Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Secret Society ...

In eastern Gall, fairly close to where Goth country started, some tribal leaders met about that there was a problem with the Romans authority. Chiefs, and druids, from five different different local tribes were there to discuss the issue. Worst of all, many of them thought, was when the Romans could manage to get loyalty from some of the other Gall people.

“Because,” as one of the druids was saying, “ uniformity against them is what we need - or, that is, should want to have. But since we can't manage to keep all of our people disloyal to them, we'll have to support that thought of them as superior, but only in a way that doesn't provide them with certainties about us - apart from on the surface! I thereby propose that our tribes' system of telepathy against traitors be used against them!

“It's built upon,” he continued, “the concern that they might have - those traitors! - for their own relationship with the spirits and gods that guide us - and also them, if we don't do something about it! - to greater happiness and successful aspirations. What there is for us to do is to let them, the traitors, seem to have our spirits and gods with them. There is in our tribe's spiritualism a well organized telepathy for doing that!

“I propose further that we therefore, to the extent we can, use these measures that are our weapons of guidance for the spirits and against traitors! But we don't want to deal with that as the only trick we should have! Indeed I've come to the conclusion that - together with your,” he indicated another tribe, “pretensions to make some of your members seem like someone else, there can at best be an eternally invisible hinder against that we are conquered! Because thereby we can lead our people to be with the Romans on the surface, but not in reality!”

A druid from the tribe that he had indicated said: “We have also thought about trying to combine the two systems! We have already used some of it for fooling some Goth peoples!”

The chief from the tribe of the druid who spoke before looked disturbed. “What do you know, already, about how to combine our two forms of magic?”

“Enough for us to humiliate that they, the Goth, feel that their gods are as good as ours!”

Now both the chief and the druids from the other tribe looked troubled. After a while one of the druids saw that he could show that the other tribe were still inferior about that cunning, although they had seemingly been able to spy on something about it. “We shall check on that ourselves, sooner or later! But for now, do tell us the side of it that is how much our system has helped you against them!?”

The druid he spoke to looked at him. “The advantages we have had do not match the advantages they seem to have! But still we have enough to lure them into our traps once in a while, when we need to!”

A chief from one the other tribes broke in and said: “WE also have competence to use other strategies than - such as even both of yours! Even so, I would in no way be able to view myself as superior in either one of them! Thereby I think it's best for us to start cooperating and not get into jealousy of some kind! But, I assure you, that if there isn't any possibility for you, who just spoke about your telepathic system for defense of our Gallic gods and spiritual competences, to see to it that all the others do find you superb, to still be superb, then we can't see it in you to have the authority we need for you to be trusted by us!”

The druid from that tribe looked at each other. “Oh! It's not true that we cannot crush either one of you in the spiritual sense that we are talking about!” one of them said. Another one of them stood up and focused in telepathy on the gods while another one, still sitting, focused on spirits. After a while they, and the two other druids there from the same tribe, had a fairly good control over the representatives there from other tribes. The one who had been focusing on spirits then also rose.

In a gesture of belief in the tribal units and a system of cooperation between them, he shook the beliefs of most of the other tribe's representatives, both druids and chiefs. It took a while until they realized, but then they also started saying that “Yes.” indeed they felt that their authority was at issue as a real protection to be having!

In that, the chief and the druids of the tribe of the just-shown telepathy competence started to organize that cooperation. Their telepathy eventually ruined roman influence enough for there to be reason to look for other targets of the combined efforts than those it was initially intended for. It had by then also developed into a highly secretive sect-like cult for infiltrating and infiltrating potential enemies that might be from different cultures and of different languages than those gathered for that first meeting knew about. Now many of those involved felt like testing their competences on even more foreign cultures and contexts, while others felt more like simulating those already known, but no longer caring about that there could be a loyalty to one's own culture and so. ... In both cases they had to much extent given up care for actually targeting their enemies.

So, eventually, as the combined systems of telepathy had merged into one, they became a dangerous underground look-alike sect, which portrayed many people as mediocre in morals and/or adoption to circumstances of regards for others.

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