Friday, August 18, 2017

Two Guys Discussing Their Problems with the other Gender

“Why do they keep on having it we are so clever, when it's they who are capable of getting away with scorning everybody except themselves?” he asked his brother.

“Well, ... probably it's because they can't seem to be into power struggle the way we guys can sometimes care to be!”

“Then how come they pretend to be our best friends about how to cope with life, without that intruding on that they seem to be without that struggle for pretending to be alright to trust without giving up their power over other girls and women!?”

“Well, I bet that's because they don't feel they have to struggle to stay in power! For all I know they can be in power over one another by just staying it! For instance that second woman you met down at the bar, she didn't struggle with that other first one; she just stood for that she was the real thing, sort of, and that anybody else thereby was her inferior.”

“Hm. Yeah. I guess she did that!”

“Thereby, bro', we don't have any alibi for actually tending to struggle against each other we neither, I think. Perhaps we could do it like they, if only there weren't that damned competition from other men who tend to do that struggle for the advantages - for example the advantages with women!”

“Perhaps, then she, the bitch who was into scorning everyone who isn't competent of being - or at the very least seeming - humble and compliant, in spite of any instances of care to be evil in the people he or she is dealing with,” he took a breath and paused for a second. “I wonder if she tends never to struggle also!? Because she, if anyone, seemed to be into just playing with her scorn as an attitude to have, as if - at least - for competition!”

His brother thought about it. “I'm not sure! But you know what?! I actually did try to find out about it once, by trying to interest a female foe of hers in let on about her and what she was actually into for the scorning part of her attitude. But she, that foe of hers, she didn't care to be perspicacious about her! indeed she tried to scorn me for even asking about that women, and when I mentioned it was a foe of hers, then she simply pretended that I was an ass for trying to be into her about her foe, as if she meant that she better be the one to see to it that everybody else stay away from caring about it!”

“Have you only tried that with a female foe of hers? I mean what about the male ones?”

“Oh, I sort of have tried that! I didn't mention it because there seemed to be no point in pretending that it would work to! I mean several guys I know have tried to conspire against her! But everyone has seemed to be the asshole of the context - and/or one in the group of assholes he managed to get to be with him for it!”

“But then what are they about once they try to seduce us?! I mean can't women seem to be real for once when they even charm people into believing they want to be with them for company that might be close enough for comfort, and even sex sometimes?!”

His brother looked a bit nonplussed. “I guess they just try to seduce us anyway! They don't seem to care about it in that sense! I don't know how or how come they can do it! They just seem interested in closeness and then induce us to be ... ehm, I guess you could say jealous of any potential rival who could have them! ... They do something like that, and no I don't know exactly how they do it!”

“But, then how come they don't try to seduce us into becoming they way they complain about us not being!?”

“I guess that's because they can't figure out away to do it without loosing their advantage about charming us to be theirs rather than anybody else's!”

“How come it's not strange for them that they never try to be particularly into guarding their interests once they are in power over a situation!?”

“They don't seem for real about it - when it's about sex they could be into, at least not if it's of their own sexual interest to get into it!”

“How come then they never try to convince us not to try to be clever about their inability to pretend as if something about themselves as terrific to have except when they're well into charm to the cost of their own interests?!”

“They don't have any responsibility for caring about it! Weirdly enough they just don't! That's why!”

With that he ended the conversation.

Monday, August 14, 2017

The Hostile Tribe

He looked at his four children. “I presume they talk about that other village as a hostile place just because they constitute their enemy tribe!” he stated, and then looked at their mother.

But she sighed and didn't seem to agree. “It's about something else! Kids! Don't presuppose they only have a mere enemy there! My uncle had met with that tribe! They were hostile and evil according to him, too - and he really is an independent source!”

“Vera!” her husband responded. “Are you sure that he really meant they are all hostile?! I mean that it wasn't just a few individuals among them?!”

“I'm sure Carl! They were savages in the sense that they wouldn't permit a stranger to look at them as if they were inconsistent about power! Indeed they were hostile against strangers as long as they themselves didn't tend to display power!”

Suzanne, who was eight years old, and also their eldest child, looked at her. “It's funny how they seem to be hostile towards everyone who can't seem to be enemies of their neighbor tribes! I mean why wouldn't they want to be friendly with their neighbors to begin with, instead?”

Her parents looked at her and her mother said: “It's not funny that they see it that way! I mean it's the friendly tribe we just visited, among others, that they want to victimize, as it seems!”

“I know!” Suzanne said. “I didn't mean funny so that you could laugh about it! I meant it's weird, kinda, peculiar, in the sense that they can't seemingly, thereby, figure out a way to actually dominate any one of them!”

