Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Thieving Network

In her eyes, he could see what he imagined was a smart trace of the happiness there is in escaping all sorts of disillusionment. But, contrary to his intuition about her, the woman before him acted very much like someone who had been cruelly disillusioned by life, both in general and specifically in his contexts. His father's business had been ruined by her insinuations of it as immature about that she and her smart-thief friends - half of whom seemed to be related to her. Even so, she was the one to accuse him, instead of the other way around.

It crossed his mind that they might be gypsies, but since they didn't much look like it, he felt that he had to dismiss that thought as not too safe to uphold, being something that might fairly easily later be labeled as prejudice, and thus make him vulnerable for blackmail from either them or possibly some other enemies. On the other hand, he figured, to the extent they actually were for example gypsies, they might have many more relatives or something that could come out of the darkness and blackmail him either way. If so, he would be rather defenseless, perhaps, if he did not defend himself by using exactly prejudice against their kind.

With this dilemma in mind he looked again at the shoplifter before him and said. “I don't have any way to judge you as being as innocent as you seem to think you are! We can't but ruin your so pathetic life by having the police take you into custody!”

She looked him in the eyes and said: “I don't feel you are trying to find out what kind of misery I'm in because of you! They can see the way we work on having the torments society causes us be rendered defenseless against our attempts to make use of the emphasize that the kinds of vanities that there are in society for even the poor people's sake.”

“I see that you're trying to say - again,” he told her, “that you're the ones I should pity, and thereby perhaps also be vulnerable for your attempts to same me into misery! But you and the likes of you are thieves and robbers, who should definitely be nailed by the police! .... Or actually, perhaps you do prefer that we use some other method against you?”

She looked at him with a somewhat sophisticated air of astonishment, which he felt reluctantly that he couldn't resist as a reason for feeling - strangely, he thought - fairly much pity for her - although he knew she could be the one to deserve such feelings form him. It was he who was threatened by her and her family, not the other way around. His father had been here with the shop he was working in since fairly long before she and her people settled near it. It was simply smart and sophisticated acting in her; he knew that! But, even so, he could not help but feeling the pity that would destroy his fathers old business.

Meanwhile, his wife did call the police, who came there and arrested the lady. After they left, he his wife and their fourteen-year-old son discussed the thieves who had settled near their shop. His wife said that they were not gypsies, thought some of them were. “Probably,” she added, “they are both that and for example Italian, because some of them seem that kind of self-assured that only someone with something of southern Italian in them can, I think. ... Even so, honey, we can't actually, I think, be trapped by their possible mafia connections, since they probably are discarded as misfits by even them. But I don't feel totally safe about them, just the same!”

“Damned!” her husband answered.

After a while their son asked: “Is there a mafia connection in every Italian or so?”

His parents both smiled at this, but said they could not say to themselves that it was safe to assume with many of them that they were no such connections!

“Then how come,” their son asked, “do they beg for a living? I mean wouldn't be better off working as mafia bosses or something?”

His parents both giggled at him. “Obviously,” his mother replied, “they cannot take themselves as the bosses of their business, but if their business is to pretend to be oppressed by us honest people, then, perhaps they can be part of that top gangster's syndicate, even though they live in what one can consider a slum!”

His father added that “Their business isn't usually legit in any case, so I guess they can feel something like Why not exercise our rights to seem innocent, and then have them, meaning us, pay for their, meaning our, seeming innocence. By pretending in such a way, they will make themselves, and thereby their bosses, seem innocent!”

“Then how come the mafia bosses are seemingly guilty?! I mean they seem much more guilty than, say, the gypsies, although they're thieves just as much as the Italians it seems! Really dad and mom, there should be something to protect the people who ruin their business by pretending the gypsies are innocent, and then perhaps we could all be employed by that kind of syndicate instead of running this business that they complain about?!”

Now both his parents laughed a little at him. “Are you serious?” they asked.

“No!” he answered. “But I am serious about making this a business that we can rely on to be smart enough to survive both the gypsies and the Italians, which I think we can do, just as long as we have it the gypsies are respectable in that they can, almost like the Italians, seem innocent by being able to complain about honest people, and thus turning good and evil into each other!”

