Saturday, January 28, 2017

It Seemed to Her that She Knew Everything About Flirting

“Indeed!” she said.

He looked at her.

“Indeed!” she repeated. “I very often feel that we are one!”

“Should I believe that?! ... Or do you want me to just pretend it for the sake of having an affair?”

“I feel that we can be seen as one because the sense we have of each other is that when I want something, you seem to want to handle it as though you knew what it was about!”

“I feel that we are not one, because we don't belong to each other!” he said. “If it seems to you that I seem to know what you feel you're about, then how come I don't seem to find it a safe assumption that you are about, ehm, whatever you are about right now?!”

“Indeed,” she stated one third time, “do I feel that you and I pertain to one another! But since you have now ruined it, I'll just have to move away from the thought of you as a guy I would be likely to have for a partner!”

“Well! I see that you're trying to engage me in trying to pretend you've been working on me all day or so!”

“I don't feel I have to show it to someone that I'm working on contact with! I feel that we two are in contact, just because of that extra notion of you and I being intuitive about something, now and then, that scores on us as similar in our wishes!”

“Only this morning you said to Harold, just as if I didn't exist, that there are no men except him! Now, how can you find yourself to be intuitive with me after treating me as so uninteresting?!”

She looked thoughtful. “This morning I was, ... let's see. Harry and I seemed to relate to each other like we were into finding ourselves at home with each other! There's always room for a newbie to be seen as welcome to greetings so that he or she doesn't feel left out!”

“Oh! That's every newcomer I suppose!? ... Or is that only the male ones?! Or the young and ones, even?!”

She looked at him, fairly upset with what he just said. “Do you feel that I have to be harassed just because I help some people feel smart at relating to what I am?!”

“I don't see that I have to feel that you're just helping those people to adjust to what's proper to know about you! I find you to be flirting with just about everyone in the office, and, okey, especially teh new boys that come here and lack experience!”

“Don't they need to find themselves at home right here, and ain't I doing what there can be done for them to feel at home!?”

“I don't feel that you treated those new girls that same way!”

“Don't insult me about not being able to know how to suppose they need my introduction! It's they who are cunning already; in the ways that I know how to introduce people into beginning to be.”

He peered at her with suspicion and some contempt over him. Then he sighed. “I'm not going to believe you! But I know that those studs that come here and don't know about you will! So how come you try to score on me!? Haven't you got enough of them already!?”

She touched his shoulder and said: “It's you who are the kind of guy who really is what I really love to fancy!” There was an air of delight over her.

He looked stubborn. “Bitch! For the sake of pretending I am the only man you want in that certain manner! ...”

She sort of smiled at this comment, then said: “You and I have nothing to engage in with each other. From now on I'll keep away from you, and so also, I expect, will you keep away from me! Right, stud?!”

“Alright, I'll keep away from you!” he answered.

With that they ended the conversation. From then on they only occasionally glanced at each other, hardly ever both at once. Also, from then on, they both pretended that they wouldn't ever have been attractive by that other person!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

"We are the Proud Defenders of Humanity!"

“Look! It's too pathetic to feel as if they were actually moral just because they're into looking at themselves as smart at nailing those who have authority over them.”

“Why do you feel they aren't trying to actually nail them?!”

“It's because they're actually working on trying to find out what that is that they're into authority for! They're into authority only because there are criminals who try to pretend to be reason enough for the rebels to fake that they are unnecessarily harassed by those authorities!”

“Then why do we have an authority in them who wants to see itself as good enough to be worth it to portray that way?! It's worth it for the sake of training at sorting out who is what, and when we actually have an authority there! Therefore I think they're not worth it to have as the authority they are, and they are not worth it to be trusting!”

The son of the two people arguing broke in. “Papa, mama is right in that they are not to be trusted! They are actually so fake that even the police don't trust them!”

His father sighed. “It's necessary just the same,” he answered, “that we let them be seen as good enough for being the right type of opponent to those who have the criminal type of authority! Because, they use the only language those criminals are willing to understand - and thanks to that, they can beat them at their own game!”

The ones he was referring to a community for defending the privileges of those trusted by society. It was founded by some people who clearly saw themselves as superior to anyone who could have it in them to join a movement against belief in society. Even so the organization they had founded also used illegal methods. ...

His mother now broke in and asked: “How come sonny, do you think, does he feel we aught to let the hypocrisy of those who fight against accepting the methods they want to use themselves?!”

“I guess mommy, it's because he feels they aught to have the might and power to oppress everyone else with it!”

