Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Feelings of that a Female Need to Be Inferior

“There's no priority for them unless they can't understand what's going on in our business!” Simon said to his partner George, about the three girls who were undressing right in front of them.

“Cool!” George answered. “But how can we be sure about that?! I mean we need to be just about totally sure about it!”

Simon sighed when he answered. “We do need to be careful with them, because they are comprehending a little about us. ... What I mean is that they cannot deal with exactly how we prioritize our own asses without for that sake having to give up on that mediocrity that has them seem inferior so that they can escape those who want to compete against the strong!”

“You mean they all prioritize mediocrity?!” he looked at the three strippers before them. They were too far away to actually hear much of what they were saying to each other, but yet close enough to perhaps get an idea about what they're up to in their conversation.

“George, it's bad for them to seem real about cunning that is of the business that we deal with!” He pointed at one of them. “Look at how she bends over so that her ass seems prioritized before any dealing with priority for cunningly being into care for power or so! It prioritizes that we appreciate her! It also prioritizes her ass before that she should be seen as another kind of attention on her! I mean if one us - or someone else, for that matter - should want to target someone for the purposes of manipulating himself to a position of real power!”

“But,” George answered and giggled, “I feel they tempt me, sort of, to start manipulating them for the sake of feeling exactly like a man to be into real good power!”

“I know, but that temptations makes you - doesn't it?! - exactly feel like pretending it's they that real power is about, which it is to only a little extent - and that extent is hardly about the 'real' part of it!”

They watched two of the three strippers start to caress one another. “How about that?” George burst out. “I suppose they're hiding that they could be the target of attention with that as well; right?”

Simon looked at him. “I don't know if it's that in itself that is important for it! But either way it's that they are sexy that makes us uninclined to easily view them as our enemies!”

“But what if they run into someone who is the kind of beast that likes tormenting those who aren't into much power?!”

“I suppose they can have power with their sex appeal - that is at least sort of!”

“Sort of?! ... Ehm, yeah I agree. ... I suppose you mean, then, that they'd be a target only for the sexual predators that prey on both sex objectification and lack of power in women?!”

“Hmh. Yeah, I guess that's what I mean.”

The third stripper had now joined the other two, and their fondling of each other had one of the two first for it into what seemed to be an intense orgasm. George looked at it and felt his penis rise. Smilingly he said: “I guess they're all into the power of making us feel supreme! So, I guess, they can feel that we are supreme in a sense that makes us keen on having it they're worthwhile for us for being powerful!”

“Haha! That's just about it!”

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