It was not innocent of him to think so, his parents said. But since the people he spoke of were not too innocent themselves, they added, perhaps he could make his point, even in the media, they said.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

I Wonder if There'll Ever Be Children's Moveis that Aren't too Unrealistic!

Jess had with a few colleagues made a cartoon that was sort of about itself. More precisely it was about some dinosaurs who became skeptical when shown a cartoon about dinosaurs. In it, the dinosaurs roared about that those writers of such cartoons didn't care about “actual facts about us, about our lifes, about our hardships!”

The children whom the cartoon was being tested on were laughing enough for Jess and the others to begin to feel they could fairly easily consider it done. Thereby they were perhaps going to have it be released as a merchandise for those who saw their competitor's dinosaur cartoons as really funny. Giggling at this, they began to create a marketing strategy.

Meanwhile the children finished watching it, and began leaving the little room that had been made into a children's cinema for the purpose. They didn't mind, especially since they found them to till be rather amused by it as they were leaving. One of the kids, named Esmeralda, tried to ask one of Jess' colleagues why the dinosaurs didn't treat the man who had made the cartoon in the cartoon better. “Because,” she explained, “he seemed after all to have seen them as his friends when he asked them to watch it.” Esmeralda's half-brother and a friend of his stood by and seemed interested in what the answer would be.

One man, named Fred, said that “The cartoonists don't feel like caring to portray reality as it is, and that's why they're angry!”

“Exactly!” a female coworker, Anna, said. “Thereby they made the dinosaurs feel embarrassed, so that they couldn't feel happy about what they saw! On the other hand, they could have shown them another version of their story, one where they didn't seem ridiculously happy and smiling all the time! Then, perhaps, those small dinosaurs that he showed it to could have more easily felt satisfied with themselves, despite being portrayed like that in the first place!”

Esmeralda thereby wondered why the satisfied dinosaurs wouldn't be there and fake that they were happy about it, so that those who produced such a film “wouldn't,” as she said it, “be able to tell wether or not it they were cool about it?”

Anna smiled at her and said: “Esmeralda! It's not our problem that those weird creatures might be trying to fake something like that! Instead it's they who should be grateful to us that we at least portray them fairly well and lifelike!”

Esmeralda looked a bit dissatisfied, but still promised to “try to think of it like that!” She looked at her half-brother and said: “Simon, let's go! I bet they don't think my father, who is a producer of such films is a fairly, even, popular fellow with all those dinosaurs!”

Simon looked at her as she spoke and then glanced at his friend. “I bet their' too obnoxious to figure out that they are not the only ones who can become popular with the public! ... So how about you, Steven?” he looked at his friend again.

“How about me what?!”

“I mean do you feel that we should go now, or tend to stay around just for a little answer to why they feel our parents' production is not realistic enough?”

“No, I think we can go now! ... Or actually, perhaps we should ask why they feel they aren't stuck up about it.”

Jess broke in and said: “Look kids! We're not into seriously threatening their business or reputation, if that's what you think! We're simply kidding around a little!”

“Alright,” the kids said. “But how come,” Simon's friend asked, “do they seem to be the one's who needs to be kidded with, when they don't even seem as unsuccessful as you guys?!”

“That's exactly why we feel like provoking them about it! Don't you see? The company of her father and other acquaintances of both you and her, I suppose, won't be harmed, at least to the extent they realize that we also have a capacity to perhaps join them, and become their coworkers!”

“Then why,” Esmeralda asked, “do you feel like taunting them about the dinosaurs that they rely on for their business?”

“I think we need to provoke them about the kinds of things that seem a bit important, so that they'll realize we don't feel ignorant of what they're dealing with!”

“I guess,” Steven proclaimed, “that they don't feel like bothering with those who don't annoy them enough to perhaps be proclaimed their enemies, then!”

Esmeralda looked at him. She seemed a bit puzzled, and troubled. “I think we can work out something to stop them all from feuding! But I feel there's not any point in not feuding with those people unless they hint to us - I mean my father and so - something about how they want be into cooperating with them - I mean like us!”

