Saturday, July 9, 2016

"That's What a Good Man Should Be!"

“Oh my god! Why does he have to pretend they are so cool!? I mean they are just ordinary women who happen to fancy themselves as pornography.”

Her mother looked at her and answered: “I bet your boyfriend is a bit fed up with not being seen as a masculine enough guy to be the one to reign over his own potency.”

“Mama! I still feel it's inadequate to say it's all about their lusts. I mean he wouldn't speak to them unless he already was getting feedback from their pictures in the sense the the isn't into porn for the reason that they seem filthy enough for him - I believe it when he tells me that! But he's into it because they're seemingly into none sex of sorts with him for the reason of having a clue to why they're immature about their sexuality.”

“Oh, in that case he must just be one of those men who really need to talk to them whores. Or is it that he's already said that to you?”

“I bet she wants to see him there as well! Mama! I don't need to be shown how to participate in a male orgy about female filth.”

“I bet you don't know how to participate, then, in the first place? I bet you don't even know what he's getting into when he says to ya' that he isn't into sex right now or that he has other things on his mind for the time being.”

“Oh, I know how to handle that kind of stuff. I just don't feel that he's feeling good enough for them, while at the same time that he's being arrogant about feeling I'm the one he easily manages to be good enough for.”

“Then how come you keep on staying with him? I mean if that's how he is, then you should just leave him. I left every fellow behind who even at all faked that I was below those who are into pornography.”

“But he's not faking that part. ... I know it's true that he loves me and finds them to be - sort of, at least - all surface.”

“Then I,” her mother answered her with a serious air to her, “think you shouldn't try to feel that he is appreciating what they really are, but just that he is on the surface himself that male person that you're trying to become pregnant with.”

“I feel that he's not on the surface in that he tells me all about what he feels when he's looking at their porn pix. I feel he's not trying to disdain me, nor that he's trying to fake that I have to trust in him for no good reason or something. Instead, I feel that we all are into disdaining him for no good reason.”

“I feel,” her mother sighed, “that you in that case need go see a psychiatrist or psychologist. Because it's probably one of those who could help you figure out what's going on about such stuff. ”

“I feel that what the hell a psychiatrist could be for isn't any of my fucken business mom!”

“Alright, then! But how come, in that case, do you feel that he has the right to feel that he's into depth with you, when you are serious about starting a family with him?”

“I don't say that he feels very much that he's having the depth that I crave. I mean, mama, that I crave it, and that he has it in him to be a man with that in him. ... Mama, I don't need to blackmail a man just for having the kind of depth I feel this way about.”

Her mother looked troubled. She sharpened her voice when saying: “Don't you try, to humiliate me and your father with that kind of talk. He and I have had enough of your nonsense while you were growing up! We won't fake it, from now on, that you've been anything but the slut we shouldn't have screwed each other for her to become the reality we'd have to face in our later lives! He says to me on the phone sometimes that he is as fed up with you as I although he doesn't even deal with you, really.”

“Then how come they don't feel that I am an embarrassment, those men? Cause I have plenty of men to choose from! But I don't for that sake need to give up my fancy for depth in a man as a wonderful virtue in him - and for that sake I cannot give up the man that you've been telling me to scorn ever since I met him.”

“In that case you will no longer be part of this family. I have raised you, and now you are ungrateful! I will despise you forever from now on.”

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