Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Smart Strategy for Catching the Girls

“But why?!” Harold asked him, with an air of amusement.

Oscar regarded this as an insult. “It's not you who should be asking that!” he said, seeming almost solemn about it. “But since you asked, I will be regarding you as the pernicious dickhead who doesn't car to know that I'm not about him in a moral sense! Not at all, that is!”

“Why not?!”

“Because you don't care about the assumption there is about that man, and which no other men could have about them! Not to mention not very many women, even!”

“Oh, that's it!” Oscar responded. “I gather you then consider him a girl or some dumb sort!”

“Yeah, I do that! But I also consider him an idiot who cannot help himself to amusements, nor to even the power that for example Patrick - who is by the way also a geek, although he cold be adequate for immoral behavior now and then!”

“I see! But then how come you don't feel like responding to even his friend Conrad?! Cause he is, isn't he, the least geeky of those people!”

“Yeah, he is. But that is in a sense that he is that! It is because he is due to moral just the same that he isn't adequate either!”

“Okay, then, Harold! I feel that there's no point to them, then, in the first place! But how come you feel that the women will come to us just as soon as we ridicule those two who are geekier than most?!”

“That's because they don't really pertain to it! They only moralize because they want to be worshipped by those few guys who are into it! I don't know about Jesus and why he is moral and still adequate for both them and others to worship! But I do know they aren't well enough established to take themselves a man if they are too much into either him or the morals for example August has!”

“Yeah! Now I can see why you regard him as the scum of the earth, even without thinking about his morals as anything but an incapacity to be real about things that really matter!”

“Okay! That's why we two are now going to catch all the girls we can, and that without at all thinking about morals, except for that we have it on the surface, just in order to keep them from moralizing so that their adequacy for being worship is affected!”

“Wow! I say! How come you're telling me all this, thought?! I mean if you're not into morality, then you wouldn't be even telling some other guy about those tricks! So how come you're telling me about it?!”

“It's because you're my friend and there is an adequacy to be into morals if they're about friends only! Thereby I will gain the upper hand on Jesus and thereby you will also be my friend for the time it takes for me to finish learning how to catch women that way, the way my father has been teaching me it should be done!”

“Okay! I can go for actually fetching those girls! I can go for having them for a meal, if that suits our plans for seeming moral in the sense that they can keep an aura of being superficial and thus not be into Jesus' penalty or something!”

“Good! Thereby we will fetch them and actually catch some of them although we're not good looking!”

“Wow! There isn't a catch, though, you think? I mean in that they aren't reliable to be into worship so much more than into relating to actual moral as what they really want?!”

“I suppose there aren't any! There's no catch in that they are evil in that they're supposing they are moral even when they scorn August or someone like him! They aren't even moral when they're into seducing them! I suppose they're into moral when they're supposedly smart at assuming they are of Jesus or something! But I am not of Jesus and there they could have themselves a subterfuge for a fun-in-bed night or something, without them interfering, those who are actually moral!”

“I can't suppose they won't be into pretending you are that dickhead if you don't suppose you're into morals for some reason! I can't think of anything that says she will be for you if you don't suppose you are of Jesus or something! For some reason I can't suppose that!”

“Then you are a moron! I have tried to do it the other way! But they just shrug at it and say that they aren't into him, or else they shrug it of and tell me he isn't into sex between me and her! I thereby have it there's no competence in the Jesus moral to have it we aught to have sex all the time!”

“Okay thereby we shall see to it we don't have anything more to do with him! I will want to pretend I am someone who don't give them a chance to be of virtue, and thereby catch their innocence as the smart actual feeling of immoral that it actually is!”

“I can assume my mother will thereby tell you how much they counteract each other, those men who are into morals as if they were of Jesus, but hen aren't! I can assume they don't have any morals and still seem innocent enough not to have to pretend as if anything about my filthy habits and my evil nature!”