Jess looked at her. “I feel that they don't have to know yet what we prefer! But there's not any point, I think, in pretending they're all that interesting as partners! But, I want them to know that if they make an offer, then we will take it seriously!”

“I feel,” Esmeralda answered, “that there's no business in feeling that we aren't the superior ones, since we have a business in the first place! Thereby I will say that even though they have the capacity, they (that is you) will not try to aspire for us to see why they're provoking us! I will say that it's me interrogating them (that is you) that provided the opportunity for us - I mean my father and his friends - to have a good notion of why they are being ridiculed!”

“I guess,” Jess said thoughtfully, “that a cunning kid such as the one I'm talking to will not be so silly that she fakes that we didn't invite her here - partly in order to see to it that she got her chance to form an opinion about it! I suppose also that you other two, you two boys, will find it that she - and you two as well - have gotten a chance to speak to us about it. So how come they should have to think we're into being their enemies?”

“I feel,” Steven replied, “that there isn't any enterprise in letting her make her judgements by herself!” eh pointed at Esmeralda while finishing that statement. “Thereby I feel that Esmeralda's father, and his cousin, my uncle, shouldn't be told that you've been fair enough unless you say to me and her and Simon what they will be about, those styles that you can perhaps introduce to us! I mean it's not enough that we who are kids see that example of it! I say it would be enough to tell them you're onto something! But we can't be telling our relatives that they should trust those people who are likely to become their competitors - even though they invited us to see one small example - or isn't it? - of what they can do!”

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

It Seems to Be a Trifle for H-...!

“Are you sure that's what you really want?!” he asked her, and looked at her with an expression of distrust.

“I'm sure I want to get even with him! And yes! That means I'm available for that kind of a thing!”

“I want it, but I can't but feel that you've been into sarcasm about me waning it from you!”

“That's because I was into fidelity with him! Now I want to get even! Now are you in on it or not?”

“I'm not sure yet! I doubt that they could ever see that in me that you should be even with him thanks to me, even though you scorned me so for seeing a possible fuck with you.”

“Look, Peter! Although they don't feel that I'm into anything but revenge against that pig, I'll still be saying to you that it's good enough that you and i have it! I will see to it that you really get your share of that free love you've been asking for!”

“Laura, I don't feel like getting laid just because that dude has been unfaithful! It's you who ridiculed me for feeling that he would be, in the first place! I don't feel like pretending you're ever open-minded - nor clear-minded - enough not to give him the chance to be the pig he eventually would be! You know, I could see it coming against you! Still you chose to ridicule me in front of those people! I don't feel like getting laid with you any more due to that!”

She looked at him in self-pity. Then she turned ice cold and said: “Now you're ridiculous to the extent that I'll never consider you a guy to go to bed with again!”

He was clearly chocked about her sudden turn against him. For about half a minute neither of them said anything. Then she added: “I don't have anything to do with how that attitude of yours came to be what I can now despise! It isn't he, but it's you, who is the pig now! I can't but ridicule that face of yours for that you really think that you can intimidate me by not offering me any comfort against him!”

“Then what did it mean when you said that they are all punks, those other fellows, indicating that I don't seem to be that for you? I mean, is that just something that you pretend, jus tto get me to help you?”

“It's sort of that. But it isn't about that in the first place! It's about that you and I should never be into anything but pretending to be into friendship or something!”

“Why?! Do you have a fixed idea about me because ... is it perhaps because when I tried to get you in bed, I was hardly comprehendible as a ... stud trustworthy to be as horny as that ... in a more real sense than ... “

“I don't feel like talking with you about it! I feel you're a bastard and that you shouldn't get laid, and that's in the first place! Secondly I kind of feel that you shouldn't be into being the fool that tries to get into an - extramarital-or-not - relation with anyone without for that sake seeing to it that they get to see you as the horny guy there is to get into such a relationship with! You get that you bastard?!”

“What on earth do you mean I have to be filthy - like on the surface, then - for it?”

