Friday, July 28, 2017

The Argument

“It's not particular for those studs!” she proclaimed. “Actually, it's not very particularly a male attitude!”

“Oh no?!” her friend responded. “Why do they in that case feel that they don't have to rely on thoughts about unpretentiousness?

“I don't know! But for me it's Jess, for one, who surely is a guy to be reckoned with as modest, at least when he isn't into having a problem to be dealt with by having an attitude!”

“That's a poor excuse for being as mean and callous as they are! As for Jess, didn't he last year try to pretend Sheila was an asshole, because he didn't find her to be interested in him intimacy?!”

“No he didn't! And besides, he probably wasn't really into being intimate with her!”

“Don't pretend, Sonya, they aren't all into being intimate with just about every woman who is trying to be her best about her demeanor - or the rest of what she has to do just to be accepted by the male side of humanity!”

“I'm not pretending!” Sonya responded.

“Oh! So, if you're not pretending, how come you're into him as if he were a person to be reckoned with as caring about the sort of attitudes that a girl like for example you - or Sheila - would have?!”

“What?!” Sonya retorted. “Don't pretend that it's always like that with all men!”

“Oh!? I'm pretending, am I?!” her friend retorted back.

“Yes, Petra, I think you are!”

“Oh! If I am, then you and I aren't on the same level of confidence in that we as females should always be sure about that we have been oppressed by the male type of being! It's a safe assumption that they would regard that as the weakness they should exploit in us, as long as they can find a way to manipulate us into not knowing how to respond to their macho and hardy attitudes!”

“If so, Petra, why do you think I for one don't feel they are threatening as long as I don't feel I have to threaten them?!”

“It's because they don't seem to be threatening as long as they have in you to pretend they're wise while they're actually just into their machismo and pretensions about themselves!”

“Then how come you and I seem to be adventurously into imagining that they are all fakes, even though they would have had the capacity to stop that in that they can (as you claim about them) rule by their machismo so that one can't even feel that one is aimed well enough at responsibility as a resource good enough for one's self-sufficiency?!”

“I feel that they don't feel like caring enough to ever take it as a possibility that we can, without their knowledge - or at least without enough of their insight about it - see to it that we can keep our minds clear and focus on what we, as women, know is better for us in the sense that we can be resurrected, then, in a way that God or so has it actually good people should be!” Upon saying this, Petra looked at Sonya and added: “We don't have to take responsibility for the male half of humanity! For just as long as we can stay actual about not caring about them, we can see to it that they don't nail us nor have us seem ignorant!” With that she ended the conversation.

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