven't even the remotest idea what you're talking about!”

“Then how come you were strategically challenging them as if they were mediocre? I mean when they seemed to be doing your business!”

She was silent for a moment, then answered:”If you mean that occasion six years ago, where I closed a deal with the Italians and seemingly seemed to understand what that deal was about, then I gues syou could call it that I was dealing with them that way!”

“I can't trust you on that you weren't there exactly three years ago!!”

“But I was not!”

“Then how come you want me to trust you about you not dealing with my affairs as though you weren't there in the first place?!”

“It's you who called me! I didn't ask you to start dealing with me! Even if my boss did, I really haven't!”

“Then how can I trust you on that you can't close the deal with the Russians, and that that deal won't be behind my back?!”

“I'm not sure why you're talking to me at all! Now please get off my back!”

“Okay then, bitch! But remember, if you try to deal with me like that again, then I'll kill you!”

With that he hung up the phone.

Two years later she found out that a second cousin of hers, who really looked very much like her, had been killed by Finnish people who seemed to be into business with the Russian mafia.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Be Who You Are and not What You Seem to Be

Robert looked at his best friend Ira. “Don't you get it?!” he asked, then looked at him, and continued: “It's not that she isn't kind the way a woman should be for being a virtue for a man! Instead it is that she scorns that I like her for it!”

“Oh! Like that! .. But then she's just working against herself! Can't you simply have her seem to be that way, and then perhaps she'll change!”

“I've already tried that one! ... But, you see, she just seemed resentful about it! ... It's horrible, actually! It even seemed that she used it in order to make herself seem good - it's like good enough for the next ma, perhaps!”

“Oh, shit! I have to admit that's horrible!”

Robert made a resentful and soft sound that was something in-between a sigh and a laughter. Ira figured he was sort of trying to laugh his troubles away and asked: “Do you feel she's a slut and that you couldn't have bargained for it until now that it's too late?”

“I don't know if she's a slut like that! The only thing I have on her is that she's into an arrogant haughtiness - like for no reason, it seems! ... Or perhaps I don't really have that, I mean not the official sense. I mean she's sort of too hiddenly arrogant about it!”

Ira thought about it for a while before answering: “Does it seem possible that she's into faggots as what is good enough for her, and thereby despises you for being straight?”

“I guess it could be that! Don't believe she's simply into straight or not straight, even so, though! Because it seems she 's trying to stay arrogant with me even when I change my style into a seeming faggot! It's not that I don't feel her appreciate it in one sense, but then there's another appreciation for a straight man that gets lost with it, and it evens out! She's still seemingly too good for me all the time!”

“Perhaps she is too good for you! ... I mean, Bobby, to tell the truth, many women seem to be too good for me, and I don't even ask them out or anything!”

Robert sighed. “I also feel that way about most of them. I feel that I also seem to realize, so that she can understand it, probably, that she's a good enough woman for me, and that therefore I shouldn't pertain to faking that I must have her. Really, Ira, I didn't hit on her or something, even, I jus tried to feel that she was up to what she seemed to be about me.”

“... and that being what?”

“That she liked me! But, OK, it's also that she might fancy me, because she did seem to!”

“I guess she's a little too unappreciative of the notion of the two of you sensually draw nearer each other! I fancy you and her could make a little smart couple, from whom I could have been able to tell that I and someone I would fancy in the same way could be appreciated the same way!”

His friend sighed again. “They seem to be into looking at her as the kind of girl they aught defend, Ira, and thereby I find that I can't really feel safe in assuming that she's into me for a thought, even!”

“It's as bad as that! Then I guess I just have to settle for that she's an impossible catch. I also feel that you're into something I don't find myself quite capable of handling very well! .., I guess I can see in you that they're really trouble, friend! So why don't you just skip her, and try to find another woman for a catch?”

“It's not trying for a catch that I have been into! It's just by coincidence that we grew flirtatious, she and I. And I can't feel up to just trying to make a catch of anyone else, because that - sort of, at least - has me seem like I don't want a woman for a relationship, which I do!”

“I can't feel that it's my problem! They all are the same about that! It's just that they seem to have fancied themselves as the catches you should have and not I, until now!”

His friend Bobby looked a bit surprised. “I haven't been that lucky with them! Why, you have yourself also had about four different women the last three years!”

