Thursday, December 8, 2016

Two Sisters' Charisma-for-Authority Quest

“I realize they don't have to see that as a compliment form my talents!” Linda said to her half-sister Deborah.

“Exactly!” Deborah exclaimed. “And thereby, when you realize you can expose that feeling of womanhood so that they don't feel your instincts of harming them, then that type of challenges against our evils can't be made very easily, anymore!”

“But Debbie, why in the world should we do it with exposure of our appeal, while the boys do it without that?!”

“I don't know why! But it's they who do it without sex appeal, but we can't! Somehow God has created us as smart only at having the vaginas do it for us! But even so, we can then have them realize that our vaginas are much better than that they should have to scorn them for it!”

“Okay! Even so, though, we could sometimes tend to have the opportunity to have a fake seem real about not having any sex appeal, by asking a guy to deal with us with a notion of sense that triumphs about the same stuff without it!”

“Exactly, Linda! ... And we can even make those guys realize that they can thereby feel our vaginas be with them for it! Thereby, it's not them that it'd be who feel like saying to everyone that it's us that it's about that cheating and stuff!”

Linda giggled. “I guess that's too fake to believe that they would actually accept cheating on them even by pretending they aren't the priority for sex! I mean when you said cheating, it sort of seemed that you might mean the sort of two-timing! ... But, yeah! Even so, it's cool to say that it's we who can actually sex ourselves into alternatives to simply being derisive or foolish! ...”

“I have an idea of how we could seduce guys into seeming to be like us for the sake of pretending that they also good at sex appeal!”

“Yeah! And I guess that is to have them feel that we are also on their side for their penises' sake, and not just for the appeal that there is in that they can lie rather well, like even without it!”

“It's sort of that! But you should realize that it's they who might lie in other sense when we don't know it, it we don't have them dependant on our sex appeal! It's not they who can realize the way we can that they don't seem fair when they cheat that way! It's not they who ever seem to be fair without exactly their ability to cheat so smartly that they always should be treated as the cheats that forced us to giving into sex appeal!”

“Wow! That's exactly what I think too! It seems they cannot seem real about having a sex appeal, and also not about having the truthfulness they need for being thought of as caring and stuff! ... You know what? I feel like going to a nightclub or something tonight! ...”

“Good idea! There we can do that stuff! There should be some easy guys around for it in a place like that! Then we can find a few of those, and hopefully have them bully those guys that don't accept us to be for sense and clarity on value even though there must be a sexuality associated with it!”

Said and done. That night they went out. Deborah scored on three guys, Linda on two, that night, each managing to get them to feel good about themselves exactly only to the extent they went for her appeal as something so cool that they absolutely didn't want it to be harmed - especially by other guys.

Two weeks later Linda told Debbie that she felt that the guys seemed to be manipulating just the same.

“I agree!” Deborah answered. “I guess we need to fix ourselves to some guys who really can have authority against those kinds of guys that are against us!”

“... and then somehow avoid that they too manipulate us, right?”

“I mean that they can perhaps work against each other, so that none of them can quite be in charge.”

Linda looked thoughtful at first. “I guess we can manage to do it!” she proclaimed after a while. “I guess we could try to hook up with guys who try to be superb in the sense that seems fit for protecting women and so! I guess I can hook up with a prison guard and/or a policeman, and you, do you think you can find one or two of those?!”

Deborah smiled and laughed a little. “ I guess we can perhaps manage to pull even that one through!”

They both tried that. Linda managed to hook up a jailer, while Deborah was getting comments about her sluttiness from any guys with the right kind of authority for it, it seemed. They didn't want to trust her! Linda thereby could view herself as the sort of woman who really could be taken for a good person now, while her half-sister seemed a bit incapable of that.

Realizing this, Deborah tried to seem good by actually saying to each new fellow that she wanted to be a superb girl for the sake of being his, “so that he might realize,” she figured, “that he can eventually seem more impressive to the extent that he has it I am worth-while enough him to realize that I am a good enough person for him!”

For this she continuously tried to seduce men by alleviating them with her sex appeal. But so did Linda, thereby. She even managed to catch another jailer for falling back upon to the extent she couldn't get her first one to defend her well enough. About this, Deborah got jealous. But that jealousy didn't help her hook up any better. ...

Meanwhile, Linda's first jailer started to fake that he was the type of fellow that was necessary to make things work for a woman who work independently with her talents and aspirations “for the sake of her own good, or perhaps for the sake of society,” he said to himself.

When Deborah realized this, she laughed and eventually scorned her half-sister about that she seemed to be in a trap for that guy so that there seemed to be her as well as herself! Linda then realized she had sort of traded her freedom for the sake of her reputation. With that the two of them decided not to consider it to be too smart to feel that reputation is enough for learning how to be free.

“I find then,” Deborah wrote on her blog, “that she is hardly cunning enough to even live freely anymore, while I'm hardly cunning enough to live dignified anymore! Even so, she and I both have the sex appeal to emphasize ourselves as important enough to be considered worthy of care for almost any situation. Thereby,” she said to herself, “she can seemingly learn to be clever by seducing her guys into seeming superb by believing in her, while I feel, I guess, that I am seducing them into not realizing their respect for me as the person they hate to have it they don't match!”

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