Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Smart Strategy for Catching the Girls

“But why?!” Harold asked him, with an air of amusement.

Oscar regarded this as an insult. “It's not you who should be asking that!” he said, seeming almost solemn about it. “But since you asked, I will be regarding you as the pernicious dickhead who doesn't car to know that I'm not about him in a moral sense! Not at all, that is!”

“Why not?!”

“Because you don't care about the assumption there is about that man, and which no other men could have about them! Not to mention not very many women, even!”

“Oh, that's it!” Oscar responded. “I gather you then consider him a girl or some dumb sort!”

“Yeah, I do that! But I also consider him an idiot who cannot help himself to amusements, nor to even the power that for example Patrick - who is by the way also a geek, although he cold be adequate for immoral behavior now and then!”

“I see! But then how come you don't feel like responding to even his friend Conrad?! Cause he is, isn't he, the least geeky of those people!”

“Yeah, he is. But that is in a sense that he is that! It is because he is due to moral just the same that he isn't adequate either!”

“Okay, then, Harold! I feel that there's no point to them, then, in the first place! But how come you feel that the women will come to us just as soon as we ridicule those two who are geekier than most?!”

“That's because they don't really pertain to it! They only moralize because they want to be worshipped by those few guys who are into it! I don't know about Jesus and why he is moral and still adequate for both them and others to worship! But I do know they aren't well enough established to take themselves a man if they are too much into either him or the morals for example August has!”

“Yeah! Now I can see why you regard him as the scum of the earth, even without thinking about his morals as anything but an incapacity to be real about things that really matter!”

“Okay! That's why we two are now going to catch all the girls we can, and that without at all thinking about morals, except for that we have it on the surface, just in order to keep them from moralizing so that their adequacy for being worship is affected!”

“Wow! I say! How come you're telling me all this, thought?! I mean if you're not into morality, then you wouldn't be even telling some other guy about those tricks! So how come you're telling me about it?!”

“It's because you're my friend and there is an adequacy to be into morals if they're about friends only! Thereby I will gain the upper hand on Jesus and thereby you will also be my friend for the time it takes for me to finish learning how to catch women that way, the way my father has been teaching me it should be done!”

“Okay! I can go for actually fetching those girls! I can go for having them for a meal, if that suits our plans for seeming moral in the sense that they can keep an aura of being superficial and thus not be into Jesus' penalty or something!”

“Good! Thereby we will fetch them and actually catch some of them although we're not good looking!”

“Wow! There isn't a catch, though, you think? I mean in that they aren't reliable to be into worship so much more than into relating to actual moral as what they really want?!”

“I suppose there aren't any! There's no catch in that they are evil in that they're supposing they are moral even when they scorn August or someone like him! They aren't even moral when they're into seducing them! I suppose they're into moral when they're supposedly smart at assuming they are of Jesus or something! But I am not of Jesus and there they could have themselves a subterfuge for a fun-in-bed night or something, without them interfering, those who are actually moral!”

“I can't suppose they won't be into pretending you are that dickhead if you don't suppose you're into morals for some reason! I can't think of anything that says she will be for you if you don't suppose you are of Jesus or something! For some reason I can't suppose that!”

“Then you are a moron! I have tried to do it the other way! But they just shrug at it and say that they aren't into him, or else they shrug it of and tell me he isn't into sex between me and her! I thereby have it there's no competence in the Jesus moral to have it we aught to have sex all the time!”

“Okay thereby we shall see to it we don't have anything more to do with him! I will want to pretend I am someone who don't give them a chance to be of virtue, and thereby catch their innocence as the smart actual feeling of immoral that it actually is!”

“I can assume my mother will thereby tell you how much they counteract each other, those men who are into morals as if they were of Jesus, but hen aren't! I can assume they don't have any morals and still seem innocent enough not to have to pretend as if anything about my filthy habits and my evil nature!”

“My mother will have it they are into morals for the sake of nature to be viewed as the natural thing to be competent of making it feel smart at being good for them. I wonder if your mother or mine has the correct point of view! I wonder also if they are competent, either one of them, to be into anything but haste about these men, who are incompetent to be into anything but none-sex and none-violence, not to mention none of that woman business of having their fortune seem like it should humiliate their enemies!”

“No, I don't know either, Oscar! But I feel they can come in handy now that we're gonna fetch ourselves all the girls we can get! And they will come in handy, because I have seen to it that no one will ever refer to them as inadequate mothers for staying moral about how to treat their sons to become the best kinds of guys for the appreciation of society and so! I will also see to it, if you're with me, that they don't seem incompetent to pretend they're moral in a sense they can accept, for the occasions when they do pretend and can possibly be discovered about it!”

“I can thereby say, Harold, that we can already go out and try to fetch some girl! Because I have already seen to it that they seem to do that! I have already told everyone that exactly their standards are supported by their supposedly fake morals!”

With that they went out and caught a girl, whom they shared in bed and who began to spread rumors about them as fun in bed for it!

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