Wednesday, November 30, 2016

She Broke off ..

“No! What I mean is that when you're wrong, you never seem to accept it as a fact! ... I guess that's how come they came to oppress you all, those guys of ancient times: They simply let you  -  or the women of that time  -  have obedience as the only alternative to admitting she was wrong!”

She looked at him briefly, then began to walk away. She seemed to feel insulted. Then she stopped, turned around and paused.

Looking at him she asked: “Do you mean they were all as naive as that?!”

“Yeah! It probably was that! It seems that even nowadays you can't confess to it when you're actually mistaken in a wisdom sense. Except, you can confess to it simply by subordination, never by admitting, simply. Sort of never by taking responsibility, that is. ... It's really weird that they never seem to admit that, those friends of yours, that you all seem to be uninterested in actually learning the truth about something! Rather, each one of you keep on faking that she has to subordinate herself to us!”

“It's not true that we're always faking it! It's not true that we can't admit any other way than by subordination! Instead, we were forced into subordination by manipulative men!”

“I'm glad to see you actually dare speak back, even. But to tell the truth, I believe you are wrong! It's almost bad enough nowadays for there to be an impossibility in having you - even some of you, I think - admit that you aught to take things another way! It only happens occasionally, but then you don't admit that the manipulators among men, were the ones you did choose to trust! That is you chose them in order to escape responsibility or so! It must be that! Or what else is it!?”

She looked at him again and swallowed. “I can't believe we're actually that stubborn, although I can believe it actually seems that way! Why do you feel sure that that is the case?!”

“I feel sure about it because when one of you seems to be into defending her case, she always seems to either avoid really doing it, or she seems to - on the surface - admit to making a mistake, perhaps in order to take it back later.”

“I don't believe I made a mistake when wronged you just now, and I'm not into, even on the surface, calling it one. I confess to mistakenly coming to the conclusion that you don't have any judgement against me, which I did not expect!”

“I guess it's a mistake that you seem to try to be confessing to a mistake that isn't a real error!”

“I'm not sure about that!”

“How about when you were into that I wasn't even anything but a precarious guy who thought he was into responsibility for the sake of trying to catch girls?! I can't see it in you that you can confess to that without having it there's no big issue. It's as if it was because I wasn't the guy who should have been considered trustworthy enough for beginning to find it in him that he could be anything else but what you prejudged him to be!”


“Yeah, really! And I don't find it in them, the guys you seem to be acquainted to, to be any better than I am at trying to be thorough about saying why they don't seem to let go of their claims to seem to be better than the rest!”

“I'm not sure about that!”

“See, you're already avoiding the issue!”

“I'm not sure I'm not! But I feel certain that I can't feel like being into this conversation without you admitting that I am at least something of a woman for saying what she wants!”

“Oh! You feel like backing out already! And now there's, I guess, some excuse for you to seem innocent of having been pretending to be confessing to that type of error!”

“Then you're going to have yourself to blame! And that's forever! From now on!” she said and left.

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