Both the son and the mother mused contemptuously at this. The mother smiled and seemed to sort of to cuddle up with contentment over the notion of the father as a person to be scorned.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Real or not Competences of Morality(?!)

Cecilia looked at brother. “Why is it,” she asked, “that in the movies, in television series, the looser that seems bullied never turns out to be a bad person too. Cause, as everybody knows, the bullied person often is someone who's being bullied for a reason, hardly ever for nothing - even thought those who bully him or her can very likely be assholes too!”

“Why wouldn't it,” he asked her back, “be the bad person that is obvious about being bad that is actually bullied, then? How come, I mean, do real people find it in them to be obvious about feeling sin is adequate for an excuse for being bullied, while in the movies, those portrayed as real, seem adequate to fit in for ever with those who view piety, virtue and so as very good to have!”

“Why don't you ever answer instead of just asking back?!”

“It's because you never ask anything that is worthwhile! Because there's no reason to believe there's a goodness in all of us, but of course the movie stars can't be portrayed as though they weren't supposed to be virtuous models of behaviour, so that they can serve to keep society going! That's why sis! Now I've answered!”

“Cut out that nonsense of trying to pretend the producers of them are just into making our society work! I mean they really want to make the money, don't they?! Now, wouldn't it sell better if they really sorted out the reality of things!?”

“I really can't say they shouldn't believe that would be working for their money, sis. So, actually, you're right! They aught to work on portraying them as being fairly bad people, I guess!”

“I mean how come they don't try to make that way of making money fit in with contributing to a good societal view on what to expect from people?!”

“It's because they don't really have the guts to feel that they are evil! In fact they could all have been bullied themselves! That's what I believe!”

“But how come they don't feel then, that they could make money from portraying themselves as almost not evil, and then they would be just like the rest of us!”

“I don't know, sis! But perhaps that's just because they're not evil in the first place, and then they can't be evil enough to portray it like that!”

“I don't know how they in that case can portray themselves as sophisticated at being wise and robust so that there's no actual reason behind the bullying! Because a liar is after all not an actually good person, and they seem to be into something like lying when they portray themselves as that good!”

“I can't say they aren't very wise, those producers, and besides that, I doubt it that I was right about them being bullied all the rime! Instead, I think now, they are into determining assholes as the ones to be sophisticated against, and not just by joining the bullies or something!”

“I agree. I also suppose you're into lying to me about why they are being bullied, because I don't feel they're actually smart enough, those victims, to be the ones to proclaim that no one, not even they, should be bullied. Instead they keep on suffering and feeling as though they were supposed to be assumed to be superb, and that therefore the bullying that goes on should target others instead of them.”

“Yeah, I agree! But I don't also feel that they're being bullied only because they're bad! I feel they also are bullied because they seem odd or so.”

“It's not really they who are being bullied only because they're odd. And I don't think it even could be the main reason, actually! Because all the bullies I've met seem like smart enough people to figure out that an odd person could be as adequate as a more ordinary one!”

“I can't feel that you're up to a point that actually suits my interests! I mean I'm being bullied, and I don't feel they have any reason to torment me but that I'm alone and that they are many!”

“I suppose you're being bullied for the sole reason that you're pretending to be good all the time! I mean pretentious people are exactly what they're targeting!”

“Then give me a reason to pretend I'm not good, and I'll show them how to be into that bullying isn't an actual triviality to be dealing with!”

“I feel that your not good because you're pretending to be good all the time! I also feel you're not being bullied, because you feel that you're too smart for them, actually. That is, I don't feel you're being bullied, since they can see in you that you're strong inside and that you're not the chicken they have in those they want to victimize!”

“I feel I'm bullied because they want to pretend to be my friends and then they always see our friendship as an inadequacy. I moreover feel that I'm being bullied by those who refuse my friendship because of those fakers that I've already been friends with.”

“Then how come you feel you're being bullied and not just assumed to be a bad person? I mean it's not bullying, really, to pretend as if something about a person one doesn't trust or so.”

“I feel it's bullying in that they pretend I have a reason to believe I'm below them! I also feel it's bullying because they try to pester me about how they feel about me and, as if I weren't their friend or potential friend, in reality, they harass me about being good to the people they don't like!”

“Then how come you keep trying to be good all the time?!”

“It's because I don't have any choice but to try to be good to everybody, because otherwise they would still embarrass me about being sophisticated against their morals, or so-called!”