She looked serious. “I guess you're not sincere enough to be into seeing it in that kind of a relationship that you should never see in yourself to be a good enough fellow to be trusted as a good catch, unless you feel that you really want a relationship of that other kind!”

“I ... fell that there is nothing that should say to you that I would at all mind such a relationship! But since I'm not the one to happen be into one, I can't but feel that I should have a right for that other type, since that type is not bad enough to be despised unless there isn't an exaggerated belief in something like God and Jesus or so, about it!”

She looked chocked. “What on earth made you feel I was the one to target for that type of an escapade!? I mean there wasn't any big deal about that fellow being obnoxious and so for me! Or, oh, I forgot! I guess that I should have known that you wanted me to see it in him that he could be such a bastard - the way he has been now?”

“Yeah, of course! ... I don't feel you have the competence otherwise to realize what you're into, and perhaps you shouldn't in that case ever be into such things, since you can't handle them!”

“I guess you mean that it should mean that I shouldn't ever have any boyfriend at all?!”

“Yeah, I mean sort of that! But I also mean that you should thereby develop into a someone who can get that kind of thing about how to handle them!”

“How can you then feel that i should be into an even worse type of relation with you of all people!?”

“I feel that I don't need to see that he is what you ever wanted. Thereby it isn't I who would be worse - at most equally bad, I think!”

“How can you say that when you've been into scoring on me when I was already into a relationship!?”

“How can that circular argument be intuitive for you?!”

“What do you mean?!”

“I mean that you've fucken said that you want to be into a relationship with a pig of a guy, even though he's so obnoxious, and just because you are that, therefore he's a good enough fellow for you to despise me, or anyone else, just for trying to alleviate you about what he does to you!”

“Oh! So now that's what you were trying to do?!”

“It has been all along!”

“It can't have been! Because the way you hit on me was into trying to score on someone who didn't know how to handle a relationship! I suppose you're into handling it like that with any old fuck you might have with someone!?”

“The truth is that I really don't follow! I can have been because I was that all the time! The truth is also that you seem imbecile in trying to believe that you know what they are about all those guys that you probably want! Because why would you otherwise dress like that?!” He looked at her, then pointed at her cleavage. “Like that, for instance!”

She looked intimidated. “Don't you get it, that I'm not about that kind of stuff! I'm about that other fellow that you don't have something to do with! I'm also about that you shouldn't be looking at me as though I was a whore or something!”

“I feel that they don't see that you've been trying to score on me this night! Thereby I see in you the same filth you see in me! Now we're even! Can we call it quits?”

“What the he-...” She interrupted herself and sighed. “Guess we'll call it quits! Because I don't feel like talking to you anymore tonight!”

He looked at her, and then said: “What the fuck do you think you are when you don't feel that I have been intimidated by you before I did the same thing back?!”

“I don't know what I am! I only feel that there's no point in continuing this type of a conversation! I feel that there's no real big deal in that you tried to score on me first, but then I humiliated you first! So thereby, I feel we should end now, this conversation!” With that she stood up and grabbed the door. He also stood up, and sighed. “I guess so then!” Thereby, they didn't get along again for a very long time, but just avoided one another. She got stuck in her relationship with the guy who now also began beating her, and he got stuck in loneliness.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

It's All abuot those Witches

“It seems that she gets people to worry, like for no reason. But then if there is a reason they say to themselves that they're all the more for the better for the ones they tend to worry too much for! I mean, I don't want anyone to worry about smaller things as if they were big things. Even less do I want them to tend to pretend they solve the problems by just the worry itself! Because that's what the bitch wants them to think they aught have the right to do; to pretend they're good people by just worrying, and then not even settling for a solution of any kind!”

“I agree!”

“Then why do your parents invite her to their place so often!?”

“Because they hate to say it to themselves that someone who has them be concerned for others' well-being shouldn't be considered good company!”

“So, won't you tell them not to?!”

“I doubt it! I doubt it that they'll listen to me! It's weird, but I can't say it because that seems to backfire! It seems that they believe themselves to be moral when they actually care to pretend to care! They don't even confess to that when they so-called do something for me, all they do is pretend to solve a problem, thereby even making it seem unreal to others who could have cared! Now, that's a real witch!"

