Saturday, July 29, 2017

How Can there Be such a Problem, Even in the Slum?!

“Slave traders?!” Their mother looked shocked.

“Yeah! They buy our people as slaves! That is, if we don't watch out!” her daughter answered.

“It's the Erthracks who want to sell us to them! They've already sold at some of our people!”

“Whom?!” their father demanded.

The daughter thought for a moment. “Rebecca, Seb, George, Carla and Ellen! Probably all five of them. At the very least and Seb have been sold!”

The mother looked disturbed and asked: “How come you are the first to warn us?!”

Their son and daughter looked at each other for a moment, before the son answered: “It's because we're the first ones to avoid the bullets of Fanny Erthrack! She kills them before they can speak! Then she seems totally innocent, even so!”

“What do you mean?! How can it be someone who knew they were doing it couldn't have called?!”

Again the two siblings looked at each other. This time the daughter decided to answer:
“We have it in them to seem so moral that no one can imagine it to be they who are behind the disappearances! At the same time they trivialize that some people 'seem unavailable' or so! One cannot easily imagine that they actually sell people to those slave traders!”

“Oh my! But now we've gotta call the police!”

“How come you don't think the police are influenced into taking their side! I mean they feel the need to avoid that also their people are caught and traded!”

“What the fuck do you expect me to believe! You say the police themselves dare not interfere?!”

“Oh the police don't have to care about us! It's not we who are the real people for them! We're not rich enough for them to have to care!”

The mother looked around in their hut and thought about how little food they'd had the last few days. “My, then! Let's hope we can talk to at least someone, like a preacher, then!”

“The preachers can't stop them! Because they have in them that they are the ones with weapons!”

“Then how come they do not get some guns or something?!”

“Because they wanna preserve their piety!”

The father looked serious and said: “Then we need to go to some other people! Assume the Muslims do have guns among their clergy! Shouldn't we go to them rather than being sold as slaves?!”

“I assume” his wife broke in “that you feel we can abandon Christ because he is peaceful?! But then you will have to face that Christ cannot help you when they are smarter than that guns are enough!”

Her husband sighed. “Look there is no real contradiction in saying it to the Muslims and turning to Christ for that type of mercy! Now let me go to the Muslims and tell them about it!”

Again their two children looked at each other before answering. But this time they spoke out at the same time. Both seem to wonder if the father really didn't fear the Muslim teachings would stop Christ from having the resurrection for him that could be there otherwise.

Again the father sighed. “Yeah, I fear it!” he responded. “But I can't fear it enough to not want to tell them!”

His wife looked at him. “Dear! Don't go to them if you don't feel sure that they won't entice you into abandoning Christ!”

He looked serious. “I have to try,” he answered. Then his expression became a bit decisive. “Indeed I'm going now!” he added, and left.

A few hours later the family had a report about that he had been shot!

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