Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Businesses of Obscure Certainties

He looked at the bunch of youngsters at the table in the reception hall, and repeated, rather obstinately for the receptionist: “Excuse me, I really do think they're more out of line than they aught to be! I mean,” he added, turning to them, “ that you shouldn't get involved in these matters at all unless you have a real reason to believe we can appreciate it from ya'!”

The receptionist looked at him and asked: “Do they know what they have in their suppositions as to where they lead their conversation, or are they just plainly obnoxious enough not to cerebrate about it before they start saying things that shouldn't be said?”

The old man he had spoken to looked at him and answered: “They don't know what they're getting into, but they know damned well I don't want them to get involved in the businesses of my fiancee's brother-in-law!”

One of the youngsters he had been complaining about looked up at him and said: “I forget what you said last Thursday! Was it that they were into public drudgery - or was it that we all should be saying to each other that they are not into anything that is all for the public to be discussing?!”

The old man inhaled through his nose in a semi-gentle way, which at the same time was a little bit into being sarcastic. He looked at the punk who had just spoken to him and said: “It's none of your business to be presenting what his public drudgery are about! They shouldn't be talked about as if there was a point to calling them even mannerisms; nor kinky endeavors; much less so!”

The five friends at the reception-hall table had all while he was speaking turned their eyes towards him. Now four of them began looking at each other, while one young woman kept staring at him, intransigently and stubbornly. Another young woman, apparently her sister, looked at her, and wondered if she was going to say something, but she didn't.

But a third girl in the group, and the fellow who had first answered the old man did. They spoke almost simultaneously. The woman said that she felt that the old man was silly enough to be faking that he had the authority to decide what is to be talked about as public opinion, while the guy said about himself that he, for one, felt that the old man should go and set up a front of behavior that matched his statements about the stuff they had been talking about.

Upon that the girl with who had glared said: “I want them to know that he seems to be into their business much more than a man of his status should be! I am going to tell them not to let that sister-in-law marry him!”

The old man looked shocked for a moment, then just anxious to ascertain and demonstrate that his liability as a friend of that family was solid and sturdy enough for them not to need, nor want, to begrudge him and his coming loyalty to them.

The girl who had glared giggled. Then she added: “And moreover, I will tell them that you are not the powerful man they suppose you are! They will know that your rivals have it in them to despise you nowadays! And I will tell them that you are an old sap whom no one would want to marry except those who are not given a chance to be realistic about their interests!”

The girl who seemed to be her sister looked at him and added: “Yeah! It's not in our league, anymore, to regard your threats as worthy of attention! It's not in our league to nowadays stand for that your opinion is much to be dealt with, as though there was anything to it that weren't there in order to pretend you have the authority to give orders to those better at maneuvering and mastering gimmicks about those not inclined for our society. You even seem to be one of them nowadays!”

“I can't see that you even know what you're talking about!” the old man answered her.

“Then how come they all speak about you as if you had the responsibility for having an air of being someone to reckon with?!”

The old man looked at her as if in chock. Then he seemed rather sophisticated just the same when he responded: “You don't even have any idea what their deceptions can be leading you to of disaster! I will not permit that kind of talk about me! And I will not allow you to talk any more about the enterprises that my friend, who is the brother-in-law of that girl I was supposed to be pretending i wanted! He will not forgive that kind of nonsense about his business!”

The girl who had glared now spoke to him as if he was not of real substance, as something that was supposed to be real, though it just couldn't be: “I wouldn't trade my contempt for you against any smart way to get into the relationship with power that you try to brag to us about! It is about being into the type of power that we all had to be about, during the war with the clan of Wadesantis, that they say you weren't good enough for it! It's not you, it's us, it's we who nowadays rule this district! It's not they who should give that girl up for marriage for the sake of an old fogey who doesn't realize that he isn't made of stuff that's valid in current times!”

The receptionist looked at the youngsters and at him. After thinking about things he proclaimed to the old man: “I cannot help you as long as they are into current times as what you couldn't be accounted for, unless you can prove the old times to be of value far more than they think.”

The girl who had glared now stood up. Looking the old man in the face she said: “I dare you to pretend we don't have a point in viewing you as the type of looser we don't believe they want any form of contact with! I dare you to pretend we aren't for real when we say that you are the loser in that you can't seem for real about the business about the Wadesantis and the mining industry they tried to claim!”

