Sunday, November 27, 2016

Learning Not to Be Ridiculous

Beatrice looked doubtful. “So you really think there's a Russian people that has it everything moral is that ridiculous?”

“Well, I say, I kinda mean that.” her half-sister answered.

“Why would they have it we're ridiculous just as soon as we're into morals when all they have, in that case, about it is that they thereby get treated well, and so do all others?”

“It's because they seem to feel that evil people are more for real than 'those fakes' who they consider to be ridiculous! ... You know that family just across the hill, they don't seem to consider anyone to be in his or her right mind, to the extent whoever that is doesn't pertain to feeling evil is realness - even the realness - of whatever is going on! It's that they feel that evil makes it real. ... It seems they also feel that they have the right to teach people around them about the realness that they have from that Russian community they moved to here from!”

“They, ... yeah, okay. Yeah, I guess they are sort of that way. Why would they have to be from Russia?”

“I heard them speak it! Or at least I think that was Russian!”

“I think they might be Danish, or even Swedish. I think all who are as blond as they are Scandinavians!”

“Bull shit! They can be from somewhere in Russia!”

“I think they're not Russian and what they were speaking was Danish, Swedish, or perhaps Finnish!”

“It was Slavic-sounding, that conversation they were having! They probably are from like northwestern Russia, or something. And I bet there, the people feel like having it everything moral is ridiculous!”

Beatrice looked thoughtful, but still seemed to doubt what her half-sister was saying. “do you know what? It's ridiculous to say they would be that smart at seeming real as long as they're too much into seeming fun to be taken for granted as being for real about anything!”

“It's exactly that they're into too much fun that ridicules everybody else! It's they who seem to be exactly poking fun at the people in their valley that don't seem to let go of Christian ethics! I'm related to two families that live there, and one of them is exactly that! The other one is into ethics for the sake of law obedience and so, and even they feel embarrassed by those people at times, it seems to me. The more thoroughly religious family that I'm related to, they definitely have a big problem with them!”

“But Cathy, don't you get it! It's just that family! It's not necessarily where they came from, but just that fairly per se that is ridiculously into evil as the virtue of realness or something!”

“I know. But still they even have some Russian - or so it seems - friends over to visit them at times, and they too seem intent on having it none-evil means not for real!”

“It's exactly their friends, only who are that! It seems more likely that they were notorious in their old community, with everyone who wasn't like them. Thereby, it's exactly their old friends form there, and they themselves, and only those people, who are into that sort of thinking!”

“Betty! It's not ridiculous to say they're all into it because they all want to seem something better than that ridiculous care for moral principles and stuff!”

“Cath! I'm not into moral principle just for that! And they wouldn't be into anti-moral principles for something small as the equivalent of the pressure that for example the Church pressures people around here to be into!”

“Now, even though you tell me the church pressures us into morals, I have never felt that! In fact, they're just making it seem to even think about moral as the stuff we're all about! Instead they're into moral as like the alibi for actually seeing to it that one can claim power without that seeming too ridiculous to be looked at as silly, or so. ...”

“My point is that the Russians, those kinds of Russians, are into something of that cool attitude of despising those who need moral for seeming trustworthy!” she looked at her a bit impatiently. “Now do you get what I'm saying?”

“So what!? So are our brothers! And sort of, even, so are you! And I even - but that one is a perhaps!”

“It's not we who are into just ridiculing for the sake of fun. We're into being cool only about not being smart enough not to handle the Christian stuff as thought we were losers without it! It's not you and I - nor is it our brothers - who are actually into that everyone who uses Him is stupidly into morals that don't fit into reality. Not like that! No we aren't!”

“I seem to be into that! Because I'm into having Christianity seem ridiculous! Even you seem to be into it! Because now, when you said it, you were all into that it should seem ridiculous to rely on ethics, since it seems that one would be a looser - from now, and forever, even, if one uses it!”

“I don't see in them to be like us, just the same! Because it's they, not we, who pretend as something about His smartness for moral as the smartness that is there for everyone! It's not they, at least not those of them that I know about, that get into morals as anything else than an alibi for the actual reality of seeming right even though one is wrong!”

Cathy hesitated. “I feel,” she answered after some thought, “that it's the Christian thing that is exactly that! It helps us get into seeming right even when rules applicable elsewhere say were wrong!”

“I feel,” Beatrice tried to counter, “that we're not into scorning morals for the sake of seeming right - while they are! That, now, is the huge difference that makes me feel that it's they, not us, nor normal people, who are that way!”

“Then, if they are that way, then, yeah! Perhaps there is a subculture in like northwestern Russia, where people are into that!”


“But so what?! It seems to mean, mostly, that they have expressions that seem to ridicule like Christ and morals. Why do you mean they actually work on doing it?!”

“How come you believe those Christians believe them to be that dangerous, then?! Or do you believe they actually trust them - and that it's only you, and perhaps I, of all people, who realize them to be of the not-so-trustworthy type?!”

Cathy looked at her half-sister and said: “Do you honestly believe there is no Christian community that has any problems with them?!”

“I don't know, sis!”

“There's at least one!”

“Okay, then there's one.”

“It's not they, those Russians who would be so 'ridiculous' as to say to the Christians that they are not dangerous against them! At least it's not most of them - or so it seems! Thereby it's they - and it's not Christ or us - who are really into pretending that ridicule is to seem to be into Christianity although one isn't! Even so, it's you and I who should seem to be into that! Because it we're not into that ridicule of what Christ is around here, then we're not into what is coming, as their relatives move in, I think. Because, I think they will move in, some more of them, from the way they seemed to have been obnoxious with those very Christian relatives of mine!”

“How come then, Betty, do you and I not find ourselves to be ridiculous in trying to be fancying the Christian ethic as the preeminence of reality of fancying them to be our beneficiaries?!”

“Cathy! You and I don't have to seem ridiculous in all that! You and I seem to be good already1 Then you and I only need to add that certain feeling of ridiculing the humble! You and I can thus be caring on the surface and even care for our Christian appearance! Only we both have to be ridiculous about seeming to be moral when one is actually into care for the smartness that exactly they might have!”

“Okay, sis!”

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