Sunday, May 15, 2016

A Routine Seduction

“This is a tedious party congress!” Leila said to her very recently befriended colleague Timothy. He was one of many whom she found that she fairly easily could address as if they were plausible as more important than the rest of the men around there. She knew that this could flatter just about everyone of them into finding her attractive, and thereby into conceiving her favour to be of importance. She was rather sophisticated in her manners about this; able to convey herself as the kind of person to have the right to be entertained and/or cared for as a fellow party member, more than any one else he knew about.

The man she just spoke to looked at her and answered: “Yeah! Me too! I guess it's a bit too tedious for us all!”

“I have a notion of that they won't mind,” she said, “if we have the competence to pretend as though we were supposed to be finding them less amusing than what they suppose they are.” She looked at him with an air of confidence.

He looked auspicious, and drew his breath with an air of hoping that the two of them would confide in each other privately or even intimately. “Let's go then, to the restaurant on the second floor! There, perhaps, we can find the atmosphere for relating to each other about how to take this topic to another level!”

She smiled at him. “I hoped you would say that!” she answered.

After a few minutes, the two of them sneaked out the congress hall and out into the lobby. They took an elevator to the second floor where they ordered a table for two. A waitress showed them a little table with some dainty grace to it. She said that someone would be back with a menu in just a few minutes.

They seated themselves and looked at each other. Leila then figured that he was a man with a spark pretending that he would be above his present career stage fairly soon. This she was very used to. Most of the guys she dated seemed to be that way. Smugly, thereby, she said: “They seem to be interested in feeling that we should sit here and be cozy about the atmosphere! Do you feel you and I should sit next to each other, or tease one another by looking each other in the face?” This she hoped would catch his interest only enough for there to be a notion about her in him as a good catch, so that she would more easily be able to catch a better fellow.

“I would very much like to sit here right beside each other!” he answered. “But since this is a public restaurant, I think we aught to keep on sitting on opposite sides of the table!”

“How come,” she asked him, “do you feel like sitting opposed to me when you don't feel like facing me as fitting enough for our party to say that I don't want to betray the confidence of an air of genteel value that suits our values?”

He looked at her and felt ashamed. Saying nothing he straightened his posture and then asked: “Do you feel like going somewhere afterwards, or shall we just call this a lunch without any issue of developing a relationship?”

“I feel like pretending as if nothing about that we were here, and thereby I don't feel like going somewhere afterwards!” she answered.

A male waiter arrived and gave them each a menu. She ordered a stake and he plaice. For drinks they both abstained from taking any beverages. He ordered soda and she juice.

“I feel, Timothy,” she said, “that there aren't any ways to confide in that we are into anything but attitude problems unless we both agree not to get involved too much with one another as though we were in league with those we have to despise but still look up to!”

He looked at her. “In that case, why did you bring me here in the first place?!”

“It's because they seem to be interested in there not being any possibility of at least some good intrigue against their possible imperfections!”

She looked at his face. He seemed to be confident that he would sooner or later be related to as good enough for such conspiracy. Thereby she had gotten him where she wanted him. She could assume, she felt, that he could be used as the spring board she might need for catching really powerful guys!

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