Friday, June 16, 2017

What is Needed for Being Good Enough for Modelling

“Why!?” Beatrice asked.

“Because, Sissy, it's not you, it's I who demonstrates the value of assets in way that the masculine can't demonstrate theirs!” her friend Lisa responded.

“What do you mean it's not I?! How should I pose, then!?”

“It's not about your pose that it totally is! But it's about that us models can totally use pose, and a few other means, for really having men feel superior by handling us as it.”

“Why do you have it that I lack that ability, then?”

“Because they see in you a superior-on.-the-surface criterion of trying to be something fabulous for them!”

“Really! What do they see in me that tells them that!?”

Her friend sighed. “They see in you the vulgar type of model who doesn't fit in with their ordinary lives!”

“Oh! That! Because they can't suit themselves to review me as a girl on her own accord! For that they feel like being stuck up, against me, you say?!”

Lisa sighed again. “Yeah,” she said thoughtfully, “you can say that about them! But what if they really have a problem with that they can't fit you into their environment? It's then they are stuck up according to you, but in my eyes their not too stuck up to just be the ordinary kinds of studs - or of people for that matter! ... I, for one, can feel a guy might easily be considered too horny to hang around with! Isn't that true for you as well? I recall, for instance, that guy, Roger, why did you refuse him, if it wasn't that kind of a thing?!”

Beatrice peered at her friend. “I don't feel they are in their right minds if they think I'm the same as that guy! For instance, he tried to manipulate me into being with him and his girlfriend!”

“I guess they tend to feel that you try to manipulate them into being horny when they don't feel that it's appropriate - and that's similar to what he was doing, that guy! Besides, you also want to go bed with several guys at once, if you can!”

“But that's because I'm on the catwalk!”

“It's not very different from that he also has a job and perhaps has done it equally well.”

Beatrice thought about it. “They all feel I have to get up there and really be supposedly real about horniness!”

Lisa looked at her. “No, they don't! They feel they have to see that you either could have been horny, or that you could have been into being with fellow that might possibly be him, respectively!”

“Then I don't feel I have a chance to tell them I don't want that kind of guy! Why should I have to suffer through all kinds of relationships just because of it?!”

“What the fuck do you think you are?! There are lots of guys out there who wouldn't want you for a night! And thereby they should be treated as such, not as if they were too stuck up for being good!”

“But even you tend to often look horny up there! I remember two weeks ago, when you really seduced a whole bunch of them, simply by feeling horny enough to expose that seduction about it!”

“I felt horny at the time, and then I took the opportunity to show it to them!”

“I see to it that I get horny enough nearly all the time! And now they feel I'm being too much of a slut for it to be working?!”

“I guess they really feel too much of a slut is what they shouldn't have! Besides, now I have a sense of being mature in their eyes! I wonder how come you don't feel you have to be mature, although you're catwalking?!”

Beatrice looked at her friend. “So you have dealt with them as if we didn't have to feel innocent! Because that's what they told me in the beginning! We had to look innocent but still be fatuous enough to be horny when we catwalk!”

“They said that!? It's not about fatuous that thing! It's about being into sex just like ordinary people can be, if they say well enough to themselves that they might gain something from it!”

“Oh, and they said that to you, did they?!”

“Yeah! That's what he told me, you know that guy with the napkin in his left breast pocket. It's not you they should have told something different! Who did you talk to at that first occasion of intermission talk about how we could enhance our performances?”

“Oh, I talked to the guy in yellow - I mean he often wears a yellow sweater!”

“Oh! So he's the villain behind your illusion!”

Beatrice looked thoughtfully at her and said: “Yeah! He's the son of a bitch who fooled me into thinking that it wasn't maturity that I could be into! He's the guy we should be into complaining about!”

“I agree!”

Two weeks later that man was fired. But before that a fairly large discussion took place abut whether or not one could say that she, Beatrice, had misinterpreted his instructions, and also about to which extent his instructions cold lead to an overall good performance for a good enough girl. But since he was wrong, all men on the board finally did agree with the two girls about their complaint. By then it had turned out for them that it was their superstition to believe they actually needed the girls to be dissolute in order to be attractive!

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