Thursday, November 10, 2016

Be Who You Are and not What You Seem to Be

Robert looked at his best friend Ira. “Don't you get it?!” he asked, then looked at him, and continued: “It's not that she isn't kind the way a woman should be for being a virtue for a man! Instead it is that she scorns that I like her for it!”

“Oh! Like that! .. But then she's just working against herself! Can't you simply have her seem to be that way, and then perhaps she'll change!”

“I've already tried that one! ... But, you see, she just seemed resentful about it! ... It's horrible, actually! It even seemed that she used it in order to make herself seem good - it's like good enough for the next ma, perhaps!”

“Oh, shit! I have to admit that's horrible!”

Robert made a resentful and soft sound that was something in-between a sigh and a laughter. Ira figured he was sort of trying to laugh his troubles away and asked: “Do you feel she's a slut and that you couldn't have bargained for it until now that it's too late?”

“I don't know if she's a slut like that! The only thing I have on her is that she's into an arrogant haughtiness - like for no reason, it seems! ... Or perhaps I don't really have that, I mean not the official sense. I mean she's sort of too hiddenly arrogant about it!”

Ira thought about it for a while before answering: “Does it seem possible that she's into faggots as what is good enough for her, and thereby despises you for being straight?”

“I guess it could be that! Don't believe she's simply into straight or not straight, even so, though! Because it seems she 's trying to stay arrogant with me even when I change my style into a seeming faggot! It's not that I don't feel her appreciate it in one sense, but then there's another appreciation for a straight man that gets lost with it, and it evens out! She's still seemingly too good for me all the time!”

“Perhaps she is too good for you! ... I mean, Bobby, to tell the truth, many women seem to be too good for me, and I don't even ask them out or anything!”

Robert sighed. “I also feel that way about most of them. I feel that I also seem to realize, so that she can understand it, probably, that she's a good enough woman for me, and that therefore I shouldn't pertain to faking that I must have her. Really, Ira, I didn't hit on her or something, even, I jus tried to feel that she was up to what she seemed to be about me.”

“... and that being what?”

“That she liked me! But, OK, it's also that she might fancy me, because she did seem to!”

“I guess she's a little too unappreciative of the notion of the two of you sensually draw nearer each other! I fancy you and her could make a little smart couple, from whom I could have been able to tell that I and someone I would fancy in the same way could be appreciated the same way!”

His friend sighed again. “They seem to be into looking at her as the kind of girl they aught defend, Ira, and thereby I find that I can't really feel safe in assuming that she's into me for a thought, even!”

“It's as bad as that! Then I guess I just have to settle for that she's an impossible catch. I also feel that you're into something I don't find myself quite capable of handling very well! .., I guess I can see in you that they're really trouble, friend! So why don't you just skip her, and try to find another woman for a catch?”

“It's not trying for a catch that I have been into! It's just by coincidence that we grew flirtatious, she and I. And I can't feel up to just trying to make a catch of anyone else, because that - sort of, at least - has me seem like I don't want a woman for a relationship, which I do!”

“I can't feel that it's my problem! They all are the same about that! It's just that they seem to have fancied themselves as the catches you should have and not I, until now!”

His friend Bobby looked a bit surprised. “I haven't been that lucky with them! Why, you have yourself also had about four different women the last three years!”

“I don't mean that! It's not the number of so-called relationships one has that's the measure of pleasure for being the one many of them fancy, I feel! Or do you mean there's a relationship in everyone that is to be taken seriously as the one to be fancying you well enough?!”

Bobby seemed a bit astonished. “Don't pretend that I always get the better ones! Nor do I aim for them, as a matter of fact! This one, for instance, is a sort of clumsy girl, although she's a little bit too smart for me to say that she wouldn't be my match in some sort of a way!”

“Then why do you feel that you can't just skip her?! I mean both Christina and Ana you seemed to take that way! Why not this one?!”

“Because she's that kind of catch I need for feeling that I actually am a good enough man to view myself as worthwhile to hang with! It's also because she doesn't seem like a woman to be despising. She seems, and that's the problem with her, to be good-hearted and clear-minded sort of a girl! Thereby I can't feel realistic about not treating her well, except for the part when she tries to fancy me as an unworthy guy for her acquaintance!”

“Then how come you fancy her as though she wasn't that terrific?! I mean it seems to me that the two of you haven't fancying anything but sex-appeal for one another. And then, thereby, the two of you should match, only, I say, there's not match for the two of you in that the two of you seem to be perfect for each other!”

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