Thursday, July 14, 2016

Learning the Trick

“Do you see!” he asked his sister. “I can become that man, if the provocation about his personal image is enough for his spirit to enter into my soul!”

“I do see that it works if they actually provoke him about that you and he also look alike! But how the fuck would they be able to do that without seeming imbecile about how to deal with that you are not the same person after all?!”

“Janet said that we have to deal with our look-alikes, respectively, as though they were our enemies, until they tend strongly enough to level with us!”

“I know! I heard it! I was there too, remember!? But since Wolfgang added that they shouldn't be disturbed from their ordinary lives by the assumptions we make about them! Thereby you couldn't be the look alike to get his spirit to be into contact, because in that case he would notice!”

“I don't think I have it in him that he will notice that I can gather that his spirit is rather smart at proudly presenting what it wants to be seen as!”

“Then what will you have in that ordinary life of the guy?! It seems to me that he doesn't care to be viewed as much different form what everybody else is viewed as! So how come you think his spirit will visit exactly you?!”

“Because it is to be seen as the establishment of his nature! And to the extent they don't seem adequate, they always come down with an idea of how to present that person instead!”

“I propose you and I go downtown and find out, then! I can pretend you are that fellow, and then they will associate him with your behavior!”

“I don't feel that you should be there! Because that would seem to be my spirit that would be having to interfere! Therefore I can't do what she was doing to Elizabeth! It seems that I'll have to find some new friends as if I was him, first. Not until after that is it they who will associate me with him more than - what shall we say - the bad-reputation guy who is just a look-alike of his!”

“I see! But then you will be nowhere near having all influence over him anyway! So, I mean, what's the point, in that case!?”

“Don't you see!? It's a point that I can even spy at him in the first place! Then all that stuff about actually gaining power over him - all that stuff comes later!”

“I see! I guess you then will gain power so that you actually can try to influence even the power he has over randiness and such, around here!”

“Exactly! Then I will gain power over that! Just like Janet has done with Jill's former power over such stuff!”

“I suppose you and I could both be having to look-alike at least someone, because I would otherwise not catch up with you about randiness competence! I also need to find a similar look-alike, but of mine, for me to imitate!”

“I suppose you want me to say to you what I think that should be that could give you a clue to where she could be found!?”

“Yeah! I mean that!”

“Then I will propose to you to start imitating Ann Carson! I bet she is the kind of girl with whom they tend to feel like being friends, and also now and then getting laid with her!”

“Ann Carson? ... I guess that's the girl who has a bother who was eliminated sanity by that his friends all pretended he was a smart-alec, while at the same time scorning him for not getting anything that was said to him!?”

“Yeah! That's who! Now I can introduce you to how to imagine yourself to be her! But first you'll have to pay me by pretending that I'm not your brother, but some filthy boyfriend of hers!”

“I'll do that! That's a great cool attitude to have about it! Wow! I feel already I can have power over her life! We can together seem to be innocent while she and your guy are seemingly guilty forever!”

“Forever that will be!” he said.

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