Thursday, July 7, 2016

"We All Have to Adapt to Them Anyway!"

“Why the fuck do girls keep on victimizing themselves?!

His friend Pat looked him, but didn't answer, not at first. But after thinking about it for a while he said “Perhaps, Charlie, they're after feeling innocent or so!”

“Then why do they keep feeling guilty just because I'm not satisfied, like in bed or so?!”

“I suppose it's because they think you'll have the authority to have them seem guilty unless they are into being it in too awkward ways for you, yourself, to accept!”

“Do you know what?! If we, you and I, spoilt them the same way they spoil us, then what would they pretend to be victims of?!”

“I suppose they would be victims of that you and I seduce them or something!”

“In that case,” Charlie responded, “why do they expect that I always feel that eager to find them selfishly interested in that I flatter them ... For example Cindy and the flowers I was supposed to bring on her birthday! Why the fuck were they bigger a deal than that I didn't want her in the first place?!”

“I guess it's like Tony says!” Patty responded. “They feel like pretending they're into a good relationship, be it bad - perhaps even worse than they can handle - or not!”

“Why the fuck do they feel like pretending that?!”

“Tony says it's because they all feel like being worshiped for being into social contexts that are superior to anyone who is low enough to be despised!”

“Oh! That's what they're at it for! And are even the whores that kind of vain, you think?!”

“Yeah! I guess they must be, since they're getting paid for being unpretentious about who they socialize with! ... I suppose they take it for granted that those low-lives they have for a night are actually creeps who only want them for sex!”

“Then what's the point in them, that they suck your dick or something, and then tell you you're great to be with and then also get your seventy dollars or something?!”

“I guess their point is that they are so good for sex or something that their imaginations about what they are can be fulfilled just by them being so laudable for seeming righteous even when they are in the wrong circumstance!”

“I suppose you mean the whores are clever at heating up the moment so it seems that they're not stuck up, while the other women keep trying to be pretentiously into surface-good enough relationships to be able to pretend they are godly or something! But then what do we have with the none-whores when they try to fit in with those that aren't into them as if God had something to do with them?!”

His friend thought about it for a while. “I guess,” he answered, “they feel they are so supreme that they don't feel like seeming sophisticated at being godly in a sense that could insinuate them to be fakers of having God with them!”

“I then think they are all sly, and that we thereby have to postpone their ability to pretend they're actually good enough for us!”

“Hmm. Yeah! I suppose you have a point there, ol' buddy!”

With that the two friends decided to change their attitudes to be of trial and error about how to deal with the women they both felt were scary in the way they seemed moral just for being vainly into seeming cool about God and goodness.

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