Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Aspiring for a Good and Solid Partner for a Relationship

Looking at her boyfriend Stanley, Nina knew that she seemed to fit into the picture of what he wanted. Even so, she felt that he wanted to humiliate her. He, on his side, seemed, she thought, content in pretending that she never crossed his mind as anything but a sex object that was there for his lusts alone, and not for the sake of a family.

Nina was not pregnant. Nor had she been into pregnancy as what she should have with this dude. Still she wished he would aspire to build a family-like structure with her. He, meanwhile, seemed to aspire for her to be seemingly the kind of woman that never would suit a man who would try to build a family. Thereby, Nina could not feel that he shouldn't be put down, from his pedestal of seeming loyal to her and what she had conceived him and herself as.

Thinking about this, Nina tightened her shirt by expanding her chest, and thus ascending her breasts. She intended to disturb her boyfriends capability to ignore her, for the sake of seeming guilty enough to him for being the kinda temptation that he could feel a need for. She looked at him and even ascended her breasts as much as she was able to.

He looked at it. “It seems to me,” he said rather obnoxiously, “that you'll be trying to seduce me into finding your irresponsible attitude to be a small thing compared to that I can enjoy them tits of yours! But I'm not gonna fall for that now!”

“How come, then,” Nina asked him, “don't you feel like kissing me and say to me that I need to enjoy our relationship?” When saying it she emphasized her lips in a way that she supposed would seduce his mind at least a little bit more into being horny instead of angry with her.

He seemed to ignore her lips, and to her disappointment, he didn't seem even to think about sex as a possibility. To some extent he even seemed to be into seeing her as an ex whom he needed to ignore - perhaps in order to find himself attractive enough for the next woman to have. “I,” he said solemnly, “feel that you and I should not try to pretend this is going somewhere!”

“What do you mean?” She wondered if he thereby intended to end their relationship.

“I mean this quarrel isn't leading anywhere!”

Sighing with relief Nina looked at him and felt that she was superior. He was the one to be dumb enough to expect the quarrel to be all there is to it! Now, perhaps, she could seem to him to be into having the relationship continue, while at the same time exposing herself before other fellows.

She smiled smugly at him, and thought about her own body as the asset she would have for getting herself a new guy. She moved, however, a bit slowly towards him, in order to finally caress him. When she did, he seemed, she thought, to fall for it. But in order to make certain, she felt she needed to seduce him more thoroughly, and thereby she exposed her chest and the tits on it for him to see as though they were only there for him. “I love you!” she lied, because now she had decided not to love this fellow anymore, but just to seduce him, and make him happy for a while.

He looked at it. He began, then, to fondle her breasts. She thereby moaned, as if still excited by that it was he who did it. But, this time, her actual excitement sprung from that she figured this would expose her as a possibility for other partners as well. In order to keep him from seducing her back, she set her mind about him very much as the trivial man who thought he was a seducer. Thereby, she felt she could continue to think about other fellows, and perhaps she could have herself think about another girl instead of him, as well. Because doing so would reduce his capacity to see an actual betrayal in her, she figured, because she knew he was into viewing lesbian seduction as innocent compared to straight seduction.

But thinking about this, she realized that he could, quite possibly, soon be doing the same to her, if he found out what was on her mind. It seemed to her as a coincidence that she and not he was the one to seduce the other into not realizing that there could be a betrayal, soon, of the trust they had between them.

To him, however, it seemed that she was trivializing their behavior and attitudes towards each other, those that exposed their incapacity to stay together about having a relationship. Thereby he sort of didn't mind that she exposed herself as if for other fellows as well. In that he felt that way, he immediately repressed the thought of her as doing it for that sake. But this repression was the pitfall that would eventually make him seem inferior to her and her coming partners. ...

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