“I don't mean that! It's not the number of so-called relationships one has that's the measure of pleasure for being the one many of them fancy, I feel! Or do you mean there's a relationship in everyone that is to be taken seriously as the one to be fancying you well enough?!”

Bobby seemed a bit astonished. “Don't pretend that I always get the better ones! Nor do I aim for them, as a matter of fact! This one, for instance, is a sort of clumsy girl, although she's a little bit too smart for me to say that she wouldn't be my match in some sort of a way!”

“Then why do you feel that you can't just skip her?! I mean both Christina and Ana you seemed to take that way! Why not this one?!”

“Because she's that kind of catch I need for feeling that I actually am a good enough man to view myself as worthwhile to hang with! It's also because she doesn't seem like a woman to be despising. She seems, and that's the problem with her, to be good-hearted and clear-minded sort of a girl! Thereby I can't feel realistic about not treating her well, except for the part when she tries to fancy me as an unworthy guy for her acquaintance!”

“Then how come you fancy her as though she wasn't that terrific?! I mean it seems to me that the two of you haven't fancying anything but sex-appeal for one another. And then, thereby, the two of you should match, only, I say, there's not match for the two of you in that the two of you seem to be perfect for each other!”

Monday, September 12, 2016

Trying to Get Rid of "Fakes"

“I say it's not easy!” he said. “I say it's difficult to do it!”

“I guess the notion of the decree doesn't leave them unsuspicious about our initiatives to describe them as awful about those who seem to be good at ruling over the command that is needed to solve our current problems.”

“Yeah! That's it! It seems to them to be awful for somebody who is in charge to take command against them and thereby overrule their decisions about what impressions we should aspire to make! It will be soon enough that they discover who put them up to it!”

“Yeah!” she agreed. “And thereby they will all simply have it we should not be trusted - and that's like ever again!!”

“It's not fake that we and not they are into actually caring about the proclamations of superiority that our organization needs! Thereby I wonder if they'll really fall for it, those who are in charge right now!”

Thoughtfully she looked through their open back door, and out onwards towards the horizon. “I also wonder that!” she replied. She then began looking at their two watchdogs and mumbled:” Seems good enough to mess with them as so phoney and bad that we needed to take care of them as inferiors!”

“Yeah! I agree! But how do you suppose they will react if we don't have any proof for that they're phoney unless we can gain only by having them seem inferior?” He also began looking at their watchdogs and added: “I suppose that they are both of them also skilled enough to take care of that for us?! Right, Clara?!”

“Right, Roger! Thereby we'll just have to shoot them in the legs and then let our dogs take care of the rest.”

Thereby the two of them settled for that they could kill their two enemies without seeming to be immature or crazy about pretending they're immoral! Because it's not supposedly about actual moral, at least not of the wrong kind, they figured, to embrace the thought of letting their dogs do the killing, and thus seem innocent. They would be supposedly wicked for it, but that could be a problem smaller than that they would seem to be too good for the assholes that might talk about it.

Two days later they fetched their dogs and went to the house of one of them. Clara rang the doorbell and Peter opened. “May I speak to your father?” she asked him in a polite manner. He looked at her for a moment, before answering: “Yeah, I'll get him!”

After about two minutes Peter and his father Bert came to the door. “What is it?!” Bert asked.

Clara looked at him and said: “I have a proposition for you and the others to be consider. It's about that the incompetents should be treated as such, and that you and the others who are good enough should be able to declare them inane or so. Thereby I will, if you let me see to it that I don't seem to have been here, show you about some regards to be taken for the sake of exposing their incompetences.”

“Let me think about that for a while!” He pondered for about twenty seconds, then he replied: “I guess I can let you come in to my house and there we'll discuss that issue!”

“It's not your house that is a good enough spot for actually taking into account that they might pretend they have superiority about mocking attitudes of absurdity!”

“Then were shall we go for it?!”

“I guess we could go to the beach for it; because there they wouldn't be able to find out how they could search on how they could seem potentially quite enough for our organization!”

“Okay, then! Now, let me just put on my beach sandals for it!”

“Of course!”

After a while they were at the beach and she was showing him where he could announce his cunning be of the more responsible kind when it comes to rendering the organization's select issues, ambitions and procurements. It seemed to him to be unnecessary to have gone down there, but still he was very eager to learn how he should keep face in coming contestations, and thereby learn to rule against those who could be considered his inferiors. “But how come,” he asked, “do you feel that they can't be tracing this when it's proclaimed by ya here, instead of at my home or something?!”

