Tuesday, June 21, 2016

It Seems to Be a Trifle for H-...!

“Are you sure that's what you really want?!” he asked her, and looked at her with an expression of distrust.

“I'm sure I want to get even with him! And yes! That means I'm available for that kind of a thing!”

“I want it, but I can't but feel that you've been into sarcasm about me waning it from you!”

“That's because I was into fidelity with him! Now I want to get even! Now are you in on it or not?”

“I'm not sure yet! I doubt that they could ever see that in me that you should be even with him thanks to me, even though you scorned me so for seeing a possible fuck with you.”

“Look, Peter! Although they don't feel that I'm into anything but revenge against that pig, I'll still be saying to you that it's good enough that you and i have it! I will see to it that you really get your share of that free love you've been asking for!”

“Laura, I don't feel like getting laid just because that dude has been unfaithful! It's you who ridiculed me for feeling that he would be, in the first place! I don't feel like pretending you're ever open-minded - nor clear-minded - enough not to give him the chance to be the pig he eventually would be! You know, I could see it coming against you! Still you chose to ridicule me in front of those people! I don't feel like getting laid with you any more due to that!”

She looked at him in self-pity. Then she turned ice cold and said: “Now you're ridiculous to the extent that I'll never consider you a guy to go to bed with again!”

He was clearly chocked about her sudden turn against him. For about half a minute neither of them said anything. Then she added: “I don't have anything to do with how that attitude of yours came to be what I can now despise! It isn't he, but it's you, who is the pig now! I can't but ridicule that face of yours for that you really think that you can intimidate me by not offering me any comfort against him!”

“Then what did it mean when you said that they are all punks, those other fellows, indicating that I don't seem to be that for you? I mean, is that just something that you pretend, jus tto get me to help you?”

“It's sort of that. But it isn't about that in the first place! It's about that you and I should never be into anything but pretending to be into friendship or something!”

“Why?! Do you have a fixed idea about me because ... is it perhaps because when I tried to get you in bed, I was hardly comprehendible as a ... stud trustworthy to be as horny as that ... in a more real sense than ... “

“I don't feel like talking with you about it! I feel you're a bastard and that you shouldn't get laid, and that's in the first place! Secondly I kind of feel that you shouldn't be into being the fool that tries to get into an - extramarital-or-not - relation with anyone without for that sake seeing to it that they get to see you as the horny guy there is to get into such a relationship with! You get that you bastard?!”

“What on earth do you mean I have to be filthy - like on the surface, then - for it?”

She looked serious. “I guess you're not sincere enough to be into seeing it in that kind of a relationship that you should never see in yourself to be a good enough fellow to be trusted as a good catch, unless you feel that you really want a relationship of that other kind!”

“I ... fell that there is nothing that should say to you that I would at all mind such a relationship! But since I'm not the one to happen be into one, I can't but feel that I should have a right for that other type, since that type is not bad enough to be despised unless there isn't an exaggerated belief in something like God and Jesus or so, about it!”

She looked chocked. “What on earth made you feel I was the one to target for that type of an escapade!? I mean there wasn't any big deal about that fellow being obnoxious and so for me! Or, oh, I forgot! I guess that I should have known that you wanted me to see it in him that he could be such a bastard - the way he has been now?”

“Yeah, of course! ... I don't feel you have the competence otherwise to realize what you're into, and perhaps you shouldn't in that case ever be into such things, since you can't handle them!”

“I guess you mean that it should mean that I shouldn't ever have any boyfriend at all?!”

“Yeah, I mean sort of that! But I also mean that you should thereby develop into a someone who can get that kind of thing about how to handle them!”

“How can you then feel that i should be into an even worse type of relation with you of all people!?”

“I feel that I don't need to see that he is what you ever wanted. Thereby it isn't I who would be worse - at most equally bad, I think!”

“How can you say that when you've been into scoring on me when I was already into a relationship!?”

“How can that circular argument be intuitive for you?!”

“What do you mean?!”

“I mean that you've fucken said that you want to be into a relationship with a pig of a guy, even though he's so obnoxious, and just because you are that, therefore he's a good enough fellow for you to despise me, or anyone else, just for trying to alleviate you about what he does to you!”

“Oh! So now that's what you were trying to do?!”

“It has been all along!”

“It can't have been! Because the way you hit on me was into trying to score on someone who didn't know how to handle a relationship! I suppose you're into handling it like that with any old fuck you might have with someone!?”

“The truth is that I really don't follow! I can have been because I was that all the time! The truth is also that you seem imbecile in trying to believe that you know what they are about all those guys that you probably want! Because why would you otherwise dress like that?!” He looked at her, then pointed at her cleavage. “Like that, for instance!”

She looked intimidated. “Don't you get it, that I'm not about that kind of stuff! I'm about that other fellow that you don't have something to do with! I'm also about that you shouldn't be looking at me as though I was a whore or something!”

“I feel that they don't see that you've been trying to score on me this night! Thereby I see in you the same filth you see in me! Now we're even! Can we call it quits?”

“What the he-...” She interrupted herself and sighed. “Guess we'll call it quits! Because I don't feel like talking to you anymore tonight!”

He looked at her, and then said: “What the fuck do you think you are when you don't feel that I have been intimidated by you before I did the same thing back?!”

“I don't know what I am! I only feel that there's no point in continuing this type of a conversation! I feel that there's no real big deal in that you tried to score on me first, but then I humiliated you first! So thereby, I feel we should end now, this conversation!” With that she stood up and grabbed the door. He also stood up, and sighed. “I guess so then!” Thereby, they didn't get along again for a very long time, but just avoided one another. She got stuck in her relationship with the guy who now also began beating her, and he got stuck in loneliness.

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