Her parents looked at one another. Carl said: “It's kinda of funny, in that sense! I for one find it peculiar that they can think they can think at all of themselves as people who can dominate the region, when they're a much smaller tribe than for example the one we visited - and that they at the same time can't get any allies, just because they're too unfriendly towards even those with much a larger population that their own!”

Four-year-old Adam (also their youngest child) opened his mouth: “Wow! Maybe they can't seem to be friendly just because they're the worst enemy of simply anyone on earth!”

“That's kinda what we're already saying!” his mother answered. “They're that bad! Simply no one can like them! No one but they, themselves!”

Adam looked content. His seven-year-old sister Alicia asked: “Are they still very hostile even against authorities, such as the police and hospitals and such?!”

“Yeah! I think they are,” Vera answered thoughtfully.

“Then how can they be even part of the society they live in?” Alicia asked.

“They're officially part of it! But hardly anyone enters their territory!”

“Oh! Like that!” their forth child, five-year-old Patrick responded.

Carl looked thoughtful. “Are you sure they aren't nowadays at least part of society in the sense that they want doctors or nurses around when they get injured or ill?!”

“I'm fairly sure!” his wife answered. “But they are part of society in the sense that they feel part of it and tend pride themselves as if much better citizens of it than their neighbors!”

“Oh in that case,”Alicia asked, “why aren't their neighbors stating that they aren't, so that they can't feel right about thinking so?!”

“It's because they won't listen to anyone but themselves about it!” Vera said. “Except to the extent there's some real big power behind what is said! Something like the law enforcement officers that had them feel that they had to respect the society they live in! But then, it seems, those law enforcement people had it in them to tempt them into thinking about how being part of the country could benefit them; they wouldn't have given up otherwise!”

“It seems,” Carl stated, “ that those people of the tribe that seems so hostile, aren't cool enough to pretend as if nothing about their pride! They seem to be the ones that all the neighbors despise, though they might on the surface show them some respect! It seems also that they don't know what they're doing, because they have all those other tribes against them, and what would happen if there really was a war on? Well wouldn't it be that exactly they, who are so proud part of the country would be the ones to be fighting it more than the others!?”

Vera thought about it. “I think they would want to be the fighters who could be at war with anyone who threatened their community, but that it wouldn't be exactly easy for the authorities to convince them that exactly they were threatened! Because otherwise they would surely prefer to have it the war should have to be everybody else's problem!”

“Oh! That's it!” and “I see!” the rest of the family said.

Monday, August 7, 2017

How Can We Trust Them!?

“They don't do that kinda stuff!” Mary said with some tension in her voice.

“How do you know?!” Edgar asked.

“Because they're good people, that's why!”

“Yeah, I know! But they are it in a sense that permits wrongdoings if only there are ways to feel good about oneself just the same!”

She looked chocked. “Really!?”

He nodded. “Yeah, really!”

She looked thoughtful. “Are you saying they actually could have us believe they really wouldn't hurt anyone, but really only look and seem innocent in a way that appeals to our common sense of morality?!”

“Yeah! That's what I say! But don't tell everyone that I've told you so! They can be very dangerous at times. ....”

Mary looked thoughtful and a bit annoyed. “I don't believe I would be into seeing them if I knew this for certain about them!” she proclaimed. “Moreover, I wouldn't let them get away with it!”

“How the heck do you think you would be able to nail them?! It's they who wold be innocent enough for people who didn't know yet - and those - fairly few - who manage to figure it out, they don't dare to take part in what could be called for example blackmail of a very reputable family!”

Annoyed again, Mary hissed a little before saying: “It's not hey who should be getting away with it and that's final!”

“I can't help it, it's not even I who really can help that they are reputable as long as their surfaces seem to be totally moral.”

“If this is really true about them, then how can we be sure there is a point to believe even at all in common sense about whom to trust?”

He looked thoughtful and a bit troubled. “I'm not quite sure about it. I suppose, though, that we can't always trust our senses, but only sometimes. Simply like that! How about it?”

Mary seemed sort of relieved after hearing this. But she still seemed to hate that those people got away with it. “Is there any way there can be safety against that one is fooled by them?”

“Only sort of, I think. One can only double-check their statements and insinuations. Probably that's all one can do.”

“Holy canoli! Then how can we go on with this kind of naive judgement? I mean wouldn't it make us all perish or something?”

“We all have to survive that it's all in them to be able to take like that. It's we who must survive, not they who should be able to kill us all.”

“I know! But how come we don't all perish since this by all reason must have been a weakness in our judgements since ages - or mustn't it?”

He thought about it. “I guess,” he said after a while, “that is so because one can survive them! It's only that one must see to it that one doesn't get in their way.”

