Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Why Don't They Tell Us?!

“Why shouldn't she be it interested?” Charlie asked his brother Ben. “She has seemingly made an invite for somebody - presumably a boy, I think - to help her enjoy herself!”

Ben looked at Charlie and said: “It's not she who is that kind of girl, who would just readily enjoy having to enjoy herself, at least not if it's in that sense!”

“Oh really!? Why?!”

“Because, Charlie, she's one of those girls who don't feel up to committing themselves - herself to extravagance about lust and seeing herself as a lustful treat for males' attention!”

“Why, then, doesn't she say that to for example Conrad or Jay?! I mean she could tell them, in that case!”

“Are you sure? What do you mean she should she say to them?”

“That she isn't that kind of girl! ... Presumably, something like that she doesn't like their type of interest in girls - who seem to be fancying themselves as smart just as long as they're attracting men!”

“Because Conrad and Jay aren't seemingly too smart at pretending they're hers to be had! But if you make yourself available for it, that's when she's likely to feel awkward about it!”

“Then how come she doesn't pretend as if something about it when she doesn't fancy herself as a cute girl woman to be had?!”

“I guess she doesn't dare to show them that she never would be ready for such an adventure. She seems to me to be into faking that she is just like one of the extravagant girls!”

“How then, can it be that she doesn't, at least sometimes, reveal herself - enough for me, for example, to see it!?”

“Do you mean how come it's almost never obvious about her that she's not a horny slut?”

He cleared his throat. “Yeah, I meant that!”

“It's because girls don't show so much when they are, in any other sense that they show an act about it - an act that very many not too horny girls can imitate!”

“Oh!” Charlie exclaimed. “But then aren't they ever available for simply small talk about it?! I mean I was into small talk with her when I spoke about her perhaps being interested!”

Ben sighed. “I think it's because they don't understand it when small talk could be beneficial against that they would need to be horny in order to fit in!”

His brother looked puzzled. “You mean they're all too dumb for that!?”

He sighed again. “No, not exactly! But I think there's something like that there's an intimidation from some people against having that kind of expectation!”

“Who?! And why would they do that?!”

“I don't know! As it seems they all feel humility is that they don't have to see themselves to be ready for small talk! At least not with a guy! At least not to the extent he doesn't have the status of an especially attractive man!”

Charlie tried to giggle. “Meaning not me, I suppose?”

“In the sense that there's no obvious reason to define you as such, yes, definitely!”

"But then there just isn't quite any justice to them, those females!" 

"I'm not sure if that's the way I'd put it!"

"What do you mean by that?!"

"I mean that they don't seem fair when they do try to be just about it! Therefore they don't have any choice but to try to be unfair about it!"


Ben thought for a moment. "No, I'm not sure that's it!" he replied after a moment.

"Then what?!" his brother asked.

"Then I don't know what to make of it! But I can be certain it's not into them I would be if I thought about them as totally unfair all the time!" 

Both boys went silent. 

After a while Ben rose and said: "I think I've gotta go and see to it that Rosie can't seem to be a girl whom I don't seem to care about that she has seemed to be fair, somehow, even in that sense!"

"Oh! That seems fair enough" and they ended the conversation.

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