Wednesday, January 18, 2017

"We are the Proud Defenders of Humanity!"

“Look! It's too pathetic to feel as if they were actually moral just because they're into looking at themselves as smart at nailing those who have authority over them.”

“Why do you feel they aren't trying to actually nail them?!”

“It's because they're actually working on trying to find out what that is that they're into authority for! They're into authority only because there are criminals who try to pretend to be reason enough for the rebels to fake that they are unnecessarily harassed by those authorities!”

“Then why do we have an authority in them who wants to see itself as good enough to be worth it to portray that way?! It's worth it for the sake of training at sorting out who is what, and when we actually have an authority there! Therefore I think they're not worth it to have as the authority they are, and they are not worth it to be trusting!”

The son of the two people arguing broke in. “Papa, mama is right in that they are not to be trusted! They are actually so fake that even the police don't trust them!”

His father sighed. “It's necessary just the same,” he answered, “that we let them be seen as good enough for being the right type of opponent to those who have the criminal type of authority! Because, they use the only language those criminals are willing to understand - and thanks to that, they can beat them at their own game!”

The ones he was referring to a community for defending the privileges of those trusted by society. It was founded by some people who clearly saw themselves as superior to anyone who could have it in them to join a movement against belief in society. Even so the organization they had founded also used illegal methods. ...

His mother now broke in and asked: “How come sonny, do you think, does he feel we aught to let the hypocrisy of those who fight against accepting the methods they want to use themselves?!”

“I guess mommy, it's because he feels they aught to have the might and power to oppress everyone else with it!”

Both the son and the mother mused contemptuously at this. The mother smiled and seemed to sort of to cuddle up with contentment over the notion of the father as a person to be scorned.

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