Monday, May 2, 2016

Cool Ways of Considering Them the Dirt Needed for Being Deleterious

“I don't consider them scary!” she bragged, when her mother talked about “those evil boys” on the block.

Her mom looked surprised and said: “Darling, you don't have to pretend they're not scary enough for you to say that you don't want to be with them! I know, for certain, that you don't have a notion of them as being the same as us! We are not like the boys! We are not silly enough to pretend is's cool to be into really pretend everyone should be mistreated and then labelled as immature when they aren't ready for it!”

“I can't find it in me to find them to be scary, just the same, mom! Because I find it in them to be frightening only if one pertains to acquittal, prudery and such!”

Her mother looked at her in slight chock. It was not she who was at all like her daughter about this! It was this type of attitude she would have expected only from a man!

“It's not very easy,” she said at length, “to find them to be of acquittal and prudery, or so, for the sake of being a prude person oneself! But I guess you really feel they are smart enough to want to be with them! And thereby you pretend to be as uppish as they are! ... Don't even see yourself as my daughter anymore! I consider you hereby to be not of my family, but only the filth I really had to cope with and thereby have to deal with as if she were my own flesh and blood!”

“Mom, I don't have to deal with that you no longer feel up to being a parent! After all, you find it in me to be just like yourself! Because, otherwise, how come they fucked you in the first place, the boys - like my dad, whom you fucked just so that I could enter that stomach of yours, and become this so-called filth that you had to deal with!”

Shocked again, Lisa's mother took a deep breath. “I,” she said, “never dealt with them as if they were anything but the kinda filth that I wanted only for the sake of bedtime glory! I wasn't after it for anything but for the sake of money and lust for the sex that doesn't deal with lust as though it shouldn't be there!”

“I know, mom! that's why I say it!”

Her mother looked astonished. “It's why you say what?!” she burst out.

Lisa sighed. “Mom, I don't say what, because you don't need me to say who I am! Remember, I'm not your daughter, and according to your standards, consequently, I'm not the type of girl you should want to know anything about!”

Her mother looked at her, puzzled this time over her insolence about her lack of care about her family. “Look, Lisa, I didn't mean that when I said you were not to be at all what I consider my responsibility! I mean I have to look after yo, because it is stated in the law! Thereby you should speak to me now, and tell me what you think it means that those boys aren't ready to see moral as something worthwhile - and not just pretend for me that you are not my responsibility! ... I have, for the sake of spite tried to figure them out, but now that I, in the first place, can't find it in you to be like myself, now I have to ask what they - and thereby you - are all about!”

Lisa looked at her mother with some respect for her with slight avidity for her aspirations. It seemed now to her that her mother was of the cunning kind that shouldn't be treated as though they had a point of view that wasn't to be respected. “I consider myself,” she said at last, “to be the filthy type of woman, whom they shall try to find out about how they can find her to be robust enough to be reckoned with without hesitation as the one to be viewed as clear enough on their points not to be trouble for them. I mean I can find it in me to be of the sort that doesn't seem to be filthy, but still can seem to be real about their points about being masculine! Thereby I'm always filthy! See how I find myself at home with never even bothering to stand up against being nasty and downright dirty with my horny will to see it in myself not to be of anything but the type of hardy attitudes that are necessary to be with those types of fellas!”

Her mother looked down, seemingly thoughtful about why she hadn't figured this out about them. After a while, she opened up and said: “I too can start to be down-right dirty, then, with them! I too can find it in me to actually understand them just as long as I'm down-and-right dirty, dear! From now on, thereby, I will not scold you for having such an attitude! It's just that form now on I will no longer be the mom that you can consider to be a caring guardian of the life that we have! So, you and I can from here on try to understand these fellows without trying to be into seeing them as the supreme beings they seem to be otherwise! From now on, I too will be filthy about them! From now on, I too will pretend for them that they are just the same as the notion of filth that I have in my body for it! ... Cool stuff that you happened to figure out a way to deal with those gangsters, just as I was giving up on really being into trying, even, to deal with them!”

“Okay, mom! Then you and I shall, from here on, be filthy about them all! Okay, let's start to deal with them as such, mom!” the daughter said happily.

“I see that they won't be the trouble I thought they were, then! But how come, Lisa, do you find it in them not to be crude enough not to be considered weird or at least awkward when it comes to society's requirements of us pertaining to humility and so?!”

“I don't consider them to be worthy of my attention for that sake, ma! I just dig them enough to find them to be amusing for me when I want to be really crude! I don't want to be dirty all the time!”

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