Saturday, February 3, 2018

The Womanizer

There was a sensual feeling about him, that womanizer, of whom Thelma had heard that she'd better watch out. To her it seemed that he wouldn't ever try to be as bad as they had said. Somehow he seemed to figure it out about her, why she felt a yearning desire at this very moment. While she was thinking about it he showed himself to her as smart at cultivating emotions of affection, by saying to her that she was all that he could want for the sake of regarding her husband as the type of man who could make a girl seem fortunate in her marriage.
As she thought about it, she heard a bird sing, and she wondered if he even got nature to tell her that she should be his. She looked at him and felt that he might mean to her what she guessed that at least tens of other females had felt about him: the he might call for there to be a prediction about her that she be viewed as innocent, even if she did those nasty things that men and women should not do but could occasionally be wanting to do with each other as lovers and perhaps also as partners in some smart business of ... of dealing with care for anyone else as too mediocre to be seen as for real, somehow, she felt.
In the air of his essence, Thelma moreover found it hard to resist the thought of actually having it she somehow had the right to interpret herself as being actually supreme, which she hardly ever had felt before. But in another sense,she felt that she should say to herself that she aught to leave this situation immediately. Then she suddenly noticed that she was also sexually aroused by him, which made her feel nauseous about the fact that she had interpreted him as a guy so elope from. ...
Then she saw another woman coming near them. She looked at her and recognized her a little, as someone who seemed to go to much of the same boutiques as she herself did. It was a woman whom she had never thought of as being more promiscuous than most. But even as she was thinking this, she saw her begin to cling to vulgarly the man. Fairly soon she was kind of all over him.
To her astonishment watching this made her feel more aroused. It was as if she had it in her inner circles to feel that he was bad, and therefore she aught to desire him. Seemingly the desire grew and she felt all the more excited when she tried to think about that he was a bad man which she felt he was, both for herself and for that other woman.
As she was thinking about it, and trying to control her emotions, she saw it in her, the other woman  -  that she was trying to pretend Thelma was evil just for staring at them! Then she looked at him. Now it seemed he regarded himself as the man of choice for any woman who claimed herself to have a good inclination for creating love affairs or fun with belief in oneself as suitable for them.
Thelma thereby felt trapped. How should she now interpret herself as a good enough woman to be a housewife and also a lover, for the husband she had? If she didn't find a way to avoid feeling that she had a right to be like the woman that she saw clinging all over that man, then how could she possibly continue being respectable, she asked herself.
Then she saw that other woman alluringly try to pretend to consent to Thelma's apparent interest in the man. At the same, though, she vulgarly exposed her own interest in him as something she, Thelma, must appreciate to the extent she wanted to share him with her.
Even so, Thelma thought about her husband, and the way they had been trying for seven years to build a life together. Now she risked betraying him. Thereby she decided to try to feel that her emotions about the man in front of her were wrong in the way that they made her disregard the feelings she had been having for her husband.
She looked at the two of them one last time, then she finally decided to go to the buss stop, and then pretend as if this never happened. ... Thereby she felt relieved, and when she came home she made love to her husband as if she never would fall for a womanizer!