Thursday, December 8, 2016

Come, Learn to Ignore Them!

“Lesbianism seems precarious!” Yvonne burst out. “It's like pretending we're already there when there isn't any responsibility to care for!”

Cute, as usual, she stared at her friends, who had recently told her not to ever think of her sexuality as adequate for boys other than those inclined for reasoning only in line with letting wishfulness be the mercy of the soul or something! Now, only a moment ago, two of them had thereupon insinuated that their own bodily fluids were the essence of alternatives to bluntness and other so-to-speak male attitudes - which she had found very disgusting!

One of the two thereby asked her if she wanted to find herself a way to feel better than before about that type of stuff. She looked at her intensely and then she added: “ I don't find you silly, the way he did! Come here and give us a hug.” She smiled smugly and raised her arms for a hug.

Two of the others also smiled, one of them smugly, the other one without concern, as it seemed, for being smug enough not to spur the feeling of disgust in Yvonne, whose forth friend just sat there. “Perhaps,” Yvonne thought for herself, “she, at least, wasn't weird enough to be into this sickening stuff!”

The friend who had spoken to her continued: “We all feel appreciated by each other for it! Come on, you'll feel it too, if you only get the hang of it!” While she was saying that, the girl whose smile hadn't been quite smug enough not to cause disgust, took a step towards Yvonne, and put her hand on her shoulder. “Yvonne, look at me! I feel appreciated now that I've become a lesbian! It's fake that we aren't the best of what there is to being a woman - or girl - in this world! Thereby we can live by women's rule only, and you'll find it not too disgusting once you find it in you not to complain about it!”

“Stay away from me, you! And tell me why you don't want any guys around!?! Because it's when there are no guys around that there is no knowledge, sort of, about what we are when we aren't in charge! Do you get it!? It's not about us! It's about them! While you're ignoring them, they become sly and dangerous, probably!”

“Then how come there isn't any sort of slyness for us when they are together about their sex and stuff!?”

“I do think there is!” Yvonne burst out. “For instance, didn't we all choose to find them attractive for a while, those two, Ben and his boyfriend, in a way that sort pointed them out as smarter than they are?!”

“I can't find that to be an excuse not to find us good enough for your company! Now come and join us! Because we don't find it in ya to have a smartness for what men really are about in the first place! Now come, let's scorn them for the sake of being girls and that only, for the sake of being you, and me for the sake of being me!”

Yvonne looked at her and answered: “We don't all have to be smart already, in order for you to be stupid when you pretend they couldn't pretend stuff about you from being into both sexes for the attitudes they want!”

“For the sake of being into both sexes for that we might seduce the men now and then! I even have a plan for that already!”

“I couldn't find that in you not to fall for exactly that same trick that we had with those two guys that I mentioned!”

“To me, that seems to be a weird stands to take! It's not they, it's we, who can seduce them into thinking that way!”

“Why wouldn't they be into something similar?!”

“Because they can't be smart at seeming silly the way we can!”

“How about that guy, Richard, why wouldn't he be proof that they can!?”

“Oh, ah, Richard!? Okay, Richard, that guy! ... Okay, I'll have to rethink it for a while!”

But while she was thinking, Yvonne got tired of waiting, and left.

“Oh God!” the partner of the one who spoke first said. “Doesn't she get that they can't feel the same about being into real ignorance and then, even so, about rethinking and coming to the right conclusion about their sort of slyness!?”

“No, I don't think she can!” the girl whose smile wasn't smug answered.

“Even so,” the one who hadn't smiled right then responded, “she seems to feel we're all inadequate for her feelings about that kind of stuff! Seems she doesn't wanna be with us for her sex!”

“Therefore she aught to be ignored from now on!”

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