“I feel you don't have a notion against that you could consider this be territory both of you personally and of the organization as a whole!”

“I see!” he said proudly.

“I proclaim thereby that you also call that friend of yours, August, and say to him that he shouldn't miss this opportunity of regarding me as a assistant for showing that he also can do what needs ot be done against them!”

“I guess I'll call him! But then you should tell me why he is to be considered superior just as I!”

“It's because the both of you can say to them that they are fake and we are real, in the sense that doesn't seem derisory or corrupt!”

“All right! I'll call him!” he answered and picked up his cell phone. “Hey, August, it's me! You know what?! There's a young lady with me who is willing to consider you as well as me superior just as soon as we proclaim our organization's determinations be too good for those inferior for it!So will you please come down here? I'm at the beach and she is willing to show us right her and now just how we should be considered absolute security for our our organization's businesses! Thereby we will, it seems, be able to take over the organization soon enough, just as long as they keep considering her liability to be considerate enough for the organization!”

“But how shall I be considered right for it? I am just a pretend smartness for having faith in it!”

She heard his answer and broke in: “It's because,” she said to Bert, “he also seems that innocent while he's at it! He doesn't have to be considered to be of the organization's benefit for me to consider him to be a bet I can have for the sake of keeping the organization clean from thos who are lowly in that they don't seem superior enough for it!”

“I say it she who feels that way, and it's not about our organization, August!” She looked at him while he was finishing that statement. She considered him low enough to consider himself and that other fellow to be superior now that she, as a woman had stated that they could be even seen supreme. Meanwhile the other man was saying that “Okay, I'll be there in just a few minutes!”

She smiled. “I forgot,” she said while Bert ended his call, “to say that he as well as you are invited to dinner tonight as long as they say to themselves that we shall have an organization smart enough not to consider those low-lives to be good enough for it!”

“I guess we can then work on that part of it, once he comes here then?!”

“I meant that, yes!” she answered him in a firm voice, whilst she was feeling solemn about that he would fall into the trap.

Two minutes later August arrived.

“I consider the two of you,” Clara said, “to be the most cunning and competent people we have for the cause of contemning the silly, awkward and foolish people who want to join our organization! I thereby will how you just what I had in mind for you two to show them that we shall consider a criterion for respectability, and you will thereby be considered the most valuable members of our organization!”

The two of them looked at her and August asked: “How come I will be considered that kind of a smart man at defending the attitudes we already have?! I don't consider myself to be so smart at actually faking that they are inferior! I consider myself to be of value only for the betterment of that they are awful in that they see themselves as superior while already having a laugh against them, and thereby possibly also a ridicule of our whole organization with them!”

“I consider you to be an asset for the sake of proclaiming them to be imbeciles to the extent that you will get a surge going for ya, at least to the extent I can consider you seem superior to them whilst they seem inferior to us! ... Now I'm going to show the two of you where these goofs are!” She pointed to a few cliffs nearby. “There two of them usually hang out! I wnat the two of you to test your abilities in actually scorning the two of them! Now let's go there, and let me find out from the two of you, just how good you actually are at scoring such people!” She started walking. the two men followed and after while a while the three were at the closest of the cliffs. there she pointed to a inlet to a grove. “I shall see you there in a few minutes! First, now I'm going to see to it that they actually seem to be smart enough to be considered good enough, and then you will - I hope - nail them good enough for them to be considered low again! Now if you do that good enough you will be considered the best there is for the organization!”

The two men looked at her. She seemed real about what she was saying. “I guess we aught to wait in there so that they don't see us at first?”

“That's it” she answered.

Two minutes later, August and Bert had entered the grove. They waited there for three minutes. Then a man showed up; it was Roger, but they didn't recognize him! He was in disguise and seemed to consider himself to be superior, whilst acting stupid and awkward. August said: “I see you're cunning at having that attitude problem we don't have!” and Bert filled in “Yeah! You're such an awful yokel that you should be considered a lowlife in every respect one can imagine!”

“I don't see that the two of you can act any better than I can!” the man answered. Meanwhile he solemnly held a cigar in his right hand.

“Oh! It''s silly to say you have a point!” August responded. “And it's awful that you seem to be a sport now that you're at a level of attitude that doesn't correspond to the worthlessness of your actual personality!”

But as he said that the fellow he spoke to took a gun out of his right pocket, and shot him, and then, immediately after, his friend too - each of them in the leg. Then he ran off quickly and hid behind the rocks.

