Sunday, December 4, 2016

"About Time We Despise that One too!"

In her room, Samantha watched the video she had made of herself as she spoke about her incident with the guy who seemed to be funny about how her friends saw her. She watched and listened to herself try to sort out which ones of her friends that could have been. A few of her friends had been criticizing her enough for her to suspect them more than the others. But still she couldn't help but having to suspect just about each and every one of them.

She had already edited the video twice. Now she felt that perhaps it was ready to be uploaded. She sat and thought for a short while, then decided to do so - and did. During the upload, she thought about what her friends might be going to say now that they obviously seemed to be reason for chagrin. “It seems,” she thought for herself, “that they'll have themselves to blame for that kind of a bummer! Thereby, I can see to it that even the more respectable among them will be viewed as assholes and thereby humiliated themselves!”

The next day, she and her friend Christina looked at another friend of theirs as she vulgarly joked about an incident that she had recently seen on a reality-TV show. A guy whom she was talking to laughed, and then said to her: “Karen, you seem to be in the mood for dirty stuff, but I'm in a hurry!”

Karen looked at him and said: “Then I'm okay with that you don't try to be funny for me as well! I guess you can see me and the others tonight, though, right Billy?!”

“Right! Yeah! I'll be there, probably!”

“Good!” Karen said, then looked around and spotted her two friends Samantha and Christina. They were looking at her with an air of contempt. This almost didn't startle her, because those two of her friends were fairly often contemptuous with a whole lot of people. Even so she felt bad about that they seemed likely to be into despising her for some particular reason - which she couldn't figure out.

“Hello, you two!” she yelled a bit softly. “Do you feel up to having a party on Saturday?!”

The two of them looked at each other, but said nothing at first. Then, Samantha opened her mouth and yelled back (about equally softly): “It's about time you see that you aren't what I view as a good friend! do you know that Harry had the other day pretended that you feel better about me than the rest of your friends? He had insinuated that you had the guts to feel that I was you partner in pretend distinction! It's not I, it's you, though, who are going to be the one to slander for it!”

Karen was startled. “What do you mean Harry said something like that!?”

“There seems to be an issue about the jokes going on around here! It seems I have been in them! But from now on it will be you, and that's only you, who will be considered a joke around here!”

“But there wasn't any nasty intention in that one! We only had it you were ridiculously into the pretension of being seen as a winner without there being a game going on!”

Christina looked at her and responded: “Don't believe you're a perspicacious woman just for that! We're not going to believe you have anything of a point from now on!”

“Oh my God!” Karen said to herself. Then she looked at her two former friends and said: “Then there's not any reason for us to be talking to each other! From now on I won't be talking to you, and I'll expect you not to talk to me!”

Samantha looked at her. “From now on you will be my certification of that I am not the scum that you are!”

Karen stood up and said: “From now on then, you will be the proof of your own vanity! Cause I have only made a joke that should have been taken as a small thing - or perhaps something to be learning from!”

Samantha looked at her but said nothing. Christina also looked at her and said: “You seem to be to stuck up to find yourself to be good enough not joke about other people! But you don't find yourself good enough to concern yourself about how you yourself might be ridiculous to seem to be acquainted to!”

Karen started walking away from them. She continued until she could make a left turn so that they were out of sight. Then she called another girl she knew. “Amanda? Hi, it's Karen! Do you know what?! Christina and Samantha seem to be sort of trying to be the very best of wanglers now!

You know what?! They just said to me that I was a cheat, and it's so obvious that they are it themselves! Thereby, I think we should make jokes about them and about how they try to fiddle with how one can perceive two women who are too stuck up to find themselves anything less of fantastic than that they try to seem clear over everything they would be good enough to stand for, but instead they trample and try to damage for all that they are worth!”

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