Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Dead Son

“The cunt feels she's ready for it, I bet!” said the captain to one of his men. “Thereby we shall for now seem to be innocent of the crime that happened to one of her sons! I suppose you want to seem innocent, don't you?!” the captain asked. The soldier he was talking to was the one who was drilling the deceased man.

“Thank you sir!” the man said.

“Good! Thereby we shall arrange for her to have a proper funeral! And we shall see to it that we shall seem to be responsible for doing away with any uncertainties about how her son died! Understood?!”

“Understood, captain!”

Two weeks later, the funeral was about to happen. The mother still rather anxious to get all the information she could about where the soldier who drilled her son to death was. Little did she suspect that it was exactly he who had just been telling her about the funeral proceedings that the army had paid for for her. He had been very polite, which he continued being when adding that “It will be settled that you will be able to speak to the people involved as soon as the funeral!”

She felt grateful. “Thank you sir officer!” she said.

The next day, at the funeral, she saw the officer she had been talking to, and then she realized that he could have been involved in the drill that killed her son. But she didn't think of him as a very guilty person, since she had just recently been so politely treated by him, and also because she associated him with the fact that the funeral was being held, and that it was a dignified enough procedure for her and her son.

“I will,” her second cousin said to her in a low voice, “see to it that there's no officer present who doesn't fit in with those who have something to do with the crime committed! And I will see to it that no one of them actually gets away with the crime of disturbing our family!”

Relieved, she answered: “Thank you, Laura! It will be much better for us to the extent we can find and persecute the guilty ones!”

“Good!” Laura said. “I will get paid for doing so by the family of the deceased man!”

The mother of the deceased looked a little bit chocked and answered: “Oh! I'll see to it that my husband handles that!”

“Good!” Laura said and disappeared from her.

After an additional two weeks Laura sat with the father of the deceased and demanded to get paid.

“Slow down a bit!” he answered. “I haven't gotten any real evidence that it was exactly the man you've been telling me it was! I really need to know, and that's the hard-proof way, exactly who was doing what at the time - or at least something of clarity about who was given which orders, and which ones were obeying them!”

“I feel that since they are soldiers they committed the crime in conspiracy, all of them! But if you give me a hundred more bucks, then I will fix that they can no longer conspire so well against us!”

“Alright!” he said and handed her a hundred-dollar bill.

After three more days the woman was back and demanded another five hundred, “since the officers are on my trail and the police will have it that I can't look into their business without them having to get bribed for not involving themselves!”

Reluctantly he paid her that amount too!

After another month of her demanding more and more money four additional payments, all in all two and a half thousand dollars, the woman suddenly disappeared. But the father of the deceased soldier was charged with arranging for humiliation of the officers that were supposedly guilty of his son's death. Meanwhile Laura was on vacation far away, and had arranged never to return. Because she was much more bad to her relatives than the someone who had just failed in a mission. Because it was actually she who had also gotten paid about four hundred dollars by the military for tricking the victim's family about who was responsible!

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