Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Evil Guy

“Don't you get it?” Amanda asked. “They're speaking as if they couldn't have stayed away from harassing him for only those apparent reasons! For the sake of seeming innocent they pretend it's equally bad to stay away from a loser as to pretend he - or that could be a she - aught to be crushed to the extent that whoever that is can't even speak for him- or herself!”

Her brother Charlie looked at her. “I consider it a nuisance to have to expose them as evil, although they seemingly are! I mean we could all get away with it as long as they don't seem to be treated too condescendingly to accept it from us! I mean it's they, not he, who - seemingly at least - have the Jesus potential in them!”

Amanda sighed over this. “It frightens me,” she said, “that you seem evil enough to just let it all go at that!”

Her brother scorned her by saying: “The nuisance in that they aren't good in reality isn't too much for anyone but those who are ridiculous in their ways of pretending it's everybody else who aught to be punished!”

She looked chocked. “But how come,” she asked him, “do they then seem to be innocent enough to actually fit into your picture of what is real in a moral sense?”

Charlie said: “Whatever you think I am for it, they don't have to be harassed - and that is neither by us, nor by the guy himself! We don't need to submit to blackmail, neither of them nor of ourselves, just because he has escaped from some of the blackmail he seemed to have against him!”

A bit nonplussed by her brother's attempt to cover up as innocence, the blackmail that those people were guilty of in the first place, Amanda searched for an answer. After a while she said: “Alright, then, you bastard! Perhaps we shouldn't care about him, but then also not about you very much, because, as you know, they have been blackmailing you as well as him - although not as intensely!”

“Are you sure about this?! I thought they would be feeling like being trustworthy for the people who care about them and let their blackmail be real by the look of it!”

“I assure you they haven't! But do you know what? I can ignore that you feel like pretending it's he and not they who should be blackmailed, to the extent you can expose for yourself that you don't have the guts to realize it when there's real evil about. To the extent you do that, we can stay together about what we're up against. To the extent you don't, I'll have to ask Eliza or someone to support me in my efforts to seem innocent about the way I will then handle that they blackmail you! I mean you have to realize that I can get it from my girlfriends, the support that I need in order to blackmail the kind of fellow who never would realize what evil really is!”

Her brother thoughtfully looked out through a window. “I feel,” he said at length, “that you and I should not be partners about all of this, and I can also blackmail both you and your girlfriends. Besides, I don't feel I am a partner for seeming innocent by harassing those who are actually cunning in seeming good for us all! Thereby it shall be you the two of them blackmail from now on!”

She looked a bit nonplussed again. But this time because she felt threatened. “There's no reason for me to believe I have to see myself as as evil as you guys. And you shouldn't believe I can forgive you, and much less can the girls you will be hanging out with, once they get to know what kind of an evil fellow you really are!” With that she ended the discussion, and saw to it that she thought of him as a fellow not to be bargained with again as the type of guy whom she would ever look up to.

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