“ The adequacy for being into a moral is that it's actually worth their while, and thereby they should be into you as the person they aught to judge by standards of sophistication as virtue for them and not as a reason for bullying you!”

“I know! That's why I feel I'm inadequate for them as it seems!”

“What then is your point in feeling that you're worth it by pretending to be superb and virtuous?”

“It's about that I can't sync with them, and not about that I don't have any actual morals! I mean I'm not really pretending for them that I am a a guy of virtue. I just really am that!”

“How come, then, do they pretend, as you say, that you're not actual about it?!”

“It's because they already had the share of the virtues I had for them! Thereby they feel they can be tricking those who don't know that I could become a good friend! And thereby they seem to be good friends themselves, because they also trick them into thinking they had nothing for me, nothing to be grateful of!”

“I thereby see in you a fellow who cannot communicate his will to be into virtue and thereby you are being bullied because they don't see it in you to be able to prove that they could feel better about having you as a friend than not!”

“I see that you're trying to understand what kinds of friends I really did have! Or aren't you into seeing it in me to be a pretender who doesn't seem moral because I wasn't good enough at communicating the virtues that they seem ridiculously and/or arrogantly into pretending I couldn't have?!”

“Okay! But then how come we are supposed to have a friend in that girl Maria, who is that kind of a faker?! I feel she hasn't got, that is, the morals of staying adequate for telling the truth about people. Or didn't you notice how she smiled when she said that guy Tony wasn't into morals and that he had simply tried to see to it that he was a guy to be reckoned with as though he was worth it, but that then he really wasn't!”

“I suppose that Maria is simply about what I feel is really inadequate, then. Do you mean I really aught to take care of not having them as friends who could even potentially be fakers?”

“Yeah, I guess you should be into that about them!”

“I feel I don't have anything to gain by not having them as friends! I feel on the other hand that I do have very much at stake with them! Therefore I have to treat them as my friends until that someone comes along who will break the evil spiral of that they all seem of like lying about me!”

“I can't believe they will ever try to break that spiral, unless you show that they're not really worth your friendship!”

“It's very difficult to break this spiral by myself, sis. And really, I can't believe one must try to understand everybody as evil enough to lie just because others have!”

“Then, bro, I will find it to be said that I shouldn't worry that those bullied always seem to be the ones too innocent to be treated well! Instead I shall see it in them to be the suckers at actually trying to be into something that is really certified as moral, and not dependant on others points of view of some kind!”

“I guess I will never come out of this spiral, since you say to me that I'm just a sucker at certifying morals! It's not really all that it's about, that certifying thing!”

“I know. But I can't feel you're being moral unless I actually know you're certified as it! I'm sorry bro; I really can't help ya'!” With that she ended the conversation.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Secret Society ...

In eastern Gall, fairly close to where Goth country started, some tribal leaders met about that there was a problem with the Romans authority. Chiefs, and druids, from five different different local tribes were there to discuss the issue. Worst of all, many of them thought, was when the Romans could manage to get loyalty from some of the other Gall people.

“Because,” as one of the druids was saying, “ uniformity against them is what we need - or, that is, should want to have. But since we can't manage to keep all of our people disloyal to them, we'll have to support that thought of them as superior, but only in a way that doesn't provide them with certainties about us - apart from on the surface! I thereby propose that our tribes' system of telepathy against traitors be used against them!

“It's built upon,” he continued, “the concern that they might have - those traitors! - for their own relationship with the spirits and gods that guide us - and also them, if we don't do something about it! - to greater happiness and successful aspirations. What there is for us to do is to let them, the traitors, seem to have our spirits and gods with them. There is in our tribe's spiritualism a well organized telepathy for doing that!

“I propose further that we therefore, to the extent we can, use these measures that are our weapons of guidance for the spirits and against traitors! But we don't want to deal with that as the only trick we should have! Indeed I've come to the conclusion that - together with your,” he indicated another tribe, “pretensions to make some of your members seem like someone else, there can at best be an eternally invisible hinder against that we are conquered! Because thereby we can lead our people to be with the Romans on the surface, but not in reality!”

A druid from the tribe that he had indicated said: “We have also thought about trying to combine the two systems! We have already used some of it for fooling some Goth peoples!”

The chief from the tribe of the druid who spoke before looked disturbed. “What do you know, already, about how to combine our two forms of magic?”

“Enough for us to humiliate that they, the Goth, feel that their gods are as good as ours!”

