Thursday, February 9, 2017

That's What Men Should Be Like (According to Some!)

“It's Beatrice and that other Ann who are into pretending men should be of authority if any good at all!”

His girlfriend (whose name also was Ann) looked at him. “Are you sure?”

“Almost!” he responded. “I feel quite certain! But to the extent there's a point in it for you, perhaps you could find out from a girls' perspective!?”

“I guess I can!” she answered. “But I don't want to jump to conclusions about them; not with you, and not when I'm checking it in that way! ... So how do you want me to find out?!”

“Eh, hm. I'm of sure about that!”

“I guess they could be seen as the bitches that sort of have us all be evil in that sense?!”

“Mmh, yeah, that's what I mean!”

“I feel certain that Beatrice is actually lesbian, and she that other girl seems straight! Somehow I feel then that they should not be seen as the same kind of bitchy in that sense! ... I wonder if it's like one of them is about seeing men as inferior unless they hurt her, and the other like into wanting to piggy-back about it?!”

He looked thoughtful. “Yeah I guess that could be so!”

“It's not like I'm always right or something! It's not that I couldn't be wrong! Perhaps the two of them are almost exactly the same - even though I've got something of a gut feeling to the contrary!?”

He sighed. “Yeah, perhaps that is so!”

“But, Jeff, how did you reach that conclusion, in the first place?”

“It's the way the behave, that's all!” he answered.

“Then I feel we shouldn't be sure to begin with! Perhaps they're just bitchy because somehow, ... it's like one of them might have a mother who is like that! The other might just be sort of trying to pretend to be like that! ... Or something like that, perhaps, right?!”

He sighed again. “Yeah okay, perhaps I've been a little bit hasty about them. I can agree that I don't know their moms, nor if either of them has any like silly faking of herself as such a bitch.” he said and sighed once more. Then he added: “But don't you know it?! It's three of that other Ann's and at least one of Beatrice's ex-boyfriends who have been made to look evil simply because they were being good to her!”

“Ohh! That guy!? ... I mean that ex-boyfriend of Beatrice's!? ... Yeah! I find that guy to be a bit too good to be viewed as such a butthead evil guy!”

“Yeah that guy!” he said feeling certain she meant the same kid.

“I don't remember his name really! Was it Oscar?”

“It might have been! Either way I found out from him, and from two of the other Ann's exes that they were badly treated as such!”

“And the forth guy?!”

“Him I found out about from that his mother told my parents about it!”

Now his girlfriend looked thoughtful. “Alright!” she said. “I'll settle for that she's almost certainly that kind of an evil! I'll find out about Beatrice tomorrow, I think! Because, you know, they're having a girls' gathering in the park near my work place every Wednesday. I sometimes go to them after lunch. I mean they sit close to where I usually eat.”

“Great! I suppose they don't want to talk about it, perhaps, though!?”

“I know, but I'll find out; at least I think so!”

“Great! But how?”

“Don't you worry! I think I can find out about them, if you'll only leave it to me!” she said firmly.

“Why do you feel that I can't take part in that?!”

“Because they feel that those who are into what a man has been thinking should not be considered friends, enough even to answer to her questions!”

He looked startled. “Oh! It's all that bad!”

“Kind of!”

“Alright, Ann! Do it your way then!” he said, but felt weirdly that perhaps she could be manipulated by them if she didn't let him in on it. “It's sad but true, isn't it,” he added, “that they, and not those who say to themselves that men should be allowed to be modest, are into such esteem about themselves! ... Right?!”

She sighed. “Yeah, honey! It's sad! But now I really need you to let me go, so that I don't have an air of too male friendly for them about me!”

“I can't see the real clue you have about them unless you tell it to me right away! And I can't find a way to be trusting you anymore if you don't want to tell me!”

“Then I'll tell you this! I find out how they behave about me finding it in me to want you to seem to be a nice enough guy to have as a boyfriend! They try to tell me how aren't, perhaps, or they try to tell me what to expect from someone like you. Thirdly, perhaps they try to find out what you really are of a man - or of a boy, they might perhaps be thinking! ... Now, how do you want me to find out if it isn't about you that they can relate to what men are like!?”

He thought about this for a while. “I guess that it could also be that it's your bro or dad that you'd ask them about!”

“I know! But if they don't find that I have reason to think about you, then I can't relate back to speaking to you without them having a hunch about it!”

“I guess you can find out, then, about both me and your dad, and perhaps your little bro as well!?”

“I guess I might do that!” she said and with that they decided to follow through with it that way.

After work the next day they spoke again about it, and she had found out that they indeed found both her dad and boyfriend to be silly enough fellows not to pay much attention to. About her little bro they said that perhaps he was being an innocent little kid so far, and that could be “fine so to speak,” they had told her. But later on in life he would probably grow up and thereby be the type of fellow that perhaps needed to learn how to make his stands so that he could be “seen as a real guy to be into as what a man is, and not what he pretends to be when he's not about being what he really is into that they should fancy him as!”

“That's just about all they said!” Ann said.

Her boyfriend looked troubled and stupefied. “I suppose,” he said hesitantly, “that it's me they see as the type of fellow who's just faking it! ... and those who seem to be dishonest as the only men who are for real then, or should we say to be treated as such?!”

“I guess they meant something like that you - and my dad as well - can't be trusted for their kindness, while they themselves - and I too - should be! That I don't agree with! At least not the part about them being more trustworthy than you or my dad! But I can agree with the part of it that is that men in general are not trustworthy unless one sees the worst side of them already. Because I can find them to find themselves clever at pretending I should be trusting them just because they find themselves to be what I should like to view as trustworthy!”

“I find myself to be an exceptional guy, then!” Jeff said.

“I guess that a man-woman in a relationship aught to be about trust in the first place, right, Jeff?!”

“Yeah!” She saw that he kind of - or at least almost - mused about it.

Jeff looked at her and added: “Why then find responsibility in pretending that they aren't ridiculous in trying to be cute and so, for you, and why not commit yourself to me for the sake of our relationship to each other!”

She looked at him. “Oh, Jeff! You and I should perhaps do that! Perhaps we should feel that we are the only ones to really be good enough for each other!”

“Then why don't you try to feel that I am the only guy there'll ever be for ya!? ... Or don't you and I fit together just like Adam and Eve for it!?”

“Yeah, Jeff! I guess we do!”

Thereby Ann and Jeff began a relationship where she secretly vindicated Jeff's esteem as a guy to be reckoned with as superior. The two of them thereby were or at least seemed to be adapted to what that Beatrice and that other Ann had seemingly had it a man should be. Indeed they (almost subconsciously) gave up the morals that they felt those two (and, as they eventually found out, at least a few other women as well, it seemed) would define as “surface good”. ...

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