Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Travesty of the Look-Alikes

“I don't have any presentation capacity for saying it to the public, though!” fifteen-year-old August told his parents.

They looked at him. “That's horrible!” his mother said.

His father nodded seemed to be intent on winning over those charlatans. “Why do they pretend it's you when they could actually have their own career seem brilliant with such ludicrousness?” he asked, looking relatively reassured about his son's - and the whole family's - reputation. His mom also looked fairly reassured about it.

“I suppose it's because they don't want to be public enough to to be vulnerable against others who might pull such a trick!”

His five-year-old sister looked at him. “Why is it they aren't vulnerable just because they have no careers to be bragging about?!”

August sighed. “It's because they can't easily seem, then, to have been cheating their way to such an advantage!” he answered.

She looked thoughtful. “Oh God!” she said.

“Why,” his mother asked, “do they find in themselves to be great at smartly, or so-to-speak, claiming other people's business to be their own, and how come they doesn't it show how there's fakery to that?!”

“Ned said that it's because no one wants to challenge those who have an authority over our intuitions about who is fair and who isn't!”

His father looked curious. “Isn't there any way to make them feel at home with just simply feeling that they can have it in Christ that one shouldn't ever give into such manipulations?!”

August sighed again. “It seems to be because they feel that Christ isn't superior as long as he has it there's nothing wrong making it seem ridiculous not to believe in intuition about control that seems superb enough to be comparable with his own!”

“Doesn't it seem that Christ should be the one not to ever grant such evil travesty a chance to seem moral?!”

“That's sort of so! But to them there seems to be justice in saying that Christ cares for us for reasons that are not very moral!”

His mother looked surprised. “But then shouldn't He be relevant for them as clearly better than that?!”

“No! It seems that they, as they seem able to pretend that their look-alike is me, can convince people into believing that their intuition clearly must be as smart as the ones they find themselves to have with Lord Jesus Christ!

“Moreover,” he continued, “there's no judgement in Christ to compare, it seems, with those that a look-alike can cause there to be against the target of his or her ridicule!”

“Then they're being so satanic that we clearly should banish them! Or isn't there enough strength in even the church to beat those bastards!?”

“We cannot seem intent on having Christ seem like our resurrection as long as we can be seen as acting so superb that the people those bastards deal with can be inclined to believe we don't really care for actual faith more than about our careers and stuff!”

The little sister looked up. “Then how come we don't have our careers seem stupid enough for them to not have to worry about in that sense?!”

The two parents looked at her. Her mother said: “We have in our careers the notion of ourselves as really caring to be thorough! If we give that up, then it wouldn't be very easy to be thorough about seeming to be thorough enough! Wouldn't there, do you think, be a lack of friends among those that could be worthwhile for those who really care about the virtues of clarity what mistakes can be and thus on what God has it we should all be conscientious about?”

Their five-year-old thought for a while. Then she said: “I think they wouldn't be friends to begin with, but later, once they found out that we are careful enough with virtues, then they will be our friends for real, more for real than they would be otherwise!” With that she managed to convince her parents and brother to believe they should be into not seeming very admirable for those people who could be manipulated into disbelieving in them and Christ!

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