Now both the chief and the druids from the other tribe looked troubled. After a while one of the druids saw that he could show that the other tribe were still inferior about that cunning, although they had seemingly been able to spy on something about it. “We shall check on that ourselves, sooner or later! But for now, do tell us the side of it that is how much our system has helped you against them!?”

The druid he spoke to looked at him. “The advantages we have had do not match the advantages they seem to have! But still we have enough to lure them into our traps once in a while, when we need to!”

A chief from one the other tribes broke in and said: “WE also have competence to use other strategies than - such as even both of yours! Even so, I would in no way be able to view myself as superior in either one of them! Thereby I think it's best for us to start cooperating and not get into jealousy of some kind! But, I assure you, that if there isn't any possibility for you, who just spoke about your telepathic system for defense of our Gallic gods and spiritual competences, to see to it that all the others do find you superb, to still be superb, then we can't see it in you to have the authority we need for you to be trusted by us!”

The druid from that tribe looked at each other. “Oh! It's not true that we cannot crush either one of you in the spiritual sense that we are talking about!” one of them said. Another one of them stood up and focused in telepathy on the gods while another one, still sitting, focused on spirits. After a while they, and the two other druids there from the same tribe, had a fairly good control over the representatives there from other tribes. The one who had been focusing on spirits then also rose.

In a gesture of belief in the tribal units and a system of cooperation between them, he shook the beliefs of most of the other tribe's representatives, both druids and chiefs. It took a while until they realized, but then they also started saying that “Yes.” indeed they felt that their authority was at issue as a real protection to be having!

In that, the chief and the druids of the tribe of the just-shown telepathy competence started to organize that cooperation. Their telepathy eventually ruined roman influence enough for there to be reason to look for other targets of the combined efforts than those it was initially intended for. It had by then also developed into a highly secretive sect-like cult for infiltrating and infiltrating potential enemies that might be from different cultures and of different languages than those gathered for that first meeting knew about. Now many of those involved felt like testing their competences on even more foreign cultures and contexts, while others felt more like simulating those already known, but no longer caring about that there could be a loyalty to one's own culture and so. ... In both cases they had to much extent given up care for actually targeting their enemies.

So, eventually, as the combined systems of telepathy had merged into one, they became a dangerous underground look-alike sect, which portrayed many people as mediocre in morals and/or adoption to circumstances of regards for others.

The Fairly Unusual Cruelty of a Custumer of Black-Market Sex

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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Cold Calculation for Defending One's Ideals Sometimes Can Cause Severe Misfortune ...

There had been few costumers lately in Harry Esner's shop. He thereby felt that he probably needed to change its selection of goods. He was almost sure about this, because neither of his last two advertisement campaigns had been quite successful. Even the first one only kept costumers coming and buying stuff at a fairly steady rate compared to before it. The second one only made the downward slope of his sales curve less steep.

He had, the week before, asked his wife and daughter for advise about what to sell. His wife had answered that she thought a retail shop should offer furniture furniture for the home, rather than just for the car. His daughter said that she figured it'd be appropriate to sell some handicrafts on top of the souvenirs that costumers perhaps sensed were mass produced.

He himself had thought of beginning to sell some basic medicines, such as cough drops perhaps pain relievers. Today he was pondering upon to which extent he could update his contacts and reorganize his business for the sake of dealing with suitable manufacturers and for retailing those new types of goods - or at least some of them. He already also started making some contacts, two of them so far, one with a furniture producer and one with manufacturer of upholstery.

Today, also, he had asked his wife to take a day off in order to join him in the store and help him plan the change. She was only working half-time and was thereby a bit disposable for the people at her work place. Right now the two of them were discussing if he was actually making the right sort of change, after all. “Deal with that I don't know your business very well, Harry!” his wife was saying. “I only felt that since lots new people really are moving in a few miles from here, perhaps they can appreciate a retail store were suitable and charming furniture can be found. But I don't know to which extent it is worth it for you and I didn't think about all the space it would take to have it there!”

He sighed. “I know honey. But still, the way I view it, there simply must be at least a small point to thinking that they might - at least - want things such furniture that connects them with our local traditions and so.”

“Even so I'm beginning to feel much less sure about it now that I'm here!”

He looked at her. “Probably we can make an add in a magazine and/or put up posters fairly close to the new dwellings! It's not unlikely they'll come here just to check! But then I better have at least something in store, and also some readiness to sell them other, perhaps more personally customized items. ... I suppose you think about why I asked you here as a notion of that you should be acquainted with all that I'm doing for it. But what I want from you is mostly that you feel that I don't go behind your back. Please understand this, though, Elsa; I don't keep you from work without that meaning a whole lot for me. Please understand me; I can't go behind your back without you becoming cross with me, or at least I cannot be expecting you not to be at least a little sore about it, if I make changes you don't want!”

