Monday, June 26, 2017

Neil's Make-Believe

“Justice” Neil said, “is not at issue right now!”

“Oh!” Carla responded. “What do you mean?”

“I mean it's not a point to be made, because it's Carl we need to nail about being an irresponsible and freaky asshole.”

“Then how come you don't pretend as if something about his way of seeming conformable or apt to be it?! It's about that it's a way for him to seem reasonable even though he's irresponsible about his behaviors!”

“Hmm. I guess that's okay to pretend as if something about!”

“I guess we could to begin with just call him a faggot. Then he would seem to be keen on pretending as if something himself! upon that, I think we can have him seem subnormal about his inclination to be normal in even some circumstances!”

He looked thoughtful. “Yeah!” he said after a while. “I guess we can pretend that!”

“Then, upon that we can make him seem ridiculous to the extent he 'fakes' that he wants to seem curious about femininity!” she said with self-esteem.

“I guess!” Neil responded.

“I'll say to Chris and Tanya that they need to watch out about it!”

“Okay! Then I'll talk about him as that faker with Joe and Ana, to begin with.”

“Good! Then we can eventually torture him with that he isn't the guy for a girl to have, even when he charms her! That's a great way to see to it that he's actually a real loser!”

“I guess so!”

However, when Carla spoke to Chris about it, he responded that his Tanya is actually a bit infatuated by faggots in general, and that she thereby perhaps would begin to want to be with the fellow! But for Carla this did not seem to be a really big problem! “Because,” she said, “Tanya will probably fancy that looser as someone she wouldn't want to be acquainted with anyhow!”

“Oh! Okay! Let's talk to her as well, then!”

“Good! Then let's also say that he might sometimes pretend to be straight in order to manipulate her and other women into being supportive of asshole male attitudes!”

“Oh! But that she might interpret as that I try to manipulate her into not accepting gay men!”

“I see! Well, then we have something of a problem! But I think I can convince her into not thinking about him!”

Meanwhile, Neil was convincing Ana and Joe that Carl was a guy not to be reckoned with to the extent one liked to be into sense or responsibility. Ana seemed to try to be keen on making sure there was no trap in believing what Neil said, while Joe seemed eager to say to himself that no matter what this fellow Neil said, that guy Carl was not so interesting. Both of them thereby seemed a bit too skeptical for Neil to be totally satisfied.

The next day Neil and Carla decided to have it that Carl was to be seen as smart at pretending he wasn't a manipulator since he was not too bright at things other than manipulation! This turned out to be good enough for both Joe and Ana! So that was what they decided to make believe about Carl. However, this made Tanya eager to get into contact with him, because she felt that a faggot that was keen on manipulating was a manipulator that would serve her purposes!

A few days later, thereby, Tanya saw to it that some people she knew took it that Carl was a more interesting fellow to be with than one might expect! A few weeks upon this, a strange rumor spread that Carl was a faggot only on the surface, but still that he was a faggot in the sense that he didn't respond to solicits from young females. Thereby, neither what Carla and Neil pretended, nor what he himself would want to be said, about him, was quite what actually was said. Instead, there was an illusion that Carl never found in himself to respond to females, just because he pretended not to fancy males.

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