“My mother will have it they are into morals for the sake of nature to be viewed as the natural thing to be competent of making it feel smart at being good for them. I wonder if your mother or mine has the correct point of view! I wonder also if they are competent, either one of them, to be into anything but haste about these men, who are incompetent to be into anything but none-sex and none-violence, not to mention none of that woman business of having their fortune seem like it should humiliate their enemies!”

“No, I don't know either, Oscar! But I feel they can come in handy now that we're gonna fetch ourselves all the girls we can get! And they will come in handy, because I have seen to it that no one will ever refer to them as inadequate mothers for staying moral about how to treat their sons to become the best kinds of guys for the appreciation of society and so! I will also see to it, if you're with me, that they don't seem incompetent to pretend they're moral in a sense they can accept, for the occasions when they do pretend and can possibly be discovered about it!”

“I can thereby say, Harold, that we can already go out and try to fetch some girl! Because I have already seen to it that they seem to do that! I have already told everyone that exactly their standards are supported by their supposedly fake morals!”

With that they went out and caught a girl, whom they shared in bed and who began to spread rumors about them as fun in bed for it!

Friday, July 3, 2015

The Murdered Guard

“Why not kill him when he's on the watch!?”

“Yeah! Why not kill him there! And then we'll get mistake to seem what we was into!”

“I feel that there's no sympathy for him from there where they make his decisions! Therefore we can kill him now and thereby get the reward from the villain of the catastrophe of the haunting dogs!”

“Yeah! He will reward us and then we shall forever rejoiced in the happiness of being villains with him!”

“Fun stuff this killing of a guard will be!”

“Fun stuff indeed!”

Thereby the three villainy aspirants committed the crime of saving a guard for the palace where the atmosphere was sophisticatedly about haunting those who had it even the powerful were awful in their small-problem vulnerability!

The killing was done by having him be off guard by seeming to be on his side about the watch he was there for. He was to be humiliated by actually liking his murderers. These were two men and one woman. They felt they had the right to do it, because in their world there's an enthusiasm for being evil when there's no clue to what evil is for the not-so-evil.

“If I have him now to seem so pathetic that he defends us upon murdering him, then I will be forever honored by his soul, and won't have to lose mine for all eternity!”

“I too feel that there is no clue to how he could have been the killed person without us being honorable and seemingly worth-it to view as capable of seeming sophisticated at the bullying that causes eternal enthusiasm! We shall hereafter know we have done this, and forever rejoice in his suffering, there among the leaves of the highly poisonous plants and snakes!”

“I will see to it that the master of evil we from whom we got this mission assigned us to us always will rejoice in our evil happiness about this deed!”

“Then I will forever be happy!” said the woman, “I will forever rejoice and in sophisticated hatred for the weak and powerless! I will from here on forever heel to the thought of having him suffer like that!” she added, with a scornful hint that it was the man dying in the bushes that she meant.

“I can now see to it that the master of all evil, the man who assigned us to it, will rejoice in having us happy in having seen that happen!” her friend, the master of all plans of evil competence search, said.

The mission accomplished they reported back to the queen of all competences to be happy about saying to oneself that one is to be rejoiced about, the queen also of the palace that guard had been defending. She reported upwards to the witch of all sophistication of remarkability of seeming white in the thoughts and soul, while being very very very dark in them both.

In remembrance for this deed, the queen of all such thoughts fought the remembrance of the suffering as though were it a remembrance of an extreme rejoicement level that he the unjustly punished guard did not reach, for the sake of that he was put of trail about how to rejoice so much that he couldn't do his duties. This the three murderers rejoiced in too.

Thereby, the villain of all haunting that is not on a pedestal of saying to oneself that one is of howling and evil and deeds that cannot be reconciled against, rejoiced in that they could no see through his plan of taking territory from the two queens that they had been reporting to! He felt he was superior now, because he was able to have them rejoice in their own vulnerability for the sake of seeing that the suffering of their own guard was thorough and good for the appearance!