But soon after he was heard calling to someone: “It was two assholes! I shot them, Alan, but I coldn't but harm them, cause I'm no gentleman, I feel, unless I consider myself above the murder of such a lowlife! But your dogs, Alan, can you release them and have them do it for me?!” And as it seemed Alan did, for two big dogs came running towards the two now bleeding men. First one of them bit Bert's throat so he died, then the other one bit August's, so that he died.

Soon after Roger came forward and checked the two corpses. And upon it Clara also did the same. They looked at each other and felt that they now had solved the problem they had considered unusually bad and thus relieved themselves from the threat that had been disturbing them very much for the last couple of years!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Assets of Enthusiasm

Adult (or at least semi-adult) story; follow the link if you want to read it anyway: Ã„ssets of Enthusisasm

Friday, August 19, 2016

Enjoy Sex Appeal as It Is

Adult (or at least semi-adult) story; follow the link if you want to read it anyway: Enjoy Sex Appeal as It Is

Friday, August 5, 2016

The Dilemma

“They all are assholes, the whole extended family, even! They're all that bad!”

“I suppose you mean that they all feel that it's not worth it to be moral, unless they themselves, respectively I mean, are threatened somehow?”

“Yes! I mean that!”

“I suppose, then, they all are bastards enough not to ever be considerate towards those they can't find to be potential enemies if they don't?”

“I guess so, bro!” Richard said. “Mom and dad also say they're all but totally evil. I even say totally!”

His brother looked at him. “I feel that our parents are right! They're hardly that evil! At least not all of them!”

“But then why do they freaking pretend everyone else is too low to be considered a friend, even those who are good enough to be friends with everybody else?!”

“I don't know! Perhaps they're as stubborn as that! And then the evils in them makes it even worse than what that would be in the first place!”

“Even so, Daniel, we have to admit to ourselves that they seem to have evil in their genes, don't they?!”

“It might only seem to be that! You know it's cultural! I guess that means it must be social in their case, since they're all part of the same culture we are!”

“I can't say they're not evil in their genes because they all seem to be the same kind of stuck up about it!”

Daniel looked thoughtfully at his brother. “Have you spoken to mom or so, let's see what she thinks! Or to dad? I bet he, even, wouldn't want to agree with that!”

“I feel that whether or not they do feel that way, they wouldn't want to deal with them much, and they couldn't, they either, I think, come up with any explanation for their evil, probably than the one I had! I mean they're not fucken losers who would have to be desparate or something! They're not obviously different from us and the others here, so that they'd perhaps be bullied ... or become paranoid in some other way - from being outsiders, that is. ...”

“But how could it be that their extended family on both sides should be the same about that!? I mean they shouldn't be evil both sides, if it's just one trait that we don't all have or something, we who actually are much of the same heritage (or at least so it seems)?!”

“I don't know for sure, but I feel they might be inbreeding, simply! Perhaps there's no one else to fuck for those bastards!”

“Haha! I guess you're right in that sense! They can't find others who are actually evil enough even that!”

But now Richard took time to think for a while. “I think that,” he began at last, “they don't feel good enough to actually be screwed by anyone who isn't evil enough to be their friend. But at the same time I bet they could be rapists and such!”

His brother sighed. “I agree. I too can believe that they're too evil to have any other kids than those who spring from rape and so on, apart from perhaps those who come to be in some evil orgy or so!”

“Yeah! That's where I'm coming from!”

“I declare that we aught to be able to label them genetically evil. But what if it seems that we're simply being evil ourselves? I mean the Nazis, and there are lots of other tyrannies too that did that, they pretended it was evil to be for example a Jew - I mean with the Nazis it was for example a Jew. And the others, they too had some similar prejudices! Sort of like anyone could be taken as their enemy as soon as they had some outer feature that made them pertain to some group they - the tyrants - labelled as the enemy!”

“I know! And that's why I feel that this shouldn't be seen as similar to the tyrannies; because they don't very much have features that make them pertain to so-called enemies - except for exactly that they really re nasty, cruel and evil! ... It's only that still it will be seen, I guess, like something that could be them, since they oftentimes - right, bro? - pretended to be threatened by the evil in those enemies.”

“That's right! And thereby I pertain to that this shouldn't be said, and that we should just be hating them for what they are, and they should go to hell when they die, and that will solve it all!”

With that they ended their conversation.