Sunday, July 2, 2017

Having to Deal with Threats that Abuse God's Tolerance

“Whatever they say, that's not the normal circumstance!”


“Because what there is in it is that there is a extraordinary smartness of the devil in that each of them can tolerate God until there's a catch for Him - for God. It's usually the other way around!”

“Hmh, you can say that about them!”

“I can say that they are also the kinds of creatures that God has to study by special means of attention! In the end God's studies of the devil can always beat the devil's study of Him!”

“Oh! I guess that means we have to wait for God to be into his special means of attention, then! But meanwhile each of these four people will be able to map us! Right?”

“You better not be too tolerant with either of one them! I mean in order to avoid that he or she is able to do it quite thoroughly.”

“It seems hard to be that type of intolerant without them being aware of it! Isn't there any way for God to interfere with that they seem to be observing even that I'm becoming intolerant?!”

“Yes, there can be! But for now it's better that you try to say to yourself that they're not worth your while.”

“Then how can I avoid that they - or perhaps someone like Suzanne, Andy or Oliver - interferes by pretending I'm a someone to be looked at as ... imbecile to the extent that other, worse, imbeciles will be guided by that I can judge the them thoroughly?!”

“Hmm. Yes, I guess that for judging people like the four of them, one might be socially penalized in that kind of a fashion. But why do they, these four and those other three - and perhaps a few others, seem capable of doing that? Or why do you think they are - and are you sure they are - capable of it?!”

“It's because they all judge me beforehand, just because I seem to be tolerant of those who seem to be worthy of God's mercy!”

“It's not worth it not to say they are worthy of attention in the sense that they should be judged before you can be, and to the extent they aren't they to be judged afterwards with even better emphasis than they can have! I can say that Jesus proves that this can be done!”

“I guess that might be proven by Him. But I am not that smart! I can't, like Jesus, assimilate goodness and power to the extent that is needed to intimidate this bunch of devilish people!”

“Then pray! The only thing you really have to do for it is pray so that there is a call for God's attention to that problem with that they seem to get away with studying His goodness and with intimidating people who don't want them to.”

“Yes, I shall pertain to prayer about it! But what they can simulate my ardor for God and Jesus?!”

“I think they cannot simulate that without there being a tolerance for God and Jesus that is greater than that they can continue being very evil! No, you need not worry!”

“I say I cannot believe they will admit that they are evil, and that they thereby will get away with their mischievous plans forever!”

“Then you are mistaken! There is absolutely not any possibility of that God isn't the one to always win when evil is there to pretend to be with Him!”

“There's not any possible way to see to it that their hideous plans and intentions cannot be judged as being as good as the one they can imitate - for example me, if I pray so that they know it!”

“In that case, how come they don't seem to be good enough for telling everyone that they should be seen as God's creatures?! It would seem to be they who were good from the beginning in that case!”

“It isn't Jesus who says to them that we should not be seen as role models! So how can I ever be able to pray without them being able to simulate my care for what He stands for?!”

“That will be because it's not you but Jesus who is supposed to be the foremost role model for them! It's not they, but Jesus, who will come out as tolerant with the rest of the world! And it is not you, but Jesus, who will have to take their attention as something that has to be dealt with!”

“Then I cannot say that God can find why they seem eager to spy on even me for it!”

“Why then are you trying to convince yourself that goodness isn't too close at hand to be tolerated by exactly them!?”

“It's because they can tend to alternate between tolerating it so that their evil is hidden, and the other extreme, meaning that they will be a threat against God, occasionally, forever, it seems, unless He comes to it with those special means you were talking about!”

“I then say that there is not any circumstance where they can escape that God can reach them with His smartness!”

“Then how come they don't seem eager to out of the way for Him?! ... That is, they seem to be very keen on being into being evil and then hiding it whenever God comes along!”

“There is a special means of getting at them in that God tolerates them on the surface, but that he will always find out what they are even so!”

Thereby they ended the conversation.

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