Monday, July 18, 2016

In a Very Hypnotic Envorinment

“I wish!” he said as if he was making a point by saying so. “I wish they weren't so damned bastard faking that i am not applicable for being clear about what our leaders mean by their complements for Avawlah and his colleagues in the army of our expansion.”

His cousin looked at him. “I wish too,” she answered, “that they don't feel threatened by that we don't find humiliation-gorged responses to be very cool to accept as the attitudes we want to have to appreciate, as long as it's with others!”

They had both been humiliated in childhood by the hypnosis of the enemy duo that tended to - rather invisibly   - deprive everyone who can't handle their techniques of sophistication-inclined reasoning of being reliable - and even more of being seen as such by their peers and superiors. It was evident that they couldn't find ways to define their problems, because both of them had been depraved of their clarity on situations that required their attention, accept for if they accepted severe memory loss as the payment for the sophistication in the other one for cutting loose from the initial hypnosis.

“After all,” he said to her, “we both can deal with ourselves as though they weren't mean to us! I feel we are acquainted to them as though they were evil in the sense that they require form us not to loose their immediate support for the thoughts we might have. But then, reciprocally, we shouldn't make them feel like understanding that we really do understand problems that they might not really have, but which they still might be opposed by in some distant future!”

“I agree!” she answered. “I feel that ever since we happened to spy on that enemy king and his pupils, we can both feel that we don't need to be loyal with our superiors in that particular sense!” Little did she realize, nor did her cousin, that this enemy of their superior had in him, and his loyals an intense hypnosis against realizing appreciation among superiors as valuable even for ones own survival!

“I feel,” he answered, “that since we learned that capacity to be disloyal with them who are supreme, it's like in their own eyes, so that they cannot any longer despise our guts for the way we see it as though we need to be loyal although they harass us at times!”

“I propose that although they did penalize us for being silly - as they saw it - when we challenged them well against their lack of appreciation for the absolute power we would have, that even though they did that we really have an appreciation for our potential power in that we loyally, that is to each other, keep on fighting the regime above us and with them our - and also their - enemy regimes! I feel that we from now on shall keep fighting each other, but only with potential power, so that our superiors here see that we can actually be seen as supremes although we are seen as mediocre - and possibly even worse! - by them!”

“I propose thereby that we actually start right away!”

With that the tow of them started slowly killing each other by means which their superiors were surprised that they possessed. They didn't very much care to interfere even so, since the two of them were judged as disloyal to the extent they had hidden potentials. However, they did get curios about them, and thereby did stop the two of them from their extreme though slow dispatching of one another.

After some inquiries of them, it turned out that the techniques were indeed built upon rather keen cunning about some people who were expanding and now supreme over even Avawlah and his people. “Indeed it seems to be that!” an interrogator said to another.

This surprised the younger one of the cousins, who didn't quite remember when those people visited the vicinity of the playground were they both were playing. The other interrogator was also rather surprised. She had never encountered those people, but heard of them that they were smoothly loyal, on the surface, to the notion that everyone should leave one another peacefully unchallenged. They were also smooth in the sense that never said to each other anything about tactics needed for being so unpremissive without that being noticeable for anyone else. Thereby she couldn't see them as anyones that they, nor even anyone, basically, could easily at all have been spying on!

In the end the interrogations lead to that the two cousins weren't allowed to stay inside the protected area unless they helped their leaders really learn what those techniques really consisted of. But the two cousins were unable to actually show them very much. So although they tried, now that they were threatened by the worst punishment possible, i.e. letting Avawlah's people or so get them, they still could not quite generate results about it!  

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