"I think they might be able to seek intimidation for us to ever be able to tell people about this, in a way suitable for presentation! In this I believe this story ends here! It's no story, because she has cast her spell over it!"

"Oh! Yeah! So it seems!"

Girls Becoming Sex-Business Women

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Monday, June 13, 2016

Big Incomes

Adult (or at least semi-adult) story; follow the link if you want to read it anyway: Big Incomes

Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Superficial Bitches

“It's a witch!” the young boy said about his mom's friend. “It's not okay for us to be associated to her! I feel already that she's cast her spell over how the parents treat us!”

His sister looked hesitantly at him. “You seem to think they all are into witchcraft those old ladies! First it was that old Olga, and now also Beatrice!”

“I feel that those two and a few of the others really must be witches! I feel that you and I, and also our brother, will have to defend our family's safety from - at least this one - and then there's one more I believe is very very bad, and that's Annie Haete! Those two, at the very least, are real bitches - real witches, that is, in sense. I say bitches when I feel like being sort of into that it's superstition after all!”

“I say it's all about superstition to say Ann Haete and the others are real witches! But if you want to go along and say that they're bitchy to an extent that is bad for our family, then go ahead! I'm totally clear on that they seem slyly into that we should be quarreling with each other!”

“Good, sissy, then we can both try to turn the table on them, and get our parents to tell themselves to watch out, because their invisible spells are dangerous and spells like that cannot be extinguished to the extent one doesn't want to realize just how evil they are underneath. ...”

“Oh! There you go again! I told you not to call them bitches because I wanted you to stay away from having a superstitious attitude about it! It's not realistic to say they cast spells! It would be realistic if you had said that they had intimidated or something! I don't know what they do, but I do know it's not that old-fashioned stuff that serves us very well when we will have to explain ourselves! I guess they could be manipulating you into having superstition seem to be the only way to define them, just like they have manipulated our parents into not realizing that they are actually awful!”

“I guess I should call them bitches and then say they have manipulated us as well as them! And I guess they should be defined as the kinds of bitches that really create opportunity for being manipulative, and for getting away with it!”

“... and for seeing to it that they themselves - usually, at least - get the upper hand in those kinds of manipulations!”

“Yeah! ... or perhaps we should say the battle of manipulations that can, at least, eventually arrive when they are there and pretend I'm even immoral for just being pensive or so!”

“Yeah, I guess so!”

“Then how shall we go about,” he asked his sister, “totally exposing them so that our parents will see that they're really harming us?”

She looked thoughtful. “I suppose we don't have any choice but to expose them at that party when they'll all be here! I suppose we could tell our dad then and there how he shouldn't let them seduce him into obnoxiously thinking he would be immature if he did figure about them that they really are bad for us, whom he speaks with tones of care about, and whom he proudly defends our mother's attitudes about!”

“Yeah, I guess, and then I guess we can also tell our mother that her haughtiness is awfully much over us at times, and that perhaps this wouldn't be so, had it not been for Annie Haete and the others!”

“Yea, I guess!”

“I propose, thereby, that we go downstairs when they're there, I say at about ten PM or so! Let's both see to it that we do our homework early that night”

“I suppose then, bro, that we can visit them downstairs and tell them not get involved with those people that are witches, but that we should never, except for rare exceptions call that! ... You must understand, bro, that those rare exceptions are to be real about that we can emphasize that they aren't seen as innocents and we as the ones guilty at least of misconceiving them!”

“Then I propose that we never speak to each other as though we had no notion of that we can at worst be judged like that! I propose that we from here on never speak to witches as though they were not (hiddenly or not) bitches, whom we must emphasize are really awful to be having to do with!”

“Good! Then from here on we will be able to emphasize that Ann Heate not be seen as teh friend of the family that she supposes she is! It's only that from now on we must also emphasize our family name as one that will stay away from those bitches - be they old or young!”

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A Sexual Abuse

Adult (or at least semi-adult) story; follow the link if you want to read it anyway: A Sexual Abuse