She looked stubborn. “The reason I didn't want to come here was mostly that I didn't want you to make insinuations about my attitudes towards you!”

“But, honey, the people at your work place might come here too, and to the extent we can fix it in a way that they like, don't you suppose they might even appreciate that you took a day off?!”

She sighed. “Okay, hun, then I'll see to it that they actually do come here and check some day!”

“It's also good if even Mona comes here and checks! Even though she's unemployed, and a bit wild at times, I'm sure her opinion can help me out, just as it did yesterday! You know, I rely on my family, mostly you, but also Elsa, for feeling good about what I'm doing in life!”

“So how come you didn't ask her to come, then?!”

“I did, but I wanted you to come here first!”

His wife said nothing. She just looked at him with an air of concern.

“So,” he continued. “I feel feel like deciding with you at least something about how to rearrange the order in the shop! After that, I feel that I preferably shall invite our daughter here as well. Are you okay with that?”

She smiled. “Harry! Yes, I think I'm okay with it! First of all then, I think the furniture should be in the back of the shop, since it's big enough to be more visible from there than other stuff here is!”

“I agree, preliminarily, honey!”

“Okay, then I feel we could perhaps mover these four shelves to that one can see them from the store window! I should prefer that we buy something at least of mahogany, I think, because, I think, mahogany can catch one's eye as something that adds that touch of rustic charm - or something, to one's environment!”

He sighed. “Mahogany is probably a bit too risky for this shop! I'm afraid there might be burglaries if we really have that kind of stuff on display!”

“Oh, Harry! It would be really a pity to stay that cheap! But, by the way, why can't we invest in a better burglar alarm, and one or more cameras, perhaps to go with it!”

“Hmh, yeah. And, of course, I might be wrong about the prices of mahogany; I haven't been checking them!”

“I think there might be more than one type of that kind of wood! Why don't you check it with that furniture company, and perhaps one or two other ones!?”

“Yeah, I suppose we might say to some costumers that they can order the stuff in better mahogany than what we dare have in the store ... that they can order for example that. Perhaps others of them want to order it in ebony instead!”

“I agree,” she said.

“Good. Now notice, honey that all while we've been here, nobody has entered the shop!”

“Now I get it! That's the real reason you wanted me to be here on a work day! Just so I an see how few people you attract! Then how come I should say to the people at my office that they have something good to expect!”

“Because you and I are gonna make it good enough for them!”

That weekend the two of them, and also their daughter, went to the store, and began making room for some furniture Harry had ordered. They also moved the shelves the way Elsa had suggested the other day. Harry was concerned about how Elsa seemed dissatisfied just the same. He looked at her and asked: “Are you sure, Elsa, that there's no way for us to show the furniture from the window without it seeming like they are more at display than they aught to be?”

“Today I'm sure that we can't seem to be small about the change we're making! But on the other hand, it seems to be appropriate to care about developing one's shop!”

“Yeah!” Mona said. “I think they'll appreciate that!”

When they were finished, they sat down and had some tea.

“Thanks for the help!” Harry said.

Else looked at him. “You're welcome!” she said after a while.

Now Mona looked up. “How about we add some denim T-shirts and stuff?!”

“What about those handicrafts you spoke about?” her dad asked her.

She thought about it. “How about both that and that I, of all people, stand here and sell both T-shirts and handicraft stuff!”

“I have thought about it,” her father answered. “But I feel rather insecure about you! Really, honey, can I really trust you not to deal with the business as though it was loan bank or so?”

“If you can't trust me on that, how can I ever become what you meant me to be?!”

“I want to,” he answered, “but I really can't trust you on all of that!”

“That's right honey. Your father and I don't appreciate the way you've 'loaned' money from our wallets almost as soon as we either slept or took a bath or something! It's not easy, really, to trust you at all after that!”

Her father looked a bit thoughtful. Then he said: “Perhaps, if we are very careful, we can after all let her assist in the shop, but not have any keys to either it nor to the cash register. ... And, moreover, I think we need even better alarm and locks if we should have you around here!”

“Mmh,” she said. “Suppose I can take it that way.”

So they tried this concept.