“Are you sure that's enough? ... How come then, doesn't it happen that more more people do that? And if that does happen then how can we survive one another?”

He looked thoughtful again. “yeah, I feel sure that it's enough. But I think it's because their souls still do perish for it! That way God can see to it that at least we can learn from our mistakes.”

She looked surprised. “But how come there's no one who has learned by now that we do have to get at such people somehow?”

“I guess it's just because they aren't so easy to get at without them having excuses to get at those who are more innocent than they.”

“There's no one who can say there isn't a way to get at them without there being any way to say to oneself that one really has to hanker on without having it they're mean enough to actually get at!”

“That's exactly what I mean.”

“Great. Then we can agree about that.” Edgar replied. But the looked thoughtful and added: “In a sense, Mary, it's worse of you can be with a female counterpart who is doing that, than with a male one. Because a male one tends to give himself away by being too decisive, while a female one tends to seem to be innocent just by being the one not to have the power to emphasize her ability to manipulate as important. ... I'm not sure if that's exactly it, but it seems to be something like that.”

Mary looked kind of nonplussed. She thought about it for a while, then said: “I canot feel sure that I do not manipulate that way. But I can feel sure that I could have said to myself that I wouldn't have to be in power just in order to get things straight. ... About her, I guess that if she, whoever that is, feels that things straight is to be about a lie as were it the truth, then she cold perhaps lie even better than you guys, since she is not the one to really be intense about wanting to lie. Right?”

Edgar looked at her. “Yeah. Right!” he said after a while.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Why Don't They Tell Us?!

“Why shouldn't she be it interested?” Charlie asked his brother Ben. “She has seemingly made an invite for somebody - presumably a boy, I think - to help her enjoy herself!”

Ben looked at Charlie and said: “It's not she who is that kind of girl, who would just readily enjoy having to enjoy herself, at least not if it's in that sense!”

“Oh really!? Why?!”

“Because, Charlie, she's one of those girls who don't feel up to committing themselves - herself to extravagance about lust and seeing herself as a lustful treat for males' attention!”

“Why, then, doesn't she say that to for example Conrad or Jay?! I mean she could tell them, in that case!”

“Are you sure? What do you mean she should she say to them?”

“That she isn't that kind of girl! ... Presumably, something like that she doesn't like their type of interest in girls - who seem to be fancying themselves as smart just as long as they're attracting men!”

“Because Conrad and Jay aren't seemingly too smart at pretending they're hers to be had! But if you make yourself available for it, that's when she's likely to feel awkward about it!”

“Then how come she doesn't pretend as if something about it when she doesn't fancy herself as a cute girl woman to be had?!”

“I guess she doesn't dare to show them that she never would be ready for such an adventure. She seems to me to be into faking that she is just like one of the extravagant girls!”

“How then, can it be that she doesn't, at least sometimes, reveal herself - enough for me, for example, to see it!?”

“Do you mean how come it's almost never obvious about her that she's not a horny slut?”

He cleared his throat. “Yeah, I meant that!”

“It's because girls don't show so much when they are, in any other sense that they show an act about it - an act that very many not too horny girls can imitate!”

“Oh!” Charlie exclaimed. “But then aren't they ever available for simply small talk about it?! I mean I was into small talk with her when I spoke about her perhaps being interested!”

Ben sighed. “I think it's because they don't understand it when small talk could be beneficial against that they would need to be horny in order to fit in!”

His brother looked puzzled. “You mean they're all too dumb for that!?”

He sighed again. “No, not exactly! But I think there's something like that there's an intimidation from some people against having that kind of expectation!”

“Who?! And why would they do that?!”

“I don't know! As it seems they all feel humility is that they don't have to see themselves to be ready for small talk! At least not with a guy! At least not to the extent he doesn't have the status of an especially attractive man!”

Charlie tried to giggle. “Meaning not me, I suppose?”

“In the sense that there's no obvious reason to define you as such, yes, definitely!”

"But then there just isn't quite any justice to them, those females!" 

"I'm not sure if that's the way I'd put it!"

"What do you mean by that?!"

"I mean that they don't seem fair when they do try to be just about it! Therefore they don't have any choice but to try to be unfair about it!"


Ben thought for a moment. "No, I'm not sure that's it!" he replied after a moment.

"Then what?!" his brother asked.

"Then I don't know what to make of it! But I can be certain it's not into them I would be if I thought about them as totally unfair all the time!" 

Both boys went silent. 

After a while Ben rose and said: "I think I've gotta go and see to it that Rosie can't seem to be a girl whom I don't seem to care about that she has seemed to be fair, somehow, even in that sense!"

"Oh! That seems fair enough" and they ended the conversation.