Saturday, February 4, 2017

It's a Guy Whom They, the Women, Want!

Victor looked annoyed. “Don't you see?!” he asked. “It must be he and not the girls who cares to pretend as if something about the so-called moral in that he has all of them!”

“It's they who hide it all the time!” his friend Seb answered.

“They don't see their own interest as something too important in it all! What do you mean that it even could be they who actually care to pretend as if it really is adequate that he has them all?!”

“They might want to be hiding their wrongs behind that fellow!”

This seemed to blow Victor's mind a bit. He flinched, looked thoughtful and said. “I don't know for certain if that perhaps explain why they behave as they do.”
“Why else would they be into believing that they have something for him? In a sense, though, they seem to have something for just about any authority man. Only, I guess, this man is especially smart at having them think that they can be hiding behind his ass forever!”

Victor peered thoughtfully. “I guess that could be so!” he said after a while.

Two days later, the two friends went to a fairly well-lit park where they knew the womanizer they had been talking about usually picked up a few girls after having been at a bar where he also did that, but where he also left them speechless about that he didn't really take anyone home with him.

The two of them hid up in a dark treetop. From there they hoped to see, in binoculars, what the son of a bitch was doing. ... But to begin with they had to find him, for which they searched the park, using their binoculars. After they had been doing that for about twenty-five minutes, Seb spotted him entering the park, and pointed this out for Victor.

They watched him stand there at first, looking around, and having a seemingly delightful appearance. Then he picked up two young women (one around twenty, the other a little older) who had begun looking at him. After talking to the two of them for a while he also caught the eye of a teenage girl who passed by, seemingly on her way to a popular disco that lay there right next to the park.

The two young women greeted the teenager. The older one of them heartily took her hand in hers. Then she assisted her, it seemed, in trying to score on the guy. Meanwhile the younger of the two made herself available for either him or one of the other two in the small party of four that had now gathered, by assisting him in making clear that he was a guy to trust for the type of relations that one should be expecting to last.

Seb looked at his friend. “Clearly he wants them all three for his bedtime fun! Now, why, do you think, will they be accessible for him?!”

“Perhaps because of what you've been saying, right?!”

“Hmh. He's there for them in a sense that makes them feel assured that they don't seem guilty unless he fails to emphasize his air of adventurous escapades! That's why they love him for it! It - seemingly, at least! - protects them from seeming bad even when they are!”

While they were talking, the guy had been joined by yet another girl, who was around twenty, and with the four of them he began walking towards a dim area of the park. Seeing this, Seb said: “This is proof that they never will be available that way for someone who doesn't approve of having them hide hide behind him! It's proof because he walks that way in order to reassure then that he actually will be giving them that kind of adventure!”

“Then what,” Victor asked, “should we do about it? For we don't care, do we, and we don't have to know, what it is to be similar to the type of damned fop! Therefore, I ask you, my dear friend, why should we sit here, in the first place, up in the treetop, wait for the little incident of the charmer catching a few girls!? Why should I have to trust you as a friend if we can't go down there and spy more thoroughly on them so, that we can learn how to charm them ourselves!?”

“I don't think we'll learn anything much from doing that! Besides, it's probably risky!”

Victor sighed. “Are you sure? ... Because then I ask again: How come you feel they were worth it to spy on, in the first place?”

“It's because I already know everything! The whole deal with him is that he shouldn't be seen as what they see him as! My problem is only why those girls find it attractive to be in the illusion that they really get away with it!”

“I assume,” Victor answered, knitting his brows, “that they can expect some kind of self-fulfilling prophecy about that!”

“Great! Then we've solved that problem as well! Then - I agree - it would be worth it, perhaps, to be spying on them more closely! But for that sake we need to be better prepared than just with a pair of binoculars!”

“I agree! Do you mean that we should by saying that to people try to have him seem ridiculous to be trusting, or do you mean that we should keep it a secret?!”

“I mean that we should let people know, but carefully!”

“How can we be careful enough about it?”

“I don't like that you see that as a problem. I hope we both are able to use our skills and intuitions for it! I hope you, as well as I, can keep your ways good enough for that kind of word to spread, and that without the girls who support him focusing on us as his and their enemy!”

“Okay, I'll try to stick with that!”

Two months later, the two friends had spread their word about it. They found themselves to be a bit backed up by some women and many men about it. But, they did not manage to very much undo the harm they found the guy to be doing! In that, they somehow found the situation to be fairly normal! ...

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