A few weeks later, new costumers started pouring into the shop, buying T-shirts, and some of them even buying furniture. “I appreciate,” Elsa said to her husband “that you now can get the business running, but what if we hadn't agreed to let her work for us? Do you think they would have been even close to as many then?”

“No, I don't suppose they would be! Rather I feel that she's been working like a magnet for them!”

With that the family had solved two big problems at ones. The daughter was now a working girl and the business was going well. But two years later, Mona did help three fellows she had recently made friends with steal two rather expensive pieces of mahogany furniture, a table and a book shelf. Staying with those dudes, she didn't think, even, about going back to work the next day. Instead she was smocking weed, drinking some beer and enjoying herself with them.

Her father who had seen them make themselves acquainted with her, guessed that it might be they who stole the furniture, and who lured her into the trap of being infatuated by their clever and mischievous attitudes. But it took police two weeks to find the guys, and her, who was still with them, and meanwhile the sales had been going down a bit. Even so, the couple decided that not to let her work for them again. “I might even close the business, to the extent I can't do it without any criminal employee!” her father said, in front of his daughter, to a bail officer, and added. “So it's better that she's kept away from the shop and perhaps kept in custody for a long time!”

“I don't feel that my parents have been caring about me ever!” Mona answered, although no one had addressed her. “Instead, I feel they didn't care about me even when I was a nine-year-old!” she added, and continued: “And if they hadn't exploited me as an employee, I wouldn't even have to ask them for the bail money!”

Her parents both looked away from her. “I'm sorry,” her mother said to the bail officer, “I really have to agree with my husband! She should stay in jail, and even in prison upon that!”

Two weeks later, Mona was sent to a correctional facility for adults who fancied criminal behavior, but only had weak tendencies themselves for it. It was fairly far from the town where she came from and where her father had that shop she'd been working in. While enrolled there she committed suicide. Her parents heard about this and were regretful for it. But that didn't bring her back. ... Nor did it actually turn her fathers business, which now hardly was making any profits! Devastated, her father eventually also committed suicide. And somewhat, so did her mother too.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Feelings of that a Female Need to Be Inferior

“There's no priority for them unless they can't understand what's going on in our business!” Simon said to his partner George, about the three girls who were undressing right in front of them.

“Cool!” George answered. “But how can we be sure about that?! I mean we need to be just about totally sure about it!”

Simon sighed when he answered. “We do need to be careful with them, because they are comprehending a little about us. ... What I mean is that they cannot deal with exactly how we prioritize our own asses without for that sake having to give up on that mediocrity that has them seem inferior so that they can escape those who want to compete against the strong!”

“You mean they all prioritize mediocrity?!” he looked at the three strippers before them. They were too far away to actually hear much of what they were saying to each other, but yet close enough to perhaps get an idea about what they're up to in their conversation.

“George, it's bad for them to seem real about cunning that is of the business that we deal with!” He pointed at one of them. “Look at how she bends over so that her ass seems prioritized before any dealing with priority for cunningly being into care for power or so! It prioritizes that we appreciate her! It also prioritizes her ass before that she should be seen as another kind of attention on her! I mean if one us - or someone else, for that matter - should want to target someone for the purposes of manipulating himself to a position of real power!”

“But,” George answered and giggled, “I feel they tempt me, sort of, to start manipulating them for the sake of feeling exactly like a man to be into real good power!”

“I know, but that temptations makes you - doesn't it?! - exactly feel like pretending it's they that real power is about, which it is to only a little extent - and that extent is hardly about the 'real' part of it!”

They watched two of the three strippers start to caress one another. “How about that?” George burst out. “I suppose they're hiding that they could be the target of attention with that as well; right?”

Simon looked at him. “I don't know if it's that in itself that is important for it! But either way it's that they are sexy that makes us uninclined to easily view them as our enemies!”

“But what if they run into someone who is the kind of beast that likes tormenting those who aren't into much power?!”

“I suppose they can have power with their sex appeal - that is at least sort of!”

“Sort of?! ... Ehm, yeah I agree. ... I suppose you mean, then, that they'd be a target only for the sexual predators that prey on both sex objectification and lack of power in women?!”

“Hmh. Yeah, I guess that's what I mean.”

The third stripper had now joined the other two, and their fondling of each other had one of the two first for it into what seemed to be an intense orgasm. George looked at it and felt his penis rise. Smilingly he said: “I guess they're all into the power of making us feel supreme! So, I guess, they can feel that we are supreme in a sense that makes us keen on having it they're worthwhile for us for being powerful!”

“Haha! That's just about it!”