But the queen of the realm of innocence to be seeming impossible for the realm of powerless sophistication of morals, who took care of rejoicing in that the low ones could not rejoice in morals, and thereby became vulnerable in their soul, she, the lower of the two queens the murderers reported to, she was able to taunt back, by having the ghost mother die so painfully that she haunted the ghost into haunting as the guard he once was. She thereby half saved her kingdom from the wicked villain who had caused her the vulnerability.

The enormous suffering of the guard was not reprised, nor that of his mother. Neither was much thought about even as even something an atrocity. So evil was the queen of all witches that she proclaimed herself to be innocent by seeing to it that causing unjust suffering seemed fair to the many who after all did care for some, or even much, morals in her universe of totality of dark and sophisticated evil.

Two years after the first murder, one year after the lower queens murder of his mother, the three murderers were happy and content with their lives and their devotion for causing suffering. They did not suffer any penalties, because everyone was so blinded by the fatal queen of all witches, who ruled them all and who caused eternal suffering for those unfit for reality of total immorality. They were not very afraid, even, of the queen finding out about that her rival, the villain of the evil haunting of the presence of absolute torture, had a plan about taking territory from her for it. Because they knew the evil queen of all witches was all too evil to realize the problem of another evil spirit.

Thereby, the three of them did not have much of a problem with anyone! Meanwhile, the ghost spooked virtually every night, and caused so much trouble that even the queen of the mood of being sophisticated about one's deputy care takers began to lose her might and the palace of sophisticated hauntin of those not too able to see small stories be impossible for big people. The three even rejoiced in that, without either queen reacting with anything but envy, on the smaller queens part, and rejoicment of being higher than that they could reach her, on the part of the higher of them.

Thereby, the years passed, and eventually the dogged efforts of the villain who had scoped for this to be suffering for many, he looked always from them all and saw an opportunity to make himself a new homeland, where he would be king, and those suffering below him would be of absolute obedience!

Thereby, the queen of all witches saw the threat of even her power that he really was. Thereby, she reacted by having some of her subordinates out spying on the villain, whom she found, after all was a threat to even her equally evil empire. Even so, the villain rejoiced in not being thought of as the villain that haunted the many of her subordinates, because she did not rejoice even then in the thought of harassing another evil ruler. But she did revel in the thought of crushing him as though he had never been evil enough to be her, even potential, superior at being of an ultimate and fanatical extreme evil.

Sadly for her, her reign didn't last very much longer than that his ghost was the spirit to kill her. Because she had rejoiced in seemingly having killed the spirit of having even his body be alive. But the spirit of his ghost was there and killed the spirit of her body! In saying this, I will not say that people didn't rejoice in both of their torments from each others' souls. I'm saying, however, that both of their souls were very smart at surviving in their extreme-of-evil environment!

Two years upon the bodily death of the queen of all witches, the then also killed ruler of the temple of rejoicement of seeming moral while sophisticatedly having evil seem right, had also died. This was the queen who had first reported to her about that guard's death, but who was killed in a disease from that the then still bodily alive spirit of the villain hypnotized one of her people to infect both her and almost all of her inferiors with - and also the rival for the throne whom she respected but feared and despised for trying to fetch her throne of evil of being immoral against the virtually satanic but still moral people that were sometimes close to her.

The devil in the mentioned villain was so bight at being evil that he never again seemed incompetent of being the malicious evil-doer that kept on being alive to the extent there was a competence needed of that magnitude of evil. Forever after he shall be ready to torture those opposed to the one who beat his soul at last. Forever also will he be in charge of the many souls he had beat. Thereby, there will forever be rejoicement for the winner in that very evil universe, where there are not any tales to be told, which is why we must tell them all forever on this earth.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

"Now I've Got a Great Idea!"

“I vow that I never again set foot in this building!”

Christina sat and laughed at the thought of having them over again - and, a little, at the thought of leaving the mentioned building herself for any long time. It was not her house, but she felt it was hers, in the sense that she couldn't predict that she would lose her relationship with it. Therefore she felt that Matilda's comment was awful, but she still laughed at that, too, since she didn't feel that the building was anything that Matilda would decide over.