The old man looked at her with a slight edge of uncertainty to him. It was not clear to him if she had actually heard those things about him. She thereby wanted to make clear that she absolutely had no reason to see it in him that he was an interesting man. Thereby she spit in his face, and sat down.

He took up a napkin, and began drying the spit off. Then he claimed: “You don't have any business doing that unless you want also that one views you as the ridicule of suppositions that say they are for real about their enterprises! Besides, you do not know whom you're talking with! I am the president of that mining industry! And I have no idea how they managed to convince you that I am a man to be spit at as if I were a loser and they wouldn't have any use for me!”

The girl who had just spit at him answered: “Okay! It's they who are liars! As they have it, you are the looser who is trying to get into their business, which would be the mining industry. Okay, old fella! I'm sorry I spit in your face!”

The old man looked offended. “For the sake of the mining industry I shall not marry that woman, then. But why do you feel that I am the one not to be involved in the affairs that say something about the rumors you've been hearing? Or do you intend to help me find out about it? Because if that's your intention, then I will forgive you for spitting in my face!”

She looked at her two male friends. But neither of them gave a sign about what to say. Then she looked at her sister, who just shrugged. Finally she looked at the other girl in the company, but she said nothing, just stared back at her.

“I find it in my friends,” she announced, “to find it in me to have to speak for myself! Thereby I will say to you that the man who said this stuff to me is the son of a chief of the uprising oil company, which has just bought big property near the Alluseta harbor.”

The man looked at her. Then he grabbed his cell phone and messaged something by SMS. After that he looked quite firmly at the girl and asked: “How can I be sure that's the truth?! I know nothing about why he would ever speak about me at all! I have not dealt with those people of that uprising oil company!”

She shrugged. “I don't have to take that as a reason to believe you can be trusted when you say to me that you have been blackmailed in the first place! I cannot believe they wouldn't be truthful enough for me not to tell you all I know about them!”

Indignantly, the old man looked at her. “Then how come,” he asked, “you don't find it in me to even have to be into something of knowing that I can really rule over their industry fairly soon! I just sent an SMS to someone to take over their business!”

She looked back at his indignant face. It was seemingly to her he who saw things in her that weren't there! This was so even though she knew she hadn't trusted him in the first place.

Thereby, she gave an air of that he had made her feel unwanted. “I don't feel upset with you in that you are not trying to show me enough legibility for me to see you as my friend! But I feel upset over that I can't see in you to be trying to see to it that winning concepts are treated as such! For me such a winning concept is that we all should settle for that you, if you did buy that business now, have a winning concept in that I can tend to elucidate that we are as strong as you are in business. My father owns, among other things, an oil company that was about to buy that one - only my father couldn't, if he did, figure out why they were seemingly not into being smart at pressuring bankers and such into dealing with them. Because it seemed that those were into ruining his business if he tried to get at the little rising newcomer. So, if you now have bought their business, then we are actually rid of a rival, meaning that we will no longer have to deal with them! But, as we do have to deal with you, I shall not rule over the businesses of my father's empire. Instead, I will let you see to it that he (our rival) isn't a winner in this context! But I will later on, with my father's assistance, rule over this empire of ours, become its crowning glory of sorts - I and my sister will rule over it, together with our two brothers!”

The old man listened to what she had to say. He could tell she was bragging, but not what she meant by it. Thereby he just answered. “So what?”

The sisters both now looked very annoyed. The one who had done the talking answered him that she had said it because the business was the business that was going to take over the world some day. The other sister looked at her and then said: “I think we shouldn't be bragging before this old fellow!”

She seemed to be right. Because the old man was laughing a bit at her sister. But she insisted:

“I don't have any way of viewing myself as an imbecile who couldn't be into the richest businesses of the four districts to the west of this one. I also can't help myself but to experience a joy out of knowing that my own father built this business by means of ardor and clarity on it! I forever will love my father for ever so smartly ruling business in the west for the sake of our family and for the sake of my life to-be, and become one of the greatest rulers over our district, over the Caratoga's district and others that we nowadays can claim as our dominions. I did forsake that this district should be ours some day, just as you know you just bought the company that is our rivals, just as that, we will buy the companies that are about in this district, which I assume you have much property in?!”

But while she was speaking the old man had left. He was now in his room, communicating with his laptop, about some terror he wanted to be done against the family of the five people he had just spoken to. ...

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