Friday, August 19, 2016

Enjoy Sex Appeal as It Is

Adult (or at least semi-adult) story; follow the link if you want to read it anyway: Enjoy Sex Appeal as It Is

Friday, August 5, 2016

The Dilemma

“They all are assholes, the whole extended family, even! They're all that bad!”

“I suppose you mean that they all feel that it's not worth it to be moral, unless they themselves, respectively I mean, are threatened somehow?”

“Yes! I mean that!”

“I suppose, then, they all are bastards enough not to ever be considerate towards those they can't find to be potential enemies if they don't?”

“I guess so, bro!” Richard said. “Mom and dad also say they're all but totally evil. I even say totally!”

His brother looked at him. “I feel that our parents are right! They're hardly that evil! At least not all of them!”

“But then why do they freaking pretend everyone else is too low to be considered a friend, even those who are good enough to be friends with everybody else?!”

“I don't know! Perhaps they're as stubborn as that! And then the evils in them makes it even worse than what that would be in the first place!”

“Even so, Daniel, we have to admit to ourselves that they seem to have evil in their genes, don't they?!”

“It might only seem to be that! You know it's cultural! I guess that means it must be social in their case, since they're all part of the same culture we are!”

“I can't say they're not evil in their genes because they all seem to be the same kind of stuck up about it!”

Daniel looked thoughtfully at his brother. “Have you spoken to mom or so, let's see what she thinks! Or to dad? I bet he, even, wouldn't want to agree with that!”

“I feel that whether or not they do feel that way, they wouldn't want to deal with them much, and they couldn't, they either, I think, come up with any explanation for their evil, probably than the one I had! I mean they're not fucken losers who would have to be desparate or something! They're not obviously different from us and the others here, so that they'd perhaps be bullied ... or become paranoid in some other way - from being outsiders, that is. ...”

“But how could it be that their extended family on both sides should be the same about that!? I mean they shouldn't be evil both sides, if it's just one trait that we don't all have or something, we who actually are much of the same heritage (or at least so it seems)?!”

“I don't know for sure, but I feel they might be inbreeding, simply! Perhaps there's no one else to fuck for those bastards!”

“Haha! I guess you're right in that sense! They can't find others who are actually evil enough even that!”

But now Richard took time to think for a while. “I think that,” he began at last, “they don't feel good enough to actually be screwed by anyone who isn't evil enough to be their friend. But at the same time I bet they could be rapists and such!”

His brother sighed. “I agree. I too can believe that they're too evil to have any other kids than those who spring from rape and so on, apart from perhaps those who come to be in some evil orgy or so!”

“Yeah! That's where I'm coming from!”

“I declare that we aught to be able to label them genetically evil. But what if it seems that we're simply being evil ourselves? I mean the Nazis, and there are lots of other tyrannies too that did that, they pretended it was evil to be for example a Jew - I mean with the Nazis it was for example a Jew. And the others, they too had some similar prejudices! Sort of like anyone could be taken as their enemy as soon as they had some outer feature that made them pertain to some group they - the tyrants - labelled as the enemy!”

“I know! And that's why I feel that this shouldn't be seen as similar to the tyrannies; because they don't very much have features that make them pertain to so-called enemies - except for exactly that they really re nasty, cruel and evil! ... It's only that still it will be seen, I guess, like something that could be them, since they oftentimes - right, bro? - pretended to be threatened by the evil in those enemies.”

“That's right! And thereby I pertain to that this shouldn't be said, and that we should just be hating them for what they are, and they should go to hell when they die, and that will solve it all!”

With that they ended their conversation.