“I swear,” she answered, “that there's no way for us to lose this house; no matter how we tried; we wouldn't easily, at least, lose it! Besides, where are you going to live, if we don't pertain here, in this building, which is after all our home!”

“I'm gonna live in the forest!” Amanda answered. “I'm gonna live there and I'm gonna shoot wild animals for a living!”

“Oh! Then I shall see to it that you get a handgun with you! But I, I'm gonna live here, and there's not enough sense in it for me to follow you out into the forest for that!”

“I'm gonna live in the forest, and you come with me! I'm gonna teach you how to swim, there! I'm also gonna tell you about all the mushrooms I can eat, and which ones are to be thrown away! That way we can both eat mushrooms, and there are also so many berries and stuff that we can eat!”

“I will follow you there on one condition! It is that I don't have to spend my time trying to understand the way the principle of nature seems to work for ya! Because I don't want to know about such things!”

“Okay! You just come with me into the forest and then we'll be together with our animal friends, and tell them all about those other human beings, so that they don't like any more than we do!”

“I see! When you're out in the forest you tell the animals they aren't geing to be taken as friends by the other human beings! That's clever! But how come will they seem to be on your sinde when you have to kill some of them for the meat we're gonna have for survival!?”

“I guess it's by telling them that I don't have to kill them unless the other human beings are bad, but hey are! I go for trying to substitute the essence of being into them as friends by the essence of survival! That they will understand me for!”

“Okay! I guess the theory about their minds works for the sake of us being there for some time without there being a mistake on our part due to that they have it we wildness-friendly people are fatal.”

“Then how will I survive without being here every now and then, I who never have set my foot in the forest before!?”

“You will survive by having us seem mature enough to be able to be ready to be smart at being part their society! I will teach you how to deal with them that way!”

“But how will I survive the forest, I mean?! I, who can't even climb a tree!?”

“I'll teach you!”

“But how?! I mean how long will it take form me to learn all those things!? I who only have been out in the cultivated gardens and parks around here!?”

“I will teach you how to survive in the forest, and that's final! You will not see to it that we return to this building, not now after my sister has died in what they call a “tragic accident,” but which was in reality just their trap for her that worked and thus killed her!”

“I know! But how come they will not follow us out in the forest!? What do you feel they can do once we get there?!”

“I feel they will do nothing but believe we are gone because some others have killed us!”

“Oh! That's the plan! Then I can follow, and I will come along to learn the forest as you will teach me!”

“Good then, Christina! Since you're only three, you will be able to learn much more than I ever have about the forest and how to survive there! I have not learned anything of it before I was five! Now you will start at an even earlier age than I!”

“Then I will learn to ride a horse! Because I have always envied a horseback rider for that they can't fall off in the forest!”

“No! I don't think we can take any horse with us there! I'm afraid they would follow us then! But I will see to it there is a horse there in say a couple of years! And then maybe you can learn how to ride without falling off!”

“Okay! Then I will learn when I'm nine or something! I will learn how to sit and how to not fall of, then, and I will be happy, because when I fall off I never can be happy with a horse!”

“Okay, you will be happy then, once I get a horse to my forest! But you will come with me tomorrow, and don't forget it's I who am in charge, because it's I who know everything about the forest!”

“I will have to come with you! Because if they come here when I'm alone here, they will kill me too! That's why I will follow you out in the forest!”

“Okay! You follow me there! But for now, let's just settle for that we brush our teeth! Because out in the forest, there's a long time without a toothbrush in anyplace!”

“Okay! I'll brush my teeth real well!”

“Good!” she said, and with that they settled for the decision to leave the next day. When it arrived, they walked out into the, as it happened to be, then foggy forest. They got lost and they never came back, not even for a horse to go riding on!

But their bodies were found near a swamp by the lake they had probably planned to fish in!