Saturday, January 28, 2017

It Seemed to Her that She Knew Everything About Flirting

“Indeed!” she said.

He looked at her.

“Indeed!” she repeated. “I very often feel that we are one!”

“Should I believe that?! ... Or do you want me to just pretend it for the sake of having an affair?”

“I feel that we can be seen as one because the sense we have of each other is that when I want something, you seem to want to handle it as though you knew what it was about!”

“I feel that we are not one, because we don't belong to each other!” he said. “If it seems to you that I seem to know what you feel you're about, then how come I don't seem to find it a safe assumption that you are about, ehm, whatever you are about right now?!”

“Indeed,” she stated one third time, “do I feel that you and I pertain to one another! But since you have now ruined it, I'll just have to move away from the thought of you as a guy I would be likely to have for a partner!”

“Well! I see that you're trying to engage me in trying to pretend you've been working on me all day or so!”

“I don't feel I have to show it to someone that I'm working on contact with! I feel that we two are in contact, just because of that extra notion of you and I being intuitive about something, now and then, that scores on us as similar in our wishes!”

“Only this morning you said to Harold, just as if I didn't exist, that there are no men except him! Now, how can you find yourself to be intuitive with me after treating me as so uninteresting?!”

She looked thoughtful. “This morning I was, ... let's see. Harry and I seemed to relate to each other like we were into finding ourselves at home with each other! There's always room for a newbie to be seen as welcome to greetings so that he or she doesn't feel left out!”

“Oh! That's every newcomer I suppose!? ... Or is that only the male ones?! Or the young and ones, even?!”

She looked at him, fairly upset with what he just said. “Do you feel that I have to be harassed just because I help some people feel smart at relating to what I am?!”

“I don't see that I have to feel that you're just helping those people to adjust to what's proper to know about you! I find you to be flirting with just about everyone in the office, and, okey, especially teh new boys that come here and lack experience!”

“Don't they need to find themselves at home right here, and ain't I doing what there can be done for them to feel at home!?”

“I don't feel that you treated those new girls that same way!”

“Don't insult me about not being able to know how to suppose they need my introduction! It's they who are cunning already; in the ways that I know how to introduce people into beginning to be.”

He peered at her with suspicion and some contempt over him. Then he sighed. “I'm not going to believe you! But I know that those studs that come here and don't know about you will! So how come you try to score on me!? Haven't you got enough of them already!?”

She touched his shoulder and said: “It's you who are the kind of guy who really is what I really love to fancy!” There was an air of delight over her.

He looked stubborn. “Bitch! For the sake of pretending I am the only man you want in that certain manner! ...”

She sort of smiled at this comment, then said: “You and I have nothing to engage in with each other. From now on I'll keep away from you, and so also, I expect, will you keep away from me! Right, stud?!”

“Alright, I'll keep away from you!” he answered.

With that they ended the conversation. From then on they only occasionally glanced at each other, hardly ever both at once. Also, from then on, they both pretended that they wouldn't ever have been attractive by that other person!

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