Tuesday, June 14, 2016

It's All abuot those Witches

“It seems that she gets people to worry, like for no reason. But then if there is a reason they say to themselves that they're all the more for the better for the ones they tend to worry too much for! I mean, I don't want anyone to worry about smaller things as if they were big things. Even less do I want them to tend to pretend they solve the problems by just the worry itself! Because that's what the bitch wants them to think they aught have the right to do; to pretend they're good people by just worrying, and then not even settling for a solution of any kind!”

“I agree!”

“Then why do your parents invite her to their place so often!?”

“Because they hate to say it to themselves that someone who has them be concerned for others' well-being shouldn't be considered good company!”

“So, won't you tell them not to?!”

“I doubt it! I doubt it that they'll listen to me! It's weird, but I can't say it because that seems to backfire! It seems that they believe themselves to be moral when they actually care to pretend to care! They don't even confess to that when they so-called do something for me, all they do is pretend to solve a problem, thereby even making it seem unreal to others who could have cared! Now, that's a real witch!"

"I think they might be able to seek intimidation for us to ever be able to tell people about this, in a way suitable for presentation! In this I believe this story ends here! It's no story, because she has cast her spell over it!"

"Oh! Yeah! So it seems!"

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