Monday, September 12, 2016

Trying to Get Rid of "Fakes"

“I say it's not easy!” he said. “I say it's difficult to do it!”

“I guess the notion of the decree doesn't leave them unsuspicious about our initiatives to describe them as awful about those who seem to be good at ruling over the command that is needed to solve our current problems.”

“Yeah! That's it! It seems to them to be awful for somebody who is in charge to take command against them and thereby overrule their decisions about what impressions we should aspire to make! It will be soon enough that they discover who put them up to it!”

“Yeah!” she agreed. “And thereby they will all simply have it we should not be trusted - and that's like ever again!!”

“It's not fake that we and not they are into actually caring about the proclamations of superiority that our organization needs! Thereby I wonder if they'll really fall for it, those who are in charge right now!”

Thoughtfully she looked through their open back door, and out onwards towards the horizon. “I also wonder that!” she replied. She then began looking at their two watchdogs and mumbled:” Seems good enough to mess with them as so phoney and bad that we needed to take care of them as inferiors!”

“Yeah! I agree! But how do you suppose they will react if we don't have any proof for that they're phoney unless we can gain only by having them seem inferior?” He also began looking at their watchdogs and added: “I suppose that they are both of them also skilled enough to take care of that for us?! Right, Clara?!”

“Right, Roger! Thereby we'll just have to shoot them in the legs and then let our dogs take care of the rest.”

Thereby the two of them settled for that they could kill their two enemies without seeming to be immature or crazy about pretending they're immoral! Because it's not supposedly about actual moral, at least not of the wrong kind, they figured, to embrace the thought of letting their dogs do the killing, and thus seem innocent. They would be supposedly wicked for it, but that could be a problem smaller than that they would seem to be too good for the assholes that might talk about it.

Two days later they fetched their dogs and went to the house of one of them. Clara rang the doorbell and Peter opened. “May I speak to your father?” she asked him in a polite manner. He looked at her for a moment, before answering: “Yeah, I'll get him!”

After about two minutes Peter and his father Bert came to the door. “What is it?!” Bert asked.

Clara looked at him and said: “I have a proposition for you and the others to be consider. It's about that the incompetents should be treated as such, and that you and the others who are good enough should be able to declare them inane or so. Thereby I will, if you let me see to it that I don't seem to have been here, show you about some regards to be taken for the sake of exposing their incompetences.”

“Let me think about that for a while!” He pondered for about twenty seconds, then he replied: “I guess I can let you come in to my house and there we'll discuss that issue!”

“It's not your house that is a good enough spot for actually taking into account that they might pretend they have superiority about mocking attitudes of absurdity!”

“Then were shall we go for it?!”

“I guess we could go to the beach for it; because there they wouldn't be able to find out how they could search on how they could seem potentially quite enough for our organization!”

“Okay, then! Now, let me just put on my beach sandals for it!”

“Of course!”

After a while they were at the beach and she was showing him where he could announce his cunning be of the more responsible kind when it comes to rendering the organization's select issues, ambitions and procurements. It seemed to him to be unnecessary to have gone down there, but still he was very eager to learn how he should keep face in coming contestations, and thereby learn to rule against those who could be considered his inferiors. “But how come,” he asked, “do you feel that they can't be tracing this when it's proclaimed by ya here, instead of at my home or something?!”

“I feel you don't have a notion against that you could consider this be territory both of you personally and of the organization as a whole!”

“I see!” he said proudly.

“I proclaim thereby that you also call that friend of yours, August, and say to him that he shouldn't miss this opportunity of regarding me as a assistant for showing that he also can do what needs ot be done against them!”

“I guess I'll call him! But then you should tell me why he is to be considered superior just as I!”

“It's because the both of you can say to them that they are fake and we are real, in the sense that doesn't seem derisory or corrupt!”

“All right! I'll call him!” he answered and picked up his cell phone. “Hey, August, it's me! You know what?! There's a young lady with me who is willing to consider you as well as me superior just as soon as we proclaim our organization's determinations be too good for those inferior for it!So will you please come down here? I'm at the beach and she is willing to show us right her and now just how we should be considered absolute security for our our organization's businesses! Thereby we will, it seems, be able to take over the organization soon enough, just as long as they keep considering her liability to be considerate enough for the organization!”

“But how shall I be considered right for it? I am just a pretend smartness for having faith in it!”

She heard his answer and broke in: “It's because,” she said to Bert, “he also seems that innocent while he's at it! He doesn't have to be considered to be of the organization's benefit for me to consider him to be a bet I can have for the sake of keeping the organization clean from thos who are lowly in that they don't seem superior enough for it!”

“I say it she who feels that way, and it's not about our organization, August!” She looked at him while he was finishing that statement. She considered him low enough to consider himself and that other fellow to be superior now that she, as a woman had stated that they could be even seen supreme. Meanwhile the other man was saying that “Okay, I'll be there in just a few minutes!”

She smiled. “I forgot,” she said while Bert ended his call, “to say that he as well as you are invited to dinner tonight as long as they say to themselves that we shall have an organization smart enough not to consider those low-lives to be good enough for it!”

“I guess we can then work on that part of it, once he comes here then?!”

“I meant that, yes!” she answered him in a firm voice, whilst she was feeling solemn about that he would fall into the trap.

Two minutes later August arrived.

“I consider the two of you,” Clara said, “to be the most cunning and competent people we have for the cause of contemning the silly, awkward and foolish people who want to join our organization! I thereby will how you just what I had in mind for you two to show them that we shall consider a criterion for respectability, and you will thereby be considered the most valuable members of our organization!”

The two of them looked at her and August asked: “How come I will be considered that kind of a smart man at defending the attitudes we already have?! I don't consider myself to be so smart at actually faking that they are inferior! I consider myself to be of value only for the betterment of that they are awful in that they see themselves as superior while already having a laugh against them, and thereby possibly also a ridicule of our whole organization with them!”

“I consider you to be an asset for the sake of proclaiming them to be imbeciles to the extent that you will get a surge going for ya, at least to the extent I can consider you seem superior to them whilst they seem inferior to us! ... Now I'm going to show the two of you where these goofs are!” She pointed to a few cliffs nearby. “There two of them usually hang out! I wnat the two of you to test your abilities in actually scorning the two of them! Now let's go there, and let me find out from the two of you, just how good you actually are at scoring such people!” She started walking. the two men followed and after while a while the three were at the closest of the cliffs. there she pointed to a inlet to a grove. “I shall see you there in a few minutes! First, now I'm going to see to it that they actually seem to be smart enough to be considered good enough, and then you will - I hope - nail them good enough for them to be considered low again! Now if you do that good enough you will be considered the best there is for the organization!”

The two men looked at her. She seemed real about what she was saying. “I guess we aught to wait in there so that they don't see us at first?”

“That's it” she answered.

Two minutes later, August and Bert had entered the grove. They waited there for three minutes. Then a man showed up; it was Roger, but they didn't recognize him! He was in disguise and seemed to consider himself to be superior, whilst acting stupid and awkward. August said: “I see you're cunning at having that attitude problem we don't have!” and Bert filled in “Yeah! You're such an awful yokel that you should be considered a lowlife in every respect one can imagine!”

“I don't see that the two of you can act any better than I can!” the man answered. Meanwhile he solemnly held a cigar in his right hand.

“Oh! It''s silly to say you have a point!” August responded. “And it's awful that you seem to be a sport now that you're at a level of attitude that doesn't correspond to the worthlessness of your actual personality!”

But as he said that the fellow he spoke to took a gun out of his right pocket, and shot him, and then, immediately after, his friend too - each of them in the leg. Then he ran off quickly and hid behind the rocks.

But soon after he was heard calling to someone: “It was two assholes! I shot them, Alan, but I coldn't but harm them, cause I'm no gentleman, I feel, unless I consider myself above the murder of such a lowlife! But your dogs, Alan, can you release them and have them do it for me?!” And as it seemed Alan did, for two big dogs came running towards the two now bleeding men. First one of them bit Bert's throat so he died, then the other one bit August's, so that he died.

Soon after Roger came forward and checked the two corpses. And upon it Clara also did the same. They looked at each other and felt that they now had solved the problem they had considered unusually bad and thus relieved themselves from the threat that had been disturbing